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Age-a-licious 10-05-2004 04:34 PM

Nsync Fanfiction: What are some of your favs?
I think there used to be a thread on here about this but it got deleted.

Anyway, I was just thinking it'd be a great idea if we shared some of our favorite Nsync fanfic stories that we've read/written online and posted the link to the story (if it's still up) for others to read.

Here's a couple of my favs.


FictionLyn's Series -- I've been following this story from the beginning and can never wait until the next chapter is updated. It starts with JC. Goes to Justin. And ends with Tristan.

Something worth holding onto -- This is the first Nsync story I've ever read--so blame THIS author for getting me obsessed w/Nsync fanfiction.


Amy K.--Not only is she one of my favorite Nsync authors but she's also one of the nicest people I've ever met online--she even sent me a christmas card in the mail.

Self promotion--it never killed anyone

Daddy's Lil Angel --I'm actually proud to say I wrote this one. The summary of it is:

21 year old, Justin Timberlake has had to go through a lot of scandels in his life. And, if those weren't enough, he now has to deal with being a single dad to his bi-racial child. 23 year old, Cathy Jones has had to go through a lot of heartaches in her life. And, if that wasn't enough, she now has to deal with the pain of a miscarriage and the pain of watching her boss-who was to be the father of that child-damage her career. Now, what happens when Cathy and Justin meet each other, and find out that their exactly what the other is looking for professional wise and...unfortuantly personal wise?

CrabbyCancer69 10-08-2004 03:13 PM

I member when this board first started and we used to have the FANS stories...I forgot what FANS stands for already! :nono: It's been way too long...I'm not good at writing any type of fanfic, but I like reading it!

Age-a-licious 10-08-2004 03:22 PM

Would you mind reading one of mine?

CrabbyCancer69 10-08-2004 05:20 PM

I promise I'll read one either tonight or this weekend :D

Age-a-licious 10-08-2004 05:42 PM

Cool. It's the one on my site (listed above) called Daddy's Lil Angel.

CrabbyCancer69 10-08-2004 10:46 PM

Oh ahh...let me pop out a few reading assignments from school first, then I'll read your stories!!!

Age-a-licious 10-08-2004 11:09 PM

Take your time. :)

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