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sweet creature 01-03-2018 02:24 PM

Rainbow Child | [Harry Styles] #46: "He is adopted, it is done, documents will be signed." - Mick Fleetwood

; forty-six






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Star on his left upper arm, on the underside. | "Hi" on his left upper arm
"Won’t stop till we surrender" on his left upper arm | An iced gem on his left upper arm
A coat hanger on his upper left arm | Gemma in hebrew on his left shoulder
"17BLACK" under his collar bone, near his arm socket | "I can’t change" on the top side of his left wrist
A black lock above his left wrist bone | Bird cage on the left side of his ribcage
An A in the crook of his left elbow | Shamrock/ three or four leafed clover near his left wrist
Pingu on his left arm | Tragedy and Comedy masks on his left side under birdcage
SMCL next to masks. (smile more, cry less) | A key in between the shamrock and the lock on his wrist
‘Things I can’ on his inner right forearm | ‘Things I can’t’ on his inner left forearm
A screw on his ankle | 99p on his wrist | Aquarius star sign on his wrist
A heart on his left bicep | Greenbay packers logo | "Love" on his left collarbone
Two birds on his chest under his collar bones | "Home Made" on his left bicep
"Might as well.." on his left hip | Pink Floyd dark side of the moon logo on his upper bicep
Ship on his bicep | LA (Los Angeles) on his left shoulder | LDN (London) on his left shoulder
NY (New York) on his left shoulder | Two little crosses with M and K underneath them
Handshake on his left bicep | Nails on his left bicep | Butterfly tattoo on his stomach
Small black crown tattoo on Harry Styles’ big toe of his right foot | A small cross tattoo on Harry’s left hand
Large black rose tattoo on Harry’s left arm | tattoo of a skeleton wearing a suit and fedora on the back of his left arm
the years 1957 and 1967 inked in black on Harry’s right and left collarbones | a small New Zealand fern on his left bicep
Large black and white anchor tattoo on Harry’s left wrist | Black and white Holy Bible tattoo on Harry’s left forearm
Crude “Silver Spoon” tattoo inked in black on the back of Harry’s left bicep | anatomical heart tattoo on Harry’s left bicep
large tattoo of two fern leaves on his left and right hip | “A” tattoo on his left shoulder / chest | “g” tat on his right shoulder / chest
Large naked mermaid on outer left forearm | "You booze, you lose" with empty alcohol bottle on inner left bicep



the Past
Harry's "worst" habit is getting naked. We don't mind.
We want to run our fingers through his curls and down on his dimples.
"Stripping off is very liberating!"
"I think you have to take me for me. I am who I am.”
“Styles gets his way!”
"I'm not very cool. I have to try quite hard."
"H: I'm not a very good actor... / Interviewer: Really?/ H: Did you see iCarly?"
"Sorry, I was taking a wee..." *whispers* "what did we win?"
"He's corrupted my brain and made me feel wrong." - Effie
“I once straightened Harry’s hair whilst he was asleep and he started crying.” - LT
“Harry, clearly [has ‘moves like jagger’]. He looks like Mick Jagger and he's got swag.” - ZM
"Harry's come to work dressed as Ace Ventura today"
"Long hair, don't care."
We just wanna know how his brain works.
Every jaw drops when he's in those jeans, alright?
Leave Harry alone!
"Guys are fit sometimes."
There's a 50% chance on buns.
His face is too much to handle.
"Outrageously handsome." - About Patrick Dempsey #Same.
"Best Joke:None"
"It's 2013", "It's 2014", "It's 2015" <-- A thrilling trilogy by Harry Styles
“Harry has an annoyingly gorgeous smile.” – ZM
“It takes a second to call a girl fat, and she’ll spend a lifetime trying to starve herself. Think before you act."
More tour dates, more chances for colourful shirts and offended Harry.
“We owe all of our career to electricity!” - HS
NH: I hate it when I can't get closer to our fans. / HS: Me too. They need our hugs.
We voted Harry to be shirtless, so that means he must grant our wishes!
*sits and watches Harry's Instagram*
Harry is a Victoria's Secret Angel. ✔ CONFIRMED BY LIAM PAYNE.
"He leaked his own pic. He definitely hasn't got a little thing."
"I used to work in a bakery."
Deep criminal dimples and skin tight jeans, go stand in a corner and think about what you've done, Harold.
When he's not falling on stage, he's kind of a rock star.
Because he's got the booty and he sure is shakin' it!
He still studies rainbows.
The dangerous thing about Harry is that his looks are just a bonus.
A heart of gold and boots to match.
Looking forward to prancing again tonight.
"If I was Beyoncé for a day, I would do a concert performing her many hits."
Nolan might have gotten Harry, but a little princess got Harry's hair.
He has just kept on winning and winning - maybe not The X Factor, but there's no denying he's golden.
Dkfjbksjdfbkdfgbkdfgbk will be all we got for the near future.
"He’s a superb talent and really delivered the goods with great passion." - Christopher freaking Nolan

the Future
”Age is a number. Maturity is a choice.” - HS
“We all have a choice: to live or to exist.” - HS
"My worst habit is... getting naked all the time! Sorry!" - HS
"Simple, but effective." - HS
"If I wasn't in the band I reckon I'd be a virgin." - HS
“I wish I had a girl to cuddle up to at night rather than my pillow.” - HS
“For my 3rd birthday I got a bike. It was too difficult to ride, but I'm Harry Styles.” -HS
“I think it’s old fashion to think it’s unattractive for girls to take charge. I like it.” – HS
“If it wasn’t for the fans we would have nothing. My girls are incredible.” - HS
“ I like girls with two eyes.” - HS
“I’d love to get a girlfriend who doesn’t live close to me, as on the rare occasion I saw her, it’d be so perfect! “ - HS
“I hate that I have more followers than the rest of the boys. It annoys me as we’re a band, it’s not ‘me and the others’.” - HS




golden tattoo 01-03-2018 05:20 PM

Lovely title, thanks Catia :kiss:

where we belong 01-03-2018 06:06 PM

thanks love :kiss: So many new ones. I am terrible. Sorry :oops:

looking at the stars 01-04-2018 01:06 PM

that title though :thud: :kiss:

where we belong 01-04-2018 04:14 PM

So cute :love:

throughthedark 01-05-2018 05:51 AM


golden tattoo 01-05-2018 11:02 AM

He's definitely a colorful chap :melt:

looking at the stars 01-05-2018 04:12 PM

nah. all black and white

where we belong 01-07-2018 06:51 PM

His aesthetic.

looking at the stars 01-08-2018 01:22 PM

as always

sweet creature 01-08-2018 01:54 PM

No worries on the new one. :kiss:

And yea, he's all about the rainbows. :love:

looking at the stars 01-09-2018 12:18 PM

rainbows :love:

where we belong 01-09-2018 02:15 PM

he is. :love:

looking at the stars 01-10-2018 02:28 PM

i miss him

golden tattoo 01-10-2018 09:38 PM

I hope he's having a nice break :love:

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