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evesix 03-26-2020 07:30 AM

7x09 - "Dillman" Episode Discussion (March 26th)
Dillman (7x09)
Episode Discussion

March 26th 8:30EST on NBC


03/26/2020 (08:30PM - 09:00PM) (Thursday) : When a prank goes disastrously awry, things at the Nine-Nine take a distinctly Agatha Christie turn.


evesix 03-27-2020 08:48 AM

Fun episode! Great seeing JK Simmons in this role. Charles and Jake's friendship was great in this, I was so impressed with Boyle. :D

And I mean, a whodunnit is my fave thing ever so it was great all around ;)

*Dark_Angel* 03-29-2020 06:30 AM

Excellent episode!! I had no idea who did, the writers did a great job leading us on. The whodunnit or “who has done it?!” episodes are always done really well on the show.

evesix 03-29-2020 07:25 AM

Hahaha, "who has done it?" - classic.

BlondieLeigh 07-21-2020 06:39 PM

"Who has done it?" :lmao: That was the perfect touch.

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