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{Immortal Beloveds}BღR #100: 100 threads of hamburger dates, chipped cups, enchanted roses, phone calls and libraries.


The Immortal Beloveds: Belle & Rumplestiltskin

"My thoughts got out to you, my Immortal Beloved, now and then joyfully, then sadly, waiting to learn whether or not fate will hear us
I can live only wholly with you or not at all
Yes, I am resolved to wander so long away from you until I can fly to your arms and say that I am really at home with you, and can send my soul en-wrapped in you into the land of spirits
Yes, unhappily it must be so
You will be the more contained since you know my fidelity to you. No one else can ever posses my heart never
Oh God, why must be one parted from one whom one so loves.
Your love makes me at once the happiest and the unhappiest of men
Oh, continue to love me
Never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.
Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever ours"

- Ludwig van Beethoven

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Gennifer Goodwin - "I would say that I love Rumpelstiltskin and Belle story." "This breathtaking scene between Robert Carlyle and Emile De Ravin made me cry upon reading the script." [on Gold's phone call to Belle]
Jane Espenson - "Yeah i ship them."
Adam Horowitz - "It was a beautiful thing to see the depths of love that one can have for another and that could mean is no matter what you face, no matter what you go through,you will never give up on the other person."
Jefferson/Mad Hatter - Because he helped Belle escaped
Prince Charming/David Nolan - Because he was Gold's wingman twice
Red/Ruby - Because she helped Gold find Belle
Grumpy - Because he gave Gold a potion to help Belle remember
Chip - Because this is the symbol of their True Love
True Love

Once Upon a Time's Dark Fairy Tale

" There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us." - 1 John 4:18-19

“No one decides my fate but me.” She claimed turning to Rumpelstiltskin and agreeing to go with him. “I will go with him.” This made the imp happy. “My family, my friends, they will all live?” Rumpelstiltskin inclined his head, “You have my word.” Again Belle’s father protested flinging the insult that Rumpelstiltskin was a beast. The deal maker conveyed mock offense, splaying his hand over his heart. Belle turned to her father, placing her hand on his shoulder saying that it had been decided. Rumpelstiltskin slipped his hand over Belle’s waist looking at her father saying, “You know, she’s right. The deal is struck.” With a sinister giggle of delight, Rumpelstiltskin left the castle with Belle at his side. At the Dark Castle Rumpelstiltskin led Belle through enchanted doors, through the main hall where they strode by displays of his collection leaving Belle to ask where he was taking her. “Let’s call it… your room.” Rumpelstiltskin responded as he continued to walk through his castle. Using his magic he opened a worn wooden door. Belle came to a stop, “My room?” Rumpelstiltskin replied, “It sounds a lot nicer than dungeon.” With a wicked laugh he pushes her through the door, closes it, and locks it with Belle pounding on the other side. Rumpelstiltskin strode off with a maniacal laugh echoing on the stones around him.


Life, Death and Rebirth
What I love most about Rumpelstiltskin
and Belle is that their love is the embodiment
of life, death and rebirth. After spending
centuries in the dark, obsessed with
accomplishing one goal, Belle rejuvenated
Rumple like water rejuvenates a flower.
She brought life back into his palace of
death. And like all life, Belle and Rumple’s
story came to an end. But life, true life,
isn’t held to the confines of Earth. In
another world, in another life, we are
brought back and given another. Rebirth.
Hopefully, Mr. Gold will treat his rebirth with
great care and respect. Because life is a
precious gift that shouldn’t be wasted.

Chipped Cup
Like most Rumbellers, I fell in love with
Rumbelle from Skin Deep. However, I
hadn’t originally planned to love them.
Beauty and the Beast was always, and
still is, my favorite Disney movie, and I
was sure Rumplestiltskin as the Beast
was going to ruin the whole thing. Boy,
I was wrong. There seems to be something
much deeper and real about this version.
The boundary between belle and Rumple
was more than his physical appearance;
he had some serious problems! But despite
that and despite his vow to never love again,
she was able to get past his walls and love
him when everything seemed to say it was
a bad decision. My favorite moment is also
the saddest-when he put the chipped cup
on the pedestal, crying.

Reasons Why I love This Ship
1. Can’t resist the age old story of Beauty &
the Beast
2. Because Rumple is just awesome and
Belle is brave.
3. Because Gold is an attorney and so am I
4. Because Belle was a feminist before her time.
5. Because even after Rumple threw her out,
Belle was still loyal to him. For instance
in the scene with Dreamy/Grumpy.
6. Because even though they seem like
polar opposites, they really have a lot of
the same values, not the least of which:
family is number one and willingness to
sacrifice for ones’ loved ones.
7. Because they are both such great
multi-dimensional characters.
8. Because even though she’s beautiful,
Belle truly believes love is layered and not
just about physical looks.
9. Because they both have cute giggles.
10. Because they are each others one
and only true loves.
-Steampunk Dearie

Never in my life have I ever shipped a fictional
pairing like I have with Belle and Rumpelstiltskin.
Their story has touched me like none other.
The romance, the tragedy, the sense of
forgiveness and redemption pulsates through
their entire story and is the beating heart of
the pairing. Out of all the love stories featured
on the show, this love story demonstrates that
love is powerful enough to survive even death.
Worlds, realms and magic cannot tear these
two apart.
The Looking Glass-

Chance and Fate
What makes their love never dies? My answer is chance
and fate. By chance, Rumple brought her into his life
when he was just looking for a highborn maid; by fate,
Belle always found her way back to his arms when he
thought she was gone.
Their love passes the test of time, infiltrates in their
souls and seizes full control, of which the depth is
what I've never seen on any soapy operas and
teen dramas. Given to the harsh circumstance
of their separation in the finale, their relationship
is at stake, but I wish it could endure, remain
and continue.

Walk Through Fire
I guess I'm just a sucker for true love
because this is my second Once Upon
A Time shipper thread testimonial. Why
do I love Rumbelle so very much? Oh,
how could I not? Beauty & The Beast
being one of my loves, I was curious as
to how their story would play out what
with Rumplestiltskin being the 'beast' in
this universe. I think I fell in love when
he started softening his wardrobe…no,
when he set her free…no, when she fell
from the curtains and he caught her…
okay, I really don't know when exactly
I fell but I did, hard and I'm absolutely
rooting for and believing in their happily
ever after. She sees him, sees his light
and goodness buried beneath and he
sees her, sees her intelligence, her
bravery, her heart. Each would walk
through fire to get to the other…their
love truly holds on to the beauty within
and only gets stronger with time. I could
write essays. Happy 25th, Rumbellers at

Love's Unique Abilities
Love has this unique and amazing ability
to strip away all our pretenses and show
us beauty where we couldn't see it. It is
not bound by the aesthetics of a world
shackled by glamour. Love is, perhaps,
the only emotion that can both raise you
to unimaginable heights of joy and fill you
with terror. It is proof that anything is
possible. Even a beauty, loving a beast.

Two Flames
To me, Belle and Rumpel are like two
flames.Two flames that had their beginnings
on separate ends of the universe, and yet,
managed to cross each other’s path in
one brief moment of ecstasy. Soul mates.
And even though they were mercilessly
separated, like all soul mates, the found
their way back into each other’s arms.
Sweet Charity-

Because their chemistry is undeniable,
their love for each other, insatiable.
Because even though he was awful to
her at times, she saw past his beastly
personality, and could see the man he
so desperately wanted to be. I honestly
believe she's the only one who can, and
will eventually, break his dark spell.

Rumbelle is the essence of true love.
True love is complicated, but worth it when you
overcome the trials, and boy have they had trials.
Despite the hardships, neither will give up on the
other! They both feel that what they have is worth
fighting for. If they weren't true love, Gold would
have given up, and Belle would have given up.
These trials will only strengthen their love, and I
will be there watching their journey till the end!

Infinite Love
He’s doesn’t see good in himself, he's the Dark One.
He doesn’t believe himself capable after 300 years of
emptiness, and loneliness, and being cursed
to be good.
He gives people the showman, the beast,
and then along comes Belle.
She saw him hesitate, and embraced that.
She took a hold of that moment in the forest and
lit it again.
She wasn’t going to let that small ember of a loving
person inside him vanquish into the darkness.
She saw what the curse was doing but instead focused
on the
better nature inside. And it worked. Rumplestiltskin’s
dealings with others changed and he was not as
horrible as before.
Love grew out of a tentative friendship. Slowly, uncertain,
but it was there. She brought out the good hearted man
that needed to get to his son, and he in return gave her
a man that saw her as equal. Let her make her own
valued her as more than a trophy.
They are the infinite True Love couple.

Love That Transcends
When I think about Rumbelle,
I think about undying, everlasting love, a
love that transcends time and place.
It's something powerful, so powerful that
I actually feel it.
Emilie and Bobby's off-the-charts
chemistry, we wouldn't be talking
about a phenomenon
- just another well-written story.
You can't explain chemistry
- it either does or doesn't exist - and in this case,
it exists to a remarkable degree.
I've never seen anything like it,
to be honest.
They make you believe in their love -
it's absolutely and
exquisitely real as they portray it. Whether their
characters are flirting, talking seriously, kissing
or even yelling,
that chemistry just pours out of the tv screen.
What makes it all the sweeter is that they
obviously get along very welloff-screen.....
I think that does make a difference.

Beautiful and Inspiring
I have loved Rumbelle from the moment he caught her
or as we call it the "Curtain catch." Their chemistry was
just so palpable right there and then. Her love saves him,
gives him the strength and inspiration to fight the
darkness inside himself to become a better man.
Because of this he gives her honesty and the purest
of feeling he has ever felt for anybody. As much as
her love saves him, his love saves her too.
He's the only who's ever truly valued her as a woman
not just as some little simpering princess. He realized
there was something really special and different about
her from the moment they met or it could have been
the moment she chipped his cup and apologized for it.
Falling in love with her, was unexpected to him as he
was so guarded but in the end he couldn't help but
love her, she made it almost impossible for him
NOT to love her.
They might be opposites but they also complete one
another: she saves him and he frees her. They are truly
the epitome of true love in its purest and simplest form.
They make me long for a chance to have a true love
like theirs someday. They have rapidly become my
second OTP because they are just so beautiful and

Stronger Couple
While at first I was not sure what I would think of them.
But then Skin Deep aired and
I fell in love with them very quickly.
And since then my love for them has only grown.
I love how they care and trusted about each other.
While they have troubles at time I am not worried
because I am sure that will make out together and
becoming a stronger couple than they were before.
I am so very happy that we have reached 100 threads
though I am not shocked because of how brilliant the
poster on this thread are.

Beauty & the Beast

One, two, three, swag!

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."- Lao Tzu

Rumpelstiltskin just looked at her, “It’s just a cup.” Belle rose setting the cup on the tray and prepared him a cup of tea. Some time passed at the Dark Castle. At the corner of the dungeon, Belle was laying on a bunk that looked uncomfortable. She was sobbing miserably, still clad in her golden dress, with a yellow blanket wrapped around her shoulders. There was a sound of a door opening, and Rumpelstiltskin strode into the room. He taunted her immediately. "When you so eagerly agreed to come and work for me, I assumed you wouldn't miss your family quite so much," he said. She got up and replied, in a hoarse voice, that she obviously missed them, since she made the sacrifice for them, calling him a beast.He began to complain again that the constant crying must stop since it has become very difficult for him to spin, claiming that it was when he did his best thinking. Looking at her, he didn't know what else to say. "Here. Perhaps this will help?" He procured a golden pillow for her. "For me?" she asked, before he threw her the pillow and added, "Not quite so beastly now, am I?" He turned to walk out the room.She thanked him and said that maybe now she can actually get some sleep. He paused, and came back to correct her that the pillow was only meant to muffle her cries so he can get back to work. Suddenly, there was a sound, that the doors to the Dark Castle were being opened.

Rumplestiltskin walked quickly to the main hall, Belle following him. They discovered a man trying to steal a wand from Rumplestiltskin's collection. The man was later captured. Sometime passed in the castle. Belle was sweeping up the floor, when there was a sound of a man crying in pain in the background. Rumplestiltskin walked to her, clad in a bloodied apron. "I'm going to need another apron," he commanded. She replied that the others were still drying. He said fine and dismissed her with a wave of his hand then proceed to order her to clean this one as well before he gets back. However, she stopped him short with a question. "All this, because he tried to steal a magic wand?" He swung back around and answered that it’s because the man stole from him, The Dark One, and everyone knows if they steal from him, they would be skinned alive. However, she replied in a firm voice, taking him aback. "Actually, no they don't," she said, speaking clearly. He paused at her words, as he didn't expect her to say anything back. Trying to regain his intimidating posture, he responded, "Well they will after they discover the body." And walked out of the castle, giggling.

A Dream Within a Dream
By Edgar Allan Poe

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow:
You are not wrong who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand--
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep--while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

― 1 Corinthians 13:4

Stealing from me for some noble cause," the beast continued, and accused her of reading too many books. He then magicked her books away, and said that perhaps this will stop filling her head with poisonous thoughts.She didn't give in, and explained herself, that she didn't free him because of what she read in a book, but because she saw good in him. They discovered that the wand was gone, and the beast said that she was tricked, calling her foolish and gullible. She didn't back down and offered that there must be an explanation as to why the man stole it.

He retorted back, "People who steal magic never have good intentions." She walked quickly to him, determined as ever. "No, no. You can't tell what's in a person's heart before you truly know them." He demanded her to go with him as he goes to kill the man, since it was her fault the prisoner got away. He added that it will also be her rags to clean the man's blood as it drips from his carcass. Some hours have passed, and Belle was sitting in a red carriage, with Rumpelstiltskin positioned across from her. He started complaining that he's losing track of the escaped man, since the forest was too thick. Belle responded that they should just return home. He replied back, "And let the thief escaped?" He asked her what it would do to his reputation. She replied firmly, "That there's actually a man hiding behind the beast?" He stared at her."There isn't." She was far from convinced. "Then why didn't you kill me when I freed the prisoner?" He was slightly surprised before trying to come up with an answer. "Well I would have... but good help these days is really hard to find," he said, before he smirked at her. She wasn't buying any of it, and said that he wasn't as dark as people make him to be. She continued that deep down, there's love in his heart and that there's something more than power. He leaned closer to her, his face expressionless. "Well there is something I love..." She narrowed her eyes at him and lean in closely, wondering what it could be, before he started to lean closer and suddenly shouted, "My things!" He smirked at her and halt the carriage to a stop.

There maybe something there...
That Wasn't There Before...
Rumplestiltskin and Belle
SH: "Take my hand." JW: "Now people are definitely going to talk."

Robert Carlyle | JGL | Nathan Fillion | T. Hiddles
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Beauty & The Beast

Celebrate the 100th!

Precious Moments

Curtain Catch
True Love Kiss
Empty Heart and Chipped cup

First hug


"I love you, I love you, my heart is a rose which you have brought to bloom,
my life is a desert fanned by the delicious breeze of your breath, and whose cool spring are your eyes."
- Oscar Wilde

Click to play!
Belle quickly put a hand out to stop him. "Stop!" she yelled at him desperately. She pointed to the couple, and continued, "I'm right about him! He did it so he could heal the woman he loves!" Rumplestiltskin snorted. "He's still a thief." Belle argued back that the woman would've died if he didn't steal his wand. The beast replied that now he gets to die so that the woman can tell everyone of the consequences of stealing from the Dark One. He magicked Belle to sink half way into the ground, to make her watch. Belle strained against the restraint, looking desperately at the beast. Even in the ground, she didn't give up, and said that he didn't have to do this, that there is still good in him. She was right about the man, and she is right about him. He still wouldn't listen as he strung the bow.The woman stood up from the carriage, and they saw that she was pregnant. He lowered the bow a little as he realized this. She continued pressing him, "You're not the kind of man to leave a child fatherless!" He raised the bow again, determined, arrow notched and drawn far back, and released it. The arrow went flying, slamming into the area next to the couple on the carriage. The bow lowered, Rumpelstiltskin's face was hardened. Belle raised her voice to ask, "What happened?" He replied softly, "I missed." He freed her from the ground, and ordered her back to the carriage, saying that he's bored of this forest. She smiled at him, and approached him slowly, voice teasing. "You spared his life." He replied, "What? I did nothing of the sort." She wasn't going to be fooled by him. She reminded him that the bow has magic in it, it never misses its target. He kept his look straight onward and continued with his excuse, "Well maybe the magic just simply wore..." He slowly turned around to his side, to find her staring at him close, it made him paused. "Off," he finished. Belle's lips quirked up into a smile before she hugged him softly. His face was baffled and confused, taken aback by her action. She released him and offered him a small smile before she started to walk away. He stared at her, unable to believe what just happened. She turned around and asked, "Aren't you coming?" He realized this and turned around to retrieve the quiver and, still staring at her, the corner of his mouth perked up into a small smile, and he walked after her.

Night was falling as they returned to the castle. She excused herself, saying that if he didn't need her, she will retreat for the night. She said goodnight to him, and started to walk away before he stopped her with his voice. "Wait. There is something," he said, and put his hands together rather nervously. They walked upstairs, into a room filled with books. "Temper your excitement, dearie. This is simply another room for you to clean," he stated. She was baffled by the sight before her, and said that there's more books in here than she could ever read in a lifetime. He replied that he hoped she can clean them faster than she can read then. She picked up a book, examining it before she looked up at him. "You did all of this for me?" He ignored her remark. "I better not see a single speck of dust gathering in all these books," he said commandingly. She smiled at him knowingly, and earned another remark from him, "What're you smiling at? I'm serious," and he pointed at her.She took his extended hand into her own, and smiled warmly at him. "You're not who I thought you were, and I'm glad," she said, tenderly. Rumpelstiltskin's face softened as he stared at her.

AU – Alternate Universe
WIP – Work in Progress
TW – Trigger Warning

A Bed of Thorns by nym (WIP, Explicit)

A Family Vacation by Swister (AU)

A Perilous Thing by Labyrinthroses

A Salvation Called Love by ShirotaGirl88 (AU)

A Whole New World by Eyes like Dawn

A Wonderful Carol by Phoenix-Talon

After the last Petal fell by Master Quill

AfterShock by Aurora20 (AU)

All That You Are by NorthernDownpour01

And it All Came Tumbling Down by DreamWeaver529

Angels lead me home by Clockwork Mockingbird (AU)

Beauty and the Beast in Snippets of Reality by Auvrea Rose

Beauty, the Beast and Baelfire by DruidKitty

Beds by Eyes Like Dawn

Bruises and Rose Petals by OnceUponATimeLove
(TW– Domestic Violence)

Changes by Betsybelle

Cinnamon by robinsparkles14

Collide by Coneygoil

Culling the Beast by spankingfemfatale (Explicit)

Daughter series by SignCherie (AU)

DealMaker and TruthSpeaker by Sparks

Du Jour, Mon Amour by jonathan-gao

Etchings by Jiorjiina

Far Beneath the Bitter Snow by OldRomantic

Finding Belle by Aerilon452

Free At Last by lovezooey

Hart of Gold by Ultra (AU, WIP)

Handle with Care by Coneygoil

Heart of Gold by PerfectlyWeird333

In Loving Memory by TeaGirrl (WIP, AU)

It’s Time by Betsybelle

Kiss by SignCherie

Lead me to your fate by DarkTragicAngel

Martlet Season by Doormouse

Mr and Mrs Gold by ShakespereanHoneyBadgers
(and its sequel The Golds) (AU)

Oblivion’s Kiss by Aerilon452 (AU)

Of Cabbages and Kings by Mlle Passpartout

Once Upon a time School's Out and
its sequel by Missib

Only a Rose by Tinuviel Undomiel and
Nerwen Aldarion (WIP, AU)

Or Belle by Penelope Lane (AU)

Persephone by Cyprith

Promising by Aerilon452

Recreation by RissaCay

Roleplay by Jiorjiina (AU)

Rumpelstiltskin’s Shirt by Aerilon452

Safe and Sound by Adventure-Seeking-Juliet

That Same Old Story by ForzeOUAT

She Smiled by AnnaBella8690

Small Weapons by Panache

Something About Forever by Cyprith

Something There by Ifyousaysodearie

Spinning Roses by TheLovelyDiamondRose

Sweet Disaster by jonathan-gao

Storybrooke's Tale of Beauty and the Beast and its sequel,
The Tales as told at the dark castle (WIP) by Teddy'sTwin

The Broken Heart’s Best Weapon by Mlle Passpartout

The Charming, White Gold Thanksgiving by Josephine 77

The Heart Won’t Lie by Eyes like Dawn

The impossible truth by Mrs. Naara

The Most Beautiful Name by Rayvah

The Person You Love by Angelstalon

The Prisoner & The Dagger by TeaGirrl

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he rose from the spinning wheel asking, “What are you doing?” Belle tugged on the curtain again as she answered, “Opening these. It’s almost spring, we should let some light in.” Again she tugged and again and again. One more tug ripped the curtain down toppling Belle off the ladder and right into Rumpelstiltskin’s arms where he caught her. Light poured in through the window making him blink and giving Belle the chance to look at him close up. “Thank you.” Belle said. Realizing what he had done, Rumpelstiltskin put her down suddenly backing away from her to go back to his wheel.

Time slipped by, a few months came and went. Belle grew accustomed to her new life with him in the Dark Castle. One afternoon Rumpelstiltskin held the chipped cup in his hand gazing out of open windows. Belle comes around the table with him moving away from her. He turns just as she slips up on to the table to sit, to watch him drink his tea. AS he is about to take a sip Belle asks, “Why did you want me here?” Rumpelstiltskin lowers the cup and teases, “Place was filthy.” Belle smirks, “I think you were lonely.” She continues her train of thought with any man would be lonely. Solemnly he replies, “I’m not a man.” As he leaned against the edge of the table. Belle continues on mentioning how she’s been in the castle for months, having had time to look around. In that time she found a room upstairs with clothes meant for a child. She asked if the clothes had belonged to him or if there was a child. Rumpelstiltskin lowered his head, a small gleam of sadness coloring his gaze. “There was. There was a son, but I lost him as I did his mother.” Belle can hear the sadness and feels for him, for the pain he suffered through, “I’m sorry. But, you were a man once and ordinary man.” Rumpelstiltskin stands, setting aside his tea cup to lock gazes with Belle. “Perhaps you just want to learn the monsters weaknesses? No no, no no no…” He’s pointing at her the entire time as she only smirks. “You’re not a monster. You think you’re uglier than you are. That’s why you cover all the mirrors up isn’t it? Hmm?” Belle questions with the smirk still on her face. Rumpelstiltskin doesn’t answer. A fierce pounding draws him away from Belle. At the front door, Gaston starts to demand the return of Belle. With a snap of his fingers, purple smoke envelopes Gaston turning him in to a long stemmed red rose. Rumpelstiltskin just smiles.

“I have not spent a day without loving you; I have not spent a night without embracing you’ I have not so much as drunk one cup of tea without curing the pride and ambition which force me to remain apart from the moving spirit of my life.” - Napoleon Bonaparte
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“You had a life Belle, before this. Friends. Family. What made you chose to come with me?” Belle opened the glass display case fetching the vase, “Heroism, sacrifice. There isn’t a lot opportunity in this land for women to show what they can do. To be heroes. So when you arrived I thought that was my chance.” As she spoke Belle cut off some of the rose stem and placed it in the vase. “I always want to be brave. I figured do the brave things and bravery would follow.” Belle slid back up on the table to watch him as he sat staring at her from his chair. “And is it everything you hoped?” “Well, I did want to see the world. That part didn’t work out, but I did save my village.” Rumpelstiltskin tapped the tips of his fingers together as he asked, “And uh, what of your young man?” “It was an arranged marriage. Honestly I could never give my heart to someone as superficial as he. To me, love is…” She paused and then continued, “Love is layered. Love is a mystery to be uncovered.” Belle smiled at him. “But uh... you were going to tell me about your son.” Rumpelstiltskin took breath, “I’ll make you a deal. Go to town and fetch me some straw. When you return I’ll share my tale.” Belle felt confused. “Town? You trust me to come back?” “Oh no, I expect I’ll never see you again.” For the rest of the day Rumpelstiltskin stood at the window watching for Belle. As night fell he caught a glimpse of her. Quickly he ran down the stone steps to hurry to his wheel to give off the impression that he hadn’t been waiting for her to return when the enchanted doors opened allowing Belle to enter. “Oh you’re back. Good… good thing. I’m nearly out of straw.” She carried the basket full of straw in one hand and with the other took her cloak to rest it over the back of his chair. Belle smirked at that. “Hmm.” She set the basket down saying playfully, “Admit, you’re happy that I’m back.” Rumpelstiltskin looked at Belle, angling his head to see her eye to eye, “I’m not unhappy.” He confessed.

Belle smiled a broad sunny smile coming around the platform to place her hands on his shoulders. “You promised me a story.” She reminded Rumpelstiltskin. “I did?” He asked. “Uh huh.” She sat down on the edge of the wheel, straightening her skirt and then she placed her hand on his leather clad thigh. “I uh… lost him. There’s nothing more to tell really.” “Since then you’ve loved no one and no one had loved you?” Rumpelstiltskin leaned in close to her, leveling his gaze with hers, “Why did you come back.” Belle let her shoulders droop. “I wasn’t going to but then something changed my mind.” She leaned into her with him meeting her half way. Their lips touched soft and sweet. Belle opened her eyes looked at him, waiting. Then his skin started to change, to go back to a normal hue. Rumpelstiltskin knew something was wrong. “What’s happening?” Belle ran her hands down his hair, cupping his face. “Kiss me again, its working.” She replied. “What is?” He looked daze, but leaned back in a fraction until Belle spoke. “Any curse can be broken.” Rumpelstiltskin jerked back from her wanting to know who told her that. What had started to change in him stopped, returning to how he looked. Backing away from Belle he goes to the mirror yanking off the sheet. Belle watched him talking to his reflection. “Who are you talking to?” He rounded on her, “Your friend the Queen.” Belle let confusion her take her then. More word pass between them ending with Rumpelstiltskin taking Belle back to the dungeon, locking her in a cell. Days pass before he comes to her again. The door opens and Rumpelstiltskin walks through it. Belle had been looking at the window, but her eyes turned to him as she asked, “What are you going to do to me?” Rumpelstiltskin, conveying cold cruelty, pointed to the open door, “Go.” And then he turned his back on her. Belle got up and headed to the open door. She was almost out when she turned and marched back to him. “You were freeing yourself. You could have had happiness if just you had just believed that someone could want you, but you couldn’t take the chance.” “That’s a lie.” He accused. “You’re a coward Rumpelstiltskin and no matter how thick you make your skin that doesn’t change.” Rumpelstiltskin kept the cold around him, “I’m not a coward. It’s quite simple really I don’t want you anymore dearie. My power means more to me than you.” Belle replied, “No it doesn’t. You just don’t think I can love you. Now you’ve made your choice and you’re going to regret it. Forever. And all you’ll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup.” Belle’s voice wavered as she spoke. Getting a last look at him, she walked out of his life leaving Rumpelstiltskin where he stood. The mask he had worn cracked. Sadness overtook him forcing him to bow his head in regret.


A dance
Belle to prance around the house wearing nothing but one of Mr. Gold's shirts
Rum to use magic mirror to see Belle like in B&TB
Rum brushing her hair
For them to get a dog
Gold and Belle revealing to each other the moment when they realized that they were falling in love
Gold giving Belle a rose in SB
Gold and Belle dancing in SB/Rumple and Belle dancing in FTL
Belle removing Gold's tie and unbuttoning his shirt
Belle kissing Gold in front of everyone (Charming clan, Granny, Ruby, Whale, etc)
Moe witnessing a very tender affectionate moment between Gold and Belle
Gold, Belle and Henry together
A child named Rose
An opal wedding ring
True Love Kisses

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The OP is Amazing , to everyone who took part in that

Congrats all , woo we did it



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We did it!
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This looks wonderful. You all put all put a lot of work into this. Very nice.
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The OP is so beautiful! Thanks to everyone for alll of the time and work that went into it - you are all truly amazing!

Congrats to everyone on the 100th!!
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Shoot... Already saw a mistake.. Oops? Gotta fix that once I got home
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Congrats on the 100th thread

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Yay! we made it.... my laptop crashed again. which is why I haven't been on much.. getting it fixed now . I had to borrow my brothers just to be here for the 100th. Congrats

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Thanks for the new thread..

Yeah 100 threads love you guys!!

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Great OP Congrats!!!
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Congrats on the 100th thread

Thanks for the 100th thread

Love the OP.

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Thank you all! Because of you guys, this is possible!

You guys are wonderful! Especially you goofballs out there that make it so much fun!

Lucas! I missed ya thanks for being here
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Congrats on 100 threads!

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aww pom, I couldn't not be here you know? love you guys and missed you too . I'm on my bro's comp right now but I'm hoping to get my laptop back either later today or tomorrow.

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