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Old 04-25-2019, 05:28 PM
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Bob Morley
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Bob Morley KEEPER'S LIST #10: Want. Take. Have.


You can claim anything relating to Bob/Bellamy, except Bob himself, Bellamy Blake, or Bellarke;
but for example you can claim Bellamy and Octavia's relationship.

You can only claim one thing at a time and claims must be once once a day to give everyone a chance to claim.

Please wait until 24 hours after a new episode has aired to claim anything from it. Do not claim scenes in advance of the episode airing, and make your claims as specific as possible
(i.e. claim one Bellarke scene from an episode rather than all the Bellarke scenes in an episode).

You can claim and unlimited amount of things that no one else has claimed.

Happy claiming!



Murphamy relationship
Bellarke 2x16 hug
Day trip
Avi's clothes in LITWC

wickedrum {Rita}

Echo touching Bell in comfort
The chain restraining Bellamy in 6x06

a little chaos {Becks}

Bellamy's jaw line
Bellamy's clothes
Bellarke 2x05 hug
Bellarke hand hold from 3x16
Bob's hands
Bob's tongue
Bellamy's love for Clarke
Bellamy's protectiveness
Clarke's secret Bellamy feelings
Clarke's "special" quote
Beanie/Beard/Glasses Bob
"Lucky" sibling quote in 4x10
"I've got you for that" quote
"Guilt is all I have left" fan vid
The way Bellamy looks at Clarke
"What's wrong with a little chaos?" quote
Future threesome with April and Bob
Bellarke's "Head and the Heart" title
Bellamy's bad boy persona
Bellamy's personal growth
Bob kissing boys
Beliza at SDCC 2017
"101, including Bellamy" from the sizzle reel
Bob's laugh
Bellamy's dark side
April's attachment to "the icon."
That tongue thing Bob does
"Bellamy, I never meant to hurt you" quote
April's list
Bob creating Bellamy's voice hungover
Bellamy's black boxers
Bob's dimple
Modern AU Bellarke
Bob slide tackling HIC during the soccer match
Bob and KJ Apa breathing the same air
Bellamy stopping Echo from killing herself in 4x13
Bellarke being dramatic
"Platonic" Bellarke neck nuzzle thing
Bellamy's guns
Bellamy dragging Clarke away from RavALIE
Bob's choice to be an actor
Bob’s birthday
April changing her icon
The return of Bob's mustache
Becho in 5x01
The book Bellamy used to read to Octavia (5x02)
Bellamy/Madi relationship
Bellarke’s “Madi, no.”
Bellarke being parents
"Bellamy? Clarke knew you would come."
Bellarke 5x04 hugs
"the hostage taker and his girlfriend"
Bellarke's eye conversation when they enter the bunker
Clarke sharing her rations with Bellamy
Bellarke referring to themselves as “the heart and the head”
Bellarke dating people who betrayed them/got their previous partner killed parallel
Bellarke hiding people they love under the floor parallel
Blake sibling spar/Bellamy defending Echo scene
Becho sex scene
Bellamy refusing to go into the bunker without Echo
“You fight like Azgeda.”
Clarke's understanding of Bellamy
"Be diplomatic" / "Real diplomatic"
Bellamy being sassy to Octavia in 5x07
Bellarke tent scene in 5x08
Bellamy’s “My sister, my responsibility” in 5x08
Clarke’s “Maybe the old Bellamy, but not this one” line
Bellamy’s sass to Miller in 5x08
Bellamy calling Blake “Mama Bear”
Bellarke begging for each other’s lives
Clarke repeatedly shouting Bellamy
Madi having Bellamy's back in 5x10
Bellamy's survival instinct
Beliza at SDCC 2018
Bob being "too hot" at SDCC 2018
Clarke's "I always cared" line in 5x12
Bellamy speaking trigedasleng
"My brother, my responsibility."
Madi telling Bellamy about the radio calls
Bellamy's war paint
Season 5 as Bellamy's do-over
Becho hug in 5x13
Becho in 5x13
Bellarke's journey from enemies to best friends/soulmates
Beliza at NYCC
Bellamy’s face
Bellarke murdering together
Bellamy and the walkie talkie
Bellarke having the record for longest slow burn ever
Bob’s 34th birthday
Season 3 Bellamy
The way Bellamy says “Always”
Bellamy infiltrating Mount Weather
Bellamy touching Echo’s sword when he missed her
Bob using tongue in the Becho sex scene
Bellamy’s heart
Bellamy calling Madi “heda”
Clarke’s “I can’t lose you, too.”
Becho voiceover transition in 5x13
“I’m fighting to get back to my family.”
Bellamy’s “You left me” in 3x05
“Come on. Our family is waiting,” in 5x10
Bellamy being self-sacrificing and Clarke having none of it
"Echo, Raven, Murphy and Emori are my family,” in 5x09
Bellamy saying he loved Echo in the 5x06 script
Echo wearing Bellamy's jacket
Bob's ears
Bob's ink
Beliza wearing matching Blake hats at SW4
Eliza/Bob/Tasya SW4 panel
Bob/Tasya at SW4
Bob’s inability to end a video properly
Bob’s fan theory video
Echo and Clarke fighting over Bellamy
Bellarke and together
Chelsey's "Which girl will Bellamy choose?" video
"I got you for that" being Bob's favorite Bellarke quote
Bob and Eliza in their baseball jackets and caps
Beliza’s “what’s up with your hair?/what’s wrong with it?” interaction
April dancing at Conageddon 2
Bob losing Eliza in a grocery store
Bob saying, "You just don't know the real Echo."
Bob saying “I do think Bellamy is a good man in terms of relationships and I do believe he wants to make it work with Echo.”
The friendship Amelia/Sarah/April/Becks have thanks to Bob/Bellamy
Sachin acknowledging Bob and Eliza’s chemistry at Survival4
Bob's Twitter handle Wildpip
Bellarke's first scene
My Bellamy tattoo
Beliza “Ruin the Friendship” vid
Bellarke countdown picture
Bob saying “those two, still very much in love” about Becho
Bellarke radio call scene in 6x01
Bellamy shouting for Clarke as she runs toward the radiation
Bellamy in 6x01
Bellarke refusing to let another door close between them ever again
Becho in 6x01
Becho campfire scene in 6x01
Murphamy in 6x02
Bellamy using Jordan to prop himself up in 6x02
The Bellamy/Murphy/Clarke dynamic
This behind the scenes pic
Murphamy scene in 6x03
Bellamy and his stick
Becho hug in 6x03
Bellamy standing his ground with Octavia in 6x03
Bob/Tasya fan pic
Clarke writing "Leaving Bellamy" on her lantern
Bellamy kissing Echo on the head
Becho kiss in 6x04
Echo opening up to Bellamy in 604
Bob/Tasya BTS vid
Bellamy’s reaction to JC’s sex comment
Bellamy’s “happiness looks good on you” line in 6x05
Bellamy talking about being a pioneer
Bellamy always telling Murphy to be quiet
Eliza calling Bob her best friend and soulmate
Beliza announcing their marriage on International Best Friends Day
Bob telling a fan he ships Bellarke
Tasya staying at Beliza’s place and Eliza telling her about Bob and her
Lola's Beliza wedding tweet
The return of heart over head Bellamy
Bellamy's "Not Clarke" in 6x06
Bellamy singing Clarke’s praises to Murphy in 6x06
Bob wearing Eliza’s favorite colors on their wedding day

destroyer of worlds {Sarah}

Bob's glasses
Abby's "Start with Bellamy Blake" 3x15
Bob's selfies
Bellamy and the Rover
Bob's Reindeer hat
Bellarke in the Season 4 trailer
Bellamy's Sass
Bellamy/Roan teamwork in 4X06
Bellamy/Clarke/Raven O!T3 relationship
Bellamy's Rover scenes in 4X07
Bob's goofiness
Bellamy's almost confession 4x07
Bellamy's goodbye hugs
Bellamy/Monty friendship
Bob's dorky dances
Bellamy's dorky pick-up lines
All Bellarke scenes in Praimfaya
Bellamy being a smooth operator
Bob's adorable Aussie accent
Bob's Blake hat
Bob's comittment to mental health causes
Bellamy's love of books
Bellamy being a Gryffindor
Bob/Eliza season 4 bloopers
Bob/Ian season 4 bloopers
Bob's look at SDCC 2017
Beliza during SDCC 2017 panel
Bob being a playful tease
Bellamy's "Protect Princess Mode" whenever Clarke is in danger
Bob's cool t-shirts
Clarke saying, "You came through. I knew you would," to Bellamy
Bellamy's scruff in season 5
Roan/Clarke/Bellamy OT3
Bellarke "Knocking on Heaven's Door" video
Bob/Eliza teasing each other
Bellarke face caress in 3x02
Bellamy/Wells in the show
Bob/Richard hug during the charity soccer match
Bellamy looking at the irradiated earth from space
Bellamy's "like a kid in a candy store" look (BUNS)
Bob's fan interactions at conventions
Bob's love for the Dominion game
Bob's adorably bad bowling skills
Blakes “You’ll always fit with me” scene
Bellamy and Octavia’s goodbye in 1x13
Cast being cute/supportive at Battle of the Bands
Bob’s adorkable use of emoticons in tweets
Bellamy’s season 1 & 2 jacket
“Bellamy and Clarke” from Season 4 soundtrack
“Bellarke Theme” from Season 3 soundtrack
Bob’s relationship with The 100 cast
Bob’s Freckless nickname
Bob doing the on-set oink routine
Bob staring at the Ellie-cow in France
Bob/Richard hug at Spacewalkers 3
Bob being adorable with Bowie
Beliza cuddles at Conaggedon
Bob watching Bellarke reaction videos
Bob's 2017 Alpha Male Madness victory video
Bellamy rescuing Fox in Mount Weather (like a boss)
Bob wearing shades at Dystopia 2
Bob's single pigtail in Dystopia 2 photos
Clarke reacting to hearing Bellamy on radio (season 2)
Bob’s pink sweater
Bob’s Twitter typos
Clarke’s drawing of Bellamy in the countdown picture
Bellamy’s maturity in season 5
“I won’t let anything happen to Clarke. I promise.”
Madi instantly pulling Bellamy away in 5x03
Bob's new tattoo
Bellarke being all choked up during their reunion scene
Bellamy in the scene with Diyoza/McCreary
Bellarke tent convo in 5x05
Clarke contemplating telling Bellamy about her radio messages
Bob’s look in 5x05
Reversal of Bellarke’s roles in season 5
Bob being adorable with his puppies
Bellamy handling a sword like a boss
Bellamy wanting to talk to Clarke about Octavia (over Echo)
Bellamy finally standing up to Octavia
Bellarke look when Indra mercy killed the defector
Bob's chin dimple
Bellamy promising Clarke he’ll take care of Madi in 5x08
Bellarke being each other’s unacceptable loss
Eliza’s bubblegum nickname for Bob
Bob's weird but adorable use of emojis in his tweets
Beliza giggling adorably at SDCC 2018
Clarke's relief upon hearing that Bellamy is alive
Bellamy’s look/smile at Clarke on the ship in 5x13
Clarke's panic when Bellamy wouldn't get into the ship in 5x13
Blakes convo before Octavia goes into cryosleep
Marie calling Bob "Bobber"
Beliza pre-photoshoot hug at Conageddon
Bob being adorably squinty eyed at NYCC 2018
"The chemistry that Eliza and I have working ... I’ve never really had with anyone else."
Bob/Chelsey friendship
Bob acting spazzy in Eliza’s birthday pic
Beliza celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving together
Bellarke Christmas fan arts
Kate’s Bellarke manip
Season 2 Bellamy
Bob being a dork in the snow
“Bellamy’s eyes meet Clarke’s, and for that one moment, everything else melts away.”
Arryn being a supportive girlfriend to Bob
This cuddly Beliza pic at SW4
#welovebobmorley tag on Twitter
Beliza being beer pong partners
Bob attending Day 1 of Conageddon2 in matching plaids
Bob saying Monty was a Bellarke shipper
Bob/Mike bro-dates
Beliza recreating their old school tongue picture
This old school Beliza pic
This tweet from Eliza
Beliza being excited about snow in season 1
Beliza constantly bringing that they're best friends, at cons
Bob being back in Australia
season 4 countdown picture of Bob on a tiny bike
Bellarke being flirty in 6x01
Bellamy focusing on Clarke during the book reading scene
Bellarke parallel of looking at each other while hugging Madi and Octavia
Bellarke hug from the 6X04 scene
Beliza being cuties at the Spacewalkers 4 convention
Bellamy being the first one to know that Clarke wasn't Clarke
Bob calling Eliza his wife
Beliza's first released wedding picture
Beliza holding hands in their wedding picture
Beliza's relationship journey over 13 years
Bob/Eliza's wedding bands
Bellamy not caring about himself/others because he thinks that Clarke is dead
Heartbroken!Bellamy in 6X06
The jacket Bob made Eliza for her birthday

April7739 {April}

Bob's crotch
Bellarke rescue scene in 3x02
Bob's freckles
Bob's ass
Lost in the White City
Road Train sex scene
Bellamy's axe
Murphamy elevator fight scene
Breezy Bob gif
Purrfect Bellamy gif
Survivor's Guilt fanfic
"Who we are..." Bellamy quote
Bellamy's loyalty
Bellamy's pilot hair
Picking Up What You're Laying Down (Fanfic)
Bellamy's threesome
1x06 flashbacks
Bob's brain
Bob's magnificent hugging ability
Do You Even Care? (Music Video)
Bob's understanding of Bellamy
Bob's hips
Bob's kissing technique.
Bellamy's Mount Weather torture scenes
Bellamy's famous single tear
RavALIE/Bellamy scene in Nevermore
Bob's "Big Boy Lemonade" nickname
Wondercon 2015 Bob
Wondercon 2016 Bob
Bellamy's Motivational Speeches
Bellamy's "May We Meet Again" in 2x16
Bob's friendship with the BROPACK
Sea Patrol Bob
Bob's legs
Bellamy's bravery
DragonCon 2016 Bob
Bellamy's kill count
Sweaty Bob in Scorched
Bellarke scenes in Nevermore
Bellamy/Jasper's relationship
Bob's sense of humor
Bob's talent
The BUNS gif
"Whatever the hell we want!"
Bellamy's interest in/knowledge of history
Bellamy's relationship with Kane
Bellarke fanfic "Slow It Down"
Bellamy saying "Together."
Bellarke in 4x01
Bellamy shooting Jaha twice
Bellarke in 4x06
Rover BUNS
Shirtless Bellamy
Bob's smile
Bellamy/Jasper/Harper scene in 4x09
Bellamy's intelligence
Bob's tiara
Bellamy and Gina
Bob's facial hair
Bob's victory in Alpha Male Madness 2017
Bob's generosity towards his fans
Bellamy/Roan conversation in 4x10
Bob's interest in writing
Bellarke scene in 4x11
Bellamy and Abby's teamwork in 4x11
Praimfaya episode as a whole
"Never mind . . . I see you" quote
"I left her behind" quote
"Can You Feel My Heart?" (Music Vid)
Bellamy/Jaha conversation in 4x03
Bellamy's dramatic tendencies
Bellamy's tan shirt
The name Bellamy
Bellamy's half-hearted apology to Roan in 3x15
The day I finally meet Bob
Bellamy's season four arc
Bob's ability to change his voice
The song "I See You"
Bob's victory as Best Drama Actor in the 2017 TV Scoop Awards
Bellamy's sex skills
The Bob pumpkin
Bob's love of Pikachu
Bob's "What's wrong with a little chaos?" shirt
Bob's athleticism
Modern AU Bellamy
Bellarke smut
The Bellamy/Bob thread on The 100 board
"I do it every day."
Season 4 of The 100
Slow-motion Bellarke scene in 1x13
Bellamy/Roan bromance that never was
Bellamy's charisma
Bob/Richard at SDCC 2017
Bob/Richard dancing sensually at SDCC afterhours!
Bob's backpack
Bob's pants and the way they fit him flawlessly
Bellamy's love for his mother
Bob's rock climbing skills
Bob's clothes/style
Bellarke scenes from 1x08
Clarke telling Bellamy, "I can't lose you, too."
Bellamy calling Clarke "Princess."
Bellamy saving Clarke from falling into the pit in 1x02
"Our princess has that effect" line
Bob's funny facial expressions
Bellarke mercy kill scene in 1x03
Clarke telling Bellamy, "I trust you."
Bob's skin tone
Bob's "Whatever the hell we want" shirt
Bob's weird bear shirt
Bellarke "Everything Is Blue" (AU) video
Bob and Eliza's chemistry
Bellarke "Oppenheimer" scene
Bellamy seeing Clarke through the scope of his gun in 3x02
Bellamy's concern for Clarke's safety
"I'll get you out of here."
Bob's look at Fan Expo
Murphy's "You're not the only one here trying to save someone you care about.”
Bellamy's shirtlessness in Mount Weather
Bellamy/Lincoln dynamic
Bellamy in the books
Bob's love of playing Bellamy
Bellamy's "We are grounders!" speech in 1x12
Bob in the charity soccer match
Bellamy's promise to not let Clarke die in vain
Bellamy's decision to leave without Clarke in 4x13
Bellamy nearly strangling Echo
Bellamy saying, "Shut up, Murphy!"
Bellamy's "Yes, ma'am," to Abby in 4x12
Sleeping Bellamy
Bob's quirkiness
Bellamy/Miller + that shock baton porn in 3x16
Bob's casual clothes
Bellarke "cold sweat" head brush in 4x13
Bob in Patrick's bowling video
Bellamy’s devotion to Octavia
The Bellamy/Octavia conversation in 4x13
Kane’s advice to Bellamy in 4x01
Murphamy interaction in 2x04
Clarke radioing Bellamy during their 6 year separation
Bob hugging Santa
Bob’s birthday
The Bellarke fades
Bob’s messy bedhead hair
Beliza meeting at the Australian Kid’s Choice Awards
Bob’s complex relationship with the rover
Bob liking my tweets
Bob and Zach’s friendship
Bob/Richard at Spacewalkers 3 Con
Murphamy in 2x04
Bob’s “Boston I am now inside you” tweet
Bob at Conaggedon
Bob’s exaggerated Boston accent
The amazing Beliza panel at Conaggedon
Bob and his “purple people”
Bob’s nickname for me
Bob and Eliza making each other laugh
Bob's penchant for playing the "ass-hole with a heart" character
Bob's 2018 Alpha Male Madness win
Bob and Clover
Richard's videos of Bob bowling
Bob and Sachin kissing at the Dystopia 2 karaoke party
Uncle Bob nickname/persona
Bob and Mike Beach's friendship
Jaclyn and Marcella’s reaction vids
Bellarke angst
Murphamy fight scene in 5x01
5x01 transition (Clarke looking at sky to Bell looking at ground)
Selina’s Hypable episode reviews
Bellamy’s fighting ability
Bellamy’s rover driving skills
Bellarke REUNION SCENE in 5x03
Bellamy fighting in 5x03
“Clarke’s not here!” during Bellamy’s spat with Murphy
Bellarke reunion/hug scene from 5x04
Bellamy saving Clarke in 5x03
Bellamy/Miller reunion in 5x04
Bellarke's ability to communicate wordlessly
Clarke’s reaction to seeing Bellamy and Echo
Bellarke being impressed with each other
The Keeper’s Thread
Clarke noticing Bellamy and Echo AGAIN in 5x06
Bellamy beating Octavia in a physical fight
Bellarke with their guns in 5x06
Bellamy's complexity
Clarke staring intensely at Bellamy at the end of 5x07
Octavia’s “who you love” line to Bellamy
Ending Blakes scene of 5x08
Bellamy in 5x08
Bellarke winning Sexiest Moment 2 years in a row (TV Scoop Awards)
Bob’s muscles
Bellarke angst in 5x09
Bob's acting in the 5x09 Bellamy/Madi scenes
Bellamy's tendency to have very bad days
The 5x10 Bellamy/Indra fight scene
Bellamy/Octavia conversation in 5x10
Bellamy's relationship with Indra in season 5
Beliza IGN interview at SDCC 2018
Bellamy standing up to Octavia in season 5
"Lexa" shipping Bellarke in 5x12
The Bellarke undercurrent of the Clarke/Madi/Echo scene in 5x12
Bellarke's ON-SCREEN relationship development
Bellarke's reunification in 5x13
Bellarke's perfect height difference
Bellarke's ability to forgive each other
Season 5 Bellamy
Bob's ability to make his fans laugh
Beliza hugging and posing before their Conageddon panel
Logan's eye cancer commercial
TV Guide shipping the hell out of Bellarke
Bob's ability to inspire his fans
Bob calling Eliza "EJ"
Avi/Eva LITWC sex scene
Conageddon 1 VIP Party
Jess’s “Hey babe, get in the car” vid of Bob
Bellamy descending into the bunker in 5x04
The season 5 Serpent promo
Bob's arms
Bob’s eyes
Season 1 Bellamy
Bob’s massive hat collection
01/11/19 spontaneous posting party
Bob’s “Boom, Out!” gif
Bellarke eyesex
Bellarke handporn
Bellamy jumping in front of Clarke in 2x09
Bellamy saying he loves Echo being CUT from the 5x06 script
Bob/Richard air guitar video
Bob/Richard at Spacewalkers 4
Bob and Jarod's friendship
Bob’s teeth
Bob standing up to jerks/bullies
Bob’s Conageddon video
Bob’s cute pre-Conageddon video
Bob in the “How men really feel about their bodies” video
Conageddon treating ALL fans with respect
Bob’s Denver Starfest look
Bob/Eliza/Zach dynamic
Bob at Conageddon2
Bob surprising his VIP group with lunch
Bob's panel at Conageddon2
Bob/Richard/Zach panel at Conageddon2
Bob/Richard at Conageddon2
Bob/Zach at Conageddon2
Bob saying, "That's my ***hole!" about LITWC
Beliza beer pong hugs
Bob knowing that Becho “wasn’t playing” to the audience while filming season 5
Bob's sweet and encouraging video to my best friend
Beliza's Conageddon 2 photo op lasting an hour
Bob and Eliza watching the Bellarke video at Conageddon 2
Bob's "licking rocks in a field" story
Bob introducing me to his sister
Beliza and Co. having a dance party on top of a hotel in S1
Bob's dirty/perverted comments
Bob’s passion for directing
Bob watching everything Eliza and Richard have been in
Bob not having Instagram
Bob saying to me, “This is what happens when you come around. My clothes just come off.”
Bob and Eliza’s playful teasing and banter
Bob and Eliza laughing about breastfeeding
Bellamy making Clarke laugh in 6x01
Bellamy's thug life look in 6x01
The way Bellamy smiles at Clarke
Bellamy telling Clarke the others will come around in 6x01
Bellamy’s ability to understand Clarke
Bob’s idea for a montage power
Bellamy trusting Clarke with his key
Bellarke having faith in each other in 6x03
Clarke's relieved look at Bellamy when he brings Madi to her
Bellarke looking at each other as he walked away from Sanctum
Clarke trusting Bellamy with Madi even after 5x09
Bellamy not immediately forgiving Octavia
Bellarke 6x04 scene
The look on Bellamy’s face as he hugs Clarke in 6x04
Bob shortening my name
The popularity of Bellarke
Bellamy noticing throughout 6x05 that something was off with Clarke
Jordan’s “heart over head Bellamy” line in 6x05
Bob’s sweating condition
Bob and Eliza being in love
Beliza's marriage tweets
The things the reverend said about Bob and Eliza
Beliza’s interaction in Em’s autograph video
Richard's Beliza wedding tweet
Bellamy in 6x06
Bellamy attacking Russell in 6x06
Devon's "Called it" tweet

Leelith {Lee}
Bellarke argument in 3x05
Bob's face
Bellarke beach scene in 3x13
Bob's hair
Bellamy's voice
Bob monkey gif
Bob Morley Board
Conceal don't feel Bellarke feels
Bob as Craig
Bellarke in 4.05

Sashimi {Hannah}

Bob's lips

Damocles {Lisa}

Bob's cool cap
Bob's Finger Nails
Bob's ability to cry a single tear

Stars Fade {Adie}

Bob as James Potter
Bellamy's blue shirt in the flashbacks
Bellarke development in Season Four
TV Scoop Awards Sexiest Moment: Bellamy caressing Clarke's face in 4x13
The brain and the heart music video
4x11 script for the Bellarke gun scene
Bob's hugs
Bellamy/Wells in the books
Video of Bob watching Stranger Things
Bob's look in the bowling vid
Lola’s on set vid of Bob
V-neck Bob look
Bob and Eliza having “Walt Disney singing voices”
Bob’s “I’m Bellamy f-ing Blake” tweet
Bob not understanding how Tumblr works
Bellamy meeting Madi
Bellamy’s “Clarke”s alive?” in 5x03
Close up of Bellamy's hand on Clarke's back (5x04)
Zoomed out/wide frame shot of Bellarke embrace (5x04)
Bellamy’s silence after Octavia’s “who you love” line
Bellarke Beer Pong AU
Beliza panel at Conageddon2
Bob saying "Screw everyone else. Let's just go," in the Bellamy voice
Video of Bob saying "Everybody stop! I have a mug" in the Bellamy voice
Bellarke smiling at each other in 6x01
Bellamy's scene with Murphy kinda having fun with Jordan

Ellfoy {Margaux}

Bellamy's Scars
Daddy Bellamy with the delinquents
Bellamy and Clarke first meeting
Bellamy's future redemption arc
April unhealthy obsession with Bob

loppabelle {Sharon}

Bellarke 2x05 campfire scene
Unintended Bellarke eyesex
April fangirling for BUNS
Bellamy getting sleep
Bob doing hair flips
The curls in Bob's hair
"They Are Platonic" music videos
Bellamy/Monty/Murphy rescue scene
Kane caring about Bellamy
Bob's emotional acting (Bellamy's sad face)
All the places I wish Bellarke would sex it up
The Blake family
Bob's adorable dorky videos
Season 4 DVD being released on my birthday
Bob being willing to change his look
Bobintales (Bob and the dolphin)
Beliza waving to the Bellarke baby
Bellamy looking at Clarke until passing out in 3x13
Kabby adopting Bellamy (my great hope)
First Bellarke look in the Pilot
Bellamy touching Clarke's shoulder during the Lincoln torture scene
Bob being charitable
Bob's "Stayin' Alive" point on set
Bob's "See no evil" pic with Chris and Richard
Manipulated Bellarke fan arts (season five posters)
Bellarke "Loving Her Was Red" (AU) video
"You" Bellarke trailer
Bob's "huge and blue" semi-dirty insinuation at Fan Expo
"Come back" AU Bellarke video
Wells/Bellamy "Now she sees you" scene
Becks' Bellamy/Theo crackship
Season 5 set pic of Beliza
Bellarke rover convo in 4x12
Bob's dance/jig in the bowling video
Bellamy’s 2x05 smirk to Octavia
Abby telling Bellarke to take care of each other
Bob playing with Bowie
Freshly-shaven Bob
Bob/Richard hugs
Bob drunk dancing at a family wedding
Bellamy’s look in the promo
Bob/Zach dancing at Conaggedon
Bob's 2018 Alpha Male Madness victory video
Bob talking about Dylan O'Brien
Bob/Richard "Will you be my cup of cappuccino?" pic
Clarke’s message to Bellamy about seeing him again
Bellamy looking at Clarke in 6x02 after waking up
Bellamy being comforted by Clarke’s arm brush in 6x02
Clarke asking Bellamy, "Isn't that what you said?" in 6x02
Bob and Eliza eloping in Hawaii

kiss the wind {Amelia}

Bellamy's Mount Weather guard outfit
Braven "Always" from 4x13
The smutty Bellarke drawings April shared
Blinder shower scene gifs
Bellarke beach scene from 4x06
April's fluffy fic Open Your Eyes
Bellamy and Clarke's relieved smiles after 4x06 rover chase
Braven sex scene
Bellarke flirty scene at the beginning of "Unity Day"
Clarke's "You did good here, Bellamy" from 1x13
"Bellamy is the key to everything, Octavia" quote
Scruffy Bob/Sachin/David Anders photo
"Some medicine would be nice" + Bellamy smirk/"I'll see what I can do" from 1x10
His Bob's Burgers shirt with his face on it
Bob/Richard pic and shirts that say "Bell"
The tone of Clarke's voice when she says "Bellamy"
Bellamy's season 5 beard
Bellarke height difference
Bob’s pre-Unity Days video
Bob’s Unity Days 2018 look
Bob with flowers in his hair (Richard’s IG post)
April finally meeting Bob!
Bob/Eliza/Richard bowling photo
Bob/Richard photo
Bob’s pigtails from Dystopia 2
Bellamy teaching Clarke to shoot/getting flustered around her
“Thank you for keeping me alive.” / “You don’t make it easy.”
Bob’s season 5 countdown photos
Clarke’s “I’m proud of you” in 5x01
“She must be pretty important to you.” / “She is.”
Braven in 5x03
“I left Clarke behind, and I’m not doing that again.”
Clarke saying "You're really here? / And now you're home?"
Bellamy's dramatic entrance into the bunker
Bellarke's looks at each other at the end of 5x04
5x05 campfire Bellarke scene
Bellarke’s joint power strut in 5x05
Eventually fanfic
Hot, rained on Bellamy in 5x06
Lipstick Bob/Tasya/Jarod photo
Bellamy's smile to Monty in 5x07
Bellamy choosing Clarke over Octavia
Bob’s Blackberry
This Beliza SDCC 2018 photo
Bob's SDCC 2018 look
Bellamy's battle look in 5x12
Clarke's "Go save him" line in 5x12
5x13 Bellarke ending scene
Bellarke's sweet little waking up from cryo reunion
Bellamy and Clarke being left in charge of Jordan
Bob's chest
Bob's abs
Bob as Nick Reagan in Blinder
Bob's pink hoodie picture with Shannon
Beliza season 6 bts pic
Bob's NYCC 2018 look
This Beliza NYCC picture
"I love working with the idiot." - Eliza in regards to Bob
Beliza pic featuring a cropped out Jason
Bob rock-climbing pics
Beliza pic without Jason!
Beliza at Conageddon 2017
Avi beach scene in LITWC
Bob/Richard friendship
Bob’s penchant for running his hand through his hair
Bob celebrating at EJ’s birthday dinner
UD video
Bob and Pups video
Bellarke/Jordan interaction in 5x13
Bob’s scruff
Eliza’s throwback pic of her and Bob for Bob’s b-day
Season 4 Bellamy
Bob’s Unity Days 3 look
Bob directing an episode
Eliza’s complimentary tweet about Director!Bob
Bob at the season 6 wrap party
Bob and Alycia being flower buddies
"You pretty much know everything about me." - EJ to Bob
Beliza at Spacewalkers 4
Bob at Spacewalkers 4
This Beliza photo from SW4
Bob’s “be well, be kind” motto
Bob’s “What’s wrong with little chaos?” campaign video
Bob’s iconic looks at Dragon Con
Bob saying, “Sorry, love.”
Bob’s lip scar
Beliza at Conageddon2
Bob and Eliza being best friends
Bob in his green tiara and clover headband
These vintage Beliza photos
Bob’s Conageddon 2 accessories
Eliza saying "There's my Bellamy" to a Sacramento cosplayer
Beliza being Logie's dates
Bob's plaid look at Conageddon 2 on Saturday
Bob accidentally saying “p*ssy” instead of “puissions” at SW3
Eliza saying she'd choose to be stuck on an island with Bob if she had to pick a cast member to be stuck with
Bob's shorter haircut and the pic of it
Bob's friendship with Purple the sheep
This Bob fan pic
Bellamy/Emori dynamic
Court jester Bellamy moment/gif
Beliza proposal fan pic
Clarke’s “You’re too important to me” line
Bob on the set recliner video/photos from Shannon’s BTS
Bellamy’s “Who are you?” and heartbreaking face when he realizes Clarke is gone
Bob’s random inspirational tweets
Bob and Eliza being married
Bellamy’s breakdown over Clarke in 6x06
Bob’s jacket from a Conageddon 2

bellarkes {Zohar}

Bellamy's freckles
Bellamy's smile
Beliza in the "I like the new group" SDCC interview
Bob's tattoo
Bob's guitar

polaris {Mel}

Bob and Richard being neighbors
Bob snuggling Simba at Conaggedon
Beliza imitating each other
Bellamy dressed as a grounder
Bellamy speaking trigedasleng
Bob hugging Colin O'Donoghue
Bob/Richard hug pic from Dystopia 2
Bob and Richard dancing to "Bye, Bye, Bye" at Dystopia 2
Bellamy's backpack
"We can't lose Clarke! We can't lose her."
Bellarke's radio moments in Mount Weather
Bellamy's militia
Bellarke drinking and planning in 2x06
SpaceKru dynamics
Jason calling Bellamy the Sky King
Bellamy’s face after drinking the Triple G
Bellamy showing Clarke his gun in 1x02
Bellamy’s big smile after arriving back on earth
Best Dad in the Universe mug
Bellamy wanting Murphy's opinion
Bellamy running to Clarke/taking her into his arms (5x04)
Bellarke's smiles during radio conversation with Murven
Bob, Matthew Daddario, and Henrik Holm being at Showtime 3 together
Bellamy cradling/holding Murphy after he's been stabbed (6x01)
Bellamy/Madi hug in 6x06
Bellamy's need for revenge over Clarke's death
Bob's acting in 6x06
Beliza's first released wedding picture

beyond insane {Sarah}

Bob/Richard at Dystopia 2 karaoke party
Twitter vid of Tasya and Chelsey doing Bob's pigtails
The way Bob and Richard dance together
Bellarke + Charlotte

Gif Credit


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Bonus points if anyone has any idea what I'm referencing with this title.

Got the OP all updated!
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I’ll claim Bob and Eliza’s playful teasing and banter.
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That's a fantastic claim, April.
@WildPipM: It is with such a full heart that I call @MisElizaJane my wife.
This is something we both cherish very deeply and are beyond happy.

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Ahh, love that, April.
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Yeah, I just rewatched their panel last night, and of course they teased each other a lot, so I decided to claim that.

I’ll claim Bob and Eliza laughing about breastfeeding.
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That's such a random claim
if you can
hear me.

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Yeah, but it was one of my favorite moments from their panel this year!
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I'm claiming this: (Mostly because April is in it multiple times )

if you can
hear me.

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Ah, yes, at the VIP party, I presume.
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That's really random, April.
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It was a HILARIOUS panel moment!
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Can I claim the "You did good here, Bellamy" Bellarke moment in 1x13?
if you can
hear me.

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^ How is that one still available?
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