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blaↄkpink 03-26-2019 12:06 PM

It was very random :lol: I've had a lot of luck with bias cards.

Thanks, Ann! :hug:

Devil's Cry 03-26-2019 02:05 PM

I'm not sure if I ever got a Taeyeon with my GG albums. :goof: I'll have to check. :nod:

blaↄkpink 03-27-2019 11:00 AM

I'd be interested in what member cards you got! :nod:

my turn to cry 03-28-2019 03:39 AM

You're welcome, Rae :back_hug:

You should check, Dave to see who you got ;)

blaↄkpink 03-28-2019 11:02 AM

We're close to a new thread :yay:

Devil's Cry 03-28-2019 02:44 PM

I’ll let you know at the weekend. :nod: :lol:

my turn to cry 03-29-2019 03:02 AM

Okay :)

Any ideas for titles?

blaↄkpink 03-29-2019 09:14 AM

"I shouldn't buy it....okay I'll buy it!" :P

Devil's Cry 03-29-2019 02:38 PM

Yep, that's it. :lol:

my turn to cry 03-30-2019 12:03 AM

Yes that's most of us :lol:

Devil's Cry 03-30-2019 06:10 AM

:nod: no need for another.

blaↄkpink 03-30-2019 08:16 AM

Okay great! :lol:

Devil's Cry 03-30-2019 03:39 PM


I still need to check my Soshi cards. :lol:

blaↄkpink 03-30-2019 04:08 PM

There's no rush! ;)

my turn to cry 03-31-2019 04:04 AM

You can let us know in the next thread ;)

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