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KeepThisaSecret 01-01-2014 01:51 PM

Reign Music #1: History with the hottest Modern Tracks!
S e a s o n O n e M u s i c
1x01 "Pilot"
-- Charlie Boy by The Lumineers
Mary asks Francis if he would want to marry her if he was a nobody and she wasn't the queen of Scotland

-- Follow by Crystal Fighters
Mary, Greer, Aylee, Kenna & Lola disperse to relieve themselves after watching the couple consummate.

-- Back To You by Twin Forks
Mary Stuart and her ladies-in-waiting are dancing.

-- Scotland by The Lumineers
Opening scene when Mary plays futbol at the convent and when she arrives at the castle

-- The Loved Ones by Sanders Bohlke
Sebastian returns Stirling to Mary.

-- Girl You're Alright by Paul Otten
When the girls are doing their makeup.

-- Scotland by Wesley Jeremiah
Opening scene where Mary is playing Futbol at the convent

1x02 "Snake in the Garden"
-- Flowers in Your Hair by The Lumineers
Mary, Francis & Charles are riding through the forest.

-- Give up the Ghost (with Johnny McDaid) by Rosi Golan
Mary & Charles introduce themselves to Madeleine.

-- Wistful Thinking by A. Void & David Young
Everyone is enjoying the celebration in the castle.

-- Final Days by Matt Wilcox
Everyone is outside in the courtyard while they watch the kids play.

-- Navigate by Band of Skulls
End of the episode.

1x03 "Kissed"
-- Roots by The Melodic
Mary tries to get Charlie's ball out of the tree; She gets introduced to Tomas.

-- Pompeii by Bastille
Henry is sparring when Francis interrupts him.

-- Simple Desire by All Mankind
Henry & Kenna are in the corridor making out.

-- Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar
Mary & Tomas are riding their horses to a church built by Louis VII.

-- Estampie by Robert Foster
Catherine is talking to Nostradamus about what he saw in the future.

-- Tete a Tete by Ismaël De Saint Léger
Tomas dances with Mary.

-- By Your Side by Alex&Sam
Everyone is outside while Mary & Tomas talk.

-- Beautiful Day by Joshua Radin
Greer & Leith are talking then kiss.

-- These Things Never Change by Josh Auer

1x04 "Hearts and Minds"
-- Blame by Nik Ammar & Oliver Jackson
The girls are talking before the costume banquet.

-- I Followed Fires by Matthew and the Atlas
Mary goes to talk to Simon about his seal at the costume banquet.

-- Run Boy Run by Woodkid
Everyone is preparing for Simon's beheading.

-- Metal & Dust by London Grammar
Mary proposes a new treaty between Scotland & England to Henry.

-- Hide and Seek by Claire Guerreso
Kenna goes to see Henry in his room.

-- More Than An Arms Reach by Adurn
Kenna joins King Henry in his bedroom and asks if she can stay after Mary leaves.

-- You're My Girl ( Hey Hey Hey) by Fairground Lights
Leith tells Greer about the tradition behind the costume banquet; they kiss.

--More Than an Arms Reach by Adurn

-- Hide and Seek by Claire Guerreso

1x05 "A Chill in the Air"
-- Don't You Give Up On Me by Milo Greene
Francis asks Mary to the harvest festival & they kiss.

-- With You by Dan Gautreau & Wolfgang Black
Leith helps Greer with the stain on her dress.

-- Fingers N Thumbs by Jim Davies & Martin Jackson
The girls are talking when they see Olivia has arrived.

-- The King of Norway by The Donnies The Amys
Sebastian and Mary kiss.

-- The Call by Ruu Campbell
Olivia & Francis kiss. Greer breaks up with Leith.

1x06 "Chosen"
-- Silent Treatment (William Orbit Mix) by The Joy Formidable
Kenna asks Henry why Diane is back at the castle.

-- Tookah by Emiliana Torrini
Kenna tells the girls about being Henry's mistress & Diane.

-- Bottled Up Tight by Luke Sital-Singh
Kenna sees the fireworks that King Henry has set up for her; She kisses him.

-- Nomads by Joe Banfi
Francis tells Mary that they can continue to see other people, except Bash, until they get married; He & Olivia kiss.

--All You Leave Behind by Hannah Cartwright & Ross Tones
First song used in the "Chosen" promo.

1x07 "Left Behind"
-- Don't Be Afraid by Lee DeWyze
Leith tries to teach Greer how to fry an egg.

-- The Bitter End by Disposable Youth
Left Behind Promo

1x08 "Fated"
-- Until We Get There by Lucius
Francis & Mary are in bed talking after they've have made love.

-- Bones by Ms Mr
King Henry and Diane are fornicating.

-- Set No Sun (feat. ELLE J & Joel Cadbury) by UNKLE
Mary & Francis talk about their upcoming marriage; Aylee is slowly poisoned, gets pushed down the stairs & dies in Mary's arms.

-- Younger by French Wives
Mary refuses to take the English throne; Mary & Bash escape the castle.

--Invincible by Disposable Youth

1x09 "For King and Country"
-- Fuel to Fire by Agnes Obel
The girls watch as Catherine gets ready to leave the castle.

-- Amsterdam by Daughter
Bash tells Mary that he can't believe he's to become king.

--I'll Be The Frist by Kill it Kid
When Mary starts searching for Francis to tell him that she is to marry Bash & during Francis & Bash's fight.

--Invincible by Epic Rock

1x10 "Sacrifice"
--Promise by Ben Howard
Bash drops blood on Isabel grave's as a part of the ritual; Bash explains to Mary that if they marry he's duty is to her not the country, they kiss.

--Can You Help Me by The Magnetic North
Mary tends to Isabel while they talk about royalty.

--But That Can Wait by Jonathan Allen Guerra
Mary delivers Isabel's baby, Mary and Bash smile and their eyes meet.

--Howl by Florence + the Machine
Throughout the episode there was background piano that sounded EXACTLY like this song only a bit slower.

--Can you help me by Hannah Peel

--But That Can WAit by Jaguerra

1x11 "The Inquisition"
--Son by Warpaint
Mary tells Bash her heart is open to him, they kiss; Catherine prepares herself by getting dressed up and contemplates what to do with the poison she has; Mary has a bath prepared for herself.

1x12 "Royal Blood"
-- Azan by Losers
In Paris, Lola arrives at a gaming house to bring money to her brother, Frederick.

--Land Features by Freelance Whales
Mary & Bash take Charles & Henry to their very own Frost Fair in the castle's courtyard.

--I Found You by Ag + Silver
Francis & Lola kiss, they make love.

--Temptress by Plaitum

1x13 "The Consummation"
--Walking Blind (feat. Carina Round) by Aidan Hawken
Lola arrive back at court, followed by Francis and she explains to Mary and her ladies, Kenna & Greer, how & why they rode back together; They girls leave, leaving Mary and Francis to converse.

--The Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin
Mary and Francis are finally wed.

--Come to Me by The Goo Goo Dolls
The court throws confetti as Mary & Francis run into the reception hall, they then have their first dance; King Henry leaves the celebration to speak with Bash.

--My Baby by Sanders Bohlke
Mary & Francis consummate their marriage; King Henry forces Bash to join the witnesses to their consummation.

--Salvator Mundiz by Thomas Tallis / Extreme Music
As Catherine and Marie talk, she (Catherine) realizes that Marie falsified the news of England and it's succession.

--The Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin
Mary walks down the aisle

1x14 "Dirty Laundry"
--Dreams by Gabrielle Aplin ft. Bastille
Montage of Kenna chatting with the Archduke as Henry has sex with the Duchess and accidentally pushes her out a window.

--Grow Old With Me by Tom Odell
Mary & Francis chat about their honeymoon, marriage and children as they are driven back to the castle in a carriage.

--Johnny Belinda by Active Child
At the window Kenna & Henry kiss; Nostradamus tries heavily to question Olivia; Mary lies restless in bed.

1x15 "The Darkness"
--Bitter and Sick by One Two
Kenna drinks to wine from the chalice handed to her by Ana, she then watches Henry watch her as Ana starts to undress her, then they kiss (her and Ana) and continue to undress each other, Henry joins.

--Love Like This by Kodaline
The First Light celebration begins; Kenna goes to Catherine for help with the dead concubine.

--Done Is Done by Twin Forks
Lola takes Phillipe's candle; Leith gives Greer an invitation to dinner from Lord Castleroy.

--Love Like This (Acoustic) by Kodaline
Francis surprises Mary with a room full of lit candles. He confesses that he doesn't make love to her because he wants a baby but that he wants a baby because he loves her, then they kiss.

--Fly Away by Distant Cousins
Greer kisses and talks with Leith, he then hands her a letter from her parents in Scotland.

1x16 "Monsters"
--You Are Enough by Sleeping at Last
Nostradamus enters the ball as next round of dancing start. Olivia presents herself to him, he tells Olivia that she looks pretty and she asks him to dance but declines her invitation to dance.

--Influence and Atlas by Roman Remains
After Mary leaves, 'Queen' Penelope & King Henry they talk, kiss, then she turns dominatrix for him.

--Riptide by Vance Joy
The opening of the Bean Queen ball; King Henry whispers into 'Queen' Penelope's ear before leaving the throne stand he then go's and congratulates Greer on the gossip about her and Leith.

--A Call To Arms by Laura Jansen & Ed Harcourt
Nostradamus tells Olivia about the family he lost, they kiss; Lola & Greer watch as Leith is taken from the castle.

--All I Want by Dawn Golden
Bash confesses to Mary that his doesn't care that much for his new bride and that he still has feelings for her.

1x17 "Liege Lord"
--Tin Lover by The Paper Kites
After her confession, Lord Julian tells Lola he still wants to marry her.

--Sabotage by Amy Stroup
Mary tells Francis she wasn't bluffing with Catherine and that if she ever has to choice between their two countries she will chose hers, Scotland, in whatever way necessary.

--Wolsey Fancye by Studio G Music
Mary & Francis dance while discussing the current mental mental faculties and strangeness of King Henry.

--The Early Harvest by Duncan Aran & Cy Jack
Catherine complains about how many Scots were invited to the party, then asks Mary if she's seen her Lady-in-Waiting Charlotte.

--A Dram And A Jam by Studio G Music
Francis & Mary debate the risk in telling Lord McKenzie about the contract clause.

--Galliards by JW Media Music
Catherine puts down Penelope, then is told she is 'saucy' by Scotsman Liam.

--The Tempest by James Stemple
After Mary's speech to her countrymen, Lord McKenzie & his men kneel in honor of their Queen.

--The Way Of Life by Paul Lawler
On a balcony of castle Catherine & Liam flirt with each other over a conversation about their two countries.

--Dare The Night by Quiet Arrows
Liam wishes Lord McKenzie a good night as he (Lord McKenzie) and the rest of the Scots head into city for a night of debauchery.

--Deep Within the Forest by Low Volts
Lord McKenzie and his men enjoy the company of some women at a brothel in town.

1x18 "No Exit"
--Blue Blood by Laurel
Lola tells Julian that she feels uncertain about him, he then reassures that he wants them to face life together.

--Forever and Ever by Royal Wood
Lola shows off the sapphire necklace that Julian gave her to Greer & Kenna; Kenna & Greer discuss each other's matches.

--Royals by Vitamin String Quartet
Julian & Lola dance at their wedding; Mary & Frances's dance is interrupted by Catherine telling them that Cardinal Morosini arrived early to see Henry; Mary talks the Cardinal into dancing with her.

--Apart from you by Feather & Belle
Nostradamus & Olivia say their goodbyes to each other, they then kiss.

--Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers
Mary warns Francis that he'll lose her if Scotland falls; Francis locks Mary in the castle tower.

--Allemande Fur 2 Lauten by APM Studio Musicians

1x19 "Toy Soldiers"
--Bridges by BROODS
After seeing Mary & Francis kissing, Bash returns to Kenna, he tells her he's done taking it slow and takes her to bed.

--Setting Sun by This, the Silent War
Mary and her ladies, Kenna, Greer & Lola, have a snowball fight in the courtyard of the castle.

--Exxus by Glass Animals
Kenna asks Bash why he won't go farther than a kiss with her.

--Tribes by Neulore
Francis & Mary make love; In bed Kenna tells Bash she wants him thinking only of her, they make love.

--Made of Stone by Matt Corby
Lord Castleroy tells Greer he wants her to look over their wedding contract before agreeing to it, she kisses him; Mary accuses Francis of taking away her mother's last hope.

--Two Heartbeats by Lenka
Bash shows Kenna how he can make her forget any man but him.

1x20 "Higher Ground"
--Sons and Daughters (feat. Liz Lawrence) by Allman Brown
Julien hesitates to leave the castle and go 'hunting'; (continues as) Julien confesses to Lola that he has no money.

--Bittersweet by Elenowen
Lola tells Greer that Julien received her dowry but she's more concerned about why he married her.

1x21 "Long Live the King"
--I Still Love You by Josh Jenkins
After making up from their fight, Mary & Francis celebrate his homecoming in their chambers.

--Was There Nothing? by Asgeir
Kenna confronts Bash as he tries to send her off to their home and go off to find the Darkness.

1x22 "Slaughter of Innocence"
--Slow It Down by The Lumineers
Leith meets Greer and tells her about his new property.

--Boat Song by Woodkid
Bash and Francis hug after hearing the death of Henry II

S e a s o n T w o M u s i c
2x01 "The Plague"
-- Fight For Your Castle by Don Brownrigg
Kenna listens as Pascal describes his vision of his mother.

-- My Lair by Bear's Den
Lola finds Francis holding their child, then he tells her she can't leave; Mary has Lord Edward locked away with the ill.

-- Senza Te by Sonoton Music
As Mary & Catherine sit on their thrones, music starts to play signalling that someone has fallen ill from the plague.

2x02 "Drawn and Quartered"
-- Dorian by Agnes Obel
Bash helps with the arrangement of the removal and burial of the castles dead; Francis & Lola with the baby return to the castle; Francis introduces Mary to his cousin, Louis of Conde.

-- Fight The End by Christon
Greer tells Lord Castleroy that she went to see Leith, he then tells her he's leaving the castle for the foreseeable future.

-- Across The Waters by Alibi Music
The castle celebrates Francis's safe return; Narcisse demands to speak with Francis.

2x03 "Coronation"
-- Hills to Climb by Tim Myers
Francis & Mary are crowned King & Queen of France.

-- Wraggle Taggle Gypsies by Dominic Ashworth
Narcisse gives Francis & Mary another excuse for the lack of grain coming into the kingdom.

-- The Fete (version with English & Celtic sections) by Chris Garrick / Cavendish Music
Lola & Kenna chat with some of the other ladies of the castle's court.

-- Our Summer by Hotel Radio
Kenna nags about their lack of holdings to Bash, they then talk about the importancy of Francis claiming Lola's baby; Mary & Greer interrupt Conde's conversation with a courtesan.

-- Travelling Man (b) by Jaye, Howard, Taylor & Wilde
Mary & Francis discuss the death of the chicken thief, then meet with Lord Ducasse & his family to discuss the grain delivery.

-- Dustland by Dekko
Bash reports his findings to Francis; Schuler approaches Mary about pardoning some prisoners in exchange for grain.

-- Trotto (a) OL by APM Studio Musicians
Kenna & Bash dance when a woman approaches them, she makes a complaint about Lord Barnard and accuses him killing her husband; Narcisse joins Catherine on the balcony to discuss the grain deal.

-- Any Door by Oak & Gorski
Lady Barnard joins Kenna and suggests she should be getting lots of gifts due to Bash's position; Mary tells Francis of Schuler's offer as they dance; Francis is informed that Caroline was located.

2x04 "The Lamb and The Slaughter"
-- Stubborn Love by Vitamin String Quartet
Mary questions Louis about Narcisse's previous wives; Catherine requests Louis ask Greer to dance, they dance briefly; Greer then is partnered with Leith, they talk before she rushes to leave.

-- Sights by London Grammar
Lola & Francis' son is baptised and christened, John Phillip Valois-Angouleme, First Baron of Valey.

-- Rebirth by Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Greer explains to Lord Castleroy why she would rather marry him than Leith, then proceeds to seduce him.

-- The Master Chef of Gastrobury by John Debney
Mary comments to Francis on Catherine's extravagant ideas for the banquet; Bash reports to Francis on what he & Louis heard from the shepherd.

-- Free To Fly by Megatrax Studio Musicians
Francis & Mary enjoy an imitate moment when Catherine barges in on them in bed, she gleefully rants about their future child.

-- Villanella by Opensound Music
Mary makes a suggestion to Narcisse that he would be better served with a more advantageous marriage than one with Estelle.

2x05 "Blood for Blood"
-- Bloodline by James and the Wild Spirit
The castles occupants eagerly awaits Greer's arrival to the wedding; Greer & Aloysius marry.

-- Starts by Charles William
Greer, Kenna & Lola splash around in a Castle fountain to cool off from the baking heat.

-- My Lady's Fancye by David Marshall
A possessed Caroline stares at Kenna, then sits upon the King's throne; Kenna urges Lola to chat with Lord Aris.

-- Cuddle Party by Sirrus
Greer, Kenna & Lola walk the grounds of the castle, they comment on Mary's absence.

-- Dreaming Heart by Paul Otten / Elias Music
Greer & Alonyius dance at their wedding reception, Greer explains why she married him, then they kiss as his children join them.

2x06 "Three Queens"
-- Black Mambo by Glass Animals
Narcisse watches a woman bathe when Lola joins him on the balcony, he informs her she will get back her dowry.

-- Medieval Tapestry by Umberto Santucci
Narcisse asks Lola to dance with him, then makes a proposal of sorts to her.

-- Paper Chains by Kites & Crows
Mary admits to Catherine why she wanted to visit Beauvais; An announcement for the Royal carriage arrival is made.

-- Final Days by Matt Wilcox
While they eat their dinner, Mary talks Catherine out of her plan to purchase a horse.

-- Harvest Moon by Erwin de Ruiter
Mary & Catherine negotiate with an innkeeper for food and boarding.

-- Quaint By Numbers by Extreme Studio Musicians
Narcisse comments to Lola about the problems she has with her dowry, then invites her to tea.

-- Robin Hood by APM Studio Musicians
Bash tells Francis that Mary & Catherine are missing.

2x07 "The Prince of the Blood"
-- Running for Cover by Ivan & Alyosha
Princess Claude tries to get a shot of whiskey for courage, then exits to cartridge and orders a guardsman to announce her arrival.

-- English Dance by George Wilson
The castle celebrates Claude's return with dancing and a firework display; Mary & Conde talk about aligning with Lord Cane; Francis plants the idea of there being a spy among the noblemen.

-- Fidel Voksfest by Gerhard Trede
Claude asks Francis about how Bash & Kenna came to be married; Catherine informs Mary that Conde's family were once rivals for the throne; Conde tells Mary that Lord Cane is departing.

2x08 "Terror of the Faithful"
-- Toes by Glass Animals
Lola is manipulated by Narcisse into riding back to the castle with him.

-- Basic Instinct by The Acid
William's father tells Catherine he would be glad to have Claude as family, simultaneously Claude flirts with Narcisse in front of everyone.

-- Run by RHODES
Francis watching over his son when Lola comes in, he tells her that he's ruined his marriage, his reign & France and she then tells him he is a good man.

2x09 "Acts of War"
-- Take Control by Kodaline
Mary addresses the court, telling them the news that the traitors did not succeed.

-- Balconies by Wasted Fangs
Claude & Conde take sometime to get to know each other.

-- Carmina by Hans Haider
Lola, Kenna & Greer practice a new Spanish dance.

-- Noble Gathering by John Debney
The court gather for a feast; Catherine tells Conde to stay away from Claude; Mary asks Kenna & Lola if they've seen Francis.

-- Hey Ho Holiday by Jeffrey, Laycock & Holborrne
Mary questions how long the peace between the two religious factions will last; Greer tells Aloysius she is considering converting to Protestantism.

-- Wizard Dance by Joseph Aldenzee
Mary tells Conde she plans to announce his engagement to Claude.

2x10 "Mercy"
-- Medicine by BROODS
Catherine apologizes to Claude for not being affectionate and kinder to her as a child, as she feeds her soup.

-- Harpsichords Theme, Part 1 by Stefano Torossi
Catherine finds Claude playing the harpsichord, the ghost of sisters standing behind her.

NikNak 01-01-2014 02:16 PM

I absolutely love the music on this show. Say what you will about The CW, but their shows has phenomenal music and soundtracks, even going back to The WB.

KeepThisaSecret 01-01-2014 02:18 PM

The CW does know how to pick their music. I usually love scenes specific for their music. It's all about setting the mood.

NikNak 01-01-2014 02:19 PM


sourburst 01-01-2014 02:37 PM

They have a youtube account where they post majority of their songs!

This may help you!

karamel 01-01-2014 03:02 PM

i love the music on this show. got introduce to a lot of different things from Reign

KeepThisaSecret 01-01-2014 03:06 PM

Tunefind is the best source. It even gives a description of the scene so you know exactly which song you're listening to.

Queen of Babble 01-01-2014 04:14 PM

I can't wait for this... The music was the first thing that captured me most about the show.. (apart from the dresses ;) )

KeepThisaSecret 01-01-2014 04:15 PM

The Fashion of the show is pretty great. I'd say Music is probably a top favorite of mine about this series.

Queen of Babble 01-01-2014 04:20 PM

Mine too :nod:

L i N d $ @ y 01-01-2014 08:45 PM

Thanks for starting this thread! :)

And yay for that link, Jade. :flowers:

I love the music on the show too. This thread will be helpful as I tend to wonder about some of the songs most of the time. I gather they use a lot of Mumford & Sons?

sourburst 01-02-2014 09:16 AM

^ Your welcome hun :hug:

KeepThisaSecret 01-02-2014 02:45 PM

Music List is Updated :)

LostInTheSun 01-02-2014 03:47 PM

Thanks for the list, it helps!
There are also a few mixes on 8tracks that keep track of the music of the show, I'll post a few links when I can be bothered loging back in. :D

karamel 01-02-2014 06:06 PM

thanks for the list!

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