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Julie 11-20-2016 08:07 PM

News Thread #3: We can't wait to see what's next!
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For those of you who haven’t been following Aaron Paul’s career post-Breaking Bad, don’t worry: everything’s going well. After starring in a successful first season of The Path, the actor will be returning to the Hulu series for a second season set to air early next year.

On Instagram, the actor shared a sneak peek at the upcoming installment which contains the ominous announcement: “Your fragile house of lies? It could collapse at any moment.” Oh ****.

In the show, Paul plays the role of Eddie Lane, a married man and member of a controversial sect led by the charismatic Cal Roberts (Hugh Dancy), who has a crisis of faith. Coming after The Leftovers and its Guilty Remnants but before Waco and guru Jim Jones, the series follows something of a cult trend in recent times.

According to the synopsis, Season 2 won’t get any easier for the Lane family:

“Tormented by strange visions, Eddie struggles with a new life in the secular world while Sarah, despite her skepticism of Cal, now stands beside him as Co-Guardian of The Light.”
Season 2 of The Path will be coming to Hulu on January 25.
Aaron Paul unveils a first look at 'The Path' season 2

desmondluverbrotha 11-21-2016 02:54 PM

Oh cool :cool: TFTNT

Julie 11-21-2016 06:55 PM

Aaron Paul Reacts To ‘Better Caul Saul’ Squat Cobbler Scene


They weren’t catchphrases, exactly, but Breaking Bad introduced some of the most memorable TV show quotes in recent memory, including “I am the danger,” “may his death satisfy you,” and “I am the one who knocks.” Better Call Saul bested them all with three simple words: “Hoboken Squat Cobbler.”

In the second episode of Better Call Saul season two, Jimmy casually references the “squat cobbler” to a pair of detectives. You might not know it as the Full Moon Moon Pie, or Boston Crème Splat, or Simple Simon the Ass Man, or Dutch Apple Ass, but they all mean the same thing: it’s when a man sits in pie and… wiggles around. Of course Jimmy is lying — there’s no such thing as a “Hoboken Squat Cobbler,” or at least there wasn’t until this episode — to protect his baseball card-loving client, but the cops don’t know that.

In the original script, “there weren’t as many names,” co-creator Peter Gould told Alan Sepinwall. “In fact, I don’t know that we named it at all.” But when Bob Odenkirk helpfully pitched that all sex acts have names, he gave “us a direction that we ran with, and then he ran with it in performance. And I just love it.” So does Aaron Paul, who can be seen reacting to the term in a bonus feature from the Better Call Saul season two DVD and Blu-ray.

Just don’t ask for the “Squat Cobbler, Bitch.” That’s something else entirely.

desmondluverbrotha 11-22-2016 04:02 PM

I didn't find it that amusing :lol: I assume Better Call Saul will be back some time a round February?

Julie 11-22-2016 09:48 PM

I think so :nod: Hope Aaron makes an appearance soon ;)

desmondluverbrotha 11-23-2016 03:08 AM

That would be awesome :yay:

Julie 11-23-2016 07:24 PM

Any ideas for what a Jesse appearance on Better Call Saul could be like? Maybe hanging out with Wendy :lol:

desmondluverbrotha 11-24-2016 05:09 PM

Maybe or be in court, Jimmy hangs out there alot :lol: I can't wait to see what they do with him though :pinkie:

Ahiru77 01-14-2017 09:21 AM

Okay okay hold up.

Yes, he may have did "the method" to make sure he got Pinkman's mannerisms right, but one will deduce, based on his audition tape and the pilot, that he actually already had Pinkman down to a tee. He was already legend-level the moment the show started in 2008.

Him using method, was just him being passionate, as one should be being an actor, but it was really not needed for him at all. Bryan Cranston knew that, that's why he discouraged Aaron to continue methoding.

You can't method S01E02 Cat's in the Bag... or S01E04 Cancer man or S02E02 Grilled or S02E13 ABQ... can't be a hack or use gimmicks and be able to constistenly do what he did in Breaking Bad or the Path or Come and Find Me. No, no way.
Aaron has actually visibly and evidently proven to be the true, natural, genuine talent. Not a hype or a farce.

No, when you're a hack who uses method "to be taken seriously" you end up being a Joker.

desmondluverbrotha 01-14-2017 09:37 AM

Thanks for bringing that. Some pretty cool stuff. Aaron was obviously an amazing natural actor and he was the perfect Jesse Pinkman :slinkie: I agree it was just his passion for the character that led him to try to live in Jesse's shoes but it was unnecessary for him. I loved hearing how connected he became to his character and how the story invoked feeling in him and the other cast, the way it made us feel as well :love:

Julie 01-14-2017 11:03 AM

Some of that sounds a bit dangerous :eek: He was certainly very dedicated though, it's great that he was so passionate about the role. But stay safe Aaron :lol:

At least he didn't go full on meth-od acting :goof:

Ahiru77 01-15-2017 05:07 AM

I believe the full interview Off Camera with Sam Jones will actually air tomorrow so y'all can watch it.

desmondluverbrotha 01-15-2017 05:45 AM

Oh cool :yay: Thanks for letting us know, I definitely want to more :slinkie:

Julie 01-15-2017 12:07 PM

Awesome :yay: excited to watch it

desmondluverbrotha 01-15-2017 02:30 PM

His interviews are always so awesome :yay:

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