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stlavin95 08-04-2017 11:21 PM

^ Still need to check him out on Shooter :nod:

beyond insane 08-05-2017 05:06 PM

Same :nod: was told about it - think was a single episode though

stlavin95 08-07-2017 01:37 AM

Yes it was from memory :nod:

beyond insane 08-08-2017 03:59 AM

Still wanna try that show :) heard its good - Ryan Phillipee

stlavin95 08-11-2017 11:04 PM

Yes it is good :nod:

beyond insane 08-13-2017 09:02 AM

I'll try to get into it sometime sooner than later :D

stlavin95 08-16-2017 12:46 AM

Hopefully you do.

beyond insane 08-16-2017 02:44 PM

Been hearing great things about the show :D

beyond insane 08-19-2017 09:23 PM

HAHA :rotfl: So happy that I was right about an upcoming movie project being with Grant Gustin :D mentioned it in the M|M thread

Krystal (2017) - IMDb

stlavin95 09-21-2017 03:35 AM

That's great :lol:

beyond insane 09-23-2017 10:54 AM

Hope it s released soon :D

bring me home 10-10-2017 09:39 PM

Mahone was always one of my faves in the show. I was sad he wasn't going to be in the newest season.

Ropetuned 10-11-2017 01:12 AM

Yep he was one of mine too. Those scenes where he found out his son died were saaad. I hated the General and his asassin most out of anyone on the show

beyond insane 10-11-2017 05:39 AM

Yea it was hard :thud: Alex was one of my top favorites and that storyline of his son :cry: hurt but made for some interesting

Hope this movie is to come soon :) William H Marcy - Grant Gustin and William Fitchner :D Krystal (2017) - IMDb

Ropetuned 10-11-2017 06:16 AM

I might have to see that! Yeah it was tragic but it brought a new dimension to his character

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