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Lindsay 02-09-2018 11:12 AM

Literati {Rory♥Jess} #258: "They found such a deep connection when they were so young and you never lose that."
Welcome to the 258th Literati Appreciation Thread
Rory Gilmore Jess Mariano
dharma108 - DeviantArt
+ T h e i r Story...
She is his book tease; his fast-talking, optimistic, coffee addicted, town princess. The love of his life. She’s everything he isn’t but everything he wants.
He’s her monosyllabic, ice cream is better in cones, Hemingway wannabe, Metallica listening bad boy. The love of her life.
She can’t help herself around him. No matter how much she wants to believe it isn’t true, she needs him.
Words, old dead white guys, margin writing, late night flirting over coffee and literature brought them together. But, at eighteen, they stood worlds apart.
Star crossed lovers, maybe. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, probably. Rick and Ilsa, of course.
They weren’t supposed to be together. She wanted nothing more to hate him, and as fate would have it, something always kept them apart.
Rory and Jess are that long, over-arching love story, where everything is perfect and new for about as long as it takes Jess to finish a cigarette.
But as soon as those embers hit the ground, something happens to pull them apart.
There is that saying, if you love something, let it go, but people seem to forget the second part, the important part to the saying which is for if they return, they were ALWAYS yours.
If you are meant to be together, the story is never over, for it will resume when you’re ready, when time is finally on your side.
The course of true love isn’t allowed to run smooth because love is madness, blindness, confusion, desire;
it’s so many complicated emotions that make it the most joyous and painful experience you’ll ever have.
He made her cry, he left her waiting by the phone, never said goodbye. He said ‘I love you’ and ran away.
She ran away after kissing him, played with his emotions, stole his heart without giving hers, said ‘no,’ kissed him and ran away, again.
They hurt each other. And they do it again. And again. But ‘it is what it is’ because even when they disappoint each other, it’s worth it, because you only have this kind of love once.
Before everything, they are friends, always. He knows her better than anyone else, stiffens when he thinks it’s her, hated himself for hurting her. Hated himself for losing her.
She just wants to be around him, to lie on the bridge and tease him about Hemingway, to smell the mixture of smoke and leather that is his signature scent.
More than anything, they just want to be around each other.
It’s hard to understand that concept until you feel it, the jerking in your stomach, the brightening of your eyes, the ridiculous way you only smile for them.
It’s hard to grasp that when someone lies about bringing you a care package, it’s the most romantic thing in the world.
It’s hard to believe in love until you meet someone who knows what you mean when you say Dodger.
It’s hard to fall in love until you meet that person who can name The Guns of Brixton just by the lyrics. It’s hard to realize what is perfect until he says 22.8 miles.
But when you find that, it’s like having a stroke. Everything changes. All colors pale in comparison to that person.
Rory and Jess: 228 threads of being so freaking epic it hurts all other couples.

+ S o u l m a t e s? Star-crossed lovers? Why do we l o v e Literati?
I love R/J because they're r e a l
they tried to overcome their problems,
they were always honest with each other about the important things,
as I said they challenged each other,
Rory taught him he could do more, that he could be whoever he wanted,
they always were t h e m s e l v e s around each other,
and I felt like she was more 'a l i v e' when she was around him,
they were different but somehow the s a m e,
I mean they were totally opposites when it comes to personality,
but they shared their love for books, music and movies,
they always bring out the B E S T of each other.

+F e r

I love Rory/Jess for many reasons
but mostly it was their overwhelming chemistry that drew me to them.
Their chemistry was truly o u t s t a n d i n g and disbelieving
and that's the main reason.
I also love them for their passion and desire,
It was always there, in every scene and that's why I l o v e them!

+S a r a

I am a strong believer in the fact that Rory and Jess are each other's soulmates.
I don't really love the word, but the idea fits them so well.
It was as if they were a part of each other, a l w a y s coming back to each other.
I mean Rory's relationship with Jess never ended and I don't ever think it will.
There is a reason they kept finding their way back to each other.
Rory and Jess helped each other so much; they made each other feel a l i v e.
Rory was Jess's inspiration, and he changed for himself and for h e r.
And Jess knew Rory better than anyone else, and he challenged her.
They fit together perfectly, and I have faith they will find their way back to each other.
Remember, it a l w a y s comes back to them.
And for major bonus points, Alexis and Milo have amazing chemistry and are completely gorgeous.

+C o u r t n e y

'You know, Jess and Rory have a,
you know, a very strong connection.'
+A S P

Rory and Jess are one of those rare couples that you can say are true s o u l m a t e s.
They fit each other perfectly; they are just undeniable.
The connection was obvious straight away.
I absolutely love how they both love b o o k s,
it's one of their 'things' that no one else will understand but them.
I think the best couples come from those who have a deep friendship foremost,
they actually get along and have common interests,
RJ fit this description a m a z i n g l y.
I feel that their story was left unfinished and that their final scene didn't have closure,
I feel had things not changed on the show,
they would have ended up together without a shadow of a doubt.
They belong together.

+K i r s t y

I first started shipping Rory and Jess when they kissed in Let The Games Begin.
I had been intrigued by their friendship in Season 2, but it wasn't until their relationship in Season 3
that I realised that they were meant for each other.
They had been able to get to know each other well beforehand through the similar interests that they had,
and I think that this is essentially why they worked so well together as a couple.
Milo and Alexis continued to have great chemistry when they acted alongside each other,
and this made them more b e l i e v a b l e as a couple.
The balance of dramatic and comedic scenes that they both had made them exciting to watch,
and I think that this can only be said for Rory's relationship with Jess, rather than her relationships with Dean and Logan.
Even though Jess didn't always make the right decisions, it was evident that he really cared for Rory,
and he never intentionally meant to hurt her.
Jess had grown alot as a person when he returned in Season 4 and later in Season 6,
which I think is ultimately because of his relationship with Rory, as she taught him alot when they were together,
and inspired him to become a writer.
I liked the fact that the last scene between them both showed that they still had feelings for each other,
because this makes it possible that they could be r e u n i t e d again if there were to be another season or a movie of Gilmore Girls.

+J e n n a

I really had no other choice than to love RJ.
They totally captured my heart.
It's hard to explain why I love them, but I'll try.
First of all, they have off the charts chemistry.
You can feel their c o n n e c t i o n. Secondly, they're soulmates.
That's just the truth of the matter. They fit in every way.
I love that they were friends before being in a romantic relationship,
because that base of friendship will always be there,
keeping them coming back to each other.
They are a u n i q u e, s w e e t, and very i n t e n s e pair.
They aren't a classically romantic couple,
but they are the kind of couple that makes a romantic.

+K a r a

'Well, for a start, I would finally get Luke and Lorelai
to realize they love each other and they're perfect together.
Then I'd have some stuff between Jess and Rory --
Jess is just like Luke in a smaller form.'
+K e i k o

I really l o v e this couple so much because they have such a good connection.
Also, because they weren’t an "obvious" couple.
I know they fell for each other right away but Rory was a perfect well behaving schoolgirl
while Jess was a tough boy (with a hidden c u t e side) who did everything that was forbidden.
You could totally see how they were drawn together.
They would do anything for each other, and that’s how love is supposed
to be in my eyes. P e r f e c t. And Rory & Jess are perfect together.
+D e b b i e

It's their amazing ability to balance each other.

Jess can actually challenge Rory,

which he has continued to do everytime we see him back.

In turn, Rory gave Jess some purpose,

some r e a s o n to hold onto the rails and not fall too far off.

'It is what it is. Y o u. Me.'

+The Top f i v e Scenes

she needed to see him again...
'Doing something completely out of
character for the one you love,
doing a n y t h i n g for them,
just to be near them.'
+K i r s t y

Rory visits Jess in New York
...he wanted to be near her.
'Jess admitting he did something that makes her h a p p y,
Rory being on cloud nine because of it,
Jess going into denying mood, Rory's giddiness
and the head kiss... is it enough reason?'
+B i a

22.8 miles scene
his barriers came crashing down...
'The b r e a t h before he says it,
the way it breaks through her stanch resistance,
and then how he just drives away. All of it.'
+A n n a

Jess says "I love you"
...he was only nice to her
'I'll just never get over
the lengths Jess went to just to
be in h e r presence.'
+ A l i s h a

A-Tisket, A-Tasket
Pinterest/We Heart It
then she appeared...
'The way he was holding her,
like he n e v e r wanted to let her go.'
+F e r

Let The Games Begin kiss
Buzzfeed - The WB / Via Netflix

'Jess and Rory have other things in c o m m o n other than the make-out,
other than the sex. You know, the sex is there, which is nice and enjoyable for all those who want to enjoy it,
but they have the books and the music and the reading and the literature
and the intellectual standpoint,
and you can't ignore the fact that there is a meeting of the minds there.'

+A S P
'I know you b e t t e r than anyone.'

+The L i t e r a t i Mix...

Download h e r e + L i s t en here

'This isn't Shakespeare, it's the words to a C l a s h song.'
'Ah, but which Clash song?'
'..Guns Of Brixton.'

+ F a n Fiction
Literati Fanfic #228 List

Five recommended fanfictions-

+Commas and Ampersands
+Blue Magnets
+Orange Striped Sheets
+Ever After
+The Accidental Romantic

Additional recommendations-
fic recs.

Fave authors-

'Ernest only has lovely things to say about you...'
'Why are you only nice to me?'

'I got the video for tonight.'
'What did you get?'
'Almost Famous.'
'No, not again.'
'I can't help it. I'm addicted.'

+the a r t s

Find m o r e here

+ the i c o n s

Find m o r e here

+ the l i n k s

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True love stories never have endings...
Credit - Unknown (Pinterest)
Neil Jacobs/Netflix
Adelaide Mazzocca

So it only took three months of blood, sweat and tears
(quite literally when I got a nosebleed doing the OP, now I’m not suggesting that was the cause!)
and now it's finally here!
Now I'm not gonna become all soppy, but me and Alisha agreed to write a little thank you/ back patting of sorts..
I am giving an arm and a leg to Bia and also kissing of feet, you're art well it's bloody awesome,
Alisha and I could not have put this together without you! We love you!
Thanks to everyone who submitted everything to the OP.
Lastly, Alisha, my right arm, my partner in crime, we are the best team ever created,
I think we could give the US government a run for its money!
You have kept me from wanting to jump off a cliff so many times, with your wonderful witty comments.
I love you so effin' much I could squeeze you to death.

+K i r s t y

Kristy is my OP making soul mate.
Ya'll don't even know how many times she kept me from taking an umbrella to my computer.
She also controlled my bitchiness and made sure I didn't kill any Twilight fangirls, cause when you're making an OP,
you don't care about hobos posing as vampires posing as actors. But for serious, without Kristy, there'd be no thread 228.
There'd be an apology that I'd post on you tube where I'd play 'Nothing Compares 2 U' and cry but no OP.
I might have a picture of Milo in my lair but that's just not the same as this. This AWESOMENESS.

And Bia. Oh my god Bia. She is a goddess.
I'd have her art making babies if I could (maybe we could work on biology for that). I just love her so.
Without Bia, there'd be no arts. Bia is my Crayola crayon in human form.
I love her more than a two dollar whore.
Seriously, Bia and Kristy, let's go to Canada, get hitched, then go to Utah and do it up Big Love style.

And, of course, thank you to Rory and Jess, cause without them,
I'd just be eating pie and crying about Pacey and Joey.
Thank god I found Rory and Jess or I'd be fat and wordy.

+A l i s h a

+ Future title s u g g e s t i o n s

"We are leaning towards #TeamJess forever" - WarnerBrosTV

+ Previous t h r e a d s

Historic thread 228 is situated here

more coming soon...

atwoodsmariano 02-09-2018 11:26 AM

tftnt! :hug:

that awkward moment when I ship the 2 couples on the right way more than the one on the left cause I think they have way more chemistry together

but it's kinda crazy how similar Rory and Jess are to Landon and Jamie

bringing this over from the last thread

a newish fic that you guys should check out

pretty gifset :love:

Litlover73 02-09-2018 07:35 PM

Thanks Lindsay. I knew you would come to the rescue :D.

That twitter link doesn't work for me and I don't know who Jamie and Landin are sadly. I am not up on a lot of current ships like you youngens.

That's a great gif set and I did happen on that fic the other day. Let's hope it's not another one that's promising and then forgotten about.

It's a real bummer the pics won't work in the opening post. Is there something that can be done. Can we find different pics?

And I think this is all of us right now :D.

atwoodsmariano 02-10-2018 01:04 AM

hmmm that's too bad apparently the tweet got deleted :/

they're from the Nicholas Sparks movie A Walk to Remember

Litlover73 02-10-2018 03:51 AM

Oh ok. That's with Mandy Moore isn't it?

Here is another new fic which I am enjoying, however this author seems to start quite a few but never finishes them, which annoys me no end.

I finally got around to reading that Life one you recommended. Pretty hot stuff....just the way we like it ;).

atwoodsmariano 02-10-2018 07:05 AM

I just realized in that fic Rory's dog was named after the character in the princess bride and in the epilogue they got a dog named Buttercup

anyways I love this reference sm :love:

Potentially lovely, perpetually human — Gilmore Girls: Literati + The Princess Bride

There’s just something about not quite knowing what the other person’s gonna do at all times that’s just really…exciting.

This is the Worthwhile Fight — There’s just something about not quite knowing...

Lindsay 02-10-2018 09:46 PM

Love all of the goodies! :love:


Originally Posted by Litlover73 (Post 93002635)
And I think this is all of us right now :D.


It's a shame that photobucket changed things. We can probably find different pics. I might even be able to find archived older threads to see what pics they were. Cause I think they matched up with quotes and everything. I'll try and figure it out the next time I have a few days off.

Litlover73 02-10-2018 10:07 PM

That gif set with the Paris conversation is fantastic. Thank you. I think one of the most used bits of dialogue in Lit vids, besides Jess at Yale.

It would be nice to fix the pics Lindsay, but don't stress yourself about it. Only if you are motivated :D.

Now speaking of pics, I found this article that had completely passed me by.

I love it when people analyse stuff like our favour of course. And then I found these pics

Now onto my own crazy thoughts...look where they are both positioned in these pics. The first one they are both second from the end with their arm on someone's shoulder, and in the second pic they are both sitting down in front of the others. They are kind of mirrored to each other. I know I am clutching at straws, but they are my straws and I am sticking to it :sigh::sigh:.

atwoodsmariano 02-11-2018 12:19 AM

very true about that dialogue being used in a lot of fan vids but it's really good

thanks for sharing that link and interesting observations

I love that Milo was wearing a denim jacket at that shoot but I wish he didn't have the mustache

re-watching Dawson's Creek recently made me watch a bunch of Lit videos with the soulmate quote

the queen in the north

till death do us part
in omnia paratus

tanaja 02-11-2018 01:07 PM

I love an article about different mugs. And also interpretations.


Originally Posted by Litlover73 (Post 93012452)
I saw this quote when it first came out and it gave me hope. It shows that she knows what a significant number of fans were hoping for and expecting. I mean surely she can't be unaware that they are a popular couple. I don't think she gave Jess such a massive improvement into Mr Perfect for nothing.

Jess is so popular that there could not be another installment without him. And there will definitively be (at least some sort of) love story between him and Rory.

The only difficulty for Jess and Rory could be, that they are prefect for each other, true soulmates.
While Dean loves Rory more than she loves him and she is really not the best version of herself around Logan (she steals a boat), she and Jess only have timing problems.
Is it too much for Amy?

Becausse Luke and Lorelai are not perfect - they have communication problems, her family doesn't think, that he is good enough for her etc. And even though Richard and Emily had a good relationship, she was "trapped" in their world and because of that sometimes did wrong things, Trix also hated Emily, Richard travelled all the time ...

Litlover73 02-12-2018 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by tanaja (Post 93018587)
I love an article about different mugs. And also interpretations.

Jess is so popular that there could not be another installment without him. And there will definitively be (at least some sort of) love story between him and Rory.

The only difficulty for Jess and Rory could be, that they are prefect for each other, true soulmates.
While Dean loves Rory more than she loves him and she is really not the best version of herself around Logan (she steals a boat), she and Jess only have timing problems.
Is it too much for Amy?

Exactly, and Amy set up this whole story. Surely it can't be too difficult for her to move it forward. Thanks for all those amazing links. Love them!

I found this on tumblr

Anonymous asked: Has anyone ever done a parallel between the scene where Jess asks Rory to run away with him and the scene where Lorelai gives Luke the ultimatum in the very last episode of season six? (Not requesting a gifset btw. I'm only wondering out loud if it has ever been discussed.) It really struck me how similar the scenes are in regards to the utter desperation Lorelai and Jess have for the other person to respond in the way they want them to. Lauren killed that scene especially. All the feels!


Oh my God, I can’t believe you sent me this because I literally just watched 4x21 the other day and was struck (for the first time and I’ve been watching this show like 10 years lol) how similar Jess’ speech was to Lorelai’s in 6x22! I wish I could still make gifsets because I’d totally do that.

It’s interesting because I think both of their speeches were kind of an explosion of feelings made impulsively in desperation, and were given to people who do not like being put under that kind of pressure or given ultimatums. I think there are some interesting parallels in the aftermath of each incident as well - after the blowups Rory sleeps with Dean and Lorelai sleeps with Christopher.

When I get time I will put these 2 scenes up. Off to work for me.

atwoodsmariano 02-12-2018 03:17 PM

I actually think there's more of a parallel with these 2 scenes but I can see the parallel with those 2 scenes as well

Welcome to Stars Hollow.

Literati — 4.21 // 7.01

Literati — Literati & JavaJunkie Parallels (4.21 // 6.22) ...

Lindsay 02-12-2018 09:22 PM

Interesting. Never even thought about them being parallel scenes.

alljess 02-13-2018 01:44 AM

Thanks for the gifs and making that comparison, I never really thought about it!

Litlover73 02-13-2018 02:21 AM

Aww thanks are a champion :D. Thanks for finding them.

I had seen a comparison of Luke's pleading to Lorelai before with Jess at Yale, but never Lorelai's to Luke. Seeing them side by side like that it is quite striking how similar they are.

Seeing both Luke and Jess walking away so defeated makes me a bit emotional really :(.

A sweet post for Valentine's Day.

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