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Old 12-23-2015, 10:38 AM
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Welcome to Storybrooke! ✿ Board Guide & Rules ✿ Post New Threads Here #16: Posting Towards a Series Milestone

This board is dedicated to ABC's Once Upon A Time.
If you are not a member of Fan Forum yet, but you want to share your OUAT love with us, you'll need to register your account here and learn the rules here.

You're very welcome to introduce yourself here

The board also has tumblr and twitter accounts you can follow!
Important Rules & Guidelines:

Spoilers: Please be made aware that no spoilers of any nature are allowed to be posted on the current TV boards. This includes Once Upon A Time. Spoilers include any material that has not yet been aired anywhere. Information officially released by the network such as sneak peaks, filming pictures and episodes stills, or cast interviews that hint at future storylines can be posted in the designated spoiler discussion thread only. For other kind of spoilers, we have a Spoilers Board on the forum and a spoilers thread for OUAT that can be found here: Spoilers Thread

Double Posting: Double Posting is not allowed here on the forum. Please avoid this whenever possible. If you find that there was something else you wanted to add to your post and nobody else has posted after you yet, please make use of the edit function. If sufficient time has passed, meaning 48 hours, and nobody else has posted in a thread where you were the last poster; however, you have something new to post, this is the only exception to the rule.


Staying on Topic: Please do your best to stay on topic in the designated thread you are posting in. We do realize that sometimes discussions can flow a little bit off course and hiatuses can be a killer; however, for any real off-topic discussion, do take note that we have an OT thread here on the board for that.

Starting Threads: Before opening any new threads, please check the board guide first to make sure there aren't already any active threads with the same topic. Also, we ask that you use discretion when opening threads. For example, the board currently has an OUAT General discussion thread that is active. There is no need to open up individual threads that are dedicated to individual storyline details which pertain to the show. All discussion of this nature can take place in general discussion.

When starting any character or couple threads, please be advised that we do have a thread that is dedicated to UC and Crossover couples, where fans can discuss couples they would like to see happen.

Anti-threads: The moderators of this board have currently elected not to allow them. More times than not, they are known to bring about a lot of negativity and unnecessary fan wars.

However, with that said, we do acknowledge that fans will not like everything on a show. While Bashing is absolutely not allowed, constructive criticism is fine. We ask that you please be respectful of other posters, and other posters opinions, when there are differences of opinion.

Most importantly ... Have Fun! We love this board and we want you to love it too! Help us to keep it a fun and active place to share our love for this show.

Your mods,

Miss Cam, CityGal


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Fruit of the Poisonous Tree {1.11}
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Broken {2.01}
We Are Both {2.02}
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In The Name of the Brother {2.12}
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The Queen is Dead {2.15}
The Miller's Daughter {2.16}
Welcome to Storybrooke {2.17}
Selfless, Brave and True {2.18}
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Second Star to the Right {2.21}
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Good Form {3.05}
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Think Lovely Thoughts {3.08}
Save Henry {3.09}
The New Neverland {3.10}
Going Home {3.11} 1 / 2
New York City Serenade {3.12}
Witch Hunt {3.13}
The Tower {3.14}
Quiet Minds {3.15}
It's Not Easy Being Green {3.16}
The Jolly Roger {3.17}
Bleeding Through {3.18}
A Curious Thing {3.19}
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"Snow Drifts" / "There’s No Place Like Home" {3.21}/ {3.22} | Thread #2

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Fall {4.09}
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Enter the Dragon {4.14}
Poor Unfortunate Soul {4.15}
Best Laid Plans {4.16}
Heart of Gold {4.17}
Sympathy for the De Vil {4.18}
Lily {4.19}
Mother {4.20}
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Birth {5.08}
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Labors of Love {5.13}
Devil's Due {5.14}
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Our Decay{5.16}
Her Handsome Hero{5.17}
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Wish You Were Here {6.10}
Tougher Than the Rest{6.11}
Murder Most Foul {6.12}
Ill-Boding Patterns {6.13}
Page 23 {6.14}
A Wondrous Place {6.15}
Mother's Little Helper {6.16}
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Tension between the fan groups here at the Once Upon A Time Board are quite high. As a result rules have been broken. In an effort to curb "fan wars" the board will use a "3-Strike Rule."

The rule is pretty easy to understand. Each shipper thread, character thread, or general thread will be given a strike when a rule on the board is broken. Once the second strike has been issued, the moderators will consult with the Moderator Managers about a possible temporary thread closure. If a third strike occurs, the thread may be closed for 24 hours. All strikes expire 6 months after they've been issued.

We understand that this may appear to be harsh but it has gotten to the point where a simple slap on the hand will not do the trick. Everyone should be respected on the board.

Some of the strikes we will be looking for are the following:
  • Bashing of fans groups and shipper threads (title, conversation, etc.)
  • Bashing and making fun of any couple or characters. Constructive criticism and comparisons are fine, but it will be our discretion as to whether or not it crosses the line.
  • Bashing either fanbase or taking posts from their thread is not allowed.
  • Lurking in the other threads is strongly discouraged and members should leave it up to the moderators of that thread to control them (but by all means, if you see a rule being broken, report it)
  • Making fun of titles, or using titles that take jabs at the other fanbase is not allowed.

Threads With Strikes:

Strike Rules - Please read and respond
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Jade . Arts . Other
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New Board guide!
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Thanks for setting up the new thread.
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Old 12-24-2015, 11:57 AM
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You're welcome.
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New Convention thread:

❁ Once Upon a Time Conventions ❁ #4
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Originally Posted by T'Lynn (View Post)
Thanks and updated.
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Old 12-28-2015, 01:02 PM
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Hi, I am new here and had a ? re: posting new threads. Are there any rules for that (i.e. you have to have x number of posts before doing so, you need to ask permission, etc.). I wanted to start a new thread asking people what characters they saw in early seasons that they would like to see again.
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Old 12-28-2015, 03:01 PM
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New thread: {SwanღThief} Emma & Neal #188: "The ride with you was worth the fall"
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Originally Posted by IrishWristWatch (View Post)
Hi, I am new here and had a ? re: posting new threads. Are there any rules for that (i.e. you have to have x number of posts before doing so, you need to ask permission, etc.). I wanted to start a new thread asking people what characters they saw in early seasons that they would like to see again.
Hi and welcome to the board.

Take a moment to review the board's guide here for a list of current open thread and topics.
Board Guide & Rules ✿ Post New Threads Here

New threads are not started for asks or questions. Post your question in the general discussion thread here:

Originally Posted by Krista_N (View Post)
Thanks and updated.

So others can read and comment. It's the holidays so the board is a lot slower than normal so response may be spotty, but hopefully it should encourage a nice discussion.

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Old 01-01-2016, 04:41 PM
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New thread

{Immortal Beloveds} BelleღRumplestiltskin #141: "I don't need to see the world to know what I want anymore. What I want is to be with you."
"I would never want to lose the love I feel for you"

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Thanks and updated.
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☠ {Captain Hook/Killian Jones | Colin O'Donoghue} ☠ #45: "Let me die a hero. That’s the man I want you to remember."
"Our story began on the beanstalk" ♥ "We fought for our love, and we won"
"But one thing is for sure, love...with you, i have everything...
a happy beginning now is ours" ♥

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Updated, thanks.
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