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Narcoleptics #182 - {Rory ♥ Dean} "Because I love you, you idiot!"

Welcome to the 181st
Rory Gilmore & Dean Forester
Appreciation Thread
... you were loved before by me.

This is where fans of Rory and Dean come to discuss anything and everything - tv shows, movies, work, games, music, fears, shopping, soulmates, etc. Oh yeah, and sometimes, but now hopefully most times we’ll even talk about Dean and Rory! *gasp*
The origin:
The Narco's

1) Ocfan27-Lauren
3) ale-la-pazza1
4) snowfalkes11
5) Rebelious?Nah!
6) kyleschick
7) Stack
8) hellojojo123
9) Moochie
10) BepperGirl
11) Shnicky
12) SergeantPepper
13) Rogue
14) foreverwood42
15) Miss Jewelry
16) go_clo
17) leyton=LOVE
18) genki
19) CJG18
20) brazilianchick20
21) NateScottLover
22) courtneybangelcakes
23) Ellie Cameron
24) ~inside_of_love~
25) *Karen*
26) jr24tw
27) naturellebella
28) jennarose
29) -Kelly-
30) Lauren♥Scott 4Ever
31) Roswell 10/2/00
32) MethodicWays
33) Fred Pryce
34) Simply_Sonia
35) MineyMouse14
36) Cho Black
37) Kon-Artist
38) ErinlovestheOC
39) Jessica
40) NarcoBB
41) Cherié £u£u
42) ~Last Dance~
43) LuvinJames23
44) -Genevieve-
45) Giuly
46) Sibyl
47) sarah11650
48) barbeegurl00
49) autumn_hope
50) Cool Girl
51) *Brenda*
52) xmonalpx
53) Meekomist
54) fan1bsb97
55) Gambit221
56) * Princess Di *
57) StarFan2
58) banjojd
59) dareyou
60) laurengraham
61) joei190
62) **Jules**
63) Lor-baby
64) Soop 4-evah
65) LadyJanice
66) A. B. Normal
67) blondee
68) behrlyawake
69) Jax527
70) brie
71) jkupc
72) ~Melissa~
73) eppiechan
74) Copper boom
75) Callalily
76) vecastone
77) PrincessJenny
78) sweetcaramelo
79) freelancerrh
80) overthehill
81) scatterjoy
82) *Nora*
83) **E**
84) Ice Queen follower
85) LIZamaMAX
86) GilmoreJunkie
87) RDForever
88) JoozerLoozer
89) -CherryPixie-
90) True Daisy lover
91) Aurianna
92) FLilac4381
94) angelface211
95) balle
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105) iloveluke
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108) billibhoney
109) QueenBitch
110) *SheLovesOrlando*
111) **Destiny**
112) ~*~Di Di~*~
113) *Marissa*
114) that_70s_gurl101
115) adOrkable
116) JustLikePamBeesly
117) HamScout's Honor
118) Imaginary_Immortal
119) Otep
120) Gilmore Girl
121) ~OneTreeHill~
122) DJ_fanatic
123) rjpjhhjsmsb
124) NBalways
125) *Karen*
126) Anna-wa
127) cheldax46
128) Stefani
129) AngelicMouseGirl
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135) MPGirl
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138) martha(brucas&jeyton)
139) ryllsome
140) loveslullaby
141) Scarlet's Walk
142) thecheeriogleek
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144) BunnyBeaugard
145) alexis bledel the best
146) karevluvsstevens85
147) missygurl88
148) ChinaTequilia
149) quin611
Reasons why

1. 'Cause they're just too cute.
2. 'Cause she said thank you.
3. 'Cause he stalked her first.
4. 'Cause he said he loved her.
5. 'Cause he's really her *boyfriend*.
6. 'Cause she bought him a book.
7. 'Cause he stands up for her when Tristan bothers her
8. 'Cause he's building her a car.
9. 'Cause when she wears heels they fit together perfectly! (Rory's Dance)
10. 'Cause he doesn't laugh at her when she does things like carry books in her purse, or compares him to Encyclopedias
11. 'Cause he was her first kiss
12. 'Cause he made her a bracelet
13. 'Cause if she's going to throw her life away, he HAS to have a motorcycle...and he does
14. 'Cause he calls...five times a night
15. 'Cause he not only went to her window to apologize, but when her mom saw him, he defended her!
16. 'Cause they slept together (innocent!) in the cutest way possible
17. 'Cause he carries her things for her (ie. her box, her chick)
18. 'Cause he likes cake
19. 'Cause she made him potatoes "out of a box", but they were still good
20. 'Cause she knows he starts work at five, except on Thursdays
21. 'Cause he meets her at the bus stop
22. 'Cause they argue over "pop" and "soda"
23. 'Cause he, she, and Lorelai have movie and pizza nights
24. 'Cause he will kick the butt of anyone who tries to steal her pearls
25. 'Cause she acted like a blubbering fool when he was around
26. 'Cause she wanted to leave her dream school for him after knowing him only one day
27. 'Cause he waves to her during his sports games
28. 'Cause he's that "guy who hangs out in our trees all day waiting for (her) to come home"~ Rory's Dance
29. 'Cause she pretended to want cornstarch just to visit
30. 'Cause they're "Supermarket ****’s!
31. 'Cause he notices her even when she's just reading.
32. 'Cause she normally doesn't talk that much, but she did with Dean (you know, from the Pilot)
33. 'Cause they can't stop kissing each other!
34. 'Cause she'd never even thought about dating before him.
35. 'Cause Dean could "kill Tristan"!
36. 'Cause he notices when her sweater brings out the blue in her eyes.
37. 'Cause WE love his floppy hairstyle.
38. 'Cause when Tristan kissed her, she ran away crying!
39. 'Cause he'll read confusing Russian (I think) novels for her; twice even!
40. 'Cause first loves are "intense", and we know that's what they are!
41. 'Cause the front of his notebook is "one step away from stalker material."
42. 'Cause we know he saved the meatball!
43. 'Cause he told her "Happy Birthday" at Luke's.
44. 'Cause he'd do anything for her... even set up Lane with his friend just because she wants him to.
45. 'Cause he'd dance with her even though he doesn't like to dance.
46. 'Cause he tied the bracelet for her!
47. 'Cause she said he was pudding!
48. 'Cause his bracelet was pretty ugly, but she said it was beautiful...and meant it!
49. 'Cause he got his movie reference right off the bat!
50. 'Cause he's "dreamy"
51. 'Cause Dean thinks Rory eats cute.
52. 'Cause Rory likes cheap guys. Sloppy too, bald spot, beet guy, you know and the pants that kind of slip down in the back giving you that good plumber shot. That sends her through the roof!! (Rory's Dance)
53. 'Cause they kissed in aisle three, by the pest spray - and that's a good aisle
54. 'Cause "it was perfect"
55. 'Cause they "gave a whole new meaning to tasting day!"
56. 'Cause "he can spell AND read!"
57. 'Cause "their kids will be gorgeous!"
58. 'Cause "he's perfect...and he smells really good!"
59. 'Cause Dean's "not going anywhere"
60. 'Cause Dean is NOT a jerk!
61. 'Cause Rory brought Dean cookies.
62. 'Cause she asked for Charlotte Bronte, and he gave her "something else!"
63. 'Cause Dean "defends Rory's honor"
64. 'Cause Dean thinks Rory is "nice to look at" (Pilot)
65. 'Cause Rory IS interested! (Cinnamon's Wake)
66. 'Cause DEAN said thankyou, too! (Kiss and Tell)
67. 'Cause he thinks it's good that she eats
68. 'Cause he knows Prince Charming from Sleeping Beauty can dance!
69. 'Cause he looked really sad after the break-up.
70. 'Cause his white horse is just in the shop.
71. 'Cause when she's wearing saddle shoes, he's willing to stoop.
72. 'Cause if she doesn't go to Harvard, it won't be because of him.
73. 'Cause he tapped...risking Lorelai's wrath.
74. 'Cause Dean said "I am if you want me to be." when Rory asked if he was her boyfriend.
75. 'Cause he made it clear that he was taken in front of Louise.
76. 'Cause she's not like Donna Reed, and he respects that!
77. 'Cause he's a Wonka fan too!
78. 'Cause "he's got great eyes - you've got to love a guy with great eyes"
79. 'Cause "it's" nice too
80. 'Cause Dean and Luke are friends, and Luke is like Rory's father
81. 'Cause he was her first love, and you never forget your first love
82. 'Cause he called her 5 times (Paris is Burning)
83. 'Cause Dean is tall and that must of been some back bend! You better warm up next time! (Kiss and Tell)
84. 'Cause it's all about the cookies, and the love, and the Dean!
85. 'Cause he's "not much of a joiner", and she's "not a party-girl", so they're a perfect match
86. 'Cause he went to the dance anyway
87. 'Cause he's "nice"
88. 'Cause he likes "brainy" girls
89. 'Cause "the little princess needs a big, strong protector"
90. 'Cause he doesn't wear ties
91. 'Cause Dean's not in love with Beth(Kiss and Tell)
92. 'Cause Rory wallowed b/c of Dean
93. 'Cause Rory was all Dean could talk about (Kiss and Tell)
94. 'Cause "he's the boy that [she] like[s]" (Kiss and Tell)
95. 'Cause they talk on the phone all mushy, and then argue about who's gonna hang up first (Forgiveness and Stuff)
96. 'Cause "he's 6'2", he's beautiful, and he's completely in love with" Rory
97. 'Cause he picked up Colonel Clucker and said that he's a nice chicken...darn straight, he's our mascot!
98. 'Cause he loves when Rory surprises him
99. 'Cause he taught her a lesson - surprises lead to kissage
100. 'Cause he planned a romantic evening complete w/ dinner and a junkyard
101. 'Cause she brought baked goods to a boy and they were dean's fav, rocky road
102. 'Cause she can't stop looking at his face
103. 'Cause after their first kiss they were speechless in amazement
104. 'Cause he thinks she has good taste
105. 'Cause Lorelai wants to like him, and she usually gets what she wants.
106. 'Cause he saved the girls from a red-vine-less night
107. 'Cause she pretended to like Nick Drake for him (either that or she does like him)
108. 'Cause he wasn't looking for a chick
109. 'Cause he made Rory sing for her,, kiss
110. 'Cause she almost got hit by a car because of him
111. 'Cause she "got the new kid"
112. 'Cause he drinks "like a fish"
113. 'Cause he's trouble
114. 'Cause he noticed that a sweater brought out the blue in her eyes...awww!
115. 'Cause he does playful banter with both the girls sooo well
116. 'Cause Tristan thinks they make a very cute couple
117. 'Cause Lorelai thought of a lot of different ways to kill him
118. 'Cause he kinda looks like Christopher(Kiss And Tell)
119. 'Cause that "lothario" has wormed his way into Rory's heart and mouth!
120. 'Cause Rory said one and Dean appeared (P.S. I Love You)
121. 'Cause when Dean appeared in the window in the game, Rory never said 'pass.'
122. 'Cause she's not over him, and she wants him back!
123. 'Cause he wants her to be able to come to the market
124. 'Cause he is hers
125. 'Cause she's "less than good-ish" without him!
126. 'Cause she loves him, you idiot!
127. 'Cause Dean is miserable and suicidal without Rory and in serious need of a haircut
128. 'Cause Dean has a Rory box
129. 'Cause she was the GirlScout
130. 'Cause Tristan is not her boyfriend
131. 'Cause Rory has a Dean box
132. 'Cause Dean doesn't have a "Thursday Afternoon Girl"
133. 'Cause Rory can't write songs, but she can say "I love you"
134. 'Cause Col. Clucker (our mascot) is out of the box!
135. 'Cause Dean's a genius for getting back together with Rory
136. 'Cause without Dean, Rory is Mopey, Dopey, and about a dozen other melancholy dwarfs
137. 'Cause she doesn't want to go out on a date with Tristan.
138. 'Cause she needed to know 'has' or 'had'.
139. 'Cause he drove all the way to Chilton just to see her.
140. 'Cause when Rory's thinking about Dean she's not able to even listen to Lane, who by the way is a very witty conversationalist
141. 'Cause she's going in!!!!(to Doosie's Market)
142. 'Cause Dean did not burn all of her letters and pictures
143. 'Cause Rory's speech at the town meeting was all about Dean
144. 'Cause Rory was glad Lorelai didn't throw away the "Dean Box"
145. 'Cause he knew she was trying to talk to him.
146. 'Cause the Dean box got its "Gilmore girl" back
147. 'Cause the "old Rory"'s staging a comeback (see #136)
148. 'Cause their kiss was better The Princess Bride's (according to Pamie at MBTV)
149. 'Cause Lane swears on the soul of Nico that she's never seen Dean with another girl
150. 'Cause he's not the bad guy
151. 'Cause we dream of CuteDean
152. 'Cause ponyboy is happy(Rory's Dance)
153. 'Cause (luckily) Dean isn't number one on Lorelai's kill list--just in the top five.
154. 'Cause Dean is "actually pretty happy with" Rory
155. 'Cause she has a Dean
156. 'Cause Clara recognized Rory from Dean's Rory box
157. 'Cause Rory made dinner for Dean
158. 'Cause Dean took out the trash for Rory
159. 'Cause Rory has shoplifted from the market before
160. 'Cause "a single celled organism crawled out of a primortial ooze, and that pretty much lead to Dean"...ohh what a Dean he is!
161. 'Cause they touched forheads and smiled
162. 'Cause Rory asked Dean to the Chilton formal
163. 'Cause Dean ordered three differant kinds of spaghetti for Rory b/c she couldn't deiced which one she wanted
164. 'Cause Dean has a Chuck Heston chin
165. 'Cause ToughDean is so sexy, a different sexy than CuteDean, in a kinda rough and tough kinda way
166. 'Cause Cute is pratically Dean's nationality!
167. 'Cause SensitiveDean is a more compassionate, emotionally-stimulating kind of sexy than CuteDean and ToughDean.
168. 'Cause Dean doesn't really dance much, but he went with Rory anyway.
169. 'Cause some ToughDean a day, keeps Tristan away!
170. 'Cause Dean likes Rory's Donna Reed it has a nice circumference
171. 'Cause Rory thinks Dean has a nice apron
172. 'Cause Dean thinks Rory has a nice uniform
173. 'Cause Dean sits in his room eating fruit loops saying "Rory, I love you, I will not be ignored"
174. 'Cause Dean said Rory looks good in dirt.
175. 'Cause Rory thinks Dean will look good in a tux
176. 'Cause the night is over when they get done saying "No, you're prettier" to each other.
177. 'Cause he knows it wasn't Rory's choice to be Juliet with Tristan as Romeo.
178. 'Cause Dean is Rory's real life Romeo (or so says the GG backgroud announcer).
179. 'Cause the kiss with Tristan didn't mean anything.
180. 'Cause Rory and Dean have a really good thing going.
181. 'Cause the only way he could be more special to her is if he had a Kit-Kat growing out of his head -- and he's working on it!
182. 'Cause he said she looked like a cute cottonball.
183. 'Cause his face on hers will make the cleaning process go a lot faster.
184. 'Cause he's got a heck of an understanding shoulder.
185. 'Cause she didn't know who else to call.
186. 'Cause he's Dean - her Dean.
187. 'Cause "She's the one, you know?"
188. 'Cause the Candy Man can!
Our Official Song: 1x21 "Love, Daisies & Troubadours"

Okay, so on the show there are TONS of shout outs to the things we talked about in the Narc thread, and we think that the writers must have been spying on us! We wrote out our own episode that includes some awesome shout outs (stout bouts, as we sometimes call them) that we think should have been on the show! So here it is, the beginning of the "NarcThread StoutBout Episode":
Lorelai walks into Luke's, which is covered in Monkeys. Luke has a tv on the counter and is watching Alice in Wonderland while he colors in a coloring book. Rory sits at the counter reading Harry Potter. Lorelai says, "Luke, do you have any snow cones?" Luke says, "No, sorry." Lorelai says, "Damn, I wish some druplets would open up a freaking snowcone stand around here, dude." Dean walks into the diner. "Rory, I was watching Martha Stewart, and there was a total Stout Bout to me! She was talking about Gummi Bears. I loved that show!" Rory replies, "Dude, that's wicked cool!" Lorelai replies, "Dude, did you guys watch ALIAS? Michael Vartan is so hot." Rory gets hungry, so she orders some fruit. Dean says, "No, no more health kick. Let's go get some cheese fries at Ruby's. Then maybe we can go do a little coughARSONcough." "MMkay Dean, let's go," says Rory. They leave. Lorelai asks Luke, "Luke, do you think Uncle Jesse had a mullet?" Luke replies, "No way, but did you ever watch Ghostwriter?" Lorelai laughs and says, "Rally S!" Luke replied, "Dude, Rachel didn't know what Rally S meant so I CyberPimpSlapped her." Lorelai laughs. "Sigh," she says. "We should totally go listen to Howie Day and then drive up to Canada." "Mmkay, let's go. You drive though, I suck at parking."

Lorelai mentions that they should probably tell Jess they're leaving. "Oh, didn't I tell you? Jess died laughing," says Luke. So, they hopped in Luke's truck, with shot birds in the trunk, and started blasting some Michelle Branch. Then they proceeded to play Janet Jackson, and Doogie Howser. "Hey, ISN'T THIS CALLED HOWIE DAY?!" Lorelai screamed over the music. " 'Please do not use capital letters. It seems as if you're yelling and disrespects other posters' " Luke replied. "Smarmy Bastard!" Lorelai said.

As they drove along, Lorelai said, "Luke, can you come over later and help me learn how to twirl firesticks?" "Aww, I wish I could Lorelai, but I really have to clean my grill." "DAMN GRILL!" shouts Lorelai. Luke says, "Calm down, or I won't tell you my JLH story." "Ooh, please tell me! Is it true she was too clingy?" Luke smiles. "I'll tell you later. First we have to stop at the CompuCrap store so i can get a new keyboard." "Fine, but I better not miss The West Wing tonight." "Dude, Felicity is on tonight too." "Holy Crap, I didn't know that." They pull up to the store. Miss Patty walks out. "How the HELL are you Miss Patty?" yells Lorelai.

I'm great since my soulmate NakedKirk is here," Miss Patty said. "Whoa. That's my cue to go buy InStyle magazine," said Luke. "Yes, could you pick me up the Entertainment Weekly with Russell Crowe on the cover?" asked Lorelai. "Hell no! But I'll buy you the one with Bradley Whitford and Lauren Graham," offered Luke. "Um, did I mention soulmates?" Miss Patty said. "Miss PattE, you are so five posts behind," pointed out Lorelai. So Lor and Luke went off to find magazines and hard core liquor. On the way, they passed some lonely, wet kittens in a box. They continued on.

As they walked to the magazine stand, Lorelai said, "Didn't you have a dentist appointment today?" "No!" shouted Luke. "I'm not going, I hate him!" "Fine," Lorelai said, "Calm down. We need to stop at the market and buy some more ketchup." "Whoa! Ketchup ESP because I was just thinking that!" Luke said. "Cool." Lorelai said. Luke replied, "Cool? That was such a bellybutton post." Lorelai smiled, "I need to work on my group presentation. Nobody cares. Posting."

So, on the way to the market, Lorelai and Luke tried to tell Random Paragaphs to get to the next thread. "I love the color pink, and Britney Spears," said Lorelai. "LKOL! People like ZZTOP are so much better!" replied Luke. "Pooh-" Lorelai started, but Luke cut her off and mocked her error. They passed Jess' gravestone which said "Don't call me Jess." "Yeah, well don't call me Phone Boy," muttered Luke. When they got to the market, they saw Chad and his button nose, and laughed at him because he was two years younger than them. Which is pretty retarded. Just sayin'. Anyway, Chad then showed flashed them his tattoo, and they immediately threw Grapeade at him. "Tell us where the chicken is sold!" they shouted at him. Schmafty Pimp Cop turned into their aisle, showed them his shark skin scratch, and sauntered away.

Lorelai and Luke laughed at the Schmafty Pimp Cop because he had a hairbrush stuck in his hair. As they looked for some chicken, they found Splinter waiting for them. "Yes Sensi" Lorelai said, "I have my weapon." ::: twirls around big stick impressively:::: Luke claps his hand and says "Woohoo!!" "Eh?" says Lorelai. "That wasn't good. I suck at this game." "Let's go buy the ketchup before HalJTheSmoker dies of lung cancer." They grab a bottle of ketchup and walk to the cash register. Luke pulls out his Winnie the Pooh wallet, and the checkout girl laughs at him. "Shup up!" Luke yells. They leave the market. They started walking to the CPK to buy some spinach artichoke dip, but they suddenly fell into the gutter.

Luke and Lorelai walked around the gutter, and they saw SensitiveDean sitting on a sofouch knitting a scarf. Lorelai grabbed Dean's hand and pulled him off the couch. "Do not yank Dean!" yelled Luke. Lorelai said, "Dude, could you BE more crankier?" Lorelai stormed off. Luke wrote Lorelai's name on his silent grudge list. He started walking after her but suddenly tripped over the Dead Green Dog. Lorelai climbed out of the gutter and Luke followed her. She ran over to the thread pinata and smacked it with a bat. A picture of ToughDean flew out. Luke dove for it, and Lorelai screamed, "Luke, ToughDean is my favorite Dean, let me have it!" Luke gave it to her, then said, "Hey, we should go to Waffle House." Lorelai agreed.

.. because even innocent lovers fall from grace.
GALAPOGOS - The Smashing Pumpkins
ain't it funny how we pretend we're still a child
softly stolen under our blanket skies
and rescue me from me, and all that i believe
i won't deny the pain
i won't deny the change
and should i fall from grace here with you
will you leave me too?

carve out your heart for keeps in an old oak tree
and hold me for goodbyes-and whispered lullabyes
and tell me i am still
the man i'm supposed to be
i won't deny the pain
i won't deny the change
and should i fall from grace here with you
will you leave me too?

too late to turn back now, i'm running out of sound
and i am changing, changing
and if we died right now, this fool you love somehow
is here with you
i won't deny the pain
i won't deny the change
and should i fall from grace here with you
would you leave me too?
The Narcoleptic Dictionary
Anti-N.A.R.C.s: A group (currently three people, Ariane, Di, AND INGE!) of people enjoy the evils of Russell Crowe, and do not agree with the N.A.R.C.s views
Bellybuttons: Refers to the evil, frightening, and disturbing Levi's commercial with the singing bellybuttons. Can also be an adjective used to describe one word posts. They should be up there in the evil pictures, but we are too scared to look at them.
CuteDean: He's cute. He's Dean. Therefore, he's CuteDean. We did not make this up. It came from Pamie, who writes (funny) GG recaps at
DD: Nickname for Di. Can stand for either DenialDi (because she is the only one in the world who thinks that Uncle Jesse from Full House never had a mullet) or DeadDi (because she dies laughing about 20 times a night - only cause everyone's so freaking funny!). See also: Drunk, the
Drunk, The: Nickname for Princess Di. She tends to hog the late-night liquor supply, and frequently passes out. We like it. Get over it. See also: DD
E: StacEy, because we have two Staceys on the thread. This refers to littlecritter.
ESP: aka Posting ESP, When two Narcoleptics post at the same time. Adds a sense of togetherness to our little group! Especially prevailent at early morning hours
Firestick Show: A late, late, late night talk show, hosted by Di and E. Complete with mullets, juggling, flaming stick twirling, Coke and Pepsi, Jared with no loin cloth, flashlights, the cast of Gilmore Girls, etc. All Narcoleptics are free to pitch in with any special skills they can add to this very special program. Origin: Who knows? Jay Leno had an all dark show. And our minds travel quickly to weird places.
Gutter, The: A place for us insane Narcoleptics to hang out and think dirty thoughts. Dean occasionally stops by!
Hell: A town in Michigan. Or, a fiery underworld. Either way, the Narcs want to go there sometime soon.
JLH Story: The long awaited story involving the rumors surrounding Schmal and Jennifer Love Hewitt that Schmal is saving for the day he meets us in person - which will never happen, so the JLH story will probably never be revealed.
Ketchup/Cat,Sup?! Cult: Us. Cat,Sup?! Is how Di spells ketchup, cause it sounds like she's saying "Cat, sup?!" and she likes that sort of thing. This came about because of E's friends thinking she was part of a late night Ketchup cult when she was talking to us - plus we all love Ketchup. But not on cheesecake.
Knitting: A hobby that many Narcoleptics aspire to do. Origin: One very weird late night chat session! At the time, it was weird, but now, considering the conversations of late, it was pretty damn normal.
Link: Stands for Late Night knitter, nickname for Jessica, who was one of the original late nighters and is taking up knitting. (She's obsessed with CNN and she throws people out of movie theaters, so don't mess with her!)
LKOL: One day, when Stack accidentally wrote LKOL instead of LOL, Di became very confused and asked her what it meant. When Stack told Di it was just a typo, Di proceeded to mock it endlessly, and now LKOL is used interchangeably with LOL.
Mullet: A recurring discussion topic. It's a hair cut, that can best be described as "business in the front, party in the back" (TM Jessica). Think Uncle Jesse from Full House, or Michael from Roswell! So far, no Gilmore Girls character has one, but you never know what may happen in the future.
N.A.R.C.s: Narcoleptics Against Russell Crowe. A group some Narcs strongly support and hope to take Global someday in order to expose the evil that is Russell Crowe. See also: Anti-N.A.R.C.s
No E/Stack: This refers to Stacy...aka ObsessedGGFan.
Old-Schoolers: a.k.a. Old Schoolahs. These are Narcoleptics who have been hanging around the thread for quite a while. But, of course, new Narcoleptics are always very welcome to join in the fun.
OPFMS Day: This is a designated day for all Narcoleptics, new and old, to post a transcript of their favorite Rory/Dean scene or moment. Long form is: Official Posting of Favorite Moments Scripts. Yay! Our first OPFMSD was a huge success! Great scenes everyone! We'll have another one sometime soon!
Phone Boy: AKA Alex or Schmal, the only guy on the Narc thread, who suddenly disappears to a suspicious phone call when it is time to start a new thread. I wouldn't call him this though since he's one of the only people who starts threads now, and he has been known to CyberPimpSlap people.
"Posting": We occasionally say this at the end of our posts. Usually for no reason other than we're weird and talk a lot.
Quads, The: The Quadruplets - Di, StacEy, Stacy, and Jessica. E and Stack are twins, as are Link and Di, because of their odd similarities. Then, Stack and Di realized they had the same middle name. So all the twins were connected and they became Quadruplets. And we now realized that they all look the same too, which is downright odd.
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Sensitive Dean: A Dean who knits scarves for Rory (and the rest of the Narcoleptics, when they are feeling down). Origin: Not even going to try!
Shirtless Dean: Well, it's kind of obvious. But it originated from Di's scene of Rory sitting in the car reading, while Dean is working on building it. It's the middle of the summer of course, so Dean has his shirt off.
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Sundrenched World by ~Last Dance~
One Line by ~Last Dance~
Someday by NateScottLover
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Breaking Free by Ghostwriter
Rory Gilmore's Sex Tape by Gitana (ROCKSTAR)
Afterparty by Gitana (ROCKSTAR)
Hold You Through The Winter Of A Long Night by Gitana (ROCKSTAR)
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RD Capspams with commentary by ~Last Dance~
Cinnamon's Wake & Rory's Birthday Parties
Kiss & Tell and Love & War & Snow
Rory's Dance
Double Date & That Damn Donna Reed
Christopher Returns & Star Crossed Lovers...
The Break-Up, P.S. I Lo..., & Love, Daisies, and Troubadours
RD Wallpaper by CherryPixie

"I'm not saying goodbye because this is not the end of our story."

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I wasn't sure if this title had been used before! But here you go, post away
"I'm not saying goodbye because this is not the end of our story."
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Thanks Court, I kept meaning to open it but I was so tired.
Reunited and it feels so good
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I saw it and I was like..."should I wait or open it?" So I did.
"I'm not saying goodbye because this is not the end of our story."
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Yay! new thread! I think the title's already been used before, but oh well. All that matters is there's a new thread! Where's ROCKSTAR?
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I know I haven't seen Nicki in forever
Reunited and it feels so good
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School has been kicking my butt! Even when I'm home I'm so tired. We have a new thread!!
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Hi Nikki welcome back I know what you mean I started a graduate program
Reunited and it feels so good
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Originally Posted by fox24 (View Post)
Hi Nikki welcome back I know what you mean I started a graduate program
Hey Maria!

Congrats! Yeah, graduate programs more than time consuming are energy consuming.
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Thanks who is in your avi? At first I thought it was Rd cause of the skirt.
Reunited and it feels so good
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tftnt! Love the title
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I like it too taken from one of my favorite RD scenes
Reunited and it feels so good
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it is one of my favorite RD scenes too. Rory finally admitted to Dean that she loves him It took her a little bit of time to say it back, but she did say it and the timing was perfect.
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That was such a great scene. The moment she says I love you and Dean gets that what did you just say? look on his face gets to me every. single. time.
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It's time less
Reunited and it feels so good
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