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blaↄkpink 07-07-2019 08:38 AM

Pentagon #1: I’m not the loser that I was yesterday. Today, I’ll shine, I’m better now.

op under construction :blush:

my turn to cry 07-08-2019 02:29 AM

Thanks for starting the thread :hug:

blaↄkpink 07-08-2019 12:16 PM

No problem! :D Since the teasers for their comeback are starting I wanted to get this up! And I'm hoping the comeback will help give me things to easily find to use for the op :blush:

my turn to cry 07-10-2019 02:31 AM

Hopefully it does :nod: and give us some nice teasers :)

blaↄkpink 07-10-2019 10:27 AM

Here comes a bunch!


my turn to cry 07-11-2019 03:36 AM

Very summery :)

blaↄkpink 07-11-2019 08:23 AM

Yes it is ;)

So many more!


my turn to cry 07-13-2019 02:40 AM

:yay: I'm glad Hui is doing another song for Produce since they all become hits.

blaↄkpink 07-15-2019 08:39 AM

He's done a great job with the Produce songs :nod:

It's looking and sounding cute!

my turn to cry 07-16-2019 04:33 AM

It looks fun :)

blaↄkpink 07-16-2019 08:18 AM

It does :nod: And it's almost release time! :D

my turn to cry 07-17-2019 02:11 AM

It's out :)

blaↄkpink 07-17-2019 08:23 AM

Okay that is the cutest video I've seen in a long time :melt:

I keep finding individual member gifs from the new mv for the op, but one member is missing from the video so darn it :lol:

my turn to cry 07-18-2019 04:42 AM

It is very adorable :nod:

That's annoying :pout: I guess you could use a previous music video gif that member was in.

blaↄkpink 07-18-2019 08:48 AM

I love it :love:

They're all at least in the teaser photos so I can use those.

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