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BlackWhiteRose 02-04-2017 09:59 AM

Kathryn App.#13: B/C she was the girl for Sebastian
Welcome to the 13th Kathryn Merteuil appreciation thread!:wave:
Come join us in talks about the SEXIEST bad girl in movie history.:love:
"Whenever I feel the temptation of peer pressure, I turn to God and he helps me through the problem."
. . . .
Kathryn's Bitches:
01. Sebastian Valmont
02. Cecile Caldwell
03. Ronald Clifford
04. Jaime Bee
05. -Alicia-
06. GretchenPie
07. BiteMe!
08. Lysee
09. Issa
10. buffysmgfan26
11. kgp1217
12. Crack of Doom
13. winchesterboyz
14. forever young
15. Kelly_Dylan
16. NikaDawson
17. Goodnight&Go
18. wilywiccan
19. Kat Skit Girl (A very special bitch)
20. breaking silence
21. x-love-adam-brody-x
22. Katie92
23. **confessa
24. AmeliaBeck
25. kat99
26. lauriedavis
27. Primal Slayer
28. I_Love_JennaJameson
29. JR Abraxas
30. B.Chambers
31. Courtz_BV
32. SergeantPepper
33. charlottecleo
34. BreanBamonFan
35. polyethyleny
36. Samii
37. buffster&spikey
38. Wilster
39. -Katie-
40. ~Judu~
41. Crazy Gurl
42. Redrac
43. _Colorblind
44. milimilou
45. konstantine
47. loquacity
48. shazaam
49. T O B Y
50. film fan
51. ILoveYouJoshandMichelle
52. smgrules
53. hshapir2
54. ~AIR~
55. Iced Earth
56. algernonsidney
57. IKillChildren
58. Nini Legs in the Air
59. Louisiana
60. Perfect by Nature
61. -Mo-
62. joypiter
63. Fortyseven
64. DkNNy79
65. -Kelly-
66. Buffy&Angel4eva
67. ~*katinthehat*~
68. Ice Queen follower
69. groovyk1
70. HydeandJackieFan
71. _vega_
72. pattywack
73. MelanieErdelyi
74. Andra
75. BlackWhiteRose
75. *Amethyst*
. . . .
Reasons We Love Kathryn:
01. Her sexiness could drive a priest to fornication
02. She’s not too arrogant to swallow
03. Cecile wanted to keep kissing her
04. She is fluent in Vietnamese
05. Her taste in fine cars and clothes is exceptional
06. Even her stepbrother wanted to have sex with her
07. She gave the word bitch back its power
08. Her home should be on Architectural Digest
09. At seventeen she could out-sex Samantha Jones
10. Her style is as classic as her breathtaking looks
11. We were thinking “****ing idiot” when Cecile talked too
12. Her black sunglasses were adorable
13. Not every New Yorker knows how to drive
14. She understands the power of foreplay and sexual taunting
15. She is an equal opportunity kisser and lover
16. She is a very sensual and precocious teenager
17. Her evil smirk is heaven sent
18. She may be wise beyond her years but she is the epitome of jail bait
19. We. Want. To. ****. Her.
20. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to fight dirty to get it
21. She knows when to play nice and when to be a raging bitch
22. You don’t want her on your bad side
23. She could kick Blair, Jenny, Serena, and Georgina’s butts
24. It says everything when the villainess is more likable than the heroine
25. She may love sex but she still has her own sexual standards
26. Hearing her describe first base is almost as enjoyable as getting there
27. She is still on good speaking terms with her parental units
28. In most states you can get arrested for what she did in that car
29. She frenched a girl in the middle of Central Park
30. The Wicked Stepsister has never been so sexy or brilliant
31. She's rotten to the core and we love it
32. She's a manipulative bitch, and we still we love her
33. Because she's the only thing we can't have and it kills us
34. because she's a big tease
35. Because she's crafty and intelligent
36. Because she's the "Mary ****ing Sunshine" or her little town
37. Because Brunettes have more fun
38. Because Sebastian loves her, and Anette doesn't even compare to her
39. Because she's not a bitch, she's the bitch
40. Because she dresses to impress (and tease)
41. Because she's horny all the time
42. Because she is willing to do her man sexual favors
43. Because even Ronald couldn't turn her down
44. Because Cecile doesn't even compare to her
45. Because she wears push up bras
46. Because she is going to leave school a legend
47. Because she's the best villain in movie history
48. Because she is sexy as sin
49. Because she's a rich bitch
50. Because she doesn't let anyone tell her what to do
"I hate it when things don't go my way. It makes me so horny."
Kathryn's Fierce Quotes:
. . . .
Kathryn: Unfortunately, our Don Juan is moving with the speed of a Special Olympics hurdler.

Kathryn: Can I take my new car for a ride?
Sebastian: Kathryn, the only thing you'll be riding is me.

Kathryn: I'll give you something you've been obsessing about ever since our parents got married.
Sebastian: Be more specific.
Kathryn: In English, I'll **** your brains out.
Sebastian: What makes you think I'll go for that bet? That is a 1956 Jaguar Roadster.
Kathryn: Because I'm the only girl you can't have, and it kills you.

Kathryn: You can put it anywhere.

Kathryn: Introduce her to your world of sex, drugs and... what else do you do?

Kathryn: **** her yet?
Sebastian: Working on it.
Kathryn: Loser.
Sebastian: Blow me.
Kathryn: Call me later?

Kathryn: She's quite cute, you know. Young, supple breasts, a tight, firm ass... uncharted booty... Be her Captain Picard, Valmont. Boldly go where no man has gone before.

Kathryn: My advice is to sleep with as many people as possible.
Cecile Caldwell: But that would make me a ****, wouldn't it?
Kathryn: Cecile, everybody does it; it's just that nobody talks about it.
Cecile Caldwell: So, it's like a secret society?
Kathryn: That's one way looking at it.
[under her breath]
Kathryn: ****ing idiot...

Kathryn: [mocking Sebastian] "I love you"? My God. You are completely pussy-whipped.

Bunny Caldwell: How do you do it? Where do you get your strength?
Kathryn: Well I know this sounds corny, but whenever I feel the temptation of peer pressure, I turn to God and he helps me through the problem.
Bunny Caldwell: Oh, that's beautiful.

Kathryn: I hate it when things don't go my way. It makes me so horny.

Kathryn: Silly rabbit. My triumph isn't over her. It's over you.

Kathryn: Tastes good. So, I assume you've come here to make arrangements. But unfortunately, I don't **** losers.

Kathryn: Eat me, Sebastian! It's okay for guys like you and Court to **** everyone. But when I do it, I get dumped for innocent little twits like Cecile. God forbid, I exude confidence and enjoy sex. Do you think I relish the fact that I have to act like Mary Sunshine 24/7 so I can be considered a lady? I'm the Marcia ****ing Brady of the Upper East Side, and sometimes I want to kill myself. So there's your psychoanalysis, Dr. Freud. Now tell me, are you in... or are you out?

Kathryn: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. When I'm through with Cecile, she'll be the premiere tramp of the New York area.

Kathryn: "Why I Plan to Wait" by Annette Hargrove, Kansas City, Kansas. Jesus Christ, is she for real?

Kathryn: You're telling me you had the chance to **** her and you didn't? God, are you a chump.

Kathryn: Two's company. Three's a **** load of fun.

" Everybody loves me, and I intend to keep it that way."

Thanks to Insecure_Delusions!

Jaime Bee 02-05-2017 04:13 AM


~AnastasiaGrey~ 02-05-2017 06:04 PM

Thanks for the new thread.

Jaime Bee 02-11-2017 07:49 PM

This OP makes me miss my pretty pink board.:pout:

BlackWhiteRose 02-12-2017 07:22 AM

Yeah the OP looks great.

Jaime Bee 02-14-2017 12:27 AM

No not really it doesn't match anymore.:pout:

~AnastasiaGrey~ 02-14-2017 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by Jaime Bee (Post 89212395)
No not really it doesn't match anymore.:pout:

No it doesnt

BlackWhiteRose 02-23-2017 07:13 AM

Any favourite Kathryn scenes?

~AnastasiaGrey~ 02-23-2017 10:20 PM

I have to check

BlackWhiteRose 02-24-2017 11:54 AM

Loved the scene when she ate that cherry it looked good or the end scene when she was sad. Sarah played that so well :clap:

Jaime Bee 02-28-2017 07:21 AM

~AnastasiaGrey~ 03-01-2017 09:09 PM

Love it :love:

BlackWhiteRose 03-02-2017 07:38 AM

Wonderful artwork :love:

Jaime Bee 03-05-2017 02:25 AM

BlackWhiteRose 03-05-2017 06:08 AM

Kathyrn is the best.

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