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Introductions and Board Guide Thread #4: Welcome to County General! =)

Hello ER Fans! Welcome to County General, aka the ER Board. We're thrilled to have all of you here!
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM Miss Chambers (Ju) or I'm Not Dead (Stephen).

Previous Threads

Intro and Board Guide Thread: Welcome to County General!
Intro and Board Guide Thread #2: Welcome to County General!

Introductions and Board Guide Thread #3: Welcome to County General

To give us an idea of who you are, please introduce (or re-introduce) yourself!

Favorite ER Characters:
Favorite ER Couples:
Favorite ER Episodes:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Movies:
What other shows do you watch?
Anything Else?

Who we are
Follow us on Twitter


General Discussion

ER Avatars #16: "Wow, he didn't cut you much slack on that picture there."
Besides ER, what else are you watching? #4
ER Board Project Thread #5: Figuring out how to pronounce each others names
ER Confessions #6
The Family Thread #2
Fanfic Thread #1
Fan Pictures Thread - #8
Fanvideos #1
Favorite Characters #1
Favorite Couples #1
Favorite ER Quotes #1
Gif a Thread/Gif Our Lives #4
ER Guest Stars #3: The John Wells Acting Troupe
ER Hot Seat #4: "What do we got?"
Hottest Doctors/Nurses #1
Images & Fan Art #4
ER Kids
Least Favorite Characters #1
Little ER things ♥
The Live Chat Thread #20♫-63097048/
ER News Thread #6: Living on long after time of death
ER - ER Nurses Appreciation Thread #1: They practically run the place - Fan Forum
Questions and Answers #1
Quotable ER #1
Past/Departed Characters #1
TNT Syndication #1
What makes ER so special from other TV shows?
What's the last episode you watched? #4


Alex Kingston/Elizabeth Corday #29: "Drama... is ER"
Angela Bassett/Cate Banfield Appreciation #1
Anthony Edwards/Mark Greene #2: Come on in for the continuing adventures of Martin Bean!
David Lyons/Simon Brenner Appreciation #1
Eion Bailey/Jake Scanlon Appreciation #1: He Left Our Hearts In San Francisco!
Eriq La Salle/Peter Benton: He had a tough exterior, but inside he was sweet as a teddy bear!
George Clooney/Doug Ross #11: He's no Money Monster
Glenn Howerton/Nick Cooper Appreciation Thread - "Still here, Wheezy?"
Gloria Reuben/Jeanie Boulet: No Matter What She Got Through It
Goran Visnjic/Luka Kovac #12
John Stamos/Tony Gates Appreciation #1
Julianna Margulies|Carol Hathaway #26: Farewell, Alicia. May your future be filled with better hair.
Kellie Martin/Lucy Knight Appreciation Thread
Laura Innes/Kerry Weaver #5: "I definitely raised the bar in the lipstick-lesbian category."
Leland Orser Appreciation Thread #3
Linda Cardellini/Sam Taggart #2: *sings AT LAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSST*
Maria Bello/Anna Del Amico #1: NBC, Thursday nights, 10pm: Back where she belongs!
Maura Tierney/Abby Lockhart #87: “I just want to tell you you’re loved.” - Phil Hartman
Mekhi Phifer/Greg Pratt #1
Ming-Na/Jing-Mei Chen #25
Parminder Nagra/Neela Rasgotra #6: Get ready to break into Alcatraz!
Paul McCrane/Robert Romano #2: Who knew all you had to do to win an Emmy was take off your shirt in court?
Scott Grimes/Archie Morris Appreciation #2: Because Scott follows us, tweets us, and always entertains us!
Shane West/Ray Barnett #14 - Because he better keep all his limbs this time!
Shiri Appleby/Daria Wade Appreciation #1: We Love Her Already!
Sharif Atkins/Michael Gallant #1
Sherry Stringfield/Susan Lewis #22: "Wanna hear something scary? I miss Weaver."
Stanley Tucci/Kevin Moretti #1: I C U in the ER

Couples/Friendship/Groups Threads

Abby/Neela Appreciation #2: Because that 'Alcatraz' title is just awkward now
Archie and Claudia Appreciation #1
The Banfields ♥ Cate & Russell | They Are Still Together #1
Carter/Abby Adoration Thread CCCXV: In another time, in another place, who knows?
Carter/Anna Appreciation #1: Because she was wondering what she should get him for Christmas
Jinters (Carter/Jing-Mei) #507: Because she was the only one to call him "John".
Carcy Appreciation #1
Carter/Kem Appreciation #2
Carter/Susan #2: The Last Two Standing
Chuck and Susan Appreciation Thread #1 - A new start will work for them , too
Let's Be Frank: Desk Clerk Appreciation Thread #1
Doug/Mark Appreciation #1
General Couples Thread #2 - Because they kept us entertained when our favourite couples weren't around
General Friendship Thread #2
Kerry/Abby Appreciation #1
Kerry & Jeanie: They Were Friends Through Everything
Luka/Abby #172: It's been 15 years since they first made "little talk."
Luka/Carter #1: Because they are Doctors Without Borders
Luka & Gillian appreciation #1 - "... and I hope someone will join me"
Luka/Neela Appreciation Thread #1
Luka/Sam #1
Luka/Susan #27: Because she's the blonde, he's the brunette and opposites attract!
Soulmates (Mark/Elizabeth) #5: Because they're not a happy, fairytale couple, they're a real couple
Mark♥Susan Appreciation #10: "We're not married, we work together. Professional IS personal!"
{Pretty in Peach} Maurianna (Maura/Julianna) #1: "Hey, Alicia, so how's Doug?"
Peter & Elizabeth: Because They Did And Still Do Have That Sizzling Chemistry
The Peter Benton/John Carter Appreciation Thread #1: Because they learned a lot from each other
Romano & Lizzie Thread #1
Ray & Neela #61
Sam and Tony Appreciation #1
ER - Scott Grimes/Parminder Nagra Friendship #1: He is her son's godfather after all! - Fan Forum
Snarky and Snarkier (Abby and Susan) #2: Welcome to Subby Land: Snark, sneers and scowls abound.
Susan/Elizabeth #2: No one can get past those stony faces of theirs.
UC Couples #2: If it never happens, it'll never be over ♥


ABCs of ER #33
Caption Thread #1
ER 300 Word Story #13 - 900 word story now!
ER 900 Word Story #3: All bets are off!
ER Corrupted Wishes Game: There's no such thing as a happy ending
ER Hangman #22
ER Hot Seat #6
ER Last Letter Game #20
Make a Scene: What will we create?
The Poster Above Me #5
Six Degrees of Separation #2
ER This or That #21
ER Trivia Game #2: Because we know County like the back of our hand.
Who's Missing? #4
ER Word Relation #11
Word Scramble #1

Episode Discussion Threads:

Season 11

11.1 "One for the Road" {September 23th, 2004}
11.2 "Damaged" {October 7th, 2004}
11.3 "Try Carter" {October 14th, 2004}
11.4 "Fear" {October 21st, 2004}
11.5 "An Intern's Guide to the Galaxy" {November 5th, 2004}
11.6 "Time of Death" {November 11th, 2004}
11.7 "White Guy, Dark Hair" {November 18th, 2004}
11.8 "A Shock in the Dark" {December 2nd, 2004}
11.9 "Twas The Night" {December 9th, 2004}
11.10 "Skin" {January 13th, 2005}
11.11 "Only Connect" {January 20th, 2005}
11.12 "The Providers" {January 27th, 2005}
11.13 "Middle Man" {Februrary 3rd, 2005}
11.14 "Just As I Am" {Februrary 10th, 2005}
11.15 "Alone In A Crowd" {Februrary 17th, 2005}
11.16 "Here and There" {Februrary 24th, 2005}
11.17 "Back In the World" {March 24th, 2005}
11.18 "Refusal of Care" {April 21st, 2005}
11.19 "Ruby Redux" {April 28th, 2005}
11.20 "You Are Here" {May 5th, 2005}
11.21 "Carter Est Amoureux [Carter Is In Love" {May 12th, 2005}
11.22 "The Show Must Go On" {May 19, 2005}

Season 12

12.19 "No Place to Hide" {April 27, 2006}
12.20 "There Are No Angels Here"' {May 4, 2006} -- Closed
12.21 "The Gallant Hero and the Tragic Victor" {May 11, 2006}
12.22 "Twenty-One Guns" {May 18, 2006}

Season 13

13.1 "Bloodline" {September 21, 2006}
13.2 "Graduation Day" {September 28, 2006}
13.3 "Somebody To Love" {October 5, 2006}
13.4 "Parenthood" {October 12, 2006}
13.5 "Ames V. Kovac" {October 19, 2006}
13.6 "Heart of the Matter" {November 2, 2006}
13.7 "Jigsaw" {November 9, 2006}
13.8 "Reason To Believe" {November 16, 2006}
13.9 "Scoop and Run" {November 23, 2006}
13.10 "Tell Me No Secrets" {November 30, 2006}
13.11 "City of Mercy" {December 7, 2006)
13.12 "Breach of Trust" {January 4, 2007}
13.13 "A House Divided" {January 11, 2007}
13.14 "Murmurs of the Heart" {February 1, 2007}
13.15 "Dying is Easy" {February 8, 2007}
13.16 "Crisis of Conscience" {February 15, 2007}
13.17 "From Here to Paternity" {February 22, 2007}
13.18 "Photographs and Memories" {April 12, 2007}
13.19 "Family Business" {April 19, 2007}
13.20 "Lights Out" {April 26, 2007}
13.21 "I Don't" {May 3, 2007}
13.22 "Sea Change" {May 10, 2007}
13.23 "The Honeymoon is Over" {May 17, 2007}

Season 14

14.1 "The War Comes Home" {September 27, 2007}
14.2 "In a Different Light" {October 4, 2007}
14.3 "Officer Down" {October 11, 2007}
14.4 "Gravity" {October 18, 2007}
14.5 "Under the Influence" {October 25, 2007}
14.6 "The Test" {November 1, 2007}
14.7 "Blackout" {November 8, 2007}
14.8 "Coming Home" {November 15, 2007}
14.9 "Skye's the Limit" {November 29, 2007}
14.10 "300 Patients" {December 6, 2007}
14.11 "Status Quo" {January 3, 2008}
14.12 "Believe the Unseen" {January 10, 2008}
14.13 "Atonement" {January 17, 2008}
14.14 "Owner of A Broken Heart" {April 10, 2008}
14.15 "...As the Day She Was Born" {April 17, 2008}
14.16 "Truth Will Out" {April 24, 2008}
14.17 "Under Pressure" {May 1, 2008}
14.18 "Tandem Repeats" {May 8, 2008}
14.19 "The Chicago Way" {May 15, 2008}

Season 15

15.1 "Life After Death" {September 25, 2008}
15.2 "Another Thursday At County" {October 9, 2008}
15.3 "The Book of Abby" {October 16, 2008}
15.4 "Parental Guidance" {Oct. 23rd, 2008}
15.5 "Haunted" {October 30, 2008}
15.6 "Oh Brother" {November 6, 2008}
15.7 "Heal Thyself" {November 13, 2008}
15.8 "Age of Innocence" {November 20, 2008}
15.9 "Let It Snow" {December 4, 2208}
15.10 "The High Holiday" {December 11, 2008}
15.11 "Separation Anxiety" {January 8, 2009}
15.12 "Dream Runner" {January 15, 2009}
15.13 "Love Is A Battlefield" {January 22, 2009}
15.14 "A Long, Strange Trip" {February, 5, 2009}
15.15 "The Family Man" {February 12, 2009}
15.16 "The Beginning of the End" {February 19, 2009}
15.17 "T-Minus-6" {February 26, 2009}
15.18 "What We Do" {March 5, 2009}
15.19 "Old Times" {March 12, 2009}
15.20 "Shifting Equilibrium" {March 19, 2009}
15.21 "I Feel Good" {March 26, 2009}
15.22 "And In The End..." {April 2, 2009} -- SERIES FINALE
ER Finale Retrospective: 15 Years In The Making {September 19, 1994 - April 2, 2009}

Foreign Threads

Brazilian Thread #9
Canadian Thread #1
Croatian Thread #1
ER en español #3: Porque no solo Chuny habla español =P
German Thread #1
Italian Thread #1
Polish Thread #3
UK Thread #4

Special Threads

Character Spotlight

Haleh Adams
Jerry Markovic

Vintage Eps

1.1 "24 Hours" {September 19, 1994}
1.10 "Blizzard" {December 8, 1994)
1.13 "Long Day's Journey" {January 19, 1995}
1.15 "Make of Two Hearts" {February 9, 1995}
1.24 "Motherhood" {May 11, 1995}
2.2 "Summer Run" {September 28, 1995}
2.7 "Hell and High Water" {November 9, 1995}
2.16 "The Healers" {February 22, 1996}
2.18 "A Shift in the Night" {April 4, 1996}
3.6 "Fear of Flying" {November 7, 1996}
3.8 "Union Station" {November 21, 1996}
3.11 "Night Shift" {January 16, 1997}
3.14 "Whose Appy Now?" {February 6, 1997}
3.15 "The Long Way Around" {February 13, 1997}
4.15 "Exodus" {February 26, 1998}
4.19 "Shades of Gray" {February 23, 1998}
6.12 "Abby Road'" {February 3, 2000}
7.15 "The Crossing" {February 22, 2001}
11.22 "The Show Must Go On" {May 19, 2005}

If you like ER, some other boards you might be interested in...

Alcatraz (TV show starring Parminder Nagra who played Neela Rasgotra in Seasons 10-15 of ER).
Couples Board
Elizabeth Mitchell (played Kim Legaspi in Season 7 of ER)
Shiri Appleby (played Daria Wade in Season 15 of ER)
Ewan McGregor (special guest star in Season 3 or ER)
CSI (TV show featuring several actors from ER such as George Eads and Jorja Fox)
Grey's Anatomy (Medical show)
House (Medical show)
Nikita (TV show starring Shane West who played Ray Barnett in Seasons 11-13 & 15 of ER)
The Good Wife (TV show starring Julianna Margulies who played Carol Hathaway in Seasons 1-6 & 15 of ER)
Third Watch (TV show created by John Wells and which featured a crossover with ER)
Doctor Who (TV show which features Alex Kingston who played Elizabeth Corday in Seasons 4-11 & 15 of ER)

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*Updates in red

Ju - Miss Chambers. Queen of Extremely Emotional Reviews.
Stephen - I'm Not Dead. King of Screencaps, King of Survivors.

OUR REGULAR POSTERS...and some other important people (As of July 2011):
Ainara - hathaross. Co-Queen of Animal Crackers. Clooney Santa.
Cheryl - irishcanary.
Ciana - dontworrybaby
Erin - EricaCallieShipper. Queen of ArchDi.
Kate - hairfullofspoilers. Queen of Music Videos, Queen of Alex Kingston.
Mirjami - Mirde
Lise - shattered jewels. Queen of Roomies.
Sam - Snarky Susan. Queen of Sherry Stringfield, Queen of Icons. Vocabulary Record-Keeper
Sandy - Libra, who has only changed her icon once, then put back her old one. Co-Queen of Animal Crackers, Queen of George Clooney, Queen of Julianna Margulies
Tina - former ER mod, currently a Mod Manager

Alex Kingston - Queen of Tongue-Biters
George Clooney - King of Pranks
Julianna Margulies - Queen of the SAGs (and hopefully the Emmys too)
Parminder Nagra, Kellie Martin - Queens of Twitter
Scott Grimes - King of Twitter

Abby Lockhart - Queen of Products of Dysfunctional Families
Archie Morris - King of the ER Glee Club
Carol Hathaway - Queen of the Nurses of County General, Co-Queen of Glares
Cleo Finch - Queen of RoboDocs
Doug Ross - Queen of the Handsome ER Doctors
Elizabeth Corday - Former Queen of Glares, Queen of Eurodocs
John Carter - King of Perpetual Prank Victims
Kerry Weaver - Queen of County General, Queen of the ER
Luka Kovac - King of Lukaisms, King of Eurodocs
Mark Greene - King of the Parents of Annyoing Children, King of Tone-Setters
Peter Benton - King of Stony-Faced Physicians
Robert Romano - King of Snarky One-Liners
Susan Lewis - Queen of Prodigal Doctors, Queen of the Snark, Co-Queen of Glares

Blondie - Susan Lewis
Cleobot - Cleo Finch.
Curly - Elizabeth Corday
Human Wallpaper - see Cleobot.
Marky Boy - Mark Greene
Snarky Susie, Susie Sunshine - see Blondie.

(The) Auras - The tandem of Laura Innes and Maura Tierney
Corkscrew - see Tongue Biter.
Joules - Julianna Margulies
Lassie - Maura Tierney
Sherry Berry - Sherry Stringfield
The Other Curly - Carol Hathaway
Tongue Biter - Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston's hair - 100% livable
Battle of the Big Hair - Trying to find out who has bigger hair: Alex or Julianna?
Castable - The ability for an actor to be placed in ANY kind of show and nail it.
Craby - Do NOT mention a certain anagram of this to Sam and/or Ju. They will keeel you.
Doctors' Lounge - Off Topic Thread.
Double Glare - The Glare times two. Demonstrated very well by Elizabeth Corday and Susan Lewis (and sometimes Elizabeth Corday and Carol Hathaway).
Doug/Carol Survivors - 100% certified torture
Filling the Clooney-Shaped hole - the influx of cast members following George Clooney's departure, resulting to the immense bloating of the cast during Season 6.
Frilly Knickers – Code word for two or more women who reached home run.
Hair Gel - Luka's life during Season 6
Helicopters - Romano's worst enemies.
Lukaisms - Subtle, unintentional mangling of English idioms done by Luka Kovac
PG Rating - is not our best friend.
Revolving Door - The ER cast in a nutshell.
Snark - Sam's most favorite thing of all, especially if it's coming from a certain blonde.
Survivors - The perfect way to increase post count, and everyone here loves them...except Erin.
Susan's Breasts - They are chicken breasts, okay?
Tampon Machine - How the hell did Susan fit that hand in there? More importantly, how did she open it? Or did she?
The Crutch - The epic staff wielded by Kerry Weaver from Season 1 to Season 12. Can stop anything from spiders to elevators know the drill.
The Glare - You do NOT want to be on the receiving end of this. It can make grown men cry.
The Letter Y - If you encounter multiples of this in the Last Letter Game, you are doomed.
Tounge-Biting - The consequence of kissing Alex deep.
UC Pairs - Couples and friendships who never saw the light of the day.

Abby and Susan - the only ones who can make Elizabeth smile.
Chloe Lewis - should NOT be taking care of kids.
Div and Shep - So unlikeable that we don't need a reason why.
Elizabeth - Got oh-so-squeaky-clean Peter Benton drunk.
Haleh – One of the few nurses who could keep the doctors on their toes from the mere mention of her name.
Lucy - Became less annoying just before she died
Rachel Greene - Ju's worst enemy.
Sam and Tony, Pratt and Jing-Mei - Tolerable paired-up, Highly head-drilling when pulled apart.

Friendship/Shipper Names:
Animal Crackers - Doug/Carol
ArchDi - Morris/Claudia
Carby - Carter/Abby
Cordano - Elizabeth/Robert
Kerby - Kerry/Abby
Luby - Luka/Abby
Lusan - Luka/Susan
Marsan - Mark/Susan
Neeby - Neela/Abby
Reela - See Roomies.
Roomies - Ray/Neela
Samka - Luka/Sam
Soulmates - Mark/Elizabeth
Suby - Susan/Abby
Suzabeth - Susan/Elizabeth

The episodes: "All in the Family”, "Be Still My Heart", "On the Beach" and "The Letter"
The songs: "Over the Rainbow”, “Time of Your Life" and that creepy song from BSMH.
Around Ju: Craby, Rachel Greene, certain (NOT E.R.) medical shows
Around Sam: Mentioning that you hate Susan Lewis, Crabyness
Around Stephen: The word “ship” that does not pertain to sea vessels.
Survivors being the quickest/surest way to make you wanna die.
The desecration of Doug/Carol.
Cynthia Hooper
Mark Greene's or anyone else's death.
Amanda Lee and other similar people.
Robots. 'Nuff said.

ER Slang Terms
If you want to find out what those medical terms mean, visit the glossary at ER Headquarters

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Wait, aren't we on #4?
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Ugh I could swear I had changed that already
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You're welcome, the OP is still so pretty
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It is.
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The Roomies {Ray♥Neela} #62: He may have lost his leg, but at least he gained the girl.
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Thank you!
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That's ok.
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Hope you guys don't mind but I merged the Actors/Actresses thread list into one Cast list. It makes more sense having them all in one group, and I don't know why it took me 5 and a half years to realise that.
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That makes sense, Stephen.
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And I just changed my name in the OP to Imaginary Hat
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LOL, great! I saw a tumblr URL with your username and thought you had changed that too.
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OMG really??? Link me, I NEED to follow whoever that is
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