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Meliana 04-26-2018 09:25 AM

Outlaw Queen {Regina & Robin} #49: "I'm sorry, I let you down. Your heart was lost to Zelena on my watch, but I promise you, I'll get it back"
W E L C O M E T O T H E 49th T H R E A D
-- O U T L A W | Q U E E N --
Join us at the Couples Board
& at the Lana board

Pick hope over anger.
Choose love.

➟ The characters

Regina Mills [The Evil Queen]
The Queen, often referred to as the Evil Queen or the Wicked Queen, is a fictional character and
the main antagonist in "Snow White", a fairy tale set in the German countryside, recorded by the
Brothers Grimm; similar stories are also known to exist in other countries. Other versions of the
Queen appear in "Snow White" derivative works, and the character has also became an archetype
for unrelated works of fiction.

In Once Upon A Time, Regina, the Evil Queen, has been called the enemy of happy endings. Here
is a woman with a will to power so dark that she destroyed an entire world just to exact revenge
on her enemies. Once, though, there was a time when Regina longed for her own happy ending, when
she would have given up all the power in the land for the love of a simple stable boy. But when her
mother murdered him, Regina’s heart died with her betrothed. Dedicating her life to the practice of
dark magic, the Queen thought she would never be capable of love again. Something unexpected
happened, though, when she adopted Henry in Storybrooke: the heart she thought she had lost began
to return. The one truly good thing in her life, Regina would do anything for her son. - ABC

Robin Hood
Robin Hood was a character of medieval ballads which were told or sung by wandering minstrels.
In a time where only members of the nobility or clergy could read, the ballads were meant as performance
literature for both the commoners and the court; therefore, as in many folktales of the oral tradition,
the Robin Hood stories were a constant re-creation, continually adapted and changed by the minstrels
who performed them.

In Once Upon a Time, Robin Hood shows bravery and cockiness both in daring to enter the castle
to steal from the Dark One as well as his flippant responses to Rumplestiltskin: “Well, then, I’ll
stick to what I know works,” and “Shouldn’t be a problem. An arrow fired from this bow always
finds its target. Don’t you just love magic?” He exudes the swashbuckling air that is synonymous
with his character in both literary and film interpretations. The Robin Hood of Once Upon a Time is
true to literary character form as a swashbuckling, daring, silver-tongued outlaw, bedecked in forest
green leather, cloak, and bow and quiver and leaning against a tree in Sherwood Forest, a thief with
a noble heart. - Once Upon A Fan

➟ Outlaw Queen Shippers
001. baelfire24
002. Lucas4Brooke
003. KeepThisaSecret
004. Neverlight
005. jasperann1978
006. OutLawQueenFAN13
007. sourburst
008. ring of fire
009. MaryLouMoriarty
010. Julien Suncrisbe
011. SaraLove8
013. Zimane
014. Koda
015. PianoForte
016. ladybug726
017. Vera-Sabe
018. DigificWriter - Platonic
019. j-pop G&Jo -Platonic
020. crazy_diamond
021. MagnusXXN - Platonic
022. RubyTuesdays - Undecided
023. Jiorjiina
025. xNaley23x
026. Maddie172
027. AlwaysCB
028. BabyBrooke123
029. scififan2009
030. counting stars
031. GrhmLz
032. Against_all_odds
033. ѕυρrємє ωιт¢н
034. krisi_1
035. goodbyegirl84
036. MiniAnneBoleynx8
037. Ivanima
038. krisi_1
039. bwm30
040. maryeemeeh
041. MrღMrsStinsbatskys
042. Ms. Evil Regal
043. IceKat055
044. MinutesToMidnight
045. MaybeLove.
046. lisagslack14
047. GalaxyDuster
048. miki_cza
049. Audrinaa
050. krissyc20
051. Hookified
052. Wes&FredFan
053. MellyG14
054. fire for a heart
055. Austenphile
056. Magic Mirror
057. Sixon_Love
058. *Dark_Angel*4eva
059. dtedegrasi
060. DefineDelicate
061. J-lu_Jovsn
062. partenersincrimeS
063. Maggie_R
064. classictvfan91
065. .bian.carsan.
066. michelle1
067 Jsi.23
068. ~*~ Zoey ~*~
069. GrimmReaper
070. ChakotaysLover
071. SapphireSian
072. bbroccs
073. Lindsay
074. Captivating
075. Outlaw Queen
076. sunchick116
077. Darley1101
078. marcalbabe
079. phoenix_shine
080. jenaya
081. Iloverrary
082. sofiab
083. simy
084. NicoleRenee
085. shirona
086. lucresiare
087. Rhonwen
088. outlawqueen16
089. lawlessaholic
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091. sherry02
092. Fan-Ncis-Fic
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107. ♕Misha's Minion♕
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110. Libra
111. LeytonForEver!
112. soul and spirit
113. Echo752
114. muchmoxie
115. T'Lynn
116. confessor_meggy
117. snowing89
118. Clarice83
119. science girlfriend
120. theresadawn
121. Lauren James
➟ Honorary Shippers
001. Tinkerbell
002. Sean Maguire
003. Tanya Maguire
004. Snow White
005. Lana Parrilla
006. Jim Halterman
007. Henry Mills
008. Elizabeth Lail
009. Jane Espenson

➟ The Quotes
"This is your chance at love and
happiness - a fresh start, no
baggage." - TINKERBELL

"Pixie dust doesn’t lie, now go and
get your happy ending." - TINKERBELL

"Did you ever go back and find
him? The man with the lion
tattoo?" - TINKERBELL

"Stunning in every way." - ROBIN

"Use my heart for the both of us." - ROBIN

"He has essentially fallen in love with her."

"I think Robin and Regina bonded over the fact that he can see that
she once was somebody, and she's in the process of changing into
somebody new, somebody better, and Robin has a pretty dark past himself."

"The course of true love never runs smooth."

"These two are different in appearance, but they are very similar
when you look deeper. They’re both single parents that lost the love
of their lives. They are strong leaders who don’t scare easily.
And you’ll see, when they are together, there’s an clear attraction
between the two characters."

"Sometimes i think opposites attract. I think it's just a raw, passionate,
fiery thing. The moment Robin meets Regina he's kinda like „Um...alright“.
And that's how i'm playing it. Just this raw, physical attraction. And they
grow and get to know each other."

"I think with Robin and Regina it's just an organic thing that just happens
sometimes. You bump into somebody then all of a sudden you are smitten.
And it's kind of almost a love at first sight."

"I think we [Robin, Regina, Roland, Henry] would be a nice little family."

"I feel like Marian's going to have to find a new man."

"All i can say is that pixie dust never lies."

"It's written in the stars."

"He's her soulmate. True love? Both?"

"Regina and Robin are destined to be together."

"I will say with all that’s going on, when in the world can “new love” begin?
Well, that is just what happens here with Regina and Robin Hood. That
amongst all the chaos there is always room for love. Their relationship
slowly develops over time and it’s quite entertaining to watch."

"She does have love, and when she loves she loves very deeply, you see
that with Henry and you also see it with Robin."

"I think having a soulmate or when you are destined to be with someone
is very unique. I do think there's only one soulmate for Regina, and i do
think it's Robin Hood."

"Regina's love has to be very manly, and Robin Hood is that."

"The Robin Hood Regina story is one of our favorites."
"The story we're telling now has been one we have tinkered with for a long time."
"Regina doesn't take risks, so she's trusting the soulmate feeling in her...soul."

➟ Season 4 Wishlist ♥

Roland asking Robin and/or Marian for Regina
Henry facing Robin and telling him not to hurt his mother
Tink being mad at Emma, scolding her for ruining Regina's happy ending (and Robin hearing this)
Robin holding/comforting Regina while she cries
Marian realizing that Regina is no longer the evil queen.
True Love’s kiss between Regina & Robin (maybe after Regina’s heart gets frozen)
A family dinner at Regina's house
Regina, Robin, Henry and Roland together
Regina holding baby Neal while Robin watches
Jealous Robin (while seeing Regina talking to another man)
Robin making a grand romantic gesture

➟ The Nicknames
001. Outlaw Queen
002. Regal Arrow
003. Regal Hood
004. Hooded Queen

➟ The Soundtrack
credit: phoenix_shine

Safe With Me – The CO
We Found Each Other in the Dark – City and Colour
King And Lionheart – Of Monsters and Men
Salvation – Gabrielle Aplin
When Can I See You Again – Owl City
Arms – Christina Perri
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda
Secret Door - Evanescence
Magic - Coldplay
Forest Serenade - The Joy Formidable
Hold My Hand - The Fray
Feel Again - OneRepublic
We Found Love (In a Hopeless Place) - Rihanna
Somebody to Die For - Hurts
Turning Page - Sleeping at Last

➟ Future Titles
"But I do hope that Regina opens her heart again to love. It’s been many, many years." ~Lana Parrilla
"Regina's love has to be very manly, and Robin Hood is that. I'm getting very excited." ~Lana Parrilla
And you're quite a good kisser.
Just wait till I actually have my heart back.
Because Sean and Lana ship it too.
"Regina is afraid of losing Robin's love from her life" - Lana
"It makes me wonder why we didn't do this a few decades ago." - Regina
"I just want her to be happy. Even if she thinks that's impossible." - Robin
"If we don't leave this room, then I think this still counts as the first time, doesn't it?" - Robin
"How would you like to come back to my camp and let me cook you breakfast?" - Robin
"Regina somehow has this sort of trust, faith and belief in her relationship with Robin that they together can overcome any obstacle." -Lana
"It appears you found a few believers." - Robin
"I've lost love before. And I won't again." -Regina

➟ Past Titles
#1 - Pick hope over anger. Choose love. ~ Tinkerbell
#2: Did you ever go back and find him? The man with the lion tattoo? ~ Tinkerbell
#3: "Even independent strong Evil Queens need a little bit of romance now and then." - Sean Maguire
#4: "There may be somebody out there for Regina. The question is: Will she open her heart to that?" - Edward Kitsis
#5: Because we're counting the days and cannot wait for them to meet.
#6: Because he smells like Forest (and she sure likes it)
#7: "Are those gold-tipped arrows? That's very generous, the Queen must like you." ~ Charming
#8: "I doubt I'd ever forget meeting you." ~ Robin
#9: Because she literally gave him her heart ღ
#10: "Stunning. In every way." Robin Hood in 3x16
#11: "Can't steal something that's been given to you..." ~ Regina
#12: Regina is "trusting the soul-mate feeling in her... soul" - Jane Espenson
#13: It is just what happens here with Regina & Robin...That amongst all the chaos there is always room for love."-Lana
#14: Because things begin to heat up between Regina and Robin Hood.
#15: "Use my heart for the both of us."
#16: "Sooner or later, your heart will find it's way to happiness."
#17: "And I've got your heart."
#18: Because she still owes him a drink
#19: Because it's all about timing
#20: "I never thought I'd have this." - Regina
#21: Because he brought light into her life and chased away all the darkness
#22: "Pixie dust doesn’t lie, now go and get your happy ending."
#23 : Because "the course of true love never runs smooth."
#24:"Tinkerbell told me I could love again. She led me to a man who she said I was destined to be with." - Regina
#25:"This is your chance at love and happiness - a fresh start, no baggage." - Tink 3x3
#26:"All I can say is pixie dust never lies and this is true love." - Lana
#27: Because their story is just beginning
#28: Regina sought "out Robin in the forest for the purpose of a mutually relished mashing session".
#29: "Robin... loves Regina." - Sean Maguire from Xivents
#30: "I think that there's only one soulmate for Regina and I do think it's Robin Hood." - Lana Parrilla at Xivents
#31: "I don't always realize what I have right in front of me." - Regina
#32: "But he has essentially fallen in love with her" - Sean
#33: "It's written in the stars, he's her soulmate" - Lana
#34: "Regina and Robin Hood had begun to fall madly in love with one another..." - ABC
#35: "Regina and Robin made s'mores in front of the fireplace and it was hot and sticky" - Sean
#36:"My feelings for you were... ARE real." - Robin
#37: "She loves Robin because he's such a mensch, he's such a honourable man" - Lana
#38: "She finds it harder to walk away from him knowing what he feels about her." - Lana
#39: "My mind was in the forest, but my heart took me here." - Robin
#40: "That was the best... sleep... I had in a very long time." - Robin
#41: "He's in love with you Regina, and I think you're in love with him.." - Marian
#42: "I just want her to be happy, even if she thinks that's impossible." - Robin, 4x08
#43: "I missed you." "And I, you."
#44: "Perhaps I could take you for a walk in the moonlight?" - Robin Hood in 4.22
#45: "There it is! There's that elusive but satisfying smile I think about every time I close my eyes." - Robin
#46: "He's not the only one looking forward to a dance with the savior." -Robin
#47: True Love is sacrifice.
#48: "Why not get to know the woman one version of me was willing to die for?"

➟ Autographs

➟ Sean & Lana Tweets

➟ Past Threads
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021. | 022. | 023. | 024. | 025.
026. | 027. | 028. | 029. | 030.
031. | 032. | 033. | 034. | 035.
036. | 037. | 038. | 039. | 040.
041. | 042. | 043. | 044. | 045.
046. | 047. | 048

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AlwaysCB 05-06-2018 11:38 AM

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