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Fated Soulmates [Clarke ♥ Lexa ] #100: 100 threads for Clexa


001. bandcandy
002. Way Too Keen
003. KeepThisaSecret
004. italiangal
005. hedawanheda
006. kiss the wind
007. Moonlight Rose
008. Agraiel
009. LxieGrey
010. MysteryXX
011. HaveYouEver
012. SongIceFire
013. Dacrown
014. -Sonia-
015. arakha
016. youdontknowjack
017. Colorblind
018. baelfire24
019. Movies
020. EliseManny
021. lisagslack14
022. haydensgirl
023. just stand still
024. sourburst
025. egbert13




~~The Reason why I love Clexa is that they learned from each other how to love again.
Both lost a Person they loved and both went through horrible experiences.
But when they developed feelings in a hopeless place, suddenly it was not just
all about surviving but living. Clarke and Lexa showed each other that Life can be beautiful, enjoyable,
full of love
and what they had with each other will always stay in their and my Heart.

~~Pairing Clarke and Lexa romantically is an amazing source of chemistry and tension for the series.
These two young women have singular life experiences that no one else around them can truly
understand - except of each other. They are each other's equal, they push
each other, enrich each other, show each other new ways of life and opportunities.
But what I love the most is when they find each other - because they need
each other and because Clarke and Lexa always can be more of themselves
when they are around each other. They can breathe with each other and they
don't need to explain themselves. And they are loved. Because nobody can
love Clarke the way Lexa does. And the other way around.

~~There are too many reasons why I love Clexa but in short,
they are each others equal and they elevated each other. They make the
decision that they are both sick of putting their people first, and for the
first time, they give in – completely – to their feelings for each other. This
is true love and they found a reason to live and not just survive. besides
representation matters and i loved how naturally the chemistry developed
between Clarke and Lexa. it wasn't forced, it wasn't made up, it was just
there and it will live on forever.
~~The reason why I love Clexa is that they can be themselves when they are
around each other. Clarke and Lexa can just be Clarke and Lexa, not the
leader or Commander they are. They can let themselves fall in the arms of
each other
, they can just live through life and not survive and they give each
other hope and confidence for a better world. Both have suffered through so
much pain and when they found each other, it's like coming home. Besides I
like the fact that they both are female and represent a lovely, healthy relationship
full of respect and love for each other. They've been through bad times and
came back even stronger. And what they had will last a lifetime. They touched
my heart in a special way and I usually don't ship at all, but Clexa just
made me fall in love with them so naturally.

~~We like Clexa because they are a spotlight on positive interaction, cooperation
and solving issues. I think it is a positive influence for it's young audience
showing that women can work together as a force for good in a society that is
otherwise still hostile towards female ambition and success and promotes women
and girls to be hyper competitive with each other. I also think that the
positive relationship between Alycia and Eliza was just as important as
the relationship between Clarke and Lexa

~~I didn't understand Clexa of first. It sort of took me by surprise and
I never thought I'd feel so connected to it. But ever since I watched
their first kiss I couldn't stop thinking about the ship. They're not the
traditional couple and I think that's what makes them stand out and makes
them so well liked among the fanbase. They're rugged on the outside...but
you can see it in their subtle looks when they're around each other. There's
something deeper there that we haven't grasped. There is so much emotion
between them. That's important for a relationship to have, it's important for
them to fall back on each other. And they do just that. Even though their
relationship was cut short and far from over you can still see the pain in
Clarke's eyes over her. You can still see their love even when Lexa is gone.
~~Clarke and Lexa were and are one of a kind. They were beyond special
and unique. They came together in a world where all was against them
but their love pushed it's way through. It was by no means forced, it was
the naturalist love I have ever seen develop. Their love will last a lifetime
and beyond, it's will never end. It will carry on life after life.
Clarke and Lexa loved each other with all their souls and with every bone
in their body. It was cut short but it impacted like a bullet train. The world
over loves them and they have forced society to think hard. Not only did
they share the most beautiful love out there, they shared a respect
and deep understanding
that no one will ever understand but them.

~~There is no exact way to put into words why I love and adore this
beautiful pairing so much, because feelings like that don't just belong on
a page
, they deserve to be written in the curvature of our lips when we
remember our favourite scene, the glow in our demeanour, as we reminisce
on how it felt to miss a breath with Lexa as Clarke backed her into that table,
and even our tears, because as they fell in love with each other, we fell in
love… with them. I love what and who they stand for, who they represent,
the people they've united and given hope to, and all that they signify. Clexa,
Clarke and Lexa, are more than just a relationship, they're the face of a
movement, an example of a love that transcends the barriers of time. They're
on record forever, and forever they are ours.

~~Clarke and Lexa complement each other. Each brings to the table something
the other lacks. Lexa brings experience. Clarke brings new ideas.
Lexa brings strength. Clarke brings hesitation. Lexa brings order. Clarke
brings chaos. Yet, their ability to put aside their difference and use these
things to their mutual benefit is what makes them so special. Clarke and
Lexa could have easily used the animosity between their people as a means
to an end by continuing their war. Yet they recognized in each other something
that they both needed
- an ally, but also a potential friend. I don't think upon
first meeting each other that either could have guessed where things would
end up - but there was that definitely spark there that had them questioning
what made each other so special. Clarke and Lexa just have something captivating
that I really can't even begin to explain.

"Falling in love with Lexa was a key moment finding out that I could share that level of intimacy with another person.”
— Eliza Taylor

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+ 81 ; 82 ; 83 ; 84 ; 85 ; 86 ; 87 ; 88 ; 89 ; 90
+ 91 ; 92 ; 93 ; 94 ; 95 ; 96 ; 97 ; 98 ; 99
"Seeing her open up from this closed-off person — ruthless, pragmatic and logical — to see her finally open up and Clarke being such a catalyst for that"
— Alycia Debnam-Carey

+ Bob Morely shipping Clexa since 2014.
+ Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls
+ Somewhere out there, there's a path that we chose, there's a life that we share.
+ I don't know who's gonna kiss you when I'm gone, so I'll love you now, like it's all I have.
+ I know this will kill me when it's over but I don't wanna think about it. I just wanna love you now.
+ I'll kiss you longer baby, any chance that I get. I'll make the most of the minutes and love with no regrets
+ I'll cross every mountain and every star, to hold you again
+ Love me without restrictions and without fear
+ I will find you day after day, life after life, until fate lays down her weapons and weds us together into a single soul.
+ Whenever you reach for me , I'll do all that I can
+ Sometimes I am frightened. But I'm ready to learn
+ Because we even have a Clexa comic
+ Cut too short but a love that will last a lifetime
+ If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever?

"I swear fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru. I vow to treat your needs as my own and your people, as my people." - Lexa
"I love you" - "I'll always be with you." - Clarke/Lexa

"Maybe life should be about more than just surviving, don’t we deserve better than that?" - Clarke
"You were right, Clarke. Life is about more than just surviving." - Lexa

By MysteryXX

By Tina

By Amy
"She'll always be grieving. Lexa is the love of her life." - Eliza
"Seeing her open up from this closed-off person — ruthless, pragmatic and logical — to see her finally open up and Clarke being such a catalyst for that" - Alycia

>> P O I G A N T

Clarke and Lexa's first meeting
First kiss
Good bye - for now
Lexa bows before Clarke and swears fealty
Clexa sexa
I love you/I'll always be with you

Special thanks to those who contributed. Tina, Mystery and Amy for the gorgeous icons.
And huge thanks to Mystery and Amy once again for making wonderful banners.
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OMG it's there

Such a stunning OP and arts.... Which icon to choose??
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Thanks for the new one, Diana! 100 threads

So proud! Congrats, fam!
"she inspired and uplifted people without even trying."
- chris colfer
rest in peace, naya

amelia | icon: unknown
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Welcome guys

It's only got few extra new bits.
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Guys it's an honor to be here

The opening banner is just amazing!!! I assume this is from Amy?
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Yes Amy made that one. But you made a beautiful banner too. Had to get both in there
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Thanks The icon you are using is also the nicest one I made imo

Oh and can we add "Because we even have a Clexa comic" to the OP as potential title? Thanks
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I think soo too. And that first one. I was stuck for a bit

I'll add it now
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Congrats guys
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Thanks for putting the OP together

And thanks to the other art makers too

I'm so happy right now! Clexakru is still strong and we always will be
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You and Markus killed that last one pretty quick, damn!
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best fam ever
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I am overwhelmed by this OP every single time but now I am even more. Thanks to everyone who made this possible
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we freaking did it!!!!

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We did
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