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Old 01-11-2019, 07:19 PM
It just makes sense.

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Originally Posted by a little chaos (View Post)
See, the reason she wasn't held accountable much in S3, (beside Clarke being mad at her for 5 minutes) was because they were planning on killing her off before they could actually develop that arc which SUCKS! I would have loved a Lexa redemption arc where we really see Lexa suffer with the choices she made and to see people call her out on them.
YES! I agree. It’s pretty obvious that they rushed her storyline as an individual character. (Which is one of the reasons I much prefer her in season 2.) Ideally for me, in 3x07, she would have just then earned Clarke’s forgiveness. But not until then. The end result as it stands to me is that, whenever Lexa is mentioned, she’s mentioned as such a hero. And there are certainly aspects of her that were heroic, but there were anti-hero aspects to her, too, that seem to have been swept under the rug in order to squeeze what should have been a longer storyline into . . . 3x03, basically. Because by the end of that episode, pretty much all was forgiven.

I do think it was her deepest regret which was touched upon in S5.
Yeah, as much as the whole flame thing annoys the crap out of me, I do like that they at least touched on it as a regret.

I still love that Lexa didn't want Clarke making the same mistake with Bellamy as she did with her, why isn't this talked about more? I feel that's such a huge thing.
That episode . . . there were things in that episode I loved and things I didn’t. It was such a mixed bag for me. I think that scene was just a lot for Bellarkers to deal with, going from a scene with Echo to a flame!Lexa scene. But if you really do actually think about what that scene is doing, it’s comparing Lexa’s betrayal of Clarke to Clarke’s betrayal of Bellamy, which is . . . a pretty big deal, I agree. And Clarke ends up letting Madi go, not for everyone in Wonkru, but for BELLAMY. I honestly just wish Echo wasn’t involved in that scene, to be honest. Because Clarke has a point when she basically says that “following orders” still means Echo has blood on her hands. But Echo doesn’t really respond to it, so that feels like one of those sweep the wrongdoings of a character under the rug moments to me.

What makes Lexa so fun in fics?
I’m not quite sure. I think I just . . . I do feel bad for the Lexa fans out there, so I like to write a happier, at peace version of her in fics. Plus, I can tell this thread influences me, because I like to write her and Bellamy getting along. In Eventually, she only appeared for a few chapters, but she was cool. I didn’t include her in Lost Is Where I’m Found, though, because I couldn’t find the right role for her character. But I’m writing her in Constant. She’s Clarke’s ex (but current friend), and she and Bellamy hit it off well.
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Old 01-11-2019, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by a little chaos (View Post)
I will never get over it.
Can't blame you for that
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