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a new hope 10-01-2019 08:19 AM

Montana Duke | Billie Lourd [1984] #1 - "Boss lady chopping her own wood. Choice."
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01. a new hope
02. Mrs. Fern ♡
03. ѕυρrємє ωιт¢н

Persephone 10-01-2019 08:57 AM

Please add me :D.

obsidian star 10-01-2019 10:12 AM

Add me please :D

a new hope 10-01-2019 01:30 PM

Adding :D

obsidian star 10-01-2019 04:47 PM

Thanks :D
She's an interesting character

a new hope 10-01-2019 05:41 PM

She seems trustworthy, I hope it stays that way :lol:

obsidian star 10-01-2019 07:40 PM

Yeah maybe :P She's got a bit of an interesting edge to her

stlavin95 10-02-2019 03:54 AM

She does :nod:

a new hope 10-02-2019 04:27 AM

Yeah I like her attitude :D

obsidian star 10-02-2019 08:40 AM

Me too :nod:
I hope she survives everything

a new hope 10-03-2019 07:24 AM

She better! I love Billie so much. I'm attached to her because of Carrie Fisher :lol:

Plus I'm kinda shipping her with everyone at this point :lmao: Loved that final scene :eek:

Persephone 10-03-2019 08:48 AM

Okay I still like the character. But Montana what are you doing :lol:?

a new hope 10-03-2019 09:17 AM

I actually loved this twist :lmao:

obsidian star 10-03-2019 09:28 PM

The twist is interesting. I mean she hasn't really been a villain. If you really count her as one in Cult?
But I don't really think she was much.

If she is really a major baddie in this season then that may be fun to watch :P

a new hope 10-04-2019 06:21 AM

I didn't count her as one in Cult personally.

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