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Old 01-14-2009, 01:03 PM
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Allison Mack/Chloe Sullivan #30 - "She's the nicest person ever." Geoff Johns

01. Because she has a certificate of an American born abroad (Germany).
02. Because her family moved to California when she was two years old.
03. Because she grew up in an artistic family.
04. Because she was in TV print ads and commercials since age four.
05. Because she has bright green eyes that seem to smile.
06. Because she has naturally wavy hair, it's very thick and she has a lot of it.
07. Because she can do a fancy tongue trick.
08. Because "men actually seem to be attracted to her feet".
09. Because her feet are "right up there with the best in Hollywood."
10. Because she spends a lot of free time with family and friends.
11. Because she's an accomplished singer and dancer.
12. Because she used to be interested in becoming a veterinarian, dolphin trainer, and director.
13. Because her real passion is acting.
14. Because she is attending 'The Young Actors Space' since childhood.
15. Because she's a versatile and talented actress who has worked on projects over the years ranging from comedy to drama.
16. Because she has been blessed to act opposite some very gifted people such as Sissy Spacek, Aidan Quinn, Karen Allen, Roddy McDowell and Peter Coyote.
17. Because she claims to be a person of low-maintenance.
18. Because she enjoys painting, reading, movies, plays, arts and crafts.
19. Because Audrey Hepburn is her beauty role model because she was so classy.
20. Because she used to have a crush on Elijah Wood.
21. Because according to Milo Ventimiglia (Gilmore Girls) "She's very professional, and just fun to be around. She's this bright ball of energy, amazing."
22. Because she's definitely the most energetic person Kyle Howard (House Arrest) ever worked with.
23. Because Joanna Garcia (Reba) became close friends with her while filming Opposite Sex.
24. Because she sometimes sings karaoke and goes shopping with Michael Rosenbaum.
25. Because she's taking pottery class and is swapping books with Kristin Kreuk.
26. Because Annette O'Toole taught her how to knit.
27. Because she's the down-to-earth co-star of Smallville and is headed for big things.
28. Because she's the beautiful and ebullient actress who brings Chloe into life
29. Because she got the part of Chloe even when the producers wanted to go ethnic.
30. Because she wouldn't trade her smart, sassy character for anything.
31. Because she doesn't have to be perfect plus she gets all the funny lines.
32. Because Chloe doesn't need a man to define who she is.
33. Because best-selling writer Mark Waid said:"Can you find me one single carbon-based lifeform on this planet who wouldn't say 'Chloe?"
34. Because she's always the first one to welcome guest stars to the show.
35. Because Fans of her 'Chloe' character refer to themselves as Cult of Chloe.
36. Because she has a purple tattoo of the Dawn Faery that brings her self-confidence in moments of doubt.
37. Because she's in good shape because she works hard and she's only gotten compliments about it.
38. Because she's not a twig like the rest of the girls on television, and that's very cool.
39. Because she enjoys the pleasures of life, which according to her are chocolate, Belgian waffles and hamburgers.
40. Because she thinks it's important to evoke a classy attitude and to dress like an elegant person.
41. Because she made a very grown-up move of buying a condo in Santa Monica at age 20.
42. Because she has a cute puppy called Phantom.
43. Because she made it down the stairs without fall off her shoes when she made a guest appearance on Open Mike.
44. Because Allison is on fire!
45. Because Teen Hollywood interviewed her.
46. Because according to TV Guide, She's Got The Look
47. Because Cult Times #79 demanded to "Give Us a Chloe".
48. Because she was on the cover of TV Zone.
49. Because Mack Talks Smallville in ScifiWire
50. Because she was nominated for the 2002 Teen Choice Awards for best sidekick.
51. Because her hairstyle was featured in Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide
52. Because she was the It Girl of December 2002 Seventeen Magazine.
53. Because she was featured in Elle Girlmagazine.
54. Because her Chloe and Clark's scene in Lineage made it to Bronze Shelter's Top Ten TV Moments of 2002.
55. Because Chloe is one of the characters in Bronze Shelter's We Hope To See More in 2003.
56. Because she supports Make-A-Wish Foundationand encourages her fans to donate to it rather than send her gifts.
57. Because she sponsors Kids With A Cause.
58. Because Chloe has grrrl power.
59. Because she's here to tell us the truth.
59. Because her smile lights up the show.
60. Because Tom teases her lots.
61. Because she lived in Germany and Amsterdam as child.
62. Because she's a travel whore! (she said so herself)
63. Because if she could travel the rest of her life, she would.
64. Because Annie Hall is her favorite movie ever .
65. Because Puck is her favorite Shakespeare show.
66. Because she wants to do theatre.
67. Because she's Allison Mack!
68. Because she is always radiant.
69. Because she deeply cares for her fans.
70. Because "she's flat-out funny and fearless." - Al Gough
71. Because "her smiles touch you in a way that she's not even aware of." - Sam Jones III
72. Because "her maturity is incredible." - Miles Millar
73. Because she's the best sidekick in town.
74. Because she's the new superhero in town.
75. Because she would save anyone to save Clark.
76. Because she is a meteor freak with cool powers!
77. Because she can heal people.
78. Because "everybody just adores Allison for everything, for her acting, for her look, for her character. She's amazing" - Executive producers

by Cris

7. DanceWithLife
9.tiny toon

by NellieWu

By NellieWu

Allison Mack Online
Allison Mack's Official Website
Screw Clark! - Chloe/everyone but Clark fanfiction
Allison Mack Web >>> Your #1 Allison Source

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thanks for the new thread
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Old 01-14-2009, 01:17 PM
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Sure, did I do everything okay? Are there spelling mistakes? I'm kinda tired, so let me know and I'll change it

no more running; no more hiding; no more excuses
enough already.
Lynn - golden roses - snagging @ lj
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Old 01-14-2009, 01:18 PM
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Thanks for the new thread

Sweet title

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Old 01-14-2009, 01:39 PM
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No, you did a fantastic job Lynn.
Thanks for starting the new thread and have a good night sleep while the happy posters post away.

I thought that art by Cris - the one of Chloe holding that flower given to her by Clark from "Bride" - is very good! I'm surprise that I've never notice it before.
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Old 01-14-2009, 02:09 PM
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Thanks for the new thread
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Old 01-14-2009, 04:21 PM
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Thanks for the new thread!

And the title is perfection!
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Old 01-14-2009, 04:25 PM
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Congratz on 30 threads guys! The open post is beeeeautiful! Great work!

I just realized I'm not on the list, can I added please?
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Me too, can I be added?
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Awesome Chloe picspam from seasons 1-7
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Old 01-14-2009, 08:19 PM
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that is an awesome picspam
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Old 01-15-2009, 01:17 AM
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Yeah, new thread! I love the open post!
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awsome thread.Can I be added please?
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