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Old 09-24-2017, 09:38 AM
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Teen Wolf 6.20 Series Finale "The Wolves of War" Episode Discussion [Air Date: 09.24.2017]

6.20 "The Wolves of War" Series Finale

"Gerard initiates the final attack on the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills."

Basic Rules:

- Be Respectful of other posters. Not everyone is going to agree or have the same views. Discussions are encouraged, but let’s keep things civil.

- No Character/Actor Bashing. We love your opinions on storylines, but keep in mind that these are real people who are just trying to do the best with what they are given. We might not always like how things turn out, but just remember things can always get better.

- Everything is a spoiler until it has aired.

- Any talk of Illegal Downloading should not be brought up here. Live Streams & such can be discussed through PM's.

- Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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Old 09-24-2017, 09:39 AM
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I'm so sorry for the delay!! I got stuck with no wi-fi for the weekend, and I just got home now.

Enjoy the Series Finale everyone!! It's bittersweet!
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Old 09-24-2017, 06:37 PM
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I thought it was disappointing, but not as bad as I imagined lol.

I really don't like that Monroe got away, she was the one person who pissed me off all season and that she didn't get hers......grates.

Everyone was so separated except for the initial scenes in the animal clinic that was disappointing too. .

Minimal Stiles and Scott. No stiles, Lydia and Scott scenes.

Stydia got a little and it made me aww. I wish for more but oh well.

No last scene with Scott and his mom either.

Lydia and Stiles save Jackson but we see none of it just them saying they did. Boo.

I think sheriff stilinski was the best moment of the episode for me.

And no Stiles moment with his dad.

I also didn't get the Derek and Jennifer/anukite scene. I think it was just a way to get the actress back on.

All in all 6b was a mess and I can't say I really enjoyed it lol.

I'll probably have more to say later
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Old 09-24-2017, 06:57 PM
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I hated it. It was rushed and sloppy as hell. The only moments I enjoyed were the Sterek moments.

No Sciles?!!!! I am more annoyed about this than I am anything else. I just can't believe the lack of bromance we got. This episode could have had tons of Sciles.

Stydia... disappointment after disappointment. I still adore them, but the finale and 6B just did not do these two justice.

No Sheriff/Stiles scene That hurt.

Too much silly Scalia nonsense. I don't care if I sound bitter. Malia was totally reduced to Scott's love interest this season and their scenes were just so uncomfortable to watch. I am truly thankful we only really had to deal with them for 5 episodes.

I love the Teen Wolf cast and Stiles will always be my most favourite character to ever exist, but I think my finale for Teen Wolf ended at 6A. I appreciate the effort the cast and crew put into 6B, because how can you not, but it just wasn't for me. I didn't connect with 6B at all.
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Old 09-24-2017, 09:21 PM
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This finale was too fast. Too little time to give everyone a proper screen time. We shouldve had more stydia moments, more stiles and scott moments, you know..everything was really fast in this finale. So for me the real series finale was 6x10. It shoud've ended in the amazing 6A. 6B without Dylan was really not the same.
But really, i'm grateful for all those great six years! I laughed, i cried, i lived with the pack, and i will miss them. Thank you for everything Teen Wolf!

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Old 09-25-2017, 01:18 AM
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I loved the finale, but I felt it could have been better.

I love that Derek and Stiles scene. I didn't know how much I miss them two. They were so funny describing how Stiles save Derek, and how Derek have to carry Stiles because he got shot in the toe
I that the sheriff was kick ass awesome and took down all those guys who was about to hurt Parrish.

I really loved the Liam and Theo scenes. I can easy see them doing a spin base on them two. I Will watch it. At first I kept waiting for Theo to betray them, or be revealed to be working with double face. But then when he nearly died trying to save Liam I knew he truly change.

I love Stidia reunion, although I felt it was brief. I loved Scott and Stiles's reunion, but Scott seem more excited to see Derek then to see Stiles. But I was glad that Stiles came through for Scott as always. Jackson is still hot. I figured that he was going to return as gay, but I was surprised that they paired him with Ethan. Jackson can do so much better then Ethan.

I hated that Parrish wasn't more involved in the action. We needed more Parrish. I hated that we didn't get many Stiles and Scott scenes. But I'm glad Stiles came through at the end. I couldn't believe that Gerard hate supernatural being so much that he tried to kill Kate. I was glad that he did, but I was even happier that she attack him at the end. But how did she survived the bullet full of wolfbane? Shouldn't she have died?

I thought it was ridiculous that Derek open his eyes although he knew it wasn't his girlfriend.
I was hoping Kira would show up for the finale. I thought somebody would have at least mention her. It's like the entire show just forgot about her .

I really hate that Monroe got away. I was hoping that she would run into Theo, or Peter and they would kill her. I was also hoping that Scott would break his vow and kill Gerard, or Monroe. I think the episode would have been much better if both died.

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Old 09-25-2017, 02:18 PM
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I haven't gotten the chance to watch it yet since I don't have MTV (have to download it and I just got home from work), but my co-workers were talking about how bad it was and how it felt too rushed like everyone is saying which is so disappointing for what was such a great series.
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Old 09-25-2017, 05:37 PM
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I understand where you're coming from, i felt yeah that yeah they put too much into one epsiode so it was a bit rushed , i did enjoy but thought it can be better

im teh same with munroe how could they let her get away

good to see liam nad theo working together

wished we got more pack moments

i will miss the cast and chracters
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Old 09-25-2017, 06:17 PM
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I thought it was great! A very fitting end to the show. They're still fighting, they'll always be fighting, and they'll always be fighting together.

I would watch a spinoff if Theo was the main character. Love that guy, and I was surprised that one of my favorite scenes was the one where he takes away that kid's pain.

Scott blinding himself was so eerie, yet I watched it more than once.

I have always been a Scott fan and feel like he is really under appreciated as a character, so I'm glad the finale focused on him. Yes, I would have loved to see one more scene with his mom, or one (maybe more than a one) with him and Stiles, as that was by far my favorite relationship on the show. And Stiles and his dad, of course. But given the time allowed, I feel they did a good job of incorporating as much as they could.

Derek carrying Stiles cracked me up, though. As did Jackson and his tail. God, I didn't realize how much I missed Jackson.

Coach was back!

I'm sure Stydia shippers feel disappointed. I get that. I'm really more of a supporter than a shipper, but . . . they could have let them have just one more kiss!

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Old 09-25-2017, 07:01 PM
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So my thoughts :-)

1. Finale should've been 2 hours long. Very rushed.

2. I loved Lydia's reaction to seeing Jackson, I thought it was sweet and almost seemed unscripted.

3. I laughed so hard when Derek was like, "Dude I had to carry your sorry butt", and you see Stiles crying because of his toe. It was so typical Stiles and the sight of blood.

4. I cheered when Coach popped up, cracked the kid on the head with the lacrosse stick and said, "now it's over", then promptly went back to his office. So typical Coach. I love that character.

5. I seriously couldn't understand Blake being Derek's biggest fear. Really? More so than the woman who raped him and killed his entire family? I could almost buy that he would open his eyes just because that's what the monster did, his power was to make you look. But I just find it hard to believe that Blake was his biggest fear.

6. Still mad Derek didn't get to kill either Kate or Gerard.

7. Rafe was completely pointless, unfortunately. He was another character I liked to hate. Would've liked to have seen him save Scott.

8. Loved it when Sheriff kicked the kid's butt when the kid made the age comment.

9. How did Stiles get his Jeep? Scott had it.

10. I am eternally Sterek, so didn't care about Stydia or lack there of.

I felt like the 6A finale was more of a series finale than this, this one almost seemed like a set-up to a future spin-off or continuation. Which I'm totally down for.

11. I have hated Theo since day 1 but really found myself liking him with the scenes with Liam. I like that he finally came around, although I would've let that kid sit in pain lol.

I'm sorry to see it go, even though I've never been a fan of Pack 2.0, but if another channel picked it up I'd be all over it!
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Old 09-26-2017, 09:15 PM
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I really loved the episode in general, it was a great episode. As a series finale it worked, it had a lot going on and I loved all the characters working together. It wasn't the most amazing finale ever but I thought the writers did a pretty good job. There were lots of moments that made me smile. I didn't get sad watching it like I normally do with finales, but maybe thats because I watched it a few days later and during the day time or something? Or maybe I have just lost a bit of love for the show. But either way, I thought it was a good ending to the season...

First, lets talk about my dislikes:

- I wish they had put a new intro in or at least the old one for the finale with the finale characters. It was kinda sad watching the opening titles without Stiles or Derek.
- We got a great Scott/Derek hug, but Stiles didn't get one from Scott? Or Lydia? In general Scott/Stiles didn't have much in the episode which is sad because they are the shows biggest friendship or at least, they were. That was definitely one of my bigger disappointments from the episode. We barely even got to see them working together.
- We got a tiny Allison mention which was great but I wish we had gotten just a bit more and maybe more for some of the other characters that were important too like Kira or Isaac. I realize they didn't have a lot of time but still.. I would have been nice to at least hear their names.
- I found it a bit odd there was no reaction/conversation from Jackson about Stiles/Lydia being a couple and same for Stiles realizing that Scott/Malia were a couple. Again, I know they had limited time but even an eyebrow raise from Stiles when Scott and Malia kissed would have been easy to do.
- I don't love the adults on the show but it didn't seem like we got much of them. Especially Scott's mom. I was maybe expecting a scene with Stiles and his dad as well as Scott and his mom. But I was okay with their screen time.
- Bringing in Kate just in general felt a bit useless. I also really didn't like them bringing in Jennifer again as part of Dereks fear. That whole sequence could have been scrapped for some other meaningful scenes. And it didnt really make sense to me. We hadn't even seen Jennifer in so long, it felt weird. There were a few other characters that barely got utilized but we only saw them for a minute like Scotts dad and Scotts mentor (blanking on his name) but they could have been in it a bit more...
- Stiles and Malia should have had a moment for sure. At least we had some Jackson/Lydia interaction.
- Stiles in general didn't have a whole lot to do this episode which was unfortunate. They should have utilized him a ton more. He is arguably the majority of the audience' favorite character.
- Biggest disappointment by far was the lack of Stiles and Lydia interactions. I said it in their thread but it wouldn't have taken much to throw in a small kiss or some more affectionate scenes/interactions. Like, they could have at least been holding hands in the last scene. Or they could have had a small hug after their reunion. It kinda felt like they were friends again and not actually dating which was even more annoying when all the other couples got some nice romantic scenes.... I'm trying not to be bitter because at least they were together on the series but still... definitely felt jipped after all these years shipping them.

It would have been amazing if it was a two hour finale or if the writers had written a two parter and used 619 as if it were part of the finale. They could have fit in so many more meaningful scenes.

Now onto the good.

- Theo and Liam are adorable. I love their interactions in the recent episode and those two have really amazing chemistry together. I loved the scene where Theo saved Liam and then they told each other they wouldn't die for one another but they would fight together. Their fight scenes in the episode were really enjoyable and I hope that we get to see more of them in the spinoff show if it happens. They are fun. Theo's development in general was really fantastic and I loved the little scene at the end where he took that guys pain away. It was a great moment/scene.

- Seeing Stiles and Derek pop up in the intro was amazing. Stiles just bring something extra to the series. Whenever he is around it just makes it feel so much more like teen wolf. I wish he had a tiny bit more to do but I loved his humor this episode. Him throwing the mountain ash was a great moment. We also got to see some dark!stiles again which was really fun. In general seeing the gang together was really great. I also loved Derek this episode. I found the Jennifer stuff to be a bit weird but other than that I loved Scott and Derek working together. The Scott/Derek hug was cute. I also really enjoyed the little Stiles/Derek montage of two scenes. So funny and brings it back to their original banter. I love that Derek was part of the ending sequence as well.

- Seeing all the cameo's from the original cast members was cool. I was really glad when Kate killed Gerard. I also loved the Corey and Mason scene, it was sweet. It didnt bother me that we didnt get to see too much of them because of the spin off... Scott's mom(cannot remember her name right now lol) and Argent were pretty cute together at the end. The montage of scenes in the last bit of the show was a nice touch. Coach was hilarious, I loved both of his scenes and I was so glad that they managed to fit him into the finale. Stilinski's moment in the episode was really amazing, one of my favorite moments in the episode. What a bad ass.

- Scott and Malia were really adorable, as usual. They had so much this season so I was fine that the finale was a bit light on them and Malia in general. The kiss where she helped bring back his site was a great moment. I also loved their ending embrace. Scott was PHENOMENAL this episode. He's never been my favorite character but he is the main character on the show so I was glad that the focus was mostly on him. The scene where he blinded himself was so gross but also really cool and showed his strength and his dedication to his friends. The little Allison mention was great, I love that she was at least brought up.

- Jackson was an MVP this episode for sure. The scene with his tail was sick but awesome. I also loved the ot3 moment with Stiles and Lydia. Him telling them he was with Ethan was really funny. I love that Lydia already seemed to have an idea about it. I was happy to see Ethan and Jackson reunited and then their ending little moment together. Its great that Jackson was able to find some happiness.

- Lydia didn't have a whole lot to do which was a bummer but I did enjoy most of her interactions. Her scenes with Stiles were subtle but cute. I loved the little pat on his shoulder when they killed those guys. I also loved when she grabbed Stiles' hand during the Scott/Malia kiss scene. It was obvious she was thinking about her first kiss with Stiles. I also liked their banter scene in the beginning and the ending looks to one another. oh, and Stiles getting jealous when Lydia hugged Jackson.

- In general the last moments of the show were awesome. I was okay with the villain chick getting away because it gave the finale a purpose in those last minutes. I loved watching the whole gang meet up and come together and Scott mentor a new wolf. It felt very angel-esque to me with the show ending as they go off together. Scott talking about all his friends was great and I especially loved the little glance to Stiles and Lydia when he said that they were only humans but they were incredible and blah blah blah.

I am definitely gonna miss the show even if I lost a bit of interest over the years. And I will definitely check out the spin off just to get my fix. Hopefully some of the original cast members will cameo once in a while!

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Old 09-27-2017, 01:43 PM
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I'm super glad we got some Derek/ Stiles & Theo/Liam scenes in the series finale! I hope Theo & Liam are in the spin off show and Stiles and Derek too.
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Old 09-27-2017, 09:41 PM
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Is there a spin off? I haven't heard anything.

You know I forgot to mention during the scene where Derek is being confronted by the inokute and you could hear a voice calling his name. My very first thought was, is it his mom coming to tell him he killed his family? That would've been much more potent I think. But oh well :-)
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Old 09-27-2017, 11:38 PM
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I don't think anything is confirmed but the writers are planning for it. ^

I agree about Derek. Having Jennifer pop up was SO RANDOM to me.

Originally Posted by quin611 (View Post)
I'm super glad we got some Derek/ Stiles & Theo/Liam scenes in the series finale! I hope Theo & Liam are in the spin off show and Stiles and Derek too.
Stiles and Derek will not be, ... Both actors have other projects. But maybe they can cameo sometime.

I think Liam definitely will be but I am not sure about Theo, but I am crossing my fingers.

They didnt even try to bring Alison back...

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Old 09-28-2017, 03:35 PM
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I would probably only watch a spinoff if Theo is in it. I like Liam okay, but I don't think he'd be a big enough draw for me on his own.

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