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Old 08-14-2013, 09:10 AM
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{Snowing} Snow♥Charming & Mary♥David #117: Because he wants someone who can be at his side as an equal

{ 117; }
s n o w i n g
appreciation thread

The Dragon Slayer & The Bandit Princess
As the story goes, their love was forged in the shadow of the troll bridge and their commitment to one another spans two worlds…
Snow White became the Bandit Princess while trying to escape a queen who wanted her dead. After becoming the Dragon Slayer, Charming was trying to break free of a tyrannical king who wanted him wed. Unexpectedly, their paths would cross and thus began the epic love story we only thought we knew. Snow met David, posing as Prince James, while robbing his carriage of jewels so that she might survive in the woods. She gave him the nickname "Charming" and they fought trolls to retrieve his mother’s ring, originally meant for someone else. Neither could forget the other and their fateful meeting, leading both to make drastic choices. Snow decided to take a potion to forget her love while Charming decided to forego his wedding and find his love. He found her and saved her heart from darkness; she bit into a poisoned apple and went into a cursed sleep to spare his life. After finding her yet again and breaking the curse with true love’s kiss, Snow White and Prince Charming took back their kingdom, were wed, and had a daughter who would later break the curse cast by the Evil Queen. After nearly losing his life in getting his daughter to safety, Snow and Charming, along with the residents of the Enchanted Forest were transported to a land without magic where they were unaware of their true identities as a result of the curse.

Despite this Mary Margaret and David were inexplicably drawn to one another. After fulfilling the prophecy and breaking the curse, their daughter Emma was reunited with her parents at long last. Shortly after their reunion, however, Snow and Charming were once again torn apart. Throughout this ordeal, their faith in each other did not waver, and Charming willingly went under the sleeping curse to save his family. Upon her hard-fought return Snow reciprocated and broke the curse once again with true love’s kiss. Now navigating the challenges of life in the modern world our couple is faced with the dilemma of where their home truly is: the Enchanted Forest, or Storybrooke. Whatever adventures lie ahead for our Bandit Princess and her Dragon Slayer, we look forward to watching them unfold, knowing that they will always find one another!

001. Jakls
002. lisagslack14
003. *OldHollywoodStarlet*
004. Serenachan
005. red velvet
006. sam_doc
007. xlennie
008. Comfortably Numb
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043. find something real
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050. xXSTARwarsROXx
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266. falling slowly 09

honorary shippers
Josh Dallas Ginnifer Goodwin Jane Espenson ABC
Henry Emma Red Riding Hood/Ruby The Dwarfs Abigail/Kathryn
Regina Rumple/Gold August Archie Granny Graham
Lancelot Ruth
○ ♔ ○

the characters

○ ♔ ○

001. Because he awoke her with True Love's kiss.
002. Because he will always find her.
003. Because he found her.
004. Because they saved each other.
005. Because she named him and it stuck.
006. Because they fought trolls together.
007. Because even when they try they can not stay away from each other.
008. Because they both go to Granny"s at 7:15 so they can see each other.
009. Because they cannot get each other out of their heads.
010. Because the troll bridge is their spot.
012. Because even if he thought Snow didn't love him he still tried to find her.
013. Because he was willing to give up a kingdom to be with her
014. Because they remember each other.
015. Because it was their true love that allowed the Dark Curse to be broken.
016. Because he went under a curse just so he could see her.
017. Because they make a great partnership.
018. Because they each know who the other is and have faith in them.
019. Because he thought she should celebrate her birthday.
020. Because he made her a birthday breakfast.
021. Because he holds her like she's his world.
022. Because they balance each other out.
023. Because they are adorableness personified.
024. Because it's impressive that after all this time, they can still give their daughter some traumatic childhood memories.
025. Because of their devotion to each other.
026. Becuase he is a gentleman towards her.
027. Because their chemistry is undeniable and off the charts.
028. Because they make a fairytale romance seem real.
029. Because they are badass and look good doing it too.
030. Because they can't stop touching each other.
031. Because even if she didn't remember him, she still brought a vase of flowers for him everyday for 28 years.
032. Because their love is constant.

things to remember them by
Finding each other Saving each other True love's kiss Troll bridge
Dove messaging 7.15 Coffee Time at Granny's Love Letters The Sleeping Curse
Tacos Lighting candles Adventures Witty banter Hand-holding True love's ring
Public displays of affection Public displays of kissing Two weddings

For Snow & Charming to have another baby
Snow finding out she is pregnant with Emma
Snow telling Charming she is pregnant
More Snowing banter
More Snowing flashback
A slow dance
Snuggle on a couch
Cooking together
Pillow fight
Adopting a pet
Karaoke night
Going out on a date
See them making tacos
See them fight together

○ ♔ ○

season one
f a i r y t a l e l a n d

s t o r y b r o o k e

season two


I started to love them as soon I saw the pilot. Their love was so strong and powerful even from the first scene they had. Then on the third episode I started to love them more. Their banter and how they acted around each other was beautiful to see. The ring scene in that episode was so amazing to see when Snow tried the ring on and Charming immediately understood that he was looking at his one true love. Their story has touched many hearts and it is that kind of love that most people is looking for in real life. I can't wait to see more how their story will continue.

MaybeLove {Jessica}

I love Snow and Charming for their partnership, the equality in their relationship, the strength of their characters and the strength of their relationship. I love them for what they were willing to endure to be together, how much they want to be together and that 28 years and a curse couldn't stop them wanting it. I love them for their jokes, their touches, their kisses, their chemistry, their maturity, their playfulness and their communicating without words. Quite simply, I love Snow and Charming because they so clearly love each other and will to eternity. It's true love - and got the potion to prove it.

Miss Cam {Cam}

Charming and Snow...why do I love them? Simple their love is pure and unconditional. It stood the test of time when they were separated by the curse. They were willing to sacrifice themselves in order to save their daughter. Both have always been selfless even putting others happiness ahead of their own. They are the model of what true love is.


Congratulations on 100 threads for my OTP on the show, Snow White & Prince Charming! They've always found their way to each other and true love exists because of them. Here's to 100 more threads of happiness for these two.

L i N d $ @ y

This has to be my favorite couple on the show. they are so cute together. I loved seeing how they got together in the Enchanted Forest. How they managed to over coem all the challenges that we up in front of them. Meanwhile in Storybrook their relationship was \more heart breaking at points I still loved watching the up and downs. All that just made it when their reunion when they curse was broken even better. I love how hard they fought to get back to gether when they were trapped in two different realms. And I am so loving them now that they are finally together again and I can not wait too see how they go on form now.


Reliving a timeless household fairy tale of prince and princess, Snowing scores a marvel. Their love story is at the zenith of romance, pure, fervent, idealistic, stitched of devotion, colored by passion and edged with faith. It holds the power that sweeps me off my feet and moves me into tears. Whenever they're up in a scene, it captures my mind and the world around me simply flies away. As a couple, they have been through ups and downs, joys and sufferings, reunions and separations, the happiest days and the darkest hours, good time, tough time, hard time, yet never bad time, because their hearts are always connected, like two brightest stars shining upon each other. Even if they're parted in two worlds, even if they're facing unmatched evil forces, and even if they're not themselves, one always finds another and rushes to set another free from danger, sometimes at the risk of life, of which the drive is undoubtable and unstoppable. Their chemistry is extraordinary and unparalleled, growing beyond the scope of a tv couple, affecting the actor and the actress in reality, making Josh and Ginny a pair of happy lovebirds on screen AND off screen like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. That is magic.

I_Love_Siobhan_Magnus {Jonathan}

Wow! We've hit the big 1-0-0!! I love this couple so much! Throughout all the trials and tribulations, their love for one another has remained steadfast and true. I hope to one day find someone who looks at me the way they look at one another, with love and a beautiful smile. I also love all the posters who post on the threads! I'm so very happy that I have reached this wonderful journey with so many magnificent fans! I look forward to another 100 threads with everyone!

miranstarr {Mee}

Snow and Charming captured my heart from the very first episode and have held on to it since. I find them most compelling because not only do they have the epic fairy tale love, but it has also been tested in the modern world. I look forward to their upcoming adventures as they navigate new challenges together and I also look forward to discussing them in the next 100 threads.

purplesequin {Angie}
○ ♔ ○


{ 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 }

{ 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 }

○ ♔ ○

I Just Want Something Beautiful
Hold On
A Thousand Years
I Will Be
Not Like The Movies
Found You
Something Good
May It Be
At the Beginning
Some Day You Will Find Me


Young Comfort
Every Breath, Every Hour Has Come to This
Not so Charming Nightmares
In The Eyes of the Daughter
A Century is all We Need
Catching Up
True Love Doesn't Just Do Kissing
On Three
The One Who Knows
Freedom Love
Fingers Crossed
Once Upon a Time and Again
Slumber My Darling
A Kingdom Won
Rustling in the Dark
I Carry Your Heart
Skin Comfort
Made All the Difference
Dreaming Through the Noise
Three Little Words

○ ♔ ○

the past

credit: leaveatrail

the present

credit: joshutchersonn

○ ♔ ○

future titles
'I'll keep this memory on the map I trace back to home'
'Because her snow falls charmed his life.'
“Like a moth I’m drawn into your flame”
"Maybe you could walk with me a while and I could rest beneath your smile"
"I came to get you before you got hurt"
"James" "Snow" "I got your letter."
"Snow....Snow White.....are you there?"
"Now that I know that you love me too"
"I can't lose him"
"I'll stand with you." - Mary
You would really die for me?
He went under a curse just because he needed to see her
She wanted to go back because he was alone in there
She finally said I love you back to him when he said it.
Because we hope Snowing had a lot of Tacos on their wedding night.
''I've spent far too much time looking for my wife. It is time to bring her home!''
"You need to have faith in us."
Because he thought she should celebrate her birthday
Because he made her a birthday breakfast
''Maybe someday he will wake up. Maybe someone who loves him will find him''
''This is my wife's life we are talking about''
Their love is so legendary that a single kiss was able to break a powerful spell.

○ ♔ ○

Hall of Fame Part 01

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Design made by: MaybeLove.

Story written by: purplesequin
Bio written by: Miss Cam

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(bringing this over from the previous thread)

Here's the deleted scene from the Best Buy disc..(thank you Miss Cam for linking it on your tumblr page and to Daphne Saxton for uploading it)

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Maybe I did actually get bad karma from the cashiers making a mistake at Best Buy. I only got to see the bonus disk and half of the commentary with Josh and Ginny before my dvd player stopped working. So I ordered a new one and won't get it until monday. hopefully I can get it earlier..... Thank everyone for posting all those gifs and videos of the deleted scenes.

Thanks Cam! for the new thread.
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Old 08-14-2013, 12:36 PM
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"Hope that means they will do a commentary for S3 as well It's great that they enjoy it so much and like doing t together. "

I agree Cam.

Not certain if or how the actors are compensated for their commentary, but I love if when there is enthusiasm for those whom do participate.

Now I know you've seen the bonus deleted clips since they're been ripped.

How the Style of Storytelling featurette?
Because I love the segment on designing Snow White's gorgeous white War Costume.
I keep wishing I could reach into the screen and grab it so I could try it on.


May your wait make the commentaries all that much more enjoyable.
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I like that deleted scene - shows that Charming didn't let King George just go free after what happened, and also explains why he wondered if he would have become a bad guy if he had been raised by George later on in the episode. Also love how concerned Snow gets about Charming's reactions to George's taunts.

But I am still sad we didn't get the scene Josh and Ginny mention on the commentary with Snow and Charming discussing what they've missed out on with Emma. Would love to have seen that as a deleted scene if nothing else.

Originally Posted by mtsmvfn (View Post)
Maybe I did actually get bad karma from the cashiers making a mistake at Best Buy. I only got to see the bonus disk and half of the commentary with Josh and Ginny before my dvd player stopped working. So I ordered a new one and won't get it until monday. hopefully I can get it earlier..... Thank everyone for posting all those gifs and videos of the deleted scenes.
Oh no! Sucks about your DVD player - I hope you get your new one fast
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". Also love how concerned Snow gets about Charming's reactions to George's taunts. "

I thought it was such a great parallel to later in the season when Charming comforts Snow after Cora's death.
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Originally Posted by OhRightTheConscienceThing (View Post)
I thought it was such a great parallel to later in the season when Charming comforts Snow after Cora's death.
Oh yeah, I hadn't thought of that - but yeah, it does. I love how many parallels they have in general, doing the same things for each other quite often. (Like waking each other from the sleeping curse.) Another example of the sort of equality they have in their relationship.

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''Be with the one that gets you. I mean that really gets
you, all the way to your toes, otherwise, what's the point.'' - Carly Corinthos (GH)

Hogwarts will always be your HOME

ic: lady-turner LJ
Jason Morgan | Thor Odinson | Kate Kane {Batwoman} | Steffy & Bill | Arrow Family | Rory + Jess {Their story is not over}
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^That is beautiful art, Mia. Thank you for posting.

And thank you for the new thread, Cam. The title is very appropriate.
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Tftnt, Cam.
MeeTumblrAvengersHemsworth EvansEXOK-Popicon
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So, a question - did you guys want us to have more survivors? We still haven't done episode survivor, outfits, angst or looks of love for S2 so all those are options. If you want more of them, which would you prefer first - if you have a preference?

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Old 08-15-2013, 11:15 AM
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"I love how many parallels they have in general"

I probably didn't make myself clear enough, but I was referring more specifically to the fact that Snow was comforting Charming after King George's cruel retort on Charming's "darkness" vs a few episodes later where Charming is comforting Snow after Regina has shown Snow the "darkness" in her heart.

After watching that Style featurette, my vote is for survivor costumes/clothing/outfits.

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Thanks for the new thread
“I'm queer. I've identified as bisexual since a teenager. I just want to feel
••• powerful in my own skin,and my own mind, and in my own heart.”
~ Tyler Blackburn
→ Jessica | touch the fire || creative dream
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Hey everyone


Another survivor would be fun! I don't really have a preference, anything is fine with me. Outfits could be fun
when you walked into the room just then
it's like the sun came out
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Originally Posted by falling slowly 09 (View Post)
Hey everyone


Another survivor would be fun! I don't really have a preference, anything is fine with me. Outfits could be fun
Same with me.
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