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Old 09-02-2005, 10:58 AM
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Once upon a time, Josh and Elin were two amazing dragonflies who loved nothing more than to love butterflies. They gazed at stars every other night waiting for a miracle to happen. One day they played poker while Shari sang "Big yellow Clay machine Championship". Then magically, giant snakes appeared, and then *poof* Josh got invited to China to dance with Queen of England, he saw Katie who was running toward AppleJacks who grabbed George and Brad by the arm. Then a leaping frog rolled onto the street where there stood the on big river of hope and fear. Unsure of what was going on Josh ran towards the Taco and shook out a giant potato called the Belabo. Then the giant blew dust over the car and cried for ten minutes because Josh took a huge bite out an sandwich filled with Chocolate candy and Raisins that sparkled so he took the nice flowers and kissed him on the EyeLids. Suddenly, Josh jumped from the closet and screamed at the bunny " Don't do that to the squirrel, you'll have nightmares forever". The groom appears to the left of bride hill.Josh laughs. He senses that Jen is only Crazy bird 'calling' WooooHoooo I'm high on some addictive Chocolate that makes me crazy. Later that night Josh decided he just wanted Elin forever but she had a date with George. Upset, he hit his giant paintbrush with ease and grace. Painted completely, screamed "Help!" Jen quickly skipped forward toward the fight so princess Fiona would cast justin in shrek. Excited he jumped over the moon. Instantly coffee splashed all over his new pants and watch. The steaming liquid drizzeled down his legs, making sounds never heard before in Fez yelled aloud towards hogsmead,"QUICK" my pants are falling down, he grabbed his
I got you a High- Five
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