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sourburst 06-13-2015 05:17 AM

:rotfl: i love both so much though

T'Lynn 06-13-2015 07:46 AM

Hook was such a great movie

CityGal 06-13-2015 07:05 PM

Hope he says something cute - just one good quotable moment. That's all. :D

T'Lynn 06-14-2015 12:08 PM

I think we'll have some great stuff to fill up this thread next weekend. I'm so excited for Colin's first fan convention! SDCC is so much different, this will be amazing!

sourburst 06-17-2015 07:52 AM

I can't wait :D

T'Lynn 06-17-2015 06:32 PM

Always good to have new stuff so we don't have to keep talking about the same thing :lol:

CityGal 06-17-2015 11:48 PM

We know the quote associated with this pic by heart. :D

sourburst 06-18-2015 08:58 AM

i'd fall on my back for him

T'Lynn 06-18-2015 06:01 PM

I love that scene

CityGal 06-21-2015 11:13 PM

I'm fine. Really. That's a ship's mast in my eye. No biggie. :bawl:


CityGal 06-21-2015 11:31 PM


sourburst 06-22-2015 04:05 AM

thanks for those

T'Lynn 06-22-2015 06:29 AM

Colin was so great for this convention! He seemed really comfortable

CityGal 06-22-2015 11:32 AM
what’s your favorite scene?

“One scene is in Tallahassee at the top of the beanstalk when Emma’s cut her hand and he gets the rum and the bandage. And I pour it on and set it aside and then I wrap the bandage around and I only have one hand to do it with. But I didn’t tell Jen what I was gonna do. So we do the whole thing with the rum and the scarf and then I lean in and use my teeth to pull it, and Jen is looking at me like ‘what are you doing?’ and you can see that in the scene.”
- Colin

dancing in the rain 06-23-2015 02:56 AM

Oh Gosh, I totally love that!

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