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@l3jandra 11-06-2020 02:45 PM

People are so talented :thud:

Heda_Khaleesi 11-08-2020 01:20 PM

i know right? how are they doing this??

@l3jandra 11-09-2020 01:14 PM

Have you done any arts? :D

Heda_Khaleesi 11-13-2020 02:10 AM

some icons and wallpapers but never draw anything.

@l3jandra 11-13-2020 12:52 PM

Drawing is difficult :look:

Heda_Khaleesi 11-15-2020 02:34 AM

yes indeed! i liked it in school though.

@l3jandra 11-18-2020 03:24 PM

What did you drew back then? :D

Heda_Khaleesi 11-19-2020 12:10 PM

mostly landscapes and some "inspirational colorful stuff". did you also have art as subject back at your school?

@l3jandra 11-19-2020 03:13 PM

I did but only in middle school, or what we call Secundaria, I wasn't really good at it :lol:

Heda_Khaleesi 11-21-2020 09:16 AM

so we should make some Katie icons for the standard icon thread!

@l3jandra 11-21-2020 05:41 PM

Just saw your icons :thud: Thanks!

Heda_Khaleesi 11-22-2020 01:50 AM

you're welcome :hug:

i did some more and couldn't choose...i hope i failed the right choice. here again the ones i submitted

and here the rest

@l3jandra 11-23-2020 04:32 PM

Love them all, but this one :thud:

Heda_Khaleesi 11-24-2020 12:29 PM

thanks :hug:

@l3jandra 11-25-2020 01:09 PM


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