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Old 10-01-2016, 03:22 PM
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Stranger Things ▪ Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat ▪ Episode Discussion - EPISODE REWATCH!!

***Stranger Things Episode Rewatch!!!***
Join us as each week as we rewatch the episodes of Stranger things and discuss them here in the threads with everyone.
We are slowly counting down to the new season which will start this month

Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat
Episode Discussion
Air Date - July 15, 2016

Episode Description:
Will's father Lonnie assures Joyce that her experiences are hallucinations. The boys conclude that Will is trapped in an alternative dimension which El calls the Upside-Down: the same place but on another level of existence. Hopper infiltrates the Hawkins National Lab and discovers the portal. He pursues the creature but is knocked out by suited guards. He wakes up in his own home and finds it bugged. After Will's funeral, the boys ask Mr. Clarke about dimensions, who he tells them that a spacetime tear could create a passage between dimensions. The deputies inform Hopper that Barb's car was found by the state; Hopper finds the state's involvement suspicious. Positing that a tear in spacetime would disrupt the electromagnetic field, the boys follow their compasses to find the source of the disruption. El remembers being placed in a sensory-deprivation tank to telepathically intercept information from a Russian spy; while listening to the spy, she came across the creature. Scared of finding the gate, El directs the compasses away from the laboratory. Lucas notices the distortion and confronts her. Mike defends her, and he and Lucas fight. El telekinetically flings Lucas off Mike; Lucas recovers and runs away. In the woods, Nancy and Jonathan find a wounded deer, which the creature drags away. Following the blood trail, Nancy crawls through a passage to the Upside-Down world and discovers the creature feasting upon the deer.

Basic Rules:
↬ Be respectful of other posters. Not everyone is going to agree or have the same views.
↬ Discussions are encouraged, but let’s keep things civil.
↬ No character/actor bashing. We love your opinions on storylines, but keep in mind that these are real people
who are just trying to do the best with what they are given.
↬ We might not always like how things turn out, but just remember things can always get better.
↬ Any talk of illegal downloading should not be brought up here. Live streams & such can be discussed through PM's.
↬ Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
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Thanks for starting this thread Cece
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Old 10-05-2016, 12:52 AM
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Thanks for starting!
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Old 09-07-2017, 04:01 AM
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WTF @ Jonathan's dad just coming in and trying to parent. GTFO! I was so glad when Joyce yelled at him to get out! I was also glad when Hopper came around and told Joyce he believed her.

I really love getting flashbacks of Will. I think he's a great character. I'm glad he's still alive.

Lucas is a little jerk. His character has been unlikable since the beginning. I wish they wouldn't write him this way. I was glad when Eleven knocked him over LOL.

I'm so confused on Eleven and what they did to her. Poor girl.

I know that Steve is kind of a dick but there's something likable about him. I felt a bit bad when Nancy blew him off. But the scene with Jonathan shooting was great they were definitely cute there. I also liked when he kinda told her off. I like angsty sort of scenes. When that deer got snatched away, WTF. You best believe I'd be running the other direction. WHY THE HELL did Nancy go into that cave, is she effing nuts?
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Old 10-08-2017, 04:39 PM
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yeah i do not like the ex husband at all.

so what was that layer in the lab that hopper broke into ? is that some part of the upside down? with all the webbing and gross stuff.

the dog is back in the tree fort. missing will

big turnout or the funeral. so many loved will. but the look on joyce face was great. so much disgust. cuz se knows he isnt really dead.

hopper now realizes he house is bugged, and destroys the place in the process

i love when the boys question mr clark about traveling to other dementions "theoretically"

dustin figured out that the compass will lead them to the gate, and the look on el's face was that she was pretty scared. she didnt want them to find it.

so glad joyce told that loser ex off

all these flashbacks on eleven, they must have really screwed her up bad in the head. she seems really scared about whats going to happen.

im glad hopper believes joyce now and are on the same team.

lucas was being a jerk, i agree his character has been unlikable since the beginning. i was glad too when eleven had him flying off, but was it really necessary to knock him unconscious ? im glad he was ok though.

why on earth would nancy go inside that tree/cave thing by herself? she should have gone to find out where jonathon wondered off to. i know she wants to find barb but this isnt the way to do it.

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episode discussion, stranger things

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