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The Lalas:Lorelai/Lauren Appr.Thread#185 'Cuz we will always love and respect Lorelai

Previous Thread

Welcome to the Lorelai/Lauren Appreciation Thread #185!

Credit for our name goes to Clyde, Lauren's adorable godson.

::IMPORTANT::I've seen a lot of pictures being hotlinked on this thread and it's not allowed to hot link, because you steal away the website's bandwidth. If bandwith goes over its limit, the webhost has to pay more money. And that is not fair to the generous people who are willing to share these pictures with you. So please refrain from just copying a link from a GG related site and post the image here, especially if you put the [img] codes before it. Just upload the pictures to a free hosting site like or There are tons of free hosting sites to choose from.

Thank you.

Future Thread Titles

by Lucky

by Jenna

by Paula

by Paula

Banners from Mily at cause one's just not enough!

Lauren is loramful!
Loramful. Confused? Well don't be. It's all about Lauren Graham. As we were talking about Lauren the word amazing keep coming up when talking about her acting abilities. But it doesn't nearly do her enough justice, so Kari (dramaqueen125) and Carolyn (lukelover87) decided to come up with a word that finally would and was just for her. So loramful was born. Lor-Lorelai, am-amazing, and ful-wonderful. Finally a word that does our favorite actress justice!

We invite everyone to take advantage of Lauren's growing and dedicated fanbase by taking part in the Lauren Graham Board for more Lauren-centered discussions. There is now a Lauren Graham Appreciation thread very similar to this one there for your enjoyment.

Fanart of the Thread

Lovely thread art credit goes to Paula San!
LG Media

For Lauren TV appearances go here: Ele's LJ

Why we Lorelai:
1. Because she's a great mom!
2. Because she has exceptional taste.
3. Because she gave Dean "the talk."
4. Because she's amazingly talented, funny, smart, and beautiful, just like Lauren.
5. Because she's a coffee addict!
6. Because she went to her parents so Rory could go to Chilton.
7. Because she's an amazing woman.
8. Because she makes guys just stand there, amazed.
9. Because Luke loves her too.
10. Because she thinks Wal-mart is boring.
11. Because she doesn't like avocado or tomatoes.
12. Because she speaks in very long paragraphs without breathing.
13. Because she does the "hair twirl."
14. Because she owns lip gloss that changes with her mood.
15. Because she jumps at the chance to listen to XTC's "Wasp Star: Apple Venus Vol. 2"
16. Because she loves to paint AND drink beer.
17. Because she can make a dress that has tool, sexy.
18. Because she can make a dress, period.
19. Because who else's mom's favorite band is Metallica?
20. Because she wears a jean jacket and looks damn good in it!
21. Because she loves Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, but only with junk food.
22. Because she looks so great in the flippy skirt.
23. Because she has a thing for the Oompa Loompas.
24. Because we love her diamond studs.
25. Because she knows what a CHORD PROGRESSION is!!! (very cool - a true music freak)
26. Because she is not only Rory's mom, she is Rory's best friend and big sister.
27. Because she has strange passions.
28. Because she's multi-faceted abnormal.
29. Because she is the queen of the subtle transition.
30. Because she has the capability to say the sentence "Fruitlessly trying to rectify a ratty transgression" very early in the morning.
31. Because she gave up great tickets to a Bangles concert so Rory could bond with her classmates.
32. Because she scared the pointy haired boys.
33. Because she named her daughter after herself.
34. Because she would take a bullet for Rory.
35. Because she smiles right.
36. Because she woke up Rory at 4 am to give her the birthday talk.
37. Because she has symmetrical eyes.
38. Because she can drive Rory to school in shorts and boots (because of not having any clean laundry) and still look fashionable.
39. Because she's like a mother to more people than Rory, like Lane.
40. Because she has a comeback for everything.
41. Because she has legs AND arms.
42. Because she wants to carry pot roast at her wedding.
43. Because she loves gum and is concerned about dental hygiene.
44. Because she wants her wedding colors to be spumoni.
45. she sees the world through rose colored glasses "literally"
46. she owns a porn star t-shirt
47. she took Rory to Harvard b/c of her great sense of adventure
48. she needs her tunes!
49. she's ambitious and resolute in her dream to open an Inn with Sookie
50. 'Cause she knows the quickest way back to Hartford!
51. 'Cause she loves snow!
52. 'Cause she should be considered insane, but isn't!
53. 'Cause she organized an over the top out of control slumber party for all of her friends and family.
54. 'Cause she's human, and she got jealous when Rory was thinking of staying at her dad's and MommySherry's
55. 'Cause she's a casual dater!
56. 'Cause she does the PERFECT Dean Voice.
57. 'Cause she took inventory of all the important people in her life and promised to always be there for them.
58. 'Cause she's scarier than Tony Soprano.
59. 'Cause she has a pretty good track record for keeping Rory alive.
60. 'Cause she plans to be buried with all the good CDs, and her rock star belt.
61. 'Cause she offered to share her eternal resting place with Rory.
62. 'Cause Nancy McKeon will play her in her Lifetime movie - she's Jo!
63. 'Cause she forced herself to eat a grapefruit just to keep her dad happy.
64. 'Cause she knows exactly what to say to Manny to get the linens she needs.
65. 'Cause she's spirited! (Spirited is nice)
66. 'Cause she orders way too much Chinese food and lives off the leftovers for a week and a half.
67. 'Cause she convinced Luke to save her from the double pathetic.
68. 'Cause she plays bagel hockey!
69. 'Cause she thinks the Two Fat Ladies are brilliant.
70. 'Cause she sacrificed the Halloween candy for the company.
71. 'Cause she likes eight cherries in her Manhattan.
72. 'Cause she pretended to be Leonard on the phone and offered to save Rory from a night out with MommySherry.
73. She?s a self-sufficient woman!
74. Cause if she ever turned into a super hero?it?d be Wonder Woman.
75. Cause she?ll help Luke shower when she becomes a superhero!
76. Cause she thinks Mel Brooks has earned the right to have his face on her butt!
77. Cause she buys CD/clock radios that enables you to wake up to the barnyard animal of your choice!
78. Cause she gets addicted not only to coffee but to the freaky Coke with the lemon in it.
79. Cause Rory says her mother is a great person and her best friend in the world!
80. She invited Jess in to eat lunch with her; she even made small talk.
81. She helped Luke go apartment hunting.
82. Her voice is kinda like the Small World song!
83. Yes, she?s pretty, but hello, she?s smart!
84. She?s nothing if not a great organizer!
85. She encourages her daughter to do something bad when she?s out of town. It's the law.
86. When she leaves the spa she?s going to be Ted Nugent.
87. It WOULD kill her to go two days without coffee.
88. She put on the wonderful, relaxing spa robe to make Emily happy.
89. She knows that five minutes after a couple's massage people usually have sex.
90. Pouting and sulking and sighing. rolling her eyes, mumbling ? That?s how she detoxes.
91. She smells like a peach.
92. She offered Emily her Vicious Trollop lipstick.
93. She saved her mother from the wide world of mungbeans and brought her to a restaurant to have a steak.
94. She orders her vodka martinis, straight up with a twist, very dry, very cold.
95. She loves the idea of shrimp cocktail with a steak dinner. It?s so Casino, Big Joe.
96. She likes to think of her parents the old fashioned way ? separate bedrooms.
97. She knew Chad was checking out Emily in the bar.
98. She stole a robe with her mother to bond!
99. Cause it takes years of training to be able to eat the way she does!
100. Her phone messages are funny?they?re just really freaking funny!
101. Because she knows how to rock a pair of glasses.
102. Because she knows how to protect us from schrapnel and Agent Orange. (WGUAPV)
103. Because "hello" is her line, according to Emily. (ESH)
104. Because she is Loramful!
105. Because she is prexy!
106. Cause she dared to wear a shirt with a rhinestone penis on it at an FND
107. Cause she does the best tongue roll in town
108. Cause she knows how to knit too
109. Cause she always wanted the best for Rory
110. Cause she proved she loves Luke by proposing
111. Cause she is perfect
112. Cause she loves pancakes with the side of pancakes
113. Cause she's a dirty girl
114. Cause her hairline is always on the right side
115. Cause she wrote character reference letter for Luke
116. Cause she does love her parents
117. Cause she can sing
118. Cause she wants a horn

Previous Thread Titles:
#109 ~ Two appreciation threads, because LG's that special!
#110 ~ We still love her in spite of the fugly shirt and hat!
#111 ~ 'Cause she's livin on a prayer, baby.
#112 ~ Pretty in pink...and all the other colors of the rainbow.
#113 ~ Because she wanted to kill Dean back in Season 1!
#114 ~ Amazing jeans wearing ability AND a hunky hunky boyfriend!
#115 ~ 'Cause she did it: The Dragonfly and a People's Choice Nom!
#116 ~ Doesn't need a Globe nomination to be Golden!
#117 ~ She takes joy in dumb things and makes the mundane fun!
#118 ~ She looks good even when she's crying!
#119 ~ 'Cause she's like #1 for 38 years and counting!
#120 ~ 'Cause she's on fire!
#121 ~ 'Cause she rocks the finale!
#122 ~ Who do we have to blow to get this character an Emmy?!
#124 ~ Because we're glad she never, ever cut her own bangs
#125 ~ 'Cause she's the main reason why we watch GG!
#126 ~ 'Cause now that Rory's back, she's whole again
#128 ~ Cuz we want her snugglebucks
#129 ~ 'Cuz we can't say it enough she's amazing
#130 ~ 'Cause we'd give her an Emmy
#131 ~ 'Cause we still love Lorelai
#132 ~ 'Cause Lauren is Loramful and we know it!
#133 ~ 'Cause she'll always be our favorite!
#134 ~ 'Cause she's our girl crush and we aren't afraid to say it!
#135 ~ 'Cause her one look can say so much
#136 ~ 'Cause we love her unconditionally
#137 ~ 'Cause she's Free to be Loramful
#138 ~ 'Cause her smile is addictive
#139 ~ 'Cause 2007 will be the Year of Lauren!
#140 ~ 'Cause we aren't ashamed of our obsessions
#141 ~ 'Cause we're anxiously waiting for new pics *taps foot*
#142 ~ 'Cause nobody does Lauren like... Lauren
#143 ~ 'Cause nobody can bring the funny like Lorelai
#144 ~ 'Cause we've got Laurenitis!
#145 ~ 'Cause we want rocket gum
#146 ~ 'Cause she's the best character ever!
#147 ~ 'Cause we love GIANT Lauren pics!
#148 ~ 'Cause There's Something About Lorelai
#149 ~ 'Cause Lauren is a hot buttered biscuit
#150 ~ 150 threads of Lorelai and Lauren love!!
#151 ~ 'Cause she can make anything look good
#152 ~ 'Cause we're having Lauren withdrawal!
#153 ~ Because we said so!
#154 ~ Because 40 is the new 30!
#155 ~ Because we will always love her!
#156 ~ 'Cause she'll play tough & be strong in any situation
#157 ~ 'Cause every man would kill to be her last boyfriend
#158 ~ 'Cause even horses think her fingers are delicious
#159 ~ 'Cause she can even do her own stunts!
#160 ~ 'Cause Toothie loves her, too
#161 ~ 'Cause We Love Caveman Talking Lala
#162 ~ 'Cause it's yabadaribaba time in Lalaville
#163 ~ 'Cause she can do it all
#164 ~ 'Cause If Fatty Had A Party, We'd Come
#165 ~ 'Cause she's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
#166 ~ 'Cause even her butt is photogenic
#167 ~ 'Cause we're too tired to think about a title
#168 ~ 'Cause for us she's been a winner for 7 years
#169 ~ 'Cause with her we're always on topic
#170 ~ 'Cause we all want her legs
#171 ~ 'Cause she is our Hawaiian goddess
#172 ~ 'Cause she's too hot - even for Playboy
#173 ~ This girl doesn't humble, the way to the top
#174 ~ Cause she is prexy!
#175 ~ Sexy, funny, smart - She is our complete package!
#176 ~ 'Cause she is running for president, too
#177 ~ 'Cause we love her even in purple potato sack
#178 ~ 'Cause we are blinded by her shiny legs!
#179 ~ 'Cause we even run backwards to stare at her
#180 ~ Lallaville is alright for fighting
#181 ~ 'Cause we get lost when we look at her blue eyes
#182 ~ 'Cause her pouting melts our hearts
#183 ~ 'Cause she would be great as Velma Von Tussle
#184 ~ 'Cause now she will rule the NBC
#185 ~ 'Cause we will always love and respect Lorelai

"Give Lauren Graham an Emmy" List
"Lauren Graham gave the best comedic performance this year. If she gets passed over again the joke'll be on the Emmy." ~TVGuide
1. laurengraham
2. KCsGirl
3. ch19777
4. Java_Angel86
5. snickelfritz
6. .::Tati::.
7. motylik20
8. Pieke
9. JJlolotte
10. Javababe
11. dutchy
12. Lore2
13. -Genevieve-
14. jjlover01
15. FuzzyCerts
16. ABitStormy
17. cmbarrytx
18. Mordacity
19. OyWithThePoodlesAlready
20. gg_obsessed
21. iatethefuzzycerts
22. adambrodyluva
23. gilmorefan91
24. lovinlauren
25. jessica20121984
26. QueenElessar
27. javajunkie4eva88
28. Mel~in~Oz
29. pure_sweetness
30. LiteratiFan0624
31. Jenndeve
32. JJ4Life
33. lorelaidanes
34. Nanours
35. Kiara99
36. ChiltonYale
37. A.dreamerscully
38. lovinlauren
39. iheartbsb
40. smeagolkitten
41. LL-Freak
42. LG rocks my socks
43. UltimateFan
44. Danke
45. Lindsay
46. MickeyJr3000
47. Emma_Jane
48. orangesherbet7
49. labrador
50. dramaqueen125
51. GB7becks82
52. lukelover87
53. jenna_mariexx
54. denisetjuh1
55. Lolabelle26
56. fish_sandwich
57. gilmore-girl123
58. beautifullauren
59. Shrty1283
60. Allyria
61. Freshgirlly908
62. Katiegg108
63. Paula San
64. Lorelai Evans Danes
65. go_clo
66. kas3490
67. maplezbear
68. Shira81
69. Javalava86
70. cranny4eva
71. gglover76
72. Zutfan05
73. DET
74, Ele309
75. Jenna16
76. _virgo_
77. Linda_Hj
78. xmonalpx
79. Angelface211
80. valeposh
81. LukaAbbyLover
82. Sal1984
83. tav552
84. Gilmoregirl999
85. TeamLorelai
86. fulladdexlove
87. ErinlovestheOC
88. smileyGGfan
89. rumsmurmeldeluxe
90. JLarah
91. anitabehindhazeleyes
92. Copop
93. Only Hope
94. hellojojo123
95. LaurenKisses
96. Reflecting_Light
97. Lauren Graham Brasilian Fan
98. Big Head want Dolly
99. NewHaven2005
100. l.a.thunder
101. karen29
102. rafatel

Proud to be super-caffeinated, quick-witted, multi-facted abnormal like Lorelai!
1. dramaqueen125
2. lukelover87
3. UltimateFan
4. JJ4Life
5. LG rocks my socks
6. maplezbear
7. go_clo
8. Shrty1283
9. beautifullauren
10. Lindsay
11. gglover76
12. gilmorefan91
13. DET
14. jenna_mariexx
15. Zutfan05
16. Shira81
17 Paula San
18. Ele309
19. Jenna16
20. _virgo_
21. Linda_Hj
22. gilmore-girl123
23. xmonalpx
24. Angelface211
25. valeposh
26. Sal1984
27. tav552
28. Gilmoregirl999
29. **Blurry**
30. TeamLorelai
31. fulladdexlove
32. McB
33. Twiggy Ramirez
34. smileyGGfan
35. rumsmurmeldeluxe
36. JLarah
37. anitabehindhazeleyes
38. Only Hope
39. hellojojo123
40. LaurenKisses
41. Reflecting_Light
42. Lauren Graham Brasilian Fan
43. Big Head want Dolly
44. NewHaven2005
45. l.a.thunder
46. karen29
47. rafatel

Random Caps

On July 8th, 2007 this poem was written:

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren you pretty girl with great butt
every time we look at you we can't keep our eyes shut.

You're eyes and smile are gorgeous, too.
You can't blame us for staring at you.

Those legs are your strongest weapon
no-one can resist when they appear under a dress or an apron.

Your voice is so sexy,
and everyone agrees, even Alexis.

You have a charming laugh,
and not returning it seems to be tough.

When we see your shiny hair,
we all cry out: "That just ain't fair!"

And when it comes to acting you are the best!
You totally are able to give all the others some rest!

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren you pretty girl with great heart,
we'll never leave you nor fall apart.

Lala Mascot - Flory

Our new Mascot Flory, the cute little sister of Dory (the blue one blue from Finding Nemo). She has Narcolepsy (falls asleep all the time). This fast talking, sweet fish is red, confident, honest..she doesn't drink but does smoke, knows whales language just like her sister but she's better in speaking Orca . They are similar yet very different. One more important thing, she's a spy, has really great abilities, knows how to knit, bubbles, she is also sending signals to other spy fishes with her cigarette and what is most important when she goes ashore she can walk on her tail fin.

We're all in for Finding Nemo 2!!!

Want to be added to a list? Have something for the intro thread? PM the current thread starter or post on the thread.
I used to think cube was my favourite word
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thanks for the new thread Sanja!!!!!
maybe i'll catch up this one
Lauren Graham : Love you postcard people

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Thanks for the new thread Sanja, love the title

I just read some of the reasons why we love Lorelai and I can´t stop laughing about "... she has legs AND arms"
we're nuts....
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Hey Thanks for the new thread! I Loooove the title!

Now, I have to go. Bye
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about reasons why we love Lorelai, i think we need more of them, 105 is not enough in my opinion, cause i'm sure we have much more reasons why we love her and when i think of some i will let you know
I used to think cube was my favourite word
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thanks for the new thread Sanja, Im glad we are using this title

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Thanks for the new thread!

Oh, more reasons why we love her? Okay, how about a funny one like this:

'Cause she dared to wear a shirt with a rhinestone penis on it at an FND.
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Wow, a new thread already... NICE!
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Lauren Graham: Justin Bieber’s hair?
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'Cause she dared to wear a shirt with a rhinestone penis on it at an FND.
i like it
I used to think cube was my favourite word
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´cause she has - surprisingly - two eyes, two ears and one nose

Thanks for the new thread Sanja. Perfect title

avi by lore_85
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Thanks for the thread! I love this title.
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I looked through the previous thread titles
#110 ~ We still love her in spite of the fugly shirt and hat!
I wonder which outfit they meant...

Because we're glad she never, ever cut her own bangs
best title ever

Cause she dared to wear a shirt with a rhinestone penis on it at an FND.
that's great
Kate, what are you really scared of? That he won’t wait for you? Or that he will? Caskett
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best title ever
It is great. And so true. I did it when I was 4 or 5. Bad idea

Because she doesn't like avocado or tomatoes.
for this one!!! I like tomatoes but I hate hate hate avocados.

And we love her ´cause she does the best tongue roll in town.

avi by lore_85

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Thanks for the new thread!
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Thanks for the new thread, Sanja

Love the title
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