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eternalfate 10-17-2014 11:55 AM

Vampcakes & Cuddles [D♥B] #35: "It's a pretty interesting dynamic, Bonnie and I...Bonnie, my girl." ~ IS

{ ; 35 }

Damon & Bonnie

The possible future love affair between a v a m p i r e and his w i t c h.
This is a story that would be written in the stars and it's all about 'what if's' and sizzling thoughts of p o s s i b i l i t i e s. Damon and Bonnie in the books are so special, Bonnie loves Damon in the books but she doesn't want to tell him because of [no surprise] Elena. Before Damon became obsessed with getting what his brother has [Elena] he met Bonnie and he saved and kissed her before the whole S/E/D triangle. Damon loves p r o t e c t i n g Bonnie, he doesn't ever want her to get killed, he'd risk his own life before he let anything happens to 'his little red-bird'. Also everyone remember the infamous bathtub scene. The love between them is kind of outspoken but anyone with an eye-sight knows it's there.

Oh Bonnie, so loyal

["She's been trying so hard -- for you. She --she loves him too, you see. I didn't even know that. I guess..I guess.. I have been blind on all sides" - Stefan]

In the show it's a whole different relationship. It's a love/hate relationship. Bonnie is the first woman on the show to not fall for Damon charms and call him out in his crap. Their story all started with a necklace and continued from their. Damon tried to snapped Bonnie's neck 'thinking Bonnie was Emily' but it only possessed Bonnie to learn about vampires and hate Damon. Damon tried to get Bonnie's forgiveness in his own snarky way but Bonnie wasn't having it and she didn't stand for it. Bonnie came to the point of hatred towards Damon that she told Stefan if Damon even spills one drop of human b l o o d she'll take him down, which proved her correctly in 2x02 where she literally set him on fire to the point where he was screaming in agony.
If I do this,
you and me, call a truce?

the shipper list
001. NOLA504
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005. attract your dreams ♥
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050. classex12
051. Agraiel
052. ladyevenstar22
053. rpmaluki
054. olicitybubble

the honorary list

001. LJ Smith
002. Katerina Graham
003. Stefan Salvatore
004. Galen Vaughn
005. Ian Somherhadler
006. Kai
007. Miss Cuddles

"Are you frightened of me?"
Damon said. He smiled reprovingly, as if they shared a secret.
"You don't need to be."

It was just like feeding a baby bird
he thought, tremendously pleased with his memory,
his ingenuity, and—well, just himself.
She was his baby bird.

I wish you no harm.
Believe it or not, Bonnie,
I want to protect you. Let me help you

Doesn't undo the bad. I know what you are, Damon.
You might have Elena and the Sheriff and everybody else fooled,
but not me.

If you are so upset with me, why did you feed me your blood to save my life?
Because I do stupid things, Bonnie.
I gotta say, I'm Team Bonnie on this one.

I just can't leave her behind.
I can't show up without Bonnie. I could actually hug you
right now..
"I'm sure there are a million people we'd both rather be with right now, but....
"A couplethousand at most..."

"He clutched her as if he needed her
for blood, as if they were in hurricane-tossed seas.
and to let go of her would be to lose her.

howlstayunexpectedunthinkablesay anything
good to youfade into youin his grinuntil we bleed
black black heartani't that typicalyou make me smile
i need the darknessthe road i'm onwhat if the storm ends?
give it up to mesweeter than heaven, hotter than hellso complicated
lost along the wayi'm on fire when you're near me

Bamon kiss | Bamon eyesex | Bamon hug | Bamon flirty banter
| Bamon defending each other | Damon realizes how much he cares about Bonnie | Handholding
Damon saves Bonnie life | Damon and Bonnie develop an secret friendship | Bamon develops an secret bond
Jealous Damon | A more intimate Bamon dance | One of them develops an crush on each other.
A friendship outside of "Elena" | Almost kiss | Sexual tension | Forming a bond while in oblivion...?

Careful Damon,
I might start to think you actually care.

Future thread titles
Damon cares about Bonnie in his own way. |
Because Bonnie would be the one to put him in place when he's out of line. Literally!
Because no one is more intrigued by Bonnie's magic as Damon.
"The relationship between them was getting better, they even acted pretty friendly sometimes."
"Damon’s expression changes the second he begins to realize what Gilbert is trying to tell him."
"His refusal to accept the truth [her death] is both surprising and quite devastating."
Because Damon was heartbroken when he found about Bonnie's death.
Because Damon refused to believe Bonnie is dead.
I want to use his [Silas] death to bring Bonnie back to life- Damon
"We thought it would be beautiful to have this moment..." - JP
"...Disappear into oblivion and find comfort in each other, proving you can overcome any obstacle."
"We wanted to service the relationship from the books and at least give those two an opportunity." ~ JP
Because "there's such a fine line between love and hate."
"They are stuck there together and in some weird way they are connected." ~ Ian Somerhalder
"There are some rumors of romance."
"Damon and Bonnie never had a chance to be together until now..."
B/c 'the powers of be' made it so Damon stayed with Bonnie while the Other Side fell apart.
"It’s going to force Damon to really rise to the occasion and be a man. Not a selfish little child." ~ IS

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Agraiel 10-17-2014 11:58 AM

TFTNT Tia! :yay:

eternalfate 10-17-2014 11:58 AM

No Problemo!


Originally Posted by Agraiel (Post 78473988)
Ok,Ok...not gonna disagree! :lol:

Well that is the point if she feels like it she will be a bit selfish,and that will definitly be the case. :nod:

Very wise. ;)

I just have a tough time believing Bonnie will ever be selfish.:( Sadly it's not in her nature... I would just love her to care about her life a bit more after being dead for so long, so many times.

Agraiel 10-17-2014 12:03 PM

Well I try. :lol:

If she won't be selfish even a lil bit,I hope Damon will remind her that.

eternalfate 10-17-2014 12:09 PM

They will have to bond a bit more for that to happen.:eek:

Jewelstone 10-17-2014 12:09 PM

TFTNT and thanks for using my title. :flowers:

35 threads :clap: You guys are moving up quick. :D

eternalfate 10-17-2014 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by Jewelstone (Post 78474281)
TFTNT and thanks for using my title. :flowers:

35 threads :clap: You guys are moving up quick. :D

No Problemo! thanks for suggestion it.:yay: I love it!

Yeah... guess it's more to discuss. lol

Agraiel 10-17-2014 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by eternal◘fate (Post 78474277)
They will have to bond a bit more for that to happen.:eek:

That is a must! :nod:

eternalfate 10-17-2014 12:13 PM

We better see a major Bamon bondfest during the next episode... I still feel we haven't gotten enough yet.:look:

Agraiel 10-17-2014 12:15 PM

We didn't but they didn't have any outside stimuly. :lmao: We're still in the game. :yay:

classex12 10-17-2014 12:18 PM

I'm enjoying this season. For obvious reasons :D :love:

Kat isn't leaving the show right?

eternalfate 10-17-2014 12:22 PM

I wonder how many minutes we'll have of them, next episode? ... Keep with the over 8 minutes per episode worth of screentime of Bamon and I'll deal. lol

Agraiel 10-17-2014 12:25 PM

If they keep it this way it's ok for me.I do want way more obviously but I want to keep it realistic.

@classex12 Very obvious reason.We share them too. :D

Not this season,that we know for sure.

1beaut 10-17-2014 12:39 PM


eternalfate 10-17-2014 01:10 PM


Originally Posted by Agraiel (Post 78474644)
If they keep it this way it's ok for me.I do want way more obviously but I want to keep it realistic.

@classex12 Very obvious reason.We share them too. :D

Not this season,that we know for sure.

I do want them to keep it realistic as well but jeez it's been about five months. lol It's about time.:look: lol

Nick! we are not sure.:nod: We don't know if Ian or Kat are signed on for next season.

Monique, no problemo.;)

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