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blaↄkpink 11-12-2018 03:56 PM

Do it, do it! :bunny:

my turn to cry 11-13-2018 01:39 AM

I will ;)

My EXO album should be hopefully coming in this week since the group order I ordered from are hopeful we will have a weekend meet up.

blaↄkpink 11-13-2018 08:01 AM

That's great news! :yay:

Devil's Cry 11-13-2018 01:35 PM

It's great that you get to meet up with other fans too. :nod:

my turn to cry 11-14-2018 03:41 AM

It's nice especially since we have a common interest.

I ordered Red Velvet today :wiggle:

Devil's Cry 11-14-2018 02:11 PM

Well exactly. :D


blaↄkpink 11-15-2018 01:29 PM

Glad you placed the order! :woot:

my turn to cry 11-16-2018 04:21 AM

Me too :nod: Better to do it early than later.

blaↄkpink 11-16-2018 08:43 AM

I hope we get more teasers for it soon!

my turn to cry 11-17-2018 02:01 AM

Me too :nod:

I'm getting my EXO album tomorrow. I'm hoping I will be getting Sehun's postcard and PC.

Devil's Cry 11-17-2018 10:29 AM

Good luck!

blaↄkpink 11-17-2018 10:58 AM

Sending good vibes your way!

my turn to cry 11-17-2018 05:47 PM

Thanks guys :hug:

Got my album but didn't get Sehun :(

Devil's Cry 11-18-2018 04:06 PM

That's a shame, but at least you got it. :)

my turn to cry 11-19-2018 02:01 AM

That's true :nod: I'll see if I have better luck when the repackage comes out.

blaↄkpink 11-19-2018 05:52 AM

I'm glad you got the album! That is rather disappointing, but hopefully it's all still nicely packaged!

my turn to cry 11-20-2018 03:18 AM

Thanks :) The album looks nice and they gave me the poster that match the album which was great.

blaↄkpink 11-20-2018 07:41 AM

Do you have room in your poster tube for it? :lol:

my turn to cry 11-21-2018 03:35 AM

I got a new poster tube from Daiso and it's bigger ;)

Devil's Cry 11-21-2018 02:59 PM

all set for the time-being then. :lol:

my turn to cry 11-23-2018 01:16 AM

I am but I'm probably going to order another EXO album as SM is releasing one with all 9 members :pout:

Devil's Cry 11-23-2018 02:13 PM

of course they are. :lol:

my turn to cry 11-24-2018 12:55 AM

They know the fans wanted it but of course they only give us 2 days to preorder :pout:

Devil's Cry 11-24-2018 08:02 AM

That’s ridiculous. :goof:

blaↄkpink 11-24-2018 11:13 AM

Never will I ever understand SM's marketing strategy.

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