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shattered jewels 08-05-2012 02:35 AM

The Roomies {Ray♥Neela} #62: He may have lost his leg, but at least he gained the girl.


1) Because they balance each other out.
2) Because he called her Dr. Jumbomart.
3) Because he offered her a place to stay.
4) Because he wanted her to live with him.... and you know it!
5) Because it's going to be interesting to see the 'living arrangements'.
6) Because even though they might kill each other, it's gonna be fun to watch!
7) Because he said "I love you" to her.
8) Because she replied saying "you owe me 80 bucks"... which is code for "I love you too!"
9) Because they're roomies.
10) Because Neela helped Ray after he got punched.
11) Because Neela was about to punch someone for him.
12) Because they went shopping together.
13) Because she took him to Duluth with her.
14) Because he grabbed her when they saw the body.
15) Because The Bump was NOT an accident!
16) Because even Gallant can't get between them!
17) Because she's a badass too!
18) Because she is getting used to finding random rockers passed out in THEIR livingroom!
19) Because him 'telling' her to get it on with his rocker friend is just another link in the long line of the state that is DENIAL... which we all know just ain't a river in Egypt my friend.. lol (props to theirishgirl for that)
20) Because before she played the viola, she wanted to play rock music.... just like Ray.
21) Because he's cleaning the bathroom with actual cleaning products for her...
22) And she's popping a finger back into place for him.
23) Because its Beauty and the Badass...(props to DaveAbbyLuver for thinking of that)
24) Because Neela's a good girl and liking a bad boy comes naturally.
25) Because she totally checked him out when they first met!
26) Because Pratt thinks there's hope for them yet!
27) Because she slapped Morris for him!
28) Because he gave her credit for the patient.
29) Because she owes him.
30) Because he'll take her next prolapsed rectum.
31) Because she told him he looked tired and he should go home.
32) Because they're totally not sticking to opposite shifts.
33) Because he helped her with the femoral cutdown.
34) Because his friends love her, and even though she pretends not to, she likes them too.
35) Because she yelled at him and he did the right thing.
36) Because that handshake was never just a handshake.
37) Because he can't keep his eyes off of her.
38) Because they've had too many electric moments for things to stay purely platonic.
39) Because you know what they say about first impressions!
40) Because he smiles the most when he's around her.
41) Because Jumbomart is "their" place.
42) Because they always lean towards each other.
43) Because even fake spoilers want them together.
44) Because our minds are dirtier than their apartment!
45) Because we know that they (Shane & Parminder) see it too.....too many random looks and leanings to prove otherwise.
46) Because it must be fate!
47) Because it's written in the stars!
48) Because they go together like strawberries and cream!
49) Because we need more than just a handshake!
50) Because strawberries will never be the same again!
51) Because we need The Roomies to stop irishgirl from starting the Ray/Archie thread (props to Neel for this one)
52) Because he warned her about the antifreeze thingamajigger (props to Neel)
53) Because she accidentally bumped into him...... again! (props to Neel)
54) Because he gives her the first choice of what intern she wants. (props to Dingbat)
55) Because we know he purposely picked the number closest to Neela's (props to Dingbat)
56) Because now she knows what she's missing! (props to IrishGirl)
57) Because he wouldn't let her concentrate on writing something to Gallant! (props to tigger21)
58) Because she was dissappointed the beer was not for her. (props to Neel)
59) Because the entire hospital thought Ray had slept with Neela.
60) Because she is the best friend he has ever had.
61) Because he bought her pizza with extra anchovies.
62) Because he wants her to remember the good times.
63) Because we all know how much he is going to miss her.
64) Because even tho she didnt say it, we know she is really gonna miss him too.
65) Because he wishes he didnt feel the way he did, he doesnt want to make things difficult for her.
66) Because it feels like an end of an era but we know this is just the beginning!
67) Because he cooked for her!
68) Because she just wants to hang out at home with her Roomie.
69) Because this time, the other beer was for her.
70) Because he taped World Poker Tour for her.
71) Because she put her job on the line for him.
72) Because she asked him out for a drink or five.
73) Because only he had the guts to tell her that her cookies were the worst cookies made in the history of baking!
74) Because he wouldn't have let her go into a burning building and he sure as hell wouldn't have left her there!
75) Because he was too scared to watch "The Omen" alone.
76) Because when she talks, he listens!
77) Because she likes sleeping in his shirt
78) Because he'd do anything for his Roomie!
79) Because he can't keep his eyes off her.
80) Because he knew her locker combo and exactly what she needed.
81) Because she promised to watch movies with him.
82) Because they both know why.
83) Because he can call her whatever he likes.
84) Because the shirt said what Neela couldn't.
85) Because she ate all his Lucky Charms and finished all the milk and he didn't care.
86) Because the way they look at each other says it all.
87) Because they're falling fast and hard.
88) Because she drank all his tequila!
89) Because he saved her from the trolley.
90) Because they get along so well.
91) Because he doesn't want to be Hank's bitch!
92) Because they are mirroring each other's body language.
93) Because she feels his pain.
94) Because they know each other.
95) Because it would've hurt more if she'd stayed.
96) Because she ate all his cereal at 4 in the morning and he didn’t mind.
97) Because we know Ray secretly loves Neela's cookies.
98) Because nothing says love like a saliva covered swab.
99) Because he needs her healing touch.
100) Because she went to his gig.
101) Because he asked her to come to his gig.
102) Because he was worried about her
103) Because he got mad at Pratt for letting her go into a burning building.
104) Because if he hadn't been in such a hurry to get away, she would've kept her hand on his longer.
105) Because it's not just him, they both are a mess.
106) Because she threw Zo-Ho's make-up CD mix in the trash.
107) Because she apologised for making fun of him.
108) Because she got rid of Zo-Ho for him.
109) Because he's been a bad influence.
110) Because she watched every horror movie with him in the last week.
111) Because she'll ditch if he will.
112) Because he likes the way she thinks.
113) Because he was willing to work on anything to make sure they were okay.
114) Because they had a moment.
115) Because marrying Gallant was the wankiest idea she ever heard.
116) Because they ALWAYS WALK IN SYNC WITH EACH OTHER!! I mean come on - how much more perfect can they be together?
117) Because, after saving her from the trolley, he held on to her sleeve a little bit longer than he had to... he just couldn't let her go!
118) Because the Roomies C2 at has more fics and subscribers than any other, even the canon couples.
119) Because now we're canon!
120) Just ....... because!
121) Because it's why she gets up in the morning.
122) Because saying goodbye shouldn't be this hard!
123) Because he knows she doesn't like devil movies.
124) Because she may have regretted moving in with him, but we didn't.
125) Because even when there is no roomieness in the episode we can make it roomie anyway.
126) Because she knew he didn't really mean to quit.
127) Because he tried to find her, first chance he had.
128) Because he wanted to make sure she went home.
129) Because he found her.
130) Because he was really sorry.
131) Because he wanted her to go home and take care of herself.
132) Because she didnt want him to see her break, so she pushed him away.
133) Because only he could make her break.
134) Because with Neela there is this unbelievable sexual tension - Shane agrees. :D
135) Because Shane thinks Neela's changed Ray in the past 2 years period...just made him much more comfortable in his own skin. :D
136) Because they have changed each other
137) Because there was no coffee on her collar
138) Because their chemistry says it all
139) Because life begins at Roomieville. (props to Emony2)
140) Because he is the someone she needs (props to dancer150)
141) Because he was broken hearted (dancer150)
142) Because HE was the one she cried to.(dancer150)
143) Because this will be their season. (dancer150)
144) Because now they have their chance (dancer150)
145) Because patience is everything in "Obsessed Fans of ER's couples" (dancer150)
146) Because they have ground, now they just have to make it stable (dancer150)
147) We waited all summer for Roomies in the premiere and all we got was this thread (Ash)
148) Because he doesn't like idiot-boy. (Gates)
149) Because he was jealous
150) Because Ray's a R3 not an intern.
151) Because two is company, three is crowd.
152) Because the idiot-one doesn't stand a chance. (props to emony2 )
153) Because even the ZoeClone didn't stop him from pining for our girl
154) Because he only has eyes for her
155) Because subtext is everything.
156) Because he arrived at her door with Krispy Kremes and fixed her cable right before his 12 hour shift
157) Because he hasn't found the time to call Katey
158) Because Gates is lust and Ray is love
159) Because we know that it's going to explode sooner or later
160) Because UST between Ray and Neela is HOT/Gutter-fanfic inducing.
161) Because we may be down but we'll never be out.
162) Because the real man of her dreams was at her door.
163) Because when she needed help with her cable she asked him.
164) Because they can't fight the feeling anymore
165) Because his face isnt like a brillo pad. :P)
166) Because that could've been the sexiest snowball fight ever!
167) Because it takes a stiff drink to get into bed with Gates
168) Because they're miserable in other relationships. Period.
169) Because she didnt like Kateys comment about Ray
170) Because he doesnt mind keeping her mail
171) Because the fire's been lit, now watch it burn
172) Because they're friends, *right* ?
173) Because Ray was honest with the kids when Gates wasn't
174) Because he feels that if Gates cant keep his promises, he should cut her loose
175) Because he skipped out on his date to help Neela's patient
176) Because Katey needed to check with Neela, if it was 'ok' she had plans with Ray
177) Because Neela looked annoyed and we know it wasnt because she needed to use the ladies room!
178) Because a lot of people desperately want those two to be together!
179) Because their chemistry is even better when they fight.
180) Because even Pratt wants the Roomies together.
181) Because she looked back at him.
182) Because they have a love that can last a lifetime (dancer150)
183) Because the kiss is Shane's favorite scene too!
184) Because not even a heart attack could keep us away. (dshortklutz)
185) Because we know he wasn't *really* asking her for the bottle of honey. (GalaxyDuster)
186) Because they can't keep pretending. (GalaxyDuster)
187) Because they won't have to wait long. (GalaxyDuster)
188) Because he was quick to defend her! (GuayanaBelle)
189) Because she wants to figure it out. (GuayanaBelle)
190) Because they enjoy spending time together both on and off screen (gretalschnitzel)
191) Because they picked out ringtones together (angelfirestar*)
192) Because Parminder thinks Shane kisses better than Stamos (angelfirestar*)
193) Because she already answers to 'honey' (bigred08 - 13.18 - "Photographs and Memories")
194) Because a week is a long time for people who are in love with their Punjabi ex-room mates (star-time)
195) Because Neela and Ray have *history* and her and Tony don't.
196) Because there are two things Ray wont let Tony mess with and one of them is Neela.
197) Because Gates doesnt know how to take care of her.
198) Because all of Neela's stolen glances tonight were for Ray and Ray alone.
199) Because according to Ray she is the best roomie ever
200) Because he wrote a song for her.
201) Because Ray has always been there for her
202) Because he really *tried* to help her grieve
203) Because Neela has finally come to realize what Ray means to her and we hope its not too late!
204) Because she knows that he will get through this
205) Because his mom's heard a lot about her (theirishgirl)
206) Because she wanted to talk..and she was hoping (theirishgirl)
207) Because Shane wants to "Save Reela" too.
208) Because we want them to rock 'n roll together.
209) Because they would make beautiful music together.
210) Because the Roomies rock!
211) Because nothing is more 'real or unreal' than Reela.
212) Because the Roomie's rock each other's world.
213) Because Neela's blue without her little 'Ray of light'!
214) Because WE know Ray doesn't regret it.
215) Because she has him on speed dial.
216) Because after everything, they're still friends.
217) Because he couldn't forget about her.
218) Because she obviously misses him.
219) Because he still calls her "Roomie"
220) Because she brushed off Brenner to be with him.
221) Because he's very proud of her.
222) Because he asked Morris if she was seeing anyone.
223) Because he wanted to impress her with his running.
224) Because she wishes she'd been there for him.
225) Because he told her it wasn't her fault.
226) Because she wanted him to stay the night.
227) Because she cried when he left.
228) Because he's "thinking about her".
229) Because he sent her a mix-cd on Valentine's Day.
230) Because he always calls when she needs him.
231) Because there's "better out there" for her than Brenner.
232) Because she "failed to take a chance even when it was clear to everyone else" she should have.
233) Because she doesn't want to be afraid anymore.
234) Because she's leaving County to be with him.
235) Because "if this doesn't make sense, I don't know what does".
236) Because she was finally free and happy the moment she saw him.
237) Because "Finally".
238) Because the reunion was "kind of perfection".
239) Because they're living together again.
240) Because they're finally happy together.

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shattered jewels 08-05-2012 02:37 AM

"Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love, time is eternity."

- Henry Van Dyke
(made by Emony2)

Favorite Roomie Quotes

"Who's that?"
"How come no one ever told me you were such a badass?"
"Welcome, Roomie."
"I wish I didn't - feel the way I feel. But're the best friend I've ever had."
"You have this ethical alarm system hot-wired into your brain that makes you a self-righteous pain in the ass. It's also one of the best things about you."
"Because you'll owe me."
"I think I should move out." "Why?" "We both know why."
"I have been looking for that for like, a month." "I rather like sleeping in it."
"Are you accusing me of cherry-picking charts Neela? That hurts."
"Anything for my Roomie."
"So I feel like history to you?"
"Hey Dr. Jumbomart, how ya feelin'?"
"Leaving so soon?" "Guess not."
"I'll ditch if you do."
"All I want to do is hang out at home with my roommate."
"I've waited for you, I trusted you, I fought for you and I even fell in love with you."
"You'll get through this, I promise."
"Hey, Roomie."
"He said he was thinking about me?"
"You're really here?" "Yeah. I really am."

"If We Were A Movie": Favorite Roomie Fanvideos

The Ray & Neela Story (by Reely):

Part #1 Part #2
Part #3 Part #4 Part #5


Hold On by 4aminsomniac2
Collide By DaveAbbyLuver
Take Me Away By lovebird
I'll be coming home by Reely
Done Pretending by DockRock07
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I'm Not Dead 08-05-2012 07:54 AM

TFTNT, Lise!

shattered jewels 08-05-2012 10:39 PM

That's ok. :)

I'm Not Dead 08-29-2012 05:51 AM


eternalfate 08-29-2012 08:38 AM

Nice art, I loved that scene. Although I did feel for Ray...

americanamuchacha020 08-29-2012 10:37 AM

A really cute scene and it was very telling how their feelings were showing, even better that they both KNEW. I wasn't too pleased with Neela doing the "I need time" bit on Ray. I mean, he's like. "Are we going to pretend this didn't happen?" :D

tranquility 09-15-2012 07:18 AM

Can I be added please? :flowers: saw an episode recently and it reminded me of how much I love these two.

I'm Not Dead 09-16-2012 04:33 AM

Will add you now. :) So what are some of your favourite Ray/Neela moments?

americanamuchacha020 09-17-2012 03:35 AM

Some of MY favorite moments is Neela's reaction to seeing Ray after him being gone for awhile. She couldn't of hugged him harder :D Them dancing, those kisses and one of my most favorites. Neela going to Baton Rouge and telling Ray she really is here....After all that time he spent waiting for her, finally paid off. <3 I couldn't of been more happier for Ray, I could not imagine how he felt knowing Neela finally made the move and pursued HIM. She gave up a great job opportunity(Debenko brought up that it was a step down to what he thought was best for her but she said it was her life) to be with Ray.

Snarky Susan 09-17-2012 03:47 AM

While I'm not much of a super fan to begin with, I loved their reunion. So sweet. :love:

tranquility 09-17-2012 10:44 AM

Their reunion was really sweet :nod: Out of the guys Neela was in any way involved with I always preferred her with Ray. There's just something about them :love:

hairfullofspoilers 10-31-2012 11:17 PM

"Sir, this is an ER, with real patients who are sick and need our help.."
"Hey Roomie"


Snarky Susan 10-31-2012 11:55 PM

D'aww. :love:

AAVaria 11-21-2012 04:24 AM


Can someone please add me to the list? :flowers:

I love Ray/Neela... I'm currently doing a rewatch of ER from S11... because I haven't ever really watched Season 14... because when S13 ended... I was so outraged, I boycotted ER! :lol: So now I'm making my way back through it all! have to stop myself from just watching Reela scenes! :)

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