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kindness is free 11-04-2019 03:18 PM

Holiday Fan Art Competition 2019
Banner by Chelle (shinebrighterxx)

Fan Forum Holiday Board Art Competition
Get into the holiday spirit! Work together, and show us what your board can do!
Create holiday themed artwork on the topic of all your favorite tv shows, celebrities and movies to submit for the competition.

Hi everyone! :wave:

We are holding the annual Holiday Fan Art competition again this year and we're happy to announce that this board has signed up to participate.

For rules, information, a list of all of the boards that are participating, and a place to ask any questions, please visit this thread on the Info Center board.

  1. The art must be holiday themed and have the board name clear anywhere on the artwork. You are free to use any technique (brushes, textures etc...). For help and tutorials, the Fan Art board is a great place to find it.
  2. The artwork you submit must be exactly one of the following 3 sizes in pixels and in JPEG format; 400x300, 800x600, or 1024x768.
  3. Art should include your username on the bottom left of all artwork in Verdana, font size 12.
  4. You will have to include a separate 200x150px thumbnail in JPEG or PNG format (please include the whole image in your thumbnail) along with your art to be used in the voting. Please do not add a border to the thumbnail.
  5. Final submissions should be a separate post in the thread marked with the words "to submit it for the competition" in red. This way, we will know that it is the final version of the art you would like to submit. It will be linked on the beginning post of the thread, updated frequently. If you do not see your art on that post a few days after you post it, please PM vale decem. The moderators of every board are responsible to add the arts to the OP by the deadline. Any art that hasn't been added in by 24 hours after the deadline won't be included in the polls.
  6. You may submit no more than 1 art per board. You may most certainly make more than one for each board and post it on the thread for people to see, however you may only submit one for the competition per board. There is no limit to how many boards you can submit an art for.

If you have any submissions for this board, please make sure that you follow all of the rules (listed above) and post your entries on this thread.

Current Submissions:

Madame Regal 11-06-2019 07:00 AM

thanks for opening

kindness is free 11-08-2019 03:03 PM

No problem I cannot wait for this :love:

Madame Regal 11-10-2019 02:53 AM

hope for some pretty entries

kindness is free 11-10-2019 06:11 AM

I hope so too :love:

in love with you dummy 11-16-2019 05:15 PM

Looking forward to the submissions. :wiggle:

Madame Regal 11-17-2019 03:11 AM

Me too

kindness is free 11-17-2019 04:48 AM

I can't wait :love:

kindness is free 12-02-2019 03:20 PM

I have still got 19 days to get my art done!

Madame Regal 12-03-2019 02:40 AM

i wish i could do something but without a program... sniff

kindness is free 12-03-2019 02:52 PM

I know that sucks Suz I always love your art :love:

Madame Regal 12-04-2019 12:41 AM

thanks babes. i love yours too

kindness is free 12-04-2019 03:11 PM

Aww thank you :hug: :love:

In My Blood 12-06-2019 01:57 PM

No submissions so far. :(

None of my boards have submissions yet, either. It seems like a lot of boards don’t have any right now. :no: People must be too busy, or don’t have the right program to make them anymore this year... :shrug:

kindness is free 12-06-2019 03:02 PM

It is the quietest year I've known for the competition with no entries yet

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