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Old 04-14-2017, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Wes&FredFan (View Post)
LW must have been angry at him for something because his character didn't get much in the end. It's a shame -- Emmett started off as a favorite of mine, and then the writing for him declined .
That's the only thing that makes sense to me, too. Plus, in interviews, both Lizzy Weiss and Vanessa Marano have mentioned that Ryan Lane and Max Adler received bigger roles because they are so well liked by the writing staff, who wanted to keep them around. It makes sense that Sean Berdy received a smaller role, because the writing staff did not want to keep him around.

In spring of 2012, Sean Berdy went from receiving national recognition for his role as Emmett Bledsoe to Lizzy Weiss unfollowing him on Twitter and refusing to tag him by name.

As early as September 2012 (Season 1-C), Sean's role was cut to nearly nothing. It's a shame. His character had things to teach me about life, and none of the other characters offered as much.

Lizzy Weiss understood what she was doing with her story, when she gave this interview in January of 2012 (before everything turned between her and Sean Berdy):

Switched at Birth Creator Says Bay and Emmett Have Conflict Ahead; Plus: Can Daphne Move On? - Today's News: Our Take |

I wanted to return to THIS story. It was never explored with enough depth, and it is fascinating!
Interviewer: An Emmett and Daphne pairing seemed likely, so why choose Emmett and Bay to get together?

Lizzy Weiss: I intended it all along. There was a moment at the end of the pilot where Bay and Emmett exchange a look before Daphne drives off on the back of Emmett's motorcycle and that was a hint that this could be. What I love about it is that Emmett is someone Bay never would've met unless the switch happened. In Episode 9 we had a fantasy teaser of how life would've been and there was something very romantic about it that perhaps Bay and Emmett would've ended up together in the end had she not been switched. There was some sort of metaphysical destiny for them, perhaps.

Interviewer: Now that they're together, will they be able to overcome the language barrier?

Lizzy Weiss: Not just a language barrier, but a whole culture-experiential barrier which is what we explore in the premiere and in the next 12 episodes. I really feel like Bay and Emmett are a Romeo and Juliet from very different worlds. There are so few things left in the world, especially in this generation, that can really keep them apart. Race, religion, class, these are all things that kids today have kind of moved beyond. But a deaf-hearing romance in genuinely something that you can't just say, "Oh well, we don't have prejudice, we're beyond it." We really get into the language barrier in the premiere with how you handle it if someone starts a fight with your deaf boyfriend. It's a totally different situation than if you're both hearing and they have to learn how his view of the world as a deaf guy is different than a hearing guy. That's a huge part of this midseason.

Interviewer: Can Daphne and Emmett go back to being best friends?

Lizzy Weiss: They were such pure best friends in the first 10 in an innocent way and then the kiss happened and it's certainly changed things. Daphne is very determined, but she's not a backstabbing malicious person. She has to figure out how much she's going to fight and she also has other battles.
I wish we could have seen more of an exploration of all of the things Lizzy Weiss mentions in this interview. They barely touched upon it in Season 1-B, and I always thought Season 1-C would explore these things.

Plus, why did the writers turn their backs on Bay & Emmett's metaphysical destiny and give it instead, to the Kennish Vasquez family as a whole?

If Lizzy Weiss wanted to abandon the idea of a metaphysical destiny for Bay & Emmett, then she should not have transferred it to the family. Either a writer is going to go with the fate route, or a writer is not. If Lizzy Weiss believes in fate for the Kennish Vasquez family, then she should still believe in fate for Bay & Emmett, too. If she is abandoning Bay & Emmett's fate THIS late in the game, then to be consistent, Lizzy Weiss needs to abandon fate and metaphysical destiny across the board. Switching it at the last minute makes no sense.

It's cheesy to write a whole show on the metaphysical destiny of Bay & Emmett, and then, at the last minute to say to fans, "Nope, it's not Bay & Emmett who were destined to be together, but this family instead." Lizzy Weiss is blaming Emmett's bad behavior for his loss of Bay, but Bay's family (especially Daphne) has treated Bay a LOT worse than Emmett ever did.

And why did the writers give Bay & Emmett's lovemaking song to the Kennish Vasquez family? Bay & Emmett spent the entire series looking up at the stars and contemplating their destiny, and in the end, the writers pen the once-in-a-lifetime comet to be for the family, and not for Bay & Emmett.

The writers needed to be writing the Kennish Vasquez metaphysical destiny story all along, if they wanted it to have resonance. To spring it at the last minute is lame.
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