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polaris 06-24-2019 11:55 PM

HOME {Bellamy ♡ Clarke} #20: “Bellamy, if you can hear me . . .”

Bellamy Blake | Clarke Griffin


01. Leelith
02. girl under the floor
03. Stars Fade
04. Chastainღ
05. *Stephie*
06. verbis diablo
07. Steph26
08. destroyer of worlds
09. Lxury
10. Alexa
11. April7739
12. Sourburst
13. a little chaos
14. BoneLady
15. kornelia444
16. chasing the sun
17. Cryptic
18. Stars Fade
19. kerbear28
20. Ellfoy
21. kiss the wind
22. loppabelle
23. till you come back
24. only told the moon
25. stlavin95
26. polaris

Future Titles
Although time may take us into different places, I will still be patient with you.
My soul made love to your soul long before our bodies met.
I just wish letting you go was as easy as letting you in.

Past Titles
001: I'm covered in freckles, you're covered in scars. I call yours beauty lines, you call mine stars.
002: If you think you're sinking, I'll jump right over into cold, cold water for you.
003: "I will be standing with you at the end; when it's just shadows and dust and us."
004: Who'd ya think you're kidding? He's the earth and heaven to you.
005: "When you're ready for me. I will be ready for you."
006: "You still have hope ? We're still breathing."
007: When my heart aches; is it for what I lost, what I never had ... or what I want the most?
008: Tell me every terrible thing you ever did and let me love you anyway.
009: If we can't find Heaven, I'll walk through Hell with you.
010: Her absence is like the sky; spread over everything.
011: You were never mine to lose ... but I lost you all the same.

012: Staring Into Those Starry Nights Wishing You Find Your Way Back Home To Me.
013: I want to wrap you up in my essence. Let your heart beat steadily in time.
014: It's the little things; the way you linger on him when he isn't looking, the smile you fake to play the part
015: Just say the word, we'll take on the world.
016: “Meet me at the bridge.” #DateNight #WeWish
017: These hands had to let it go free and this love came back to me.
018: Because a one-in-a-million chance is still a chance, and I would take those odds.
019: They just belong together, and it’s so obvious, and EVERYBODY KNOWS but them!
020: “Bellamy, if you can hear me . . .”

stlavin95 06-25-2019 02:18 AM

Thanks for the new thread

polaris 06-25-2019 02:48 AM

No problem! I hope no one minded I started it. :wiggle:

stlavin95 06-25-2019 03:26 AM

I'm sure they won't

a little chaos 06-25-2019 04:38 AM

TFTNT, Mel! we don't mind at all :D

destroyer of worlds 06-25-2019 08:22 AM

Thanks for the new one, Mel! Love the title. :sigh:

kiss the wind 06-25-2019 12:03 PM

No, we definitely don't mind! Thanks for opening the thread. :hug:

April7739 06-25-2019 01:29 PM

TFTNT! #20, wohoo!

destroyer of worlds 06-26-2019 09:24 AM

We really need to pretty up the OP at some point though. :goof: Says us for the millionth time. :lmao:

April7739 06-26-2019 10:11 AM

Yeah, we're really lazy! :lol: It's not like there's a lack of Bellarke stuff out there that we can use to make this OP pretty.

polaris 06-27-2019 01:12 AM

I wouldn't mind trying my hand at this OP? :wiggle:

destroyer of worlds 06-27-2019 08:55 AM

YES, please, Mel. :yay: Cannot wait to see what you'd do with this OP. :love:

April7739 06-27-2019 10:52 PM

Go for it!

stlavin95 06-27-2019 11:09 PM

Definitely :yay:

polaris 06-28-2019 01:49 AM

I will! :yay:

2x1 / 2x13 / 6x09: Every time someone has said “I won’t let you die.”

Gasp! Is this Bellarke doing parallels to romantic couples? A pair of bros, mates, buddies paralleling romantic couples????

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