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thepoison 06-16-2019 09:14 PM

Cool, thanks!

fly me to the moon 06-17-2019 09:14 AM

No problem.. Are you in first season to watch or what?

L i N d $ @ y 06-17-2019 08:49 PM

They always complain to me about the show since I don't watch it and because I'll just agree with what they're saying about TWD. :lol:

fly me to the moon 06-20-2019 02:56 PM

True that.. But honestly, first and second season was so good, but after that, I was like hmm alright.. :lol:

And thanks for that!

L i N d $ @ y 06-20-2019 09:35 PM

It also looks like some of the cast are officially wrapping up for the last season this week:

fly me to the moon 06-21-2019 01:54 PM

Damn, that was fast..

L i N d $ @ y 06-21-2019 10:20 PM

We have about 2 months until the final season airs. :)


@christian_kimber night shoots @preacheramc

fly me to the moon 06-22-2019 10:36 AM

I hope that they will give us full trailer.. Plus he looks so good in that pic..

L i N d $ @ y 06-22-2019 10:42 PM

Dom's hair should always be like that. :nod:


I said goodbye to Featherstone today. Still sorting out all the mash up of emotions. But at least one thing is clear:
It has been an honor and a privilege and.....I learned a lot of new special skills. 🙏 to you all for taking the ride with us. Cannot wait to share our Final Season with you.
#Preacher @amc_tv
#allhailthegrail 😈😇


That’s a wrap on Preacher S4. The last season of a show I’m so proud to have been a part of. As a fan of the books I was already a huge fan. To play The Saint of Killers is literally a dream come true. There’s no show like it. If you haven’t joined the party catch it on @preacheramc and @hulu......@samcatlin317 @sethrogen #garthennis #stevedillonart...Thanks for the ride.....

stlavin95 06-23-2019 02:30 AM

Definitely, that hair suits him the most

Thanks for that

fly me to the moon 06-23-2019 09:32 AM

Thanks for those..

L i N d $ @ y 06-23-2019 11:02 PM

Now we just need confirmation if they'll be at SDCC which is the perfect con to promote the show and last season. :)

fly me to the moon 06-24-2019 08:10 AM

I saw that the date of this show will be on Aug 4!

L i N d $ @ y 06-25-2019 02:26 AM

Yes, it's been announced already. :nod: That's why SDCC is the perfect con to promote their last season. :)

stlavin95 06-25-2019 03:10 AM

It really is

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