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Old 07-12-2010, 04:03 AM
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Young Americans
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July 12, 2010 - Celebrating 10 Years of Young Americans!

Everyone has a summer they'll never forget...
...our summer was the summer of 2000, when Young Americans aired on The WB for 8 episodes.

"If I had to sum up the essence of YA it'd be this: summer. There's something about that season that just makes you feel free and innocent. I think that's why even after it was cancelled so many of the fans held onto the show; everybody really does have a summer they'll never forget somewhere in their youth. It's a time where you come into your own on your own.

The show was wholesome, the setting was idealic, the characters all unbelievably beautiful, everything was always just this side of whimsical. It was pure escapism, but it's special to me because in a weird way it reminds me of my own youth. All of my heartbreaks, all of my triumphs, all of my adventures, all of my disappointments. All of my summers. We all have them. I realize that by being overly nostalgic I'm probably sounding a lot like Will Krudski, but that really is why the show is special to me. It signifies something we all experience.

The board still being here ten years after the fact is pretty impressive and it's a testament to this tiny but loyal fandom.
- Nicole
Young Americans

Back, listening to the lulling lake, we row
to Rawley, to a dream of childhood’s end
come true, our black and broken minds to mend
in that last age when we by nature know
we are less than we should be, and must grow.
To silent coxswain calls our oars we bend,
but hear such song as Charon’s heart might rend
re-tell old tales renewed, with chorus slow:

"Learn, frog, that lovability is won
by loving, hopelessly, for love’s own sake."
By myth we’re kissed, our self-content undone,
and young to all we might become we wake,
longing to grow in love with Hamilton
and doff our denims of despair with Jake.

- Finnegan
"10 years already?!? Wow. I watched YA when it first aired. The Jake and Hamilton storyline really caught my interest. Especially Hamilton's willingness to explore possibilities he hadn't considered when he admitted his attraction to Jake. Late September I Googled to find out when there would be more episodes. That's how I found . I was so disappointed to learn that the show was over. I lurked around the board for months, thrilled to find that others were as taken with this show as I was, but too wary to actually join and post. Silly me. Finally joined in January to share news that a Canadian network was airing the show again. I had missed a couple of episodes the first time, so was really glad for the chance to see them. The people on this board were so friendly and welcoming and I made some wonderful friends here. And became comfortable with the whole idea of posting on a message board. Anyways, it's wonderful to see that a show that aired for such a short time still has such a loyal and dedicated following. Thanks to Anja and Sheida for continued devotion to keeping the memory of this show alive."
- Chris
"It's hard to put into words what this show and this board mean to me. I know I wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for that one summer I spent watching the show. I know I wouldn't have met most of the people I now consider my closest friends if I had never stopped by at this board. I don't know what it was about this show that caught my attention, that made me want to do more than simply watch it. There was something about it, something that made it different than the rest. Maybe it was the setting, maybe it were the storylines, maybe it was the cast. Something made me and many other fans stick around long after all hope of getting a second season or even a DVD release had disappeared. I've been here so long, it's simply a home. I've seen so many people come and go, but yet that feeling of "family" has always stayed at the board. I may be biased, but I think there's few fanbases as loyal as ours. There were times when this board was nearly closed, when we struggled to stay alive. But we always pulled through, and here we are, ten years later, celebrating the little board that could... "
- Anja
"I started watching YA because my friend recommended it to me, and it just so happened that there was a marathon of all the YA episodes being shown on tv; I gave it a try and obviously loved it. I like all the characters, but the Hamilton and Jake relationship was what got me hooked. It was interesting and definitely very different back then, and they really hook you in. It really is just too bad that the series was short-lived, I think it could have had a lot more awesome storylines "
"I loved this show for one reason: Jake and Hamilton. To this day, they still stand as one of my all-time favorite love stories. I've always been a sucker for the "can't help falling in love" story and there was no one greater than this. To see Hamilton struggle against what he thought he knew of himself in the face of this person who just sparked something inside him?? I LIVED for this show every week. I could not wait to see what they would do and when Hamilton "threw caution to the winds"? I think I squeed non-stop for days. Best friends, lovers, soulmates...they had it all. And I will treasure it for always."
"The main draw for me was the romance of Hamilton and Jake. Their secret against all odds love story was sweet and bold and their chemistry was palpable. Besides that, I liked all of the characters and the actors all had chemistry together, whether it be friendly, romantic, or adversarial. The cast, as we have seen shine in other projects, had the "it factor", as well. Still, to this day, I wish the show had continued further."
"I first stumbled across Young Americans reading TV show transcripts without even an idea as to who played the parts, but even on paper; I fell in love with the characters, the stories and the relationships. I became mod of the board a year after reading the scripts and without even having seen the show yet! The board just sucked me in, the atmosphere was, and is, incredibly friendly and welcoming, it has been my home for the past 2 years… I know Im not exactly an oldie, and unlike Anja, my more than awesome co-mod, I didn’t have much to do with the board back in its oh so famous 'glory days', but I love Young Americans and this board very much… the show is about love and friendship and having fun, and all of these can be seen in : D! It’s a show and a board I'm extremely proud of, and it's unique in the sense that no other 8 episode show can ever say 'we've still got some incredibly loyal fans 10 years after being cancelled, we're still going strong' … thanks to all the posters who've come and gone, special thanks to Anja, … here's to 10 more years "
- Sheida

where they were...where they are now

Kate Bosworth stars as Bella, Will's childhood friend from town. She falls in love with Scout, who it turns out might be her half-brother. After their break-up, she turns to Sean, her and Will's close friend, to try and find happiness.
After Young Americans, Kate started making movies like Blue Crush or Rules of Attraction. She also famously got the leading female role in Superman Returns. She just finished shooting a remake of Straw Dogs with Alexander Skarsgård.

Mark Famiglietti plays Scout, Will's roomate at Rawley Academy. On his first day in New Rawley, he meets and falls in love with Bella. Even when they realize they might be related, he refuses to give up on his love for Bella until he knows for certain...
After Young Americans, Mark went on to do a lot of guest roles on shows like CSI, Without a Trace and most recently Flash Forward. He also had a recurring role in the short-lived series Eyes.

Katherine Moennig stars as Jacqueline "Jake" Pratt, a girl dressing up as a guy to attend Rawley Academy for Boys, supposedly to get attention from her mother who hasn't even noticed she has transferred from school to school over the last few years. She kisses Hamilton during their first days at Rawley, which throws both their lives into turmoil...
After Young Americans, Kate had a few minor roles in movies and guest roles on shows like Law&Order: SVU and CSI: Miami. Her breakthrough came with her role on The L Word. Last season, she could be seen on the medical drama Three Rivers alongside Alex O'Loughlin.

Rodney Scott stars as Will, the show's protagonist. Will grew up in New Rawley and, thanks to a scholarship, gets the chance to attend the prestigious Rawley Academy right across town. But he struggles to manage his old life and his new life and new friends at Rawley...
After Young Americans, Rodney had recurring roles on The District and American Dreams. He could recently be seen in The Strip. His recent project Sex and Consequences is available on Hulu.

Ian Somerhalder plays Hamilton, the Dean's son, who quickly fell in love with Jake, which throws his whole life out of balance. In one of the show's most-loved and most-remembered scenes, he "throws caution to the wind" and admits his feelings towards his friend, only to be confronted with the fact that Jake is very much female....
After Young Americans, Ian did a few movies such as Rules of Attraction and Life as a House and a couple of guest roles on Smallville and Law&Order: SVU. He rose to fame with his role as one of the original castaways on Lost. He now stars on The CW's The Vampire Diaries.

What we have here is a dreamer.
Someone completely out of touch
with reality.
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Old 07-12-2010, 04:05 AM
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Young Americans
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Matt Czuchry plays Will and Bella's childhood friend Sean, who later becomes Bella's boyfriend.
After Young Americans, Matt could be seen on Gilmore Girls for three seasons. He recently played the leading role in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. He currently stars in the award-winning drama The Good Wife.
Ed Quinn stars as Finn, the friends' teacher at Rawley Academy. He forms a bond with Will rather quickly because, like Will, he also used to live in town.
After Young Americans, Ed starred in Eureka for a few years. He most recently could be seen in a guest role on True Blood.
Charlie Hunnam plays Ryder, Rawley's resident British bad boy who tries to make the friends' life hell.
After Young Americans, Charlie had leading roles in movies such as Abandon and Green Street Hooligans and the short-lived comedy series Undeclared. He's currently playing the lead character on FX's Sons of Anarchy. He also recently finished his first screenplay, Vlad, to be released as a movie next year.

Michelle Monaghan plays Caroline, a student from Rawley Academy for Girls, who is Will's big crush throughout the series.
After Young Americans, Michelle went on to do many major movie productions such as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Mission Impossible and Made of Honor.
Gabrielle Christian stars as Grace, Bella's wild-child younger sister.
After Young Americans, Gabrielle rose to fame for playing the character of a teenage girl struggling with her sexuality in South of Nowhere. She's currently working on Girltrash: All Night Long with some of the South of Nowhere cast.

feel free to use!


What we have here is a dreamer.
Someone completely out of touch
with reality.
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Old 07-12-2010, 04:07 AM
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Young Americans
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Posts: 45,558

text contributions by Nicole (street serenade), Chris, Finnegan, Sheida (broken|smile), Anja (wolkenfuehlen), Fla (Mei Zhuo), Munchiewoman, azzro; art contributions by Gay (HappySquared), Nicole (street serenade), Anja (wolkenfuehlen), Weena; icons by Anja (wolkenfuehlen), Nicole (street serenade), Sheida (broken|smile)

Thank you to everyone who ever posted or lurked on this board, who watched the show and loved it enough to stop by here. Without you, this would've never been possible!

I'm not sure if it happened that day or that summer, but somehow we all felt a little older, a little different. I knew I'd never forget this summer, or the friends I'd made. And I knew that I wasn't going to let it end."
- Will, 1x08 Will Bella Scout Her Mom?


What we have here is a dreamer.
Someone completely out of touch
with reality.
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Old 07-12-2010, 04:10 AM
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Young Americans
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Posts: 45,558
While preparing for this anniversary we stumbled upon something that one of our regular posters came up with two years ago. Though she wishes to stay anonymous she gave us permission to repost the following. If you don't know Young Americans, don't know any of the actors and don't know what our fandom is like at all, then this might give you a little insight. Enjoy

That could be a movie in itself: Attack of the Fangirls

*insert dramatic narration* A group of actors from a show long, long ago are thrown together again when ruthless fangirls kidnap and confine them on the old set of their cancelled series. Who will escape, and who will meet their untimely end? *end narration*

Like a really bad horror movie 'I Know What You Did That Summer Eight Years Ago'

Now, if only one of us were a millionaire who could finance some YA reunion. *sigh* Can you imagine. A group of us sitting behind some moniter as Kate and Ian stand about on a set outside, ready to start filming only...

Ian: What's the hold up? The cameras are ready, Kate and I both know our lines-
Kate: And you guys have already made us practice kissing each other for the past two hours, so we got that down, too-
Ian: (points to the evening sky) Now we're losing light. Why can't we finish filming this scene?

Nicole converses behind the moniters and cameras with many of our fellow posters here at the YA board who are magically there with us in the fictional New Rawley, and are a part of the production crew. We soon conclude...

Nicole: (raises hands to get the actors attention) Yeah, okay, Kate, Ian, we apologize for the wait but it appears one of our producers, Sheida, is holed up in Charlie Hunnam's trailer ''running lines'' with him...
Anja: Or so she says.
Karen(Mrs. S): And we all feel that it'd be best to wait until she returns before we attempt to complete this scene.
Nicole: Until then you two feel free to rehearse that kiss.

As Kate and Ian we stand about tilting our heads and sighing. Meanwhile, Rodney Scott walks over to our crowd and clears his throat in order to get our attention.

Rodney:So, uh, would any of you ladies like to ''run some lines'' with 'Will Krudski'?

Each of us look to one another to see if anyone wants to accept his offer, or if we could possibly sacrifice one fan in order to spare the rest of us.

Nicole: I have to pee and return a book
Karen: I'm Ian's personal assistant. (points to Ian who at our urgings is still latching onto Kate) Clearly he needs me here for support.
Anja: I'm the director, I have plenty more things to do than run lines, Rod.

Rodney then nods and sulks away towards the crafts table. We sigh in relief once he's out of sight as each murmer ''that was close'' to one another.

Later That Day:

A handful of fangirls are gathered in a trailer where the wardrobe department is set up. Anja, Karen, and Sheida surround a shirtless Mark Famiglietti.

Sheida: We say this because as fans we feel it's almost our duty.
Karen: We wouldn't even bring it up, but-
Anja: Dear, you have man-boobs. And since I'm all about continuity it's not a problem in regards to filming, but in your every day life you might want to look at getting a little 'support' for those things there.

Like a school boy Mark blushes and retreats behind a small divider in order to get back into proper clothes. Meanwhile Kate Bosworth magically appears from behind yet another divider in the trailer. She's decked out in her Townie Bella clothes and inspects her reflection in a full length mirror, casually listening in on the conversation that begins once I waltz through the door adjusting my slightly messed-about hair.

Anja: Where have you been?
Nicole: (straight-faced) Uhhh...Kate M asked me to ''run some lines'' with her in her trailer.
Sheida: Riiiiiiiiight.
Nicole: Hey, I'd like to see you girls turn her down.
Karen: Nicole's right. Lay off.

Kate Bosworth takes a moment to turn away from the mirror and address us all face to face.

Kate B: You know, ladies, ever since we've started shooting this Young Americans reunion I've noticed that each of you have taken the time to indulge in your fangirl tendencies. With the boys, and...I've even seen each of you stare longingly at The Other Kate at one point or another. I know what everyone says. (begins to speak in an overly dramatic tone) How many times have I heard 'I'd go gay for Jake' since production began? But, well (pauses briefly and awkwardly) why don't I get any of that attention from the YA fangirls? I mean, why doesn't Bella have girls crushing over her? What's Jake have that Bella doesn't?

We lower our heads, feeling pity for her. None of us have the heart to tell her that her character isn't exactly a fan favorite.

Karen: (trying to make Kate B feel better) It isn't you. It's us.
Anja: You're beautiful.
Nicole: And any guy who walked through the door would be on you in a second-
Sheida: But we just can't squee over you like we do Kate M.
Anja: Though we want you to know how deeply impressed we are that you'd even want us to feel that way about you.
Karen: It's just an attitude thing. Now, it's something you can't control-
Sheida: Some people just have it.
Nicole: And some people just don't.

Kate B nods sadly in understanding. We each see tears well up in her eyes, but before we can offer any more comfort she hurriedly exits the trailer at which point Matt Czuchry enters. He greets us and we collectively blush and sigh.

Matt: Someone told me I needed to come here and get measured for Sean's baseball uniform.

The bunch of us clamor for the measuring tape, but Anja elbows us away and does the honor of taking Matt's measurements while the rest of us have to sit and watch her measure his arms, his leg, his arm again, his shoulders, his arm again, and again. She really seems to be stuck on the arms.

Matt: Since I'm here I want talk to you all. Now it seems you and the many other fangirls outside on the set have been avoiding Rodney-
Karen: Because no one wants to be subjected to rehearsing one of Will's miserable speeches with him.
Nicole: Or heaven forbid be witness to his Marky Mark impression.
Matt: Girls, I found him crying on Ed Quinn's shoulder earlier-
Anja: Are you sure they just weren't rehearsing a scene as Will and Finn?
Sheida: Because, you know, Will and Finn do that a lot.
Matt: Look, does his character not have atleast one die-hard fangirl?

We stand in silence for a great while.

Anja: (trying to be diplomatic) Tell you what, Matty, as a favor to you we'll find someone to squee over him.

Matt is appeased and once Anja finishes measuring around his arm yet again he leaves happily, leaving the rest us grumble ''these needy actors...''

Some time later:

The entire cast of YA sits on the set of Friendly's diner. They've all carried food over from the crafts table and they eat while they sit in a booth, safely away from the chaos outside of the building.

Ian: I don't know about you guys, but these fangirls are driving me insane.
Kate M: For no apparent reason they insist on having Ian and I make-out during every scene we film.
Ian: Plus, they refer to us as 'Jahammer' as if she and I are one entity all our own. What's up with that?
Kate M: And that Nicole and Lil keep following me around on set and telling me that I smell good.
Matt: Yeah, and their leader, Anja, took her sweet time doing my measurements for a baseball uniform they said I'd need for filming. (grasping his script in hand) And guys, I've just read this, there's no scene in which I even wear a baseball uniform. Violated is what I am.
Kate B: Hey, atleast they pay attention to you all. I might as well be set decoration. The only reason I'm here is for continuity.
Rodney: Hello? What about me? They avoid me like I'm a leper because they can't even distinguish that I'm not my character, Will. And the wardrobe people keep putting me in these awfully plain red t-shirts for some reason.
Mark: (laughing into his food) Yeah, and you guys wouldn't believe what a couple of the fangirls said to me. They said I have man-boobs. Talk about delusional, right, guys? ....Right? ...Right?

For several silent seconds the rest of the cast stare at Mark blankly O_O . Answering the question truthfully would only hurt his feelings, which no one seems to want to do.

Matt: (changing the subject quickly) So anyways. What are we going to do about these out of control fangirls?
Ian: Karen, my P.A., has proposed marriage to me twice since we started filming. Honored as I am, it's overwhelming. She already calls herself Mrs. Ian Somerhalder.
Rodney: 'Oh, boohoo, fangirls adore me'. You, Katherine, Matt and Mark should be thankful for your fangirls, okay? Bosworth and I don't even have any.
Kate M: (reaches over to pat his hand) Hey, you have plenty of fans. And (pointing to a few of her costars) it's not our fault that YA fangirls gravitate to us.
Ian: (sarcastically) It's a curse you should be thankful you're free from.

Kate M and Ian then slip out of the booth and stand together.

Kate M: (consulting her watch) Now if you'll excuse us Ian and I have to go make out in front of the camera for, like, the 12th time today.
Ian: This is the price we pay for fervant fangirls.

What we have here is a dreamer.
Someone completely out of touch
with reality.
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Congrats on this amazing milestone!
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Its finally here I feel like we've been anticipating this for the past two years The OP looks magnificent, thanks to everyone with the art and the texts and the everything.
Anja, the actor parts look great, love the comparison between then and now, they all ... still look amazing and theyve all done somuch Im so proud of them

and the transcript Aww, I loved it then, I love it now, running lines with charlie Oh how I wish I could

_____♪you're the d a r k n e s s in me
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Old 07-12-2010, 04:49 AM
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I'm stealing one of the icons
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Congrats guys on the 10 years!! And hopefully another 10 years to come. Keep the good work up!!!
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Congrats! Love the OP. And Mark looks so much better right now. It's so amazing that the show only had 8 episode but you are able to keep this board alive. Shows how dedicated as fans you are. Here is to another 10 years.

After all, what’s more human than the fight for survival?
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Congrats on 10 years!
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Grabbing an icon for now. I'll have to come back and read everything later.
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Ten years is amazing. Congrats!!
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