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Old 03-01-2004, 03:54 PM
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'Cause he's her knight in shining armor! ~Java Junkies~ 106 Roses

Welcome Java Junkies!

This title was probably the easiest to choose ever! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] Lorelai called Luke her knight in shining armor in "Scene In A Mall", referring to her meltdown in the park and how Luke comforted her [img]smilies/sigh.gif[/img] So we all thought it was the perfect title. And at the end of said episode, she gave him a rose and he smelled it, hence the title something.

In the last thread, we were suddenly surprised by many de-lurkers, newbies and old posters who wanted to share their thoughts with us. So please, all of you, don't stop posting [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img] And if you're new and are reading this, please come post with us now. We're a nice bunch.

Java Junkie Timeline
JJ timeline *This is still being worked on. If anyone has anything to add to it.. please tell us!

The Java Junkie Stamp

The Java Junkie song!

"All you newbies, and the lurkers. Grab some coffees, don't be Tay-lers. Step on the daisy, don't be lazy. IV the caffiene, we're not mean. Scream some STELLA!!, it's ok to yell--a!"

The Java Junkie Official Game

Bagel Hockey Positions:
Lorelai - Offense
Rory - Defense
Luke - Goalie

The Java Junkie To-The-Point Thread Rules!

Be sure to check out the GG board rules first! (Thanks to our great mods)

1. No spoilers! Simple as that!
2. Be careful with Max, Christopher, and Jason bashing! [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
3 Try to stay on topic... we could have used this rule during the corn fiasco! [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] You can be OT, but keep the Luke and Lorelai love in mind!
4. Respect each other! 'Cause all we need is a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
5. Drink coffee. Lots and lots of it! (but don't take from the secret stash)

If you have any concerns, don't be afraid to bring it up!

The Java Junkie Theories
JavaSex Theory Luke keeps Lorelai in coffee, nothing else. We all know coffee is Lorelai's biggest pleasure. So possibly when she wasn't "gettin any" of Luke's special "coffee," she turned to life's second greatest Christopher just happened to be the first warm body to be in her vacinity while she going through her Luke's Coffee Deprivation Period. ~credit: Alexis ~name: Kitty

Name Game
In LHCD - Lor defines the whole package as "Love, Comfort & Safety." Look below -Coincidence? I think not.


The Java Junkie Smilies!

The Angel, Luke ---->
The Junkie, Lorelai ---->

The Java Junkie Mascots!


"Goodnight, Bert!"

"It has a hat and everything!"

"No one has ever made me a chuppah before."
The Chuppa, courtesy of the fantabulous Kitty and Ally!! We all know that one day they'll be standing under there ...

'Cause one day it won't be a dream!

Reasons Why We Love Luke and Lorelai!

1. He's her Angel, the giver of coffee.
2. The Santa burger! "It has a hat and everything!"
3. He hates hospitals, but he stayed with her anyway.
4. He's protective of Rory like she was his own daughter.
5. He would give his daughter cash to buy a Barbie and meet her by the baseball cards.
6. Did we mention she eats there everyday?
7. He can't imagine anyone ever being disappointed in her.
8. He thinks Lorelai MAKES a great mom.
9. He thinks handkerchiefs are revolting. (Think about it, they are.)
10. He thinks sweet Dean is trouble. Just like a father.
11. He argued over free hot chocolate, then gave free food and hot chocolate and abandoned the diner for Lorelai.
12. He blew up balloons for Rory's birthday AND wrote on them.
13. Observe the wonder of soap and a shave - the man is pretty darn hot!
14. He even managed to get Emily to open up a little.
15. He comes bearing ice.
16. Lorelai trusts him with the one thing she values most in the world...Rory
17. 'Cause no matter how much he dissaproves, he always pours the coffee.
18. 'Cause he worries about their health
19. 'Cause he thinks she's an "amazing woman"
20. 'Cause Lorelai thinks he "looks good!"
21. 'Cause their cards are lucky!!
22. 'Cause Lorelai is jealous of Rachel
23. 'Cause Luke thinks she's a fruitcake
24. 'Cause Sookie said Luke is a good man
25. 'Cause Luke wants a Lorelai-kind-of-pretty
26. 'Cause Luke put up a sign (which he hates to do!) to help Lorelai out (since she doesn't take "No" very well)
27. 'Cause Luke isn't pining away for Rachel... but for Lorelai!
28. 'Cause Christopher is her past and Luke is her future!
29. 'Cause Luke asked Lorelai to marry him!
30. Lorelai convinced Luke to "spruce"! "Grab your brushes and grab your rollers... all you kids and all you.. bowlers!"
31. 'Cause Lorelai called Luke when Stella was missing!
32. 'Cause Luke is the "male lead in every story" Lorelai tells.
33. 'Cause Lorelai "maybe" has feelings for him!
34. 'Cause of that almost-kiss behind the counter!!
35. 'Cause Luke is jealous of Chrisopher (see #22!)
36. Since Lorelai must have ran out of her house in her *pajamas* to apologize to Luke!
37. 'Cause Lorelai painted Luke's diner to make up for it!
38. 'Cause Rachel is his past and Lorelai is his future! (see #28!)
39. 'Cause there are "haps" with Lorelai!
40. 'Cause Lorelai got really really jealous of Rachel... if looks could kill...
41. 'Cause they both have someone to "check up on"... each other!
42. 'Cause Luke went after Dean when Rory and Dean broke up!
43. 'Cause Luke will get strawberries for Rory! (and extra chocolate chips with cream on her pancakes!)
44. 'Cause "He started it!"
45. 'Cause Lorelai *needs* to find a way to Luke... have it be walking through a garbage dump to get there!
46. 'Cause Luke and Lorelai are love birds... make that love chicks!
47. 'Cause Lorelai called Luke "Sleeping Beauty"... making her the prince!
48. 'Cause Stella is the coolest chick (and our mascot) and chirps for Luke and Lorelai!
49. 'Cause Lorelai just found the doggy version of Luke!
50. 'Cause Luke sharpened, tightened, and cleaned Lorelai's skates!
51. 'Cause Lorelai gets "really good service" there.
52. 'Cause Lorelai thinks collars work for Luke! "Behold, the healing powers of a bath!"
53. 'Cause he convinced her not to kill Dean on "double coupon day"!
54. 'Cause Lorelai loves watching Luke "Shifting in his seat", "Adjusting the cap", "Fighting the urge! Fighting the urge!"... fighting the urge to kiss her that is!
55. 'Cause "Some traditions are nice", birthdays... daily coffee at Luke's...
56. 'Cause "Magical things happen in the snow"... and guess who she saw before Max?
57. "The truth hurts!" The truth is: Lorelai and Luke are just meant to be!
58. 'Cause Lorelai thinks Luke would look good "dressed like a guy from The Crucible".
59. 'Cause she finishes his sentences.
60. 'Cause she wants to check up on him.
61. 'Cause she bought him a present 2 weeks before Christmas.
62. 'Cause Luke couldn't stand to see Lorelai alone after Rune the Loon left!
63. 'Cause they're both eventually going to get that magic at the start of a relationship when they get together!
64. 'Cause they renewed our love for coffee!
65. 'Cause Luke thinks Lorelai has "symmetrical eyes"!
66. 'Cause Lorelai looks great in a different great way!

67. 'Cause Lorelai and Rachel becoming friends bothers him.
68. Their fridge is always empty because they're always at Luke's!
69. 'Cause luke de-eyed her eggs and pancakes! (They were staring at her)
70. 'Cause the thought of Rachel serious with Luke upsets her.
71. 'Cause Lorelai thinks Luke has a nice place.
72. 'Cause it's not that she "pictures his apartment". Riight.
73. 'Cause Lorelai's going to give him crap about the frilly curtains.
74. 'Cause Luke has everything Lorelai needs: ice, love, coffee...
75. 'Cause Lorelai went through his underwear drawer.
76. 'Cause it was "no big deal" with Lorelai being up at his apartment.
77. 'Cause Luke doesn't want Lorelai in the storeroom because something could fall and he wouldn't want Lorelai to get hurt!
78. 'Cause Lorelai admires his pickles!
79. 'Cause Lorelai wants their relationship to go past "Please some coffee?" "No" "Please?" "No, it makes you short, blah blah"
80. 'Cause Luke let Lorelai use the fun cutter thingy!
81. 'Cause Lorelai sees the way Rachel talks about him and smiles at him - because she does the same!
82. 'Cause Lorelai is *not* taking Rachel's side.
83. 'Cause Lorelai wants him to be happy.
84. 'Cause Lorelai wants another reason to stop Luke from taking the plunge! Her!
85. 'Cause Lorelai's worried that Rachel and Luke aren't right together. But Luke and Lorelai? That's another story!
86. 'Cause Luke smiled at *Lorelai* during his date with Rachel.
87. 'Cause there's happy pie at Luke's.
88. 'Cause of Lorelai's upset look when she realized the coffee tasted different. She misses the old coffee, misses Luke!
89. 'Cause even Rachel saw their chemistry and took a picture of them!
90. 'Cause Luke has everything Lorelai needs: ice, love, coffee...
91. 'Cause Luke an Lorelai inspire great fanfiction!
92. 'Cause even "He who shall not be named" won't get in their way!
93. 'Cause "He who shall not be named" only gets phone calls, Luke gets to see her every day!
94. 'Cause Luke loves to rant to Lorelai. (argh, malls! Lol)
95. 'Cause Lorelai shopped for Rachel's present.
96. 'Cause Luke's credit card looks tired!
97. 'Cause Lorelai dressed him!
98. 'Cause Lorelai thought he would look nice.
99. 'Cause Lorelai bough him sweaters in 3 colors, a suit (at 175% off!!) and beautiful pants. (Lorelai wants its baby!)
100. 'Cause Lorelai saves her psychotic episodes for Luke! "Get away from me you mental patient!"
101. 'Cause when Lorelai said "I just have exceptional taste", she was talking about Luke, not the clothes.
102. 'Cause "it's not what you think!" when Lorelai was fixing his belt.
103. 'Cause the coffee was on the house.
104. 'Cause Luke was scared when Rory ran away!
105. 'Cause Luke is #3, her husband! (and Lorelai didn't say "Pass")
106. 'Cause she wants him to be too sexy for his shirt and do a little dance on the catwalk!
107. 'Cause when Lorelai asked Luke to turn around, you know she was checking his butt!
108. 'Cause Luke was fixing her porch! "Last time I was here I noticed the porch rail was broken."
109. 'Cause Lorelai was dreaming of Luke! (and she's not crazy)
110. 'Cause Luke is on the roof! And he fell for her.... literally and metaphorically!
111. 'Cause Luke "is always at Lorelai's".... Rachel is getting jealous!
112. 'Cause Luke scared her half to death!
113. 'Cause Luke broke in through the back door! (he's going to fix it, of course)
114. 'Cause Luke is hiding from Rachel... hiding at Lorelai's!
115. 'Cause Luke is a loner. Until he met Lorelai.
116. 'Cause "life is not a fantasy". Not 1000 daises or horses! Just coffee. That's real.
117. 'Cause Max feels threatened by Luke.
118. 'Cause Rachel left because Luke's "heart wasn't in it". His heart was with Lorelai!
119. 'Cause Luke and Lorelai are just... (Luke can't say it)
120. 'Cause even Rachel knows and tells Luke not to wait too long to tell her.
121. 'Cause it was Luke who showed up at her door.
122. 'Cause Lorelai has her own blue cap. (look closely in the toolbox scene!)
123. 'Cause Luke is very handy.
124. 'Cause Luke and Max had a squabble!
125. 'Cause "it doesn't matter what time it is, I'll always be around." And he'll fight for her!
126. 'Cause Max thought Lorelai went out with Luke... he sensed a "vibe".
127. 'Cause Luke didn't take the toolbox with him! Hmm....

128. 'Cause Lorelai said "Goodnight Bert" to Luke's toolbox even though she was going out with Max.
129. 'Cause Lorelai gave Luke a flower, even though she said everyone in town gets one, she was only carrying one.
130. 'Cause Lorelai threw french fries at Luke!
131. 'Cause Luke won't let eat alone!
132. 'Cause Luke didn't get a chance to ask her out! (well, we knew what he meant!)
133. 'Cause Luke let Lorelai dress him up all GQ.
134. 'Cause Luke's always around when Lorelai's in trouble.
135. 'Cause if Lorelai likes it, it goes!
136. 'Cause even Emily sees the way he looks at her and the way she looks at him!
137. 'Cause Luke is a "good man"!
138. 'Cause the corn is scary. Don't ask.
139. 'Cause Luke got jealous of a Chilton dad! (He's too "old"... uh huh)
140. 'Cause they always color-coordinate. (They're always wearing the color blue!)
141. 'Cause we can see the love in their eyes.
142. 'Cause Luke only lets one person behind the counter (his sacred space)....Lorelai.
143. 'Cause Luke breaks his own rules for Lorelai; no cellphones, no one behind the counter, no one in the backroom, etc.
144. 'Cause they made us go on a Santa burger crusade!
145. 'Cause Luke was the one who made Lorelai 90% water and 10% caffine (but the water's coffee flavored!)
146. 'Cause Luke broke into her house and crossed over to the dark side just to be around her.
147. 'Cause she lets him in her house, he lets her behind the counter - they let each other into each others lives.
148. 'Cause they look great together!
149. 'Cause Luke's a vision!
150. 'Cause Luke really thought that Lorelai's cries for help were code for "you're not wearing any underwear"
151. 'Cause Luke gave Lorelai 8 cards while playing poker.
152. 'Cause Lorelai offered Luke a popsicle!

153. 'Cause Luke said "top of the morning" to Max, since Lorelai told him to be nice.
154. 'Cause Luke set the blueberry pancakes aside for them, even though it's "first come, first served"!
155. 'Cause Luke is a mower!
156. 'Cause Luke never questions Lorelai's crazy thoughts, and Lorelai never questions his crazy rants!
157. 'Cause Luke knows their eating habits.
158. 'Cause Luke made Lorelai a chuppa! With a goat!
159. 'Cause Luke is the right person for Lorelai. They put up with each other's crap, they don't want to change each other, and they would never make each other eat French food! (Lorelai already tried to dress Luke, though! But Luke kept the clothes!)
160. 'Cause he always gives in to her need for caffine
161. 'Cause he doesn't want Rory to grow up like her; She's one of a kind
162. 'Cause he'll let her pick apart his brain.
163. 'Cause she thinks he looks *good*.
164. 'Cause acording to Lorelai, he *needs* her help
165. 'Cause he turned the lights off so she could watch the trial run of the parade.
166. 'Cause she bought him a new blue hat.
167. 'Cause it's obvious they'll be together in the end.
168. 'Cause maybe it's crazy, maybe it's irrational, but it's there!
169. 'Cause "Please Luke, please please please" puts us down the gutter!
170. 'Cause Luke thinks Lorelai can hack anything.
171. 'Cause Luke sucks as a liar.
172. 'Cause Lorelai wants Luke to wear fishnet stockings, a leather teddy, platform boots, gloves, a wig, and offered to do his makeup!
173. 'Cause Luke offered Lorelai a loan!
174. 'Cause Emily wants Lorelai to date the man at the diner who refuses to shave!
175. 'Cause Luke bought her a grapefruit!
176. 'Cause Luke saved her from the double pathetic.
177. 'Cause we're waiting patiently for Amy Sherman-palladino to write that scene where they sit across from each other and realize "Oh *******, it's you!"
178. 'Cause he keeps her on schedule, so she doesn't miss her business class.
179. 'Cause she invited him to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and wanted to dress him in a leather teddy and fishnet stockings.
180. 'Cause he'll always be the one with the coffee which is basically her oxygen, so technically she'd die if it weren't for him. He keeps her alive.
181. 'Cause she invited him to a slumber party.
182. 'Cause she activated the LorelaiPout and he became her messenger boy.
183. 'Cause he saved her from being all school-marmy, riding by herself in the sleigh.
184. 'Cause she sat on his toolbox, Bert ... toolbox dirty.
185. 'Cause he offered her a loan of $15,000 sneakily, but she can see right through his weak attempts to lie to her.
186. 'Cause he stopped dead in his tracks when she announced she's a casual dater.
187. 'Cause she talked so much about Luke on her date with Paul that even his parents knew the "darn shame" that was Rachel.
188. 'Cause he runs just as hot and cold on her as she does on him.
189. 'Cause he says, 'My God, will she date anyone else in the world before she'll date me?'
190. 'Cause maybe it's crazy, maybe it's irrational, but it's there.
191. 'Cause they both don't have dating down because they aren't dating the right person, each other.
192. 'Cause he wouldn't go to see Romeo and Julet but he did ask her to tell him all about the star crossed lovers.
193. 'Cause he is in her life permanently forever. He will always be there for her. She will always be there for him.
194. 'Cause when she asked if she's got him, he didn't hesitate for a second to respond "You do."
195. 'Cause all she has to do is threaten him with the LorelaiPout and he melts and offers her one thing no woman can resist ... chocolate!
196. 'Cause we wish one of them would turn SOMEDAY into TODAY.
197. 'Cause he was willing to brave the obstinant Taylor just to get her a rather disgusting fruit.
198. 'Cause Luke admitted it was nice.
199. 'Cause he bought her basket!
200. 'Cause he paid $52.50 for her!
201. 'Cause one look is all it takes!
202. 'Cause Lorelai thinks he rocks.
203. 'Cause someday already happened.
204. 'Cause he knows how to keep her happy
205. 'Cause she already met that guy!
206. 'Cause everyone's coffee was on the house when he found out that Lorelai and Max weren't getting married!
207. 'Cause Luke offered to play bagel hockey with her!
208. Lorelai freaks out when she finds out that Luke isn't the one feeding her, and runs to his apartment to avoid eating Ceasar's stinky pancakes.
209. Lorelai wants Luke's good fluffy pancakes!
210. She'll help him shower when she becomes a superhero.
211. The second she saw Luke was alone in the diner she sent Rory off so she could check up on him.
212. She asked if Luke was offering to clean out her gutters (double meaning for fellow gutterbrains!).
213. She called him Duke for two years just to make him mad, but they talked and eventually, time went by, and now Lorelai loves him. Rory says so!
214. Because "Well. . ." isn't exactly a denial!
215. She offered his nephew the freaky addictive lemon coke and chinese food as a peace offering.
216. He wants her to come look at his apartment, she's his second opinion!
217. She rarely gives him the chance to not listen to her, but she did offer her face for him to lick...dirty!
218. Mary called Luke Lorelai's husband!
219. We all know he would notice if she answered the door wrapped in cellophane wearing a Yankees cap OR a Mets cap.
220. The already have pet names for each other. He's Snuffy and she's the Little Missus.
221. Lorelai promises they wonít do anything dirty, yeah right.
222. 'Cause Mary said "If my husband and I looked anything like the two of you, weíd never get dressed."
223. Mary called them a "nice couple with a nice vibe."
224. Lorelai made Luke turn thirteen different shades of red!
225. He makes it too easy for her to toy with him, just by standing there.
226. The "lady friend, red-hot mama, big, pretty dish of lovin' with a spoon made especially for Luke" she was referring to is herself!
227. They already went to the batting cages "It's Right There" the greatest Java Junkie fanfiction every written (by the fabulous Ann)!
228. She doesn't like his single bed....not room for her! She's prepping Luke for a commitment.
229. Lorelai put it best when she said "Donít you want the possibility of more? Come on Luke, itís time. Make a move, take a shot, entertain the possibility of a non-unabomber existence. What do you say?" We know he'll do that when they're ready to admit their feelings for each other.
230. She told him not to turn down the spruce....he took the spruce.
231. 'Cause she can talk to him about anything, including tetherball.
232. 'Cause she reserved 9 rooms for him without hesitating!
233. 'Cause Emily said she was probably standing in Lorelai's reception hall, and she's was in Luke's!
234. 'Cause she slipped her arm through his - when they weren't pretending to be married!
235. 'Cause they're "a match made in heaven."
236. 'Cause she can handle his rants, and he can handle a crisis.
237. 'Cause he makes her feel special.
238. 'Cause they both thought the Romanoff's had it coming.
239. 'Cause they look like they are dating in real life
240. 'Cause their simmering attraction is sending us into the gutter!
241. 'Cause she' can't call him back later...she rushes to his call!
242. 'Cause she'd be happy to rush over and help with whatever. He'd be doing her a favor.
243. 'Cause she he told her to call if you needed anything...hmmm, ANYTHING?!
244. 'Cause she could unflap him...don't read into that...never mind, read into it.
245. 'Cause she called him Cowboy and he called her Gertie...the pet names get more and more adorable with each new addition!
246. 'Cause he let her number his tables.
247. 'Cause she's Cathy Coffee and he's her Big Strong Coffee Man!
248. 'Cause she messes with Kirk when he's being a pain, just like Luke.
249. 'Cause she thinks his respect for his dad, the "good man." is nice.
250. 'Cause she's got him covered...don't read into that...okay, read into that.
251. 'Cause she's having his 'dream twins'.
252. 'Cause Luke is the only one who can give him the 'whole package'.
253. 'Cause only Luke's lovin' can shut her up!
254. 'Cause we finally got a kiss!
255. 'Cause she dreamed of marrying him and having his twins!
256. 'Cause only Luke's lovin' will shut her up!
257. 'Cause Luke gives Lorelai what she wants!
258. 'Cause Luke gave a ridiculous speech at the high school for Lorelai!
259. 'Cause he put up the sign when he asked her too!
260. 'Cause he told her to 'take it off'!
261. 'Cause she was thinking about him during 'Eternal Flame'.
262. 'Cause her smile drives him crazy.
263. 'Cause he's got the coffee, and she needs the coffee. (And remember even Scott said the 'coffee' is symbollic of something else!)
264. 'Cause she'll always see him later.
265. 'Cause she knows he'll make a great dad.
266. 'Cause his name says it all. L-love U-nderstanding C-comfort A-and S-safety.
267. 'Cause he didn't really think she had a chick loose in the house.
268. 'Cause he looked at her like she was a Porterhouse steak... and she was pleased!
269. 'Cause dreams come true.
270. 'Cause he knew she'd be hungry later.
271. 'Cause she lets him see her when her guard is down.
272. 'Cause the best of friends make the best of lovers.
273. 'Cause what's meant to be will always find a way.
274. 'Cause he was the first person to get a daisy.
275. 'Cause he loves her so much, he made her a chuppa even though it meant she would stand under it with someone else.
276. 'Cause he's one of the few things in life she can count on permenantly.
277. 'Cause he came to the table, and that made him number three! (123 He's Yours)
278. 'Cause she knows his clothing sizes.
279. 'Cause she knows he's got the body of a fireman underneath that apron.
280. 'Cause with his blue eyes, he could already pass for Rory's father!
281. 'Cause he shouldn't get engaged "considering the circumstances"
282. 'Cause she's not a dream tramp, of course the twins are his!
283. 'Cause they spent the night together.
284. 'Cause she wears flannel too.
285. 'Cause she likes his butt!
286. 'Cause she doesn't want him changing his menu for anyone else but her!
287. 'Cause he thinks it's great that she's tall.
288. 'Cause he wants to "do it again" sometime!
289. 'Cause every junkie needs a dealer.
290. 'Cause he baited her hook
291. 'Cause one day, they will both be able to be touchy feely
292. 'Cause whatís a lonely parent gonna do but hook up with coffee guy?
293. 'Cause they're so dysfuctional! Make out already!
294. 'Cause we want a pay-per-view kinda first date!
295. 'Cause she drives his truck. Dirty!
296. 'Cause now it's her time to be jealous.
297. 'Cause he corked his hook for her...Dirty!
298. 'Cause every time he cleans up, you can hear her 'wow'.
299. 'Casuse it's time for their tango to tangle!
300. 'Cause even if he didn't say it, everyone knows Luke's most comfortable in Lorelai's home and Lorelai's most at home in Luke's diner.
301. 'Cause progress is a bitch!
302. 'Cause they won't have an affair, but they still want each other.
303. 'Cause the sparkle's gone in his eye... and its her fault
304. 'Cause Luke is conversationally committed!
305. 'Cause Luke's committed to one woman... and it's not his wife.
306. 'Cause he's her knight in shining armor.

The Java Junkie List of Thread Somethings

Part of Java Junkie tradition, with each new thread #, we have L/L items to go with it!

2 Santa Burgers
3 Blue Hats
4 Lucky Cards
5 Chicks
6 Coffee Mugs/Paintbrushes
7 Pickles
8 Toolboxes
9 Cornstalks
10 Broken Locks
11 Handkerchieves
12 Empty Threats
13 Porterhouse Steaks
14 Lemon Lamps
15 Bags of Ice
16 Longing Looks
17 Cans of Paint
18 Frilly Curtains
19 Black Leather Belts
20 Chuppas
21 Danishes
22 Goats
23 Runways
24 Sleigh Rides
25 Messenger Boys
26 Flirts
27 Popsicles
28 AlmostKisses
29 GutterThoughts
30 Fishnet Stockings
31 Loan Offers
32 Picnic Baskets
33 Brownies
34 Goalies
35 Subtle Glances
36 Non-Denials
37 Pet Names
38 Double Beds
39 Pancakes
40 Falling Ceilings
41 Omelettes
42 Chocolate Brownies
43 Apologies
44 Party Poses
45 Daily Pleasures
46 Heatwaves
47 Horizontal Tangos
48 Long Summers
49 Mental Kicks
50 Parties
51 Reconciliations
52 Cards
53 Soulmates
54 Insinuations
55 Masquerades
56 Realizations
57 Mini Fics
58 Metaphors
59 Dreams
60 Donuts
61 Moments of Silence
62 Packages
63 Things
64 Rubber Ducks
65 Love Songs
66 Propositions
67 Discussions
68 Hands
69 Sexual References
70 Devoted Fans
71 Hammers - Dirty!
72 JJ Cheers
73 Games
74 Sexy Toys
75 Beautiful Dreamers
76 White Dresses
77 Special Spoons
78 Gloves
79 Fishing Rods
80 Reasons
81 Leans
82 Twins
83 Sleepovers
84 Assets
85 Alarm Clocks
86 Futures
87 Touches
88 Dirty!
89 Addictions
90 Jealous Rages
91 Get-On-With-It's
92 Late Night Specials
93 Luke's Married?!
94 Enganches
95 Tornadoes
96 Mattresses
97 Gut Feelings
98 Movie Nights
99 Eat A Burger!
100 Celebrations
101 Rendevous
102 No Names
103 Diner Conversations
104 Earrings
105 Bonnie & Clydes
106 Roses

Future Possible Thread Titles

'Cause who cares if it was just a dream, we got a KISS!
'Cause we know that's how it'll be when they're together
'Cause Rory spoke the truth!
'Cause he'll be *home* early
'Cause who cares if it was just a dream? We got a kiss!
'Cause we know that's how it'll be when they're together
'Cause we finally got a kiss! And not one, three!
'Cause she's having his babies!
'Cause Chris is no longer in the picture!
'Cause logically, he loves Mimi too
'Cause Luke agrees with Kirk's taste in women (strangely enough)
'Cause now that we got a kiss, we want more
'Cause they just look right together. What else do you need
'Cause Rory was right the first time
'Cause Rory was right the first time~-- explanations
'Cause she's having his dream babies~-- offspring
'Cause there's more to love! ~-- heads
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Nutters: Stella, Rose Lorelai gave to Luke in 'Scene In a Mall', Luke's plates for the girls' pie in 'Scene in a Mall'
Emily: Chuppa
*~Alissa~*: Santa Burger
Cher: Luke's truck, Luke's fishing rod
LukeLorelai4EVER: Luke & Lorelai's almost kiss in TDDR
Mandy: Lorelai's ice skates that Luke polished for her in 'Cinnamon's Wake', 'Thank You' napkin from Lorelai to Luke in 'Scene in a Mall'
Sharla: Luke's Coffee, Luke's soft "yes" to Lor in 'Ballroom & Biscotti' and Barbie Bandaids
Genevieve: the earrings Luke gave to Lorelai in NHIWTFTGG

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~~LORELAI: I'm talking about a lady friend.
LORELAI: A red-hot mama.
LUKE: Okay.
LORELAI: A big, pretty dish of lovin' with a spoon made especially for you. ~Lost And Found
~~LUKE: ..But we both agreed that there's nothing like some good lovin' to shut a person up, if you know what I mean.

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One Cold Canadian

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Places where MMS should take place

*the counter in the diner
*the storage room
*Luke's apartment
*Luke's truck
*the bridge
*Lorelai's roof
*under the chuppah
*the gazebo
*the stable at the Inn
*her old room at Emily's (so she would finally have a good memory there)
*Lorelai's jeep
*Luke's shower
*Lorelai's shower
*Lorelai's kitchen
*The roof of the diner/apartment

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So, and now I can breathe, because I managed to start a JJ thread for the first time! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Dlo Daerht

[ 03-01-2004: Message edited Nutters ]
"Jesus, these people are pampered, aren't they? Nobody knows how to cook or make a drink. They're used to being waited on hand and foot by servants or Luke or the Yale cafeteria, and when left on their own they resemble Sims. Whining and moaning, peeing on the couch, whimpering that they're bored and hungry."
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Now, theme related fanart, reposting [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]


And caps [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] Theme is 'hugging, comforting and loans'

(ok, I'm sorry, but I still think Scott was acting a little bit weird in this scene... he's got a look all 'Lorelai Victoria, I can feel your pain')

Isn't this cute???

[ 03-01-2004: Message edited Nutters ]
"Jesus, these people are pampered, aren't they? Nobody knows how to cook or make a drink. They're used to being waited on hand and foot by servants or Luke or the Yale cafeteria, and when left on their own they resemble Sims. Whining and moaning, peeing on the couch, whimpering that they're bored and hungry."
~Pamie at TWoP

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Ok. I am making a new month resolution. I decoded this cuz today I was taking my driving test (to get my license) and I got in wreck. I saw my life flash before me and I decided not to waste it lurking. [img]smilies/lurking.gif[/img] So! Iím NOT going to lurk. That meanís I have to post right? [img]smilies/look.gif[/img]

Ok let me think. Oh.. ok! Why canít I see any of the pics in the first post except the chick, the Santa burger, and the chupa (did I spell that right)? All the others are little red Xs.

I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep. Thats deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?
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Stephanie, I'm glad you'll join us in the daily postage.

I don't know about the pics either, but some of them load if you right click on them and click on "show image"...

ETA: I do have an answer... many of these pics are hosted by Kitty on karissaonline, and that server is down at the moment. But the JJ stamp should work...

[ 03-01-2004: Message edited Nutters ]
"Jesus, these people are pampered, aren't they? Nobody knows how to cook or make a drink. They're used to being waited on hand and foot by servants or Luke or the Yale cafeteria, and when left on their own they resemble Sims. Whining and moaning, peeing on the couch, whimpering that they're bored and hungry."
~Pamie at TWoP

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My server is down at the moment.. but that's not why those pics aren't showing up.. it's because they aren't on my server!

I'm doing some rearranging of my servers and I haven't put those pics up and changed the links for them on the template.. so when I do change them.. most likely after I move, then everything will be up for you guys to see. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

And great start Nuttie! Love the caps. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Ok, Luke said he has a fax line.. so why is he paying for an extra phone line he doesn't use?

I noticed something.. at the end when Lorelai and Rory were planning on when they can see each other again. Lorelai said she could cancel her plans with Jason.. didn't it seem like Lorelai said that as if Jason was just another friend or something. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but Lorelai doesn't seem to care when or how often she sees Jason. I know he has business trips a lot, but it doesn't seem like Lorelai ever misses him or notices that he's not around. I guess that's a good thing on our part.

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[img]smilies/blinkie.gif[/img] Whoo hoo, new thread. Excellent Job Nutters! [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] . Love the caps. You did great for your first time. I'm still too chicken to start a thread [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img] [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Anywho, I can't believe how fast we blazed through the last thread. That was cool. Yay to Stephanie not lurking anymore [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

[img]smilies/hug.gif[/img] Emily, so sorry to hear about your Dad. That's scary. I hope he's okay.

It is good for us that Lorelai doesn't seem to care much about how often she sees Jason. If it was really getting serious you'd think she'd miss him more.

And ooh, gonna go read the recap now.

[img]smilies/look.gif[/img] There, I think I'm mostly caught up.

[img]smilies/wave.gif[/img] Howdy everyone [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
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Aww, Stephanie Are you and your car okay? I guess that means that you didn't get your license then. Anyway, I made a banner for your site. But it's at home would you like me to email it or upload and then PM it to you or post it here?

Emily- I hope your dad is doing okay.

Great thread start and random caps, Nuttie. Can I call you that?
You've got moonbeams in your eyes.
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Ya! new thread [img]smilies/wiggle.gif[/img]
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Alright, me too. I left in season three. Delurking in process...let's see if I can remember how to do this.

I think she's is wearing the earrings in the next epi because she wears her hair behind her ears a lot.

[ 03-01-2004: Message edited mimi mojo java ]
LUKE: You should elope and get it over with.
SOOKIE: No one asked you.
LORELAI: Believe me, eloping was not out of the question.

ILY #42 MMS #42 that order.
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Ok, I just wanted to let everyone know that my Dad's doing fine. They are keeping him until tomorrow, but he's gonna be Ok. Thank you all so much for your kind words [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] Seriously, you guys are the nicest group of people ever. People IMed me, PMed me, and responded through posts just to ask how I was doing. You guys rock my world [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Back on topic, lets hear some speculation about how the seasons gonna end. Even if it isn't speculation and just a pure dream fantasy. I love reading how some of the people wish L/L would get together, it leaves me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Ok I gotta go.

Thank you all again!!!
"...with Mardi Gras I kinda have a problem cause you see, I dont like to be topless no dont give it away for free...I guess thats just me. Oh Ellen I don't wanna show my melons just for a string of beads!" - Lauren Graham singing and playing piano on The Ellen Show
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Oh, yeah. Love the title of this thread. Good Job, Nutters!!
LUKE: You should elope and get it over with.
SOOKIE: No one asked you.
LORELAI: Believe me, eloping was not out of the question.

ILY #42 MMS #42 that order.
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Originally posted by «heriť_£u£u:
<STRONG>Aww, Stephanie Are you and your car okay? I guess that means that you didn't get your license then.</STRONG>
Iím ok. The car is not so lucky. [img]smilies/bawl.gif[/img] It was my B-day yesterday and I swear my b-day is cursed. But I only have one every 4 years so I have 4 more years of peace before the next disaster.

Anyway, I made a banner for your site. But it's at home would you like me to email it or upload and then PM it to you or post it here?
E-mail please. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] Thank U!

[ 03-01-2004: Message edited *Stephanie* ]

I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep. Thats deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?
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Any chance I can get my site in the list of Java Junkies sites on the next thread? Pretty pleaseÖ with a Luke on top? [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Just Friends

I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep. Thats deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?
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Hey everyone! I was just wondering what episode this:

Picture is from? It's on the tip of my tounge's not coming to me!
(Off Topic)Must be because FCAT is tomarrow lol I NEED to pass it so it can be the last time in my entire life I ever need to take it ever ever ever (I could go on but I wont) again...we've taken it just about every year since the 3rd grade though it only counted like 3 times...maybe even less! And of course we need to pass it to graduate but very few other states have to pass a test like this but were jsut special [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img] (Off Topic is gone now)


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Originally posted by DawsonsCreekFan9:
<STRONG>Hey everyone! I was just wondering what episode this:

Picture is from? </STRONG>
Forgiveness and Stuff

I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep. Thats deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?
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