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Old 09-04-2016, 03:50 PM
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Took the words right out of my mouth guys. Exactly how I feel about Tony and part of the MCU fandom. While I don't hate Tony everything we are talking about are reasons why I'm not a fan of his character.

Right everyone of the Avengers has had trauma happen to them. I know they want to give Tony drama, but it's not cute or funny or excusable anymore the way Tony acts. The extreme reactionary choices he makes from one to the other. It only what took him that one visit from that kid's mother, who choose to be at Sokovia, to feel "remorse" not all the destruction he caused by creating yeah I can't believe that his choice was completely out of remorse either. Don't forget he mentioned to Steve that he was doing the accords to get Pepper back. In the end it feels more like it's in service of getting rid his own guilt and getting Pepper back not out of remorse or what's best for the team. I'm sorry either he needs help or he needs off the team. I doubt it will happen though. (sigh)

One of my favorite parts was in Ultron was the team not taking Tony's BS about the black hole he seems to keep bringing up three million times. I'm sure the MCU world wanted it to come off like a coping mechanism with a bit of humor to the audience, but all it came off like was self centered, trying to gain sympathy, and another excuse for his poor choices. I mean there was a reason why he didn't tell anyone else about Ultron. He knew it wouldn't fly with the rest of the team. If I recall and correct me if I'm wrong didn't Tony know about the Accords before Steve and the other met Ross? So same reason he didn't tell them about the Accords before the meeting with Ross. Wash and Repeat.

Another thing people love to simplify Steve's choices. While Bucky made the Accords very personal he wasn't for it from the get go. He was looking out for his team and those they help long before Bucky entered the picture.

Sorry for these long posts/rants, but they've been building up since Civil War came out in theatre. Thank you for the link Miran!
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