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ina_am 06-14-2016 04:03 AM

Angelique appreciation {Dark Shadows} #1: And burn baby burn!
Angelique Bouchard
Appreciation Thread #1
"I think I'll start by killing you, orphan!"

"If I can't have you, my love, I'll destroy you!"
"Whoa, you've really let this place go to hell... right where it belongs."
Bandit Regina

shinebrighterxx 06-15-2016 05:00 AM

Fun character :sigh: random movie which I don't know what to think of but did love her in it & her character. Very twisted :lol:

ina_am 06-15-2016 05:37 AM

Yeah, a pretty strange movie :lol: I can say she was my fave thing from it :D
With a nice sense of humor :D

shinebrighterxx 06-15-2016 05:43 AM

Exactly, I agree with all of that

I like your OP here too :)

ina_am 06-15-2016 05:52 AM

The good thing is that she worked with a great team there :sigh: Johnny and Tim are fab.

Thanks for the OP :hug: So glad you liked it!

shinebrighterxx 06-16-2016 02:37 AM

Very true :nod:

ina_am 06-16-2016 03:31 AM

That BST is great to watch :D

ina_am 07-11-2016 04:35 AM

Loved that scene when the factory went on fire :D

ina_am 07-23-2016 02:48 AM

ina_am 08-05-2016 08:34 AM

ina_am 08-18-2016 04:41 AM

ina_am 09-07-2016 01:41 PM


ina_am 09-10-2016 11:56 AM

golden tattoo 09-10-2016 03:53 PM

Haven't had the chance to see this movie yet, is it good? :look:

ina_am 09-11-2016 02:41 AM

It's a bit strange :D But she was great in it ;), at least!

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