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CaLiSa 06-19-2004 12:54 AM

Timbers Sydney concert review..
If anyones interested, I went last night at Horden Pavilion... it was a bit disappointing though, he didnt dance at all until a bit at the end, and he sung more ballads ( like Gone! Only us TRUE Nsync fans knew the words), played guitar and piano.. I liked his 'Take it from here' and Rock ur body.. Cameron was also on the side of stage how funny.. He seemed to be concerned about going on and on after a song finished.. But the cool thing is that we met who we thought was one of his roadies before it started. He was so cool he was saying bring lots of water etc.. So in the end we decided just to sit on the side instead of being squashed all night. So I couldnt see Timbers face as we were a bit far, and Im so blind even with my glasses on LOL.. and yeh he wore a hat also. But it was cool we saw the roadie on stage and he was Justins back up singer! I remember seeing him sing on Justin's Senorita performance on Jay Leno. How cool! So theres my celebrity encounter for the night haha.. Does any other Aussies have any stories from their night?

CrabbyCancer69 06-19-2004 12:58 AM

Thanks for the update, that's cool stuff!!! I have no Aussie stories :lol:

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