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The Blacklist Mythology #9: "Right now the only thing that matters is the immediate threat, your husband, finding out who he is and who he works for."

the blacklist mythology
questions and answers
n i n e t h • a p p r e c i a t i o n • t h r e a d

Part of what makes The Blacklist one of the most suspenseful and engaging shows on television is the complex mythology that weaves together secret backgrounds, strained alliances, and mysterious relations all of which are surrounded by questions both answered and unanswered. When almost every character we meet has multiple identities and answers often lead to more questions it's enough to make any viewer's head spin!

Unless you're keeping track!
Here we can keep a record of all the information we've learned.
Both the Questions that have been answered.
And the ones still wrapped in Mystery

Unanswered Questions:

The questions are categorized season wise and each question can be found in the season section that it arose in.
— s e a s o n o n e
  1. How does Red know Lizzie? (1x01)
  2. What is the grand design of the The Blacklist number order? (1x01)
  3. Is the Y-pattern on Tom's box connected to Liz's scar? (1x01)
  4. How did Red come up with his Blacklist? (1x01)
  5. Where does Liz's maiden name, Elizabeth Scott, come from? (1x02)
  6. Are Red's burn marks connected to the fire that Lizzie experienced when she was four years old? (1x22)
  7. What is the history between Red and Sam? (1x08)
  8. Who was the one that wanted Diane Fowler to insert a mole into the task force? (1x02)
  9. Besides Diane, who else knows what happened to Red's family? (1x13)

— s e a s o n t w o
  1. How does Red know Berlin's daughter? (2x07)
  2. What did Cooper do in Kuwait that Red could threaten him with? (2x01)
  3. Why didn't Red try to get the Fulcrum before? (2x09)
  4. How is/was Lizzie's father connected to the Fulcrum? (2x10)
  5. Who put the fulcrum in Lizzie's toy bunny? (2x10)
  6. Who and what caused the fire in Liz' house? (2x10)
  7. Who's car is the official state car? (2x12)
  8. What's happening that the mysterious guy on the phone was indicating? (2x13)
  9. How does the Director know Lizzie's mother? (2x19)
  10. What's Mr. Kaplan's task in case Red is killed/dies? (2x19)
  11. Whose place did Connolly get in the Alliance? (2x19)
  12. What does Tom know about Red that Lizzie doesn't yet? (2x19)
  13. What's the means of Red's secret flat? (2x19)
  14. How did Charlene get the information that she leaked on behalf of Cooper? (2x20)
  15. How much of the night of the fire does Lizzie really remember? Everything or was her shooting her father the only thing that was triggered? (2x22)
  16. Why did Red choose to be Liz's sin-eater? (2x22)
  17. What happened between the night of the fire (must have been at the beginning of 1989 since Liz still was 4 years old) and the Christmas Eve in 1990 when Red disappeared? (2x22)
  18. How did the Cabal know about Ressler's drug addiction? (2x22)

— s e a s o n t h r e e
  1. How did the Cabal find out about Dembe's daughter? (3x01)
  2. Did the Cabal really blame Red for something that he hadn't done and if so what was it? (3x02)
  3. Who's name did Red want out of the Djinn's client book? (3x04)
  4. What did Marvin Gerard find in the Fulcrum documents that made him and Red wonder if what he found could really be true? (3x02)
  5. How did the Director know who Red really is? (3x10)
  6. What did the Director mean with his 'And I know why you did THIS.'? What's this? (3x10)
  7. Why did Red want into the Cabal? (3x10)
  8. Is it true that it was Red's plan from the beginning to join the Cabal and built them back up again like Hitchin said? (3x10)
  9. What was Liz's will? (3x10)
  10. Why is Red bringing the members of the Shell Island Retreat down? (3x11)
  11. What did Red discover in the Rostova file that makes him believe it's getting worse? (3x14)
  12. Who is that woman with the red/blond hair and the piercing? (3x15)
  13. Did Red really lie to Lizzie about her mother, Katarina Rostova? (3x16)
  14. Is Katarina Rostova a member of the Cabal? (3x16)

— s e a s o n f o u r
  1. How does Red know about the Summer Palace? (4x02)
  2. Why did Katarina go after Red? (4x03)
  3. Who wanted Katarina to go after Red? (4x03)
  4. Who told Kirk about Red's plan? (4x05)
  5. Why didn't Kirk kill Red when he had the chance? (4x06)
  6. Why did Red want to save Kirk? (4x08)
  7. What did Red whisper into Kirk's ear after Kirk injected him with the syringe? (4x08)
  8. What do Red and Kirk have in common that made Katarina be assigned to both men? (4x08)
  9. What will he do if he learns she is alive? (4x10)
  10. Why was the investigation into Reven Wright murder ordered to be dropped? (4x14)
  11. Who knows about Red's medical history and what is in his medical history to lead to that poison? (4x15)
  12. Did Kate sew something into the bunny and if so what was it?(4x17)
  13. With our new Kate timeline when did Red alter Liz's memory? (4x17)
  14. Does Mr. Kaplan know that Red killed Sam? (4x17)
  15. What is in the box Red gave Dembe? (4x18)
  16. Why can't Dembe open the box until he decides to leave Red? (4x18)
  17. Whose fingerprint was it that Gale and Ressler found at Diane Fowler's murder scene? (4x18)
  18. Did Dr. Krilov really temper with Liz's memories again two years ago to make her forget certain things? (4x19)
  19. Who is the one who brought Liz to Dr. Krilov two years ago and what did he make her forget? (4x19)
  20. Why needed this person for Liz to forget about certain things? (4x19)
  21. Is Gale around and investigating the murders because Mr. Kaplan directly or indirectly ordered him to do so? (4x19)
  22. Who made the world believe that Red was a criminal before he even became one and why did they do it? (4x19)
  23. Who was Tom talking to at the phone about the bones? (4x22)
  24. Who is the Russian who held Red captive and tortured him for ten days? (4x22)

— s e a s o n f i v e
  1. Whose body did Ressler help Prescott to get rid of? (5x03)
  2. How does Ian Garvey know about the suitcase? (5x04)
  3. Why does Ian Garvey want the suitcase? (5x04)
  4. Why would so many people be interested in the suitcase? (5x07)
  5. Why does Ian Garvey want to come in contact with Red? (5x07)
  6. What confessions are in the envelope that Cooper gave to Ressler for safekeeping? (5x10)
  7. Why is Garvey so interested in Liz being back? (5x10)
  8. How comes that a dirty cop (aka Garvey) wants the whole truth about the suitcase? (5x16)
  9. Who killed Naomi and why? (5x20)
  10. Why didn't Red know that Naomi was murdered since he was the one who made her 'disappear'? (5x20)
  11. What is the real identity of the person that made everybody believe he's Raymond Reddington for five years? (5x22)
  12. Why did the imposter take the identity of the real Raymond Reddington? (5x22)
  13. How are the real Raymond Reddington and our imposter Red connected? (5x22)
  14. When exactly did the imposter take the identity of the real Raymond Reddington? (5x22)
  15. Why did imposter Red keep the bones of the real Raymond Reddington? (5x22)
  16. Who put the bones of Raymond Reddington into the duffle bag and how did they get in there? (5x22)

— s e a s o n s i x
  1. Why did Red steal that painting? (6x01)
  2. Who is that woman that the Corsican was working for? (6x02)
  3. What has Red hired the Pharmacist for?
  4. Who gave the prosecutor the tip about the gun?

Partly Answered Questions:
  1. Why did Red surrender to FBI and what motive does he have? (1x02)
    >> For once he surrendered to the FBI to have influence on Lizzie's life after she had fallen in love with Tom and Tom had started to work for Berlin. But we know that's not the only reason and motive.
  2. Who's the Cabal's target?
    >> It's been Liz so far but we think she won't be the only one.
  3. What is Ressler's background? (3x09)
    >> Agent Ressler's father was a cop, who used to have high principles regarding right and wrong. He had a colleague called Tommy Markin, who was talking talking about how dirty the precinct was and how they were gonna clean it up. They never got there because Ressler's father refused to get on the pay-roll and so a drug dealer put a bullet in him. It was a trap, set by the crookedest cop of all, Tommy Markin. He never had to face consequences therefore and Ressler believes that his dead would have died for nothing if Ressler wouldn't go by his principles.
  4. What was in the red envelope that Red burned on the graveyard? (3x16)
    >> We believe that for once the envelope contained the truth about imposter Red's identity. But we think there was more as well, like an explanation on why he took the identity and how.
  5. Why is Red so determined to keep the truth from Liz and what is the 'TRUTH' that Dembe is referring to? (3x16)
    >> We believe that with the TRUTH Dembe meant the truth about who imposter Red really is. But we still don't know why Red was so determined to keep the truth from Liz.

Answered Questions:

The answers are listed season wise and every answer can be found in the season category that we got it in.
— s e a s o n o n e
  1. Who is Tom Keen? (1x01)
    >> A spy sent from Berlin to keep an eye on Liz.
  2. What does the key Tom hid open? (1x18)
    >> A safety deposit box with photos implicating Red in Sam's death.
  3. Will Liz ever find out Tom killed Jolene Parker? (1x16)
    >> She did in 1x19 when she was told so from Red.
  4. What does Mr. Kaplan do with all those bodies? (1x13)
    She cleans everything up and buries them somewhere nobody can find them.

— s e a s o n t w o
  1. Who is Berlin? (1x20)
    >> Former Red Army/KGB operative who lost his daughter and is driven by revenge. He wants to destroy Red and employs a network of spies to do his bidding and keep an eye on his interests.
  2. What happened to Red's family? (1x01)
    >> They were moved into witness protection twenty years ago after which his wife took on the name Naomi Hyland and remarried.
  3. Why does Berlin want to destroy Red? (2x01)
    >> Because Berlin was tricked by the Decembrist (Fitch) into thinking that Red had killed his daughter.
  4. What's the Fulcrum? (2x09)
    >> It's a blackmail file , proof of the existence of an extraordinarily powerful clandestine organization.
  5. Where is the Fulcrum? (2x09)
    >> It's been in Lizzie's stuff bunny.
  6. Why does Luther Braxton need Liz to find the Fulcrum? (2x09)
    >> Because he was ordered to find it for the clandestine organization so Red couldn't blackmail them anymore and it was hidden in her stuff bunny which only she could remember.
  7. What's in that safe deposit box Alan Fitch referred to? (2x08)
    >> A phone number with a Russian country code on a piece of paper.
  8. Which disease is Cooper suffering? (2x01)
    >> An inoperable brain tumor.
  9. What's the connection between Red and Tom? (2x08)
    >> Red payed the Major to hire a person to keep an eye on Liz. The person that the Major chose was Tom. But at some point the Major betrayed Red because he was payed double from Berlin so from this point on Tom started to work for the Major in regards of Berlin, not Red anymore.
  10. What is Tom Keen's real name? (1x15)
    >> Christopher Hargrave.
  11. What is Tom's business in Germany? (2x14)
    >> Tom was ordered to find out, which person of the German group, that he infiltrated, murdered a girl/woman called Sarah Hastings.
  12. Which passports did Tom burn? The ones he got from Liz or The Major? (2x17)
    >> He burned the passports he got from the Major and needed the ones from Liz to disappear.
  13. Does the judge have any connection to the Alliance? (2x15)
    >> It's safe to assume he isn't.
  14. What's the key for that Red got from Pepper of The Front? (2x05)
    >> It's the key for the device that is needed to access the information on the Fulcrum.
  15. Who is the guy that Red called with the number of the safe? (2x12)
    >> It's been Leonard Caul.
  16. What's in the small case Red got out of the official state car? (2x12)
    >> The device that is needed to access the information on the Fulcrum.
  17. What happened to that mysterious guy (now know as Leonard Caul)? (2x13)
    >> The cabal tried to kill him short after Red called him. He's been in hiding ever since, watching, waiting of a signal from Red that it was safe to meet until he found Lizzie in Red's secret apartment.
  18. What exactly did Red hire Tom for in the first place? (2x08)
    >> Red hired Tom to keep an eye on Lizzie as a friend of a friend at arm length.
  19. When did Red find out that the Major, and therewith Tom, has betrayed him? (2x15)
    >> It hasn't been mentioned and it might never be.
  20. Who shot Red? (2x18)
    >> A sniper, who was working for the cabal.
  21. What does Connolly really want? (2x16)
    >> He wanted a seat at the table (of the cabal) and he finally got it at the end of "Leonard Caul" - 2x19.
  22. Who are the woman and the girl on the picture Lizzie found in the secret flat of Red? (2x19)
    >> It's Lizzie and her mother.
  23. Who was tempering with Lizzie's memories when she still was really young and why? (2x10)
    >> Red was the one tempering with her memory and he did it because he wanted to protect her from the truth that she was the one killing her father.
  24. Does Lizzie really have a copy of the Fulcrum? (2x09)
    >> Not sure if Lizzie has a copy but Leonard Caul for sure made one because otherwise Red wouldn't have been able to show the journalists the content of it.
  25. Is Lizzie's biological father really dead? (1x01)
    >> Yes, she killed him in the night oft he fire when she was four years old.
  26. What secret does Red know about The Alliance? (1x20)
    >> Red knows everything they've ever done since he is in the possession of the Fulcrum.
  27. Is it really true that the Cabal has somebody on the inside and if so, who is it?
    >> Yes, it's been Tom Connolly, newly announced Attorney General and now being dead.

— s e a s o n t h r e e
  1. What is going to happen to the task force now that Liz is gone with Red? (2x22)
    >> The task force is still intact and hunting her down with Ressler in its lead.
  2. Will the fact, that Lizzie shot Connolly with Tom's gun, be picked up on? (2x22)
    >> No.
  3. Why did Liz shoot Connolly? (2x22)
    >> Because Connolly was threatening to destroy the lives of everybody in her task force and kill Red.
  4. Why did Mr. Solomon think that taking Mr. Vargas would make Dembe talk? (3x03)
    >> Because at this point Mr. Vargas was already working for Mr. Solomon and just tricking Dembe into believing he would be on his side still and being tortured.
  5. Who's name did Red want out of the Djinn's client book? (3x04)
    >> We never got an answer. We only know it were key players in the Cabal.
  6. Is Hitchin a member of the Cabal as well? (3x05)
    >> Yes, she is but we don't know what her part is exactly.
  7. What was Red referring to when he told Dembe not to forget that they talked about it? (3x08)
    >> Red just wants Dembe to pick up a first edition book when he picks up the chromium plated master printing plates for the 100 dollar bill.
  8. What was in that care package that Dembe was receiving in the book store? (3x08)
    >> Chromium plated master printing plates for the 100 dollar bill.
  9. What did Marvin Gerard find in the Fulcrum documents that made him and Red wonder if what he found could really be true? (3x02)
    >> They discovered documents about a war crime of the US government and the CIA on Venezuelan ground and therewith violated international law.
  10. Who is the woman in Tom's "real" life? (1x06)
    >> We think that this woman is Gina, since she knows his real name and since she was in the Major's school as well.
  11. Who and where is Gina Zanetakos? (1x06)
    >> Gina Zanetakos is, like Jacob/Tom, a student of the Major's school. Our guess is that Gina and Jacob/Tom got to know each other at the school. They used to be lovers until Jacob/Tom started to care for and fall for Elizabeth Keen. He dumped Gina for Liz. After Gina escaped prison she was working on a new assignment for the Major. Tom contacted her to ask her for help, for money. Gina, after being refused of his love again, betrayed him by getting him shot. The purpose was to kill him which she didn't manage to do. She's gone into the wind again.
  12. Who was on the other end of the phone call that Gina had after Tom left? (3x16)
    >> It's safe to assume that it was the Major.
  13. Is Lizzie's mother still alive and if not, who killed her? (2x20)
    >> Lizzie's mother really is dead according to Red and as far as we know she committed suicide to protect her daughter.
  14. Who is Solomon working for now that he's not working for the Cabal anymore? (3x17)
    >> Solomon is working for Susan "Scottie" Hargrave.
  15. Is Liz really dead? (3x18)
    >> No.
  16. If Liz isn't dead, who faked her death? (3x18)
    >> Mr. Kaplan faked her death with help of Nik and Tom to protect Agnes and herself, so she wouldn't have to raise Agnes' in Red's world.
  17. Why does Liz's mother want to see Reddington dead? (3x15)
    >> Apparently it's not been her mother, who sent the picture and the message but Alexander Kirk.
  18. Is Katarina Rostova keeping an eye on Liz because she knows exactly what Liz looks like? (3x15)
    >> And again it's not been Katarina Rostova who was behind that picture and watching Liz, but Alexander Kirk. He knew what he looked like because he had seen the news about Liz in the Russian embassy and her announcing to be Masha Rostova.
  19. Why does Solomon's boss want Liz alive and not dead? (3x17)
    >> Solomon's boss at the time was Alexander Kirk and he believed that Liz (aka Masha Rostova) was his daughter, which he was proven wrong about in episode 4x07.

— s e a s o n f o u r
  1. What kind of disease does Kirk suffer from? (3x23)
    >> A blood disorder which he will die from (a-plastic anemia).
  2. What is Red going to do with Mr. Kaplan after this betrayal? (3x23)
    >> He brought her to a piece of land where nobody would ever find her and shot her.
  3. What's Red's connection to Lizzie's mother? (2x20)
    >> Red was an assignment of Katharina Rostova since she was a spy. Apparently she fell in love with him, admitting that he might be the only one she's ever loved.
  4. Which patent did Matthew Hadj and Sonia Bloom apply for? (4x05)
    >> It was the patent on how to use CRISPR to cure A-plastic anemia and other diseases.
  5. Is Alexander Kirk really Liz's father? (3x23)
    >> No, he isn't.
  6. What does Alexander Kirk want from Liz? (3x23)
    >> He believed her to be his daughter and wanted the 25 years back that he missed in her life. Besides of that he wanted to form a father/daughter relationship with her, wanted to protect her from Raymond Reddington and needed a bone marrow donation to be healed of his deadly disease.
  7. If Alexander Kirk really is Liz's father, did Red know his true identity and that he's still alive the whole time? (3x23)
    >> Alexander Kirk isn't Liz's father.
  8. Did Red and Katarina really have an affair like Kirk claims? (4x01)
    >> Yes, they had. It was less an affair than an assignment of Katarina towards Red but she fell in love with him in the end.
  9. Who is the guy that is holding Mr. Kaplan? (4x04)
    >> It's a man, that doesn't want to live in a populated area anymore but that wants to be isolated and quietly live his life in these woods.
  10. Why does that guy keep Mr. Kaplan chained? (4x04)
    >> Because she was a stranger to him and he couldn't trust her. So he protected himself.
  11. Is the DNA test of Kirk's file of the Russians? (4x05)
    >> It appears that Katarina might have faked the test because Red told Kirk that he saw what Katarina wanted him to see.
  12. Which patent did Matthew Hadj and Sonia Bloom apply for? (4x05)
    >> It's been something called CRISPR, which healed a person with the same disease Alexander Kirk is suffering.
  13. What's Red's goal with Dr. Adrian Shaw (aka Sonia Bloom) now that he's set up a lap for her? (4x07)
    >> He wanted her to find patient zero, the one patient that went into full remission when she was treated from Adrian Shaw (aka Sonia Bloom). He needed that patient to save his life by giving Alexander Kirk the option to be healed of his deadly a-plastic anemia.
  14. Will Red see Dembe telling Liz about Mr. Kaplan as a betrayal and what will he do about that? (4x10)
    >> No, Red doesn't see it as a betrayal. He understands why Dembe told Liz.
  15. How will Liz react to learning of Kate's murder? (4x10)
    >> Dembe tells her that Red killed Kate. She is mad at Red for killing Kate and she tells him that finding the WITSEC list and therefore protect Kate's sister doesn't excuse what he did to Kate.
  16. Is Maureen Rowan this woman named Annie that Mr. Kaplan was mentioning? (4x11)
    >> No, Maureen Rowan is Mr. Kaplan's sister. She has been in Witness protect for a very long time because she witnessed a disposal of dead body and testified against the person who did it.
  17. Why does Isabella Stone want to see Red dead? (4x12)
    >> Isabella's husband Gavin Pruitt was Red's accountant and Isabella thinks that Red got him killed because he talked to the FBI about working with Red but he didn't. Instead Red helped Gavin walk away from everything he loved in order to protect his family.
  18. Who is Annie? (4x02)
    >> Annie Kaplan was Kate Kaplan's girlfriend. They met in a bar and they moved to Amarillo together where Annie's uncle Little Nikos lives. One night Annie and Kate get shot at the bail bonn office where Annie works. Annie dies while Kate survives.
  19. What happened to Mr. Kaplan that was so horrible she didn't know how to move on? (4x02)
    >> Mr. Kaplan and her girlfriend Annie got shot. Annie was killed and Mr. Kaplan was left in a coma for three weeks.
  20. Did the night of the fire really never happen like Kirk says? (4x02)
    >> No, Kirk was lying. The night of the fire did happen.
  21. Did Red miss killing Mr. Kaplan on purpose or did he really fail? (4x02)
    >> He failed. He thought he killed her. After he pulled the trigger he forgot to check if she was really dead.
  22. Will Red find out Kate is alive? (4x10)
    >> Yes. He found out she was alive in episode 4x16.
  23. Who's meddling in Red's business this time? (4x11)
    >> Mr. Kaplan. She wants revenge for the fact that Red shot her and tried to kill her.
  24. Did Dembe poison Red or is he being framed? (4x15)
    >> Dembe did pour Red the drink but he wasn't the one to poison it.
  25. Why did Dembe leave Red and wasn't able to be reached by him afterwards? (4x15)
    >> Dembe wanted to find out who was behind Red's poisoning. He was afraid Red would think it was him, so he wanted proof before going back to Red.
  26. What is Dembe up to? (4x15)
    >> He wanted to prove to everyone that he is innocent and that he didn't poison Red's drink. He wanted to find the person responsible.
  27. What did Mr. Kaplan refer to when she told Red that she was holding Liz as a baby? (4x02)
    >> Mr. Kaplan was Liz's nanny when she a child. She was hired by Liz's mother, Katarina Rostova.
  28. Who is the driver of the car that Mr. Kaplan was picked up by? (4x08)
    >> She was picked up by a random guy who happened to drive there.
  29. Who drove Kate to the summer palace? (4x17)
    >> She was brought there by a random driver. It wasn't Red.
  30. Who is Baldur Magnusson? (4x11)
    >> Baldur Magnusson is one of Red's biggest rivals. He is appearing in 4x12 since Red thinks that Magnusson has gotten rid of one or Red's associates, Zac Small (finance guy of Red's). Which actually isn't the case.
  31. Who is Isabella Stone to Red? (4x12)
    >> Gavin Bruit was Isabella Stone's husband. He was setting up for tax havens in Mauritius. But the Feds got to him. Against the believes of Isabella Stone, Red didn't kill Gavin because he was afraid he'd talk, he helped him walk away from his wife (Isabella) and family to protect them. Believing Red this was the hardest thing that Gavin ever had to do.
  32. Who got into Red's accounts? (4x14)
    >> Mr. Kaplan did.

— s e a s o n f i v e
  1. Who is the person who killed Nik and has the suitcase now? (5x04)
    >> The person's name is Ian Garvey. He's responsible for Nik's death, cut off Pete's fingers and now has the suitcase.
  2. What's really happening during that flash forward scene, in which Tom seems to be dying by Red's hand? (5x01)
    >> Tom found out about whose bones are in the suitcase and arranges a secret meeting with Liz in their apartment to finally tell her the truth. When she arrives there, Tom is strapped to a chair and some men of a cartel are waiting for Liz to arrive there. These men work for Ian Garvey, who seeks out the apartment as well to get answers from Tom regarding Red's location. Tom won't give it and that's what Garvey stabs him. In the process, Liz gets beaten and badly injures her head on the floor. When Garvey doesn't get any answers, he leaves with the order towards the cartel men to kill Tom and Liz. Red figures out where Tom wanted to meet with Liz, arriving at the apartment and shoots the cartel members. He tries to safe Tom and Liz by getting them into the hospital but for Tom it's too late. He dies the same night while Liz is in a coma for ten months before she wakes up.
  3. What is the significance of the coin Red stole from Greyson Blaise? (5x02)
    >> The coin actually is a rare 1943 Lincoln penny and the key to a treasure hunt for a hidden fortune. There actually are four of these coins, which are supposed to prove the existence of Federal Reserve Notes, that the U.S. is denying exist. Collectors think the value is in the fact that they were one-off bronze pennies, instead of copper. But Red says what makes them valuable is not that they’re a mistake, but that there is a code put there by the man who minted them. A map to a financial holy grail of lost Federal Reserve Notes, redeemable upon request. In the end Red finds out that the pennies are Abraham Sterns (the blacklister of the week) inheritance: the man who minted the four bronze pennies was Stern’s father. Stern Sr. worked at the Denver Mint and had big dreams of becoming a master engraver. But when the Federal Reserve Notes went missing, and Stern’s father was suspected but unable to be charged, he was demoted, forced to work in the boiler room. Eventually, when the Mint made security upgrades in 1943, he was let go altogether, his dreams dashed. So, when Stern’s father died, leaving behind four bronze pennies for his son, Stern considered his father a failure and spent the pennies on Fireballs. When the will executor gave him a letter from his father a month later, explaining the value in the pennies, he made it his life’s mission to find them again. With Stern and Red acting as a makeshift team, Stern puts his Diane Kruger character on decoding the pennies. He tells them that Lincoln’s face on the pennies is a topographical representation of a mountain range, and that when you layer the images of each penny over each other, it creates a grid that clearly depicts…Denver. And when those pennies are layered, the slight flaws on the E Pluribus Unum inscription reveal a word: BOILER ROOM. When they get into the boiler room it is clear that Stern’s father did steal the Notes, he did hide them under the Treasury’s noses, and he did leave his son a map to an unimaginable fortune. Just though Red in the end gets his hands on them.
  4. Who or what is Oleander? (5x02)
    >> Oleander was the name of a Russian operative, active during the cold war. A few years ago the CIA thought he might be living in the United States under an assumed name, that was never proven... No charges were ever filed. Dominique Wilkinson is the assumed name, which turned out to be Dom.
  5. What does Red need the arsonist for? (5x12)
    >> He in general needs a man with these talents for his team. There was no specific plan that he kept him around for. In episode 5x15 Red's money laundry in the animal shelter was about to be blown and he wanted the arsonist to destroy it all. Gladly it didn't have to come to this. He gave him a book, told him to control his talent and be available for future work.
  6. What's the purpose of Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III for Red? (5x14)
    >> It's similar to the purpose of the arsonist. Red was a fan of Sinclair's talents and wanted to keep him in his team. In episode 5x19 they needed him to 'copy' Garvey to attend a meeting while Garvey was abducted by Red already.
  7. Is the woman who claims to be Raymond Reddington's daughter, Jennifer? (5x18)
    >> Yes, she is.
  8. Where is Jennifer? (2x01)
    >> Jennifer went into witness protection after her father Raymond Reddington didn't come home on Christmas Eve. Several years later Naomi left her to protect her from Red since she knew he'd come for her at some point. So Garvey was the one who hid Jennifer until Liz found her working in a diner/bar called "Pete's" in Baltimore. She lived there as Lillian May Roth.
  9. Who exactly is Garvey? (5x16)
    >> Garvey is a US Marshall. To be specific it's the one that was assigned to Naomi and Jennifer when they went into witness protection. Garvey was at Jennifer's side from there on until now. He took care of her, he was her father figure.
  10. Is Red really Liz's father or did he only say what Kirk wanted to hear? (4x08)
    >> No, he is not. Red took the identity of Raymond Reddington, he is an imposter. The real Raymond Reddington is Masha Rostova's, and therewith Liz's, father.
  11. Whose bones were dug up? (4x22)
    >> It's the bones of the real Raymond Reddington.
  12. Who are Elizabeth Keen's parents? (1x01)
    >> Her mothers name was Katharina Rostova (which is one of her many names since she was working for the KGB). We now know that her father was the real Raymond Reddington, who is dead because the bones in the suitcase are his.

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Lauren Helen Graham 06-24-2018 08:38 AM

Thanks so much for the new thread, Miranda :flowers:

Unbelievable we reached our 9th mythology thread... I still can't believe it and look at this OP :thud:

Fangirl49 06-24-2018 09:04 AM

We know so much and nothing at all

Lauren Helen Graham 06-24-2018 11:32 AM

True :lol: I think you couldn't describe TBL better.

Miranda 06-25-2018 10:54 AM

That is THE best way to describe it Marilyn! :D

It really is unbelievable Kris.

Fangirl49 06-25-2018 11:17 AM

Talk about a show that answers questions but you still have no idea of anything about the main character.

Miranda 06-26-2018 10:04 AM

Exactly. And we might never get to know more about our main character, or maybe not until the very last episode of the series.

Fangirl49 06-26-2018 11:38 AM

So our new mysteries. Who is Red. What happened to Naomi. How will the Liz and Jennifer dynamic play out. Does Red know Liz is playing him. Will Liz connect the Dom question to herself and Red.

Is that all?

Lauren Helen Graham 06-27-2018 12:18 PM

That's basically it I think... But it's a lot and we could really move forward here regarding the mythology, right?

Fangirl49 06-27-2018 12:20 PM

We really should be able to go forward. Probably even fast forward.

Lauren Helen Graham 06-28-2018 12:17 PM

I hope we will... It looks good so far. But it sometimes did and in the end we got nothing but more confusion.

Fangirl49 06-29-2018 11:45 AM

If we go back to is he or is he not her father I will scream. And if we lean toward him being her mother.....

Miranda 07-01-2018 04:08 AM

We all known now that he is not her father so I don't think that will be a topic again do you think? It would be weird if it would be.

Lauren Helen Graham 07-01-2018 11:59 AM

No, I soooo hope the father question will be done now. It would be nuts to bring this one up again :eek:

Belziebub 07-01-2018 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by Fangirl49 (Post 94357224)
If we go back to is he or is he not her father I will scream. And if we lean toward him being her mother.....

I thnk the real Reddington is her father but the fake Reddington is not her father. The DNA test they done to determine if he was her father was blood on a shirt in custody from years ago. If the DNA was not tampered with that means the real Reddington is her father. Some believe the real Reddington is dead but I believe he is alive. I believe Kaplan saved him. He has had cosmetic surgery to look different now. One rumor in articles is the fake Reddington is Katarina. It will be interesting to see the storylines the writers will come up with. They have room for a lot of interesting storylines. Let's hope they are smart enough to use the opportunity to come up with the good storylines. I cannot wait to find out who the fake Reddington is.
Kaplan saying I am sorry Katarina before digging up the bones leaves me to wonder if the rumor of Katarina being fake Reddington is just rumor.

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