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BlueDog9 05-04-2017 01:22 PM

I don't think I've ever expected to ship anyone

Krista_N 05-04-2017 01:32 PM

I remember looking forward to Arrow because I was so sure I would ship Oliver and Laurel.

BlueDog9 05-04-2017 01:33 PM

But you don't, right?

Krista_N 05-04-2017 01:38 PM

No. I wanted to, I really tried but it didn't happen.

BlueDog9 05-04-2017 01:43 PM

Have to admit I'm happy about that :)

Krista_N 05-04-2017 01:51 PM

I know what happened to them, so I'm happy about it too.

BlueDog9 05-04-2017 01:55 PM

Any others?

Krista_N 05-04-2017 02:11 PM

Damon and Elena. There were a few others but I'd have to think about it.

BlueDog9 05-04-2017 02:41 PM

They ended up together

Krista_N 05-04-2017 02:45 PM

They did? I stopped watching a long time ago.

BlueDog9 05-04-2017 02:51 PM

I stopped after S3

Krista_N 05-04-2017 03:02 PM

I don't even remember when I stopped or what was going on on the show. All I know is I was bored.

BlueDog9 05-04-2017 03:10 PM

It got boring :nod:

Krista_N 05-04-2017 03:16 PM

It happens to a lot of shows after a few seasons.

BlueDog9 05-04-2017 03:17 PM

True. Plus they ruined my couple on there.

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