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Sparks Fly {ZღW} #110: I've found a reason for me to change who I used to be & to start over new & the reason is you.

z o e w a d e

appreciation thread

"You notice how whenever I come around there's always s p a r k s?"

Neighbors, Wade and Zoe have an obvious attraction to one another- an attraction that nearly turned into more during the heat wave. Wade has swooped in to Zoe's rescue a number of times- as her driver, entering his gumbo under her name in the Gumbo Cook-Off, staying with her through the night, etc. Wade was relieved to hear that Zoe didn't think she and Judson were meant to be, and was even able to cheer her up about the situation with Judson afterward. Wade is also extremely reluctant to install the new fusebox Lavon purchases, even lying to Lavon about his electrical skills.

" r a i n check?"

Lavon soon catches on and encourages Wade to be honest with Zoe about his f e e l i n g s for her, and he attempts to do so while driving her to the airport for her to return home to New York for Thanksgiving, but the attempt falls through when she changes plans and decides to stay in Bluebell. Wade gets visibly jealous of Zoe and George's association with one another, and even confronts his friend, George about it, suggesting he stay away from Zoe. Later, after the Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant, he asks Zoe out for a drink at the Rammer Jammer, to which she smiles and asks for a raincheck.

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001. Wilson Bethel
002. Rachel Bilson
003. Lavon Hayes
004. Shelley
005. Kristin dos Santos
006. Rose Hattenbarger
007. Earl Kinsella

the characters.

● ● ●

the reasons.
001. Because she shares a generator with the guy in the gatehouse
002. Because he liked her nightgown
003. Because that smile might work on the girls at the church social swoon, but it's not going to work on her
004. Because if she's not going to be polite, he's not going to show her where the fuse box is
003. Because he'd offer to give her a ride, but he doesn't want her getting any ideas
004. Because she was making out with the electricity-stealing buffoon from next door
005. Because "This never happened. You hear me?"
006. Because his lips are sealed, doc!
007. Because if she ever need a cup of sugar, anything, he'll be right next door
008. Because he is glad she's here. His head has just been killing him today
009. Because he remembers how capable those hands of hers are
010. Because they just kissed! All she did with her hands was go: "why am I so stupid!"
011. Because She stopped their little frolic because she was half-crazed, full-drunk, and his breath smelled like generic beer
012. Because he is the most irresponsible person she has ever met
013. Becasue she was freaking out and he thought he'd snap her out of it with his generic beer breath
014. Because Wade asked her if she wanted him to help her fix the fuse box
015. Because "you notice how whenever I come around, there's always sparks?"
016. Because technically she doesn’t need his help. She simply needed him to take her to the snake; he’s her ride, not her help
017. Because she doesn’t want or need his help
018. Because she is so’s just a rope!
019. Because Wade carried her into her office after she got bit by a snake
020. Because the first rule of a snakebite is “can't let the victim exert herself”
021. Because "what's the second rule? apply pressure to side of boob?"
022. Because his Uncle Mo's got a pretty kick-ass gumbo recipe. If she wants his help, he's...
023. Because "for the 400th time, I don't need your advice, your help, or your Alabama lovin'"
024. Because he made her entry for the gumbo cook-off, and didn't take any credit
025. Because Wade did Zoe a solid; he’s a good guy
026. Because she could look at the heatwave as an opportunity to do the one thing she's wanted to do since she first got here
027. Because she tinkhs her version of fun looks different from his version of fun
028. Because now she knows there's a snake in the water
029. Because she hallucinated Wade swimming in the pond towards her and taking off his wet shirt in slow-motion
030. Because he’s sorry to barge in after hours but he was taking out the trash over at the Rammer Jammer and the fence kind of jumped out and got him
031. Becasue it's obvious he likes her. Shelley works with the man every day. She can tell these things
032. Because the way he looks at her. She has definitely gotten under his skin
033. Becasue maybe it's time she lets him get under her skin
034. Because she sure is taking her time with that bandage
035. Because he appreciates all the fine work she did. If there's anything he can do to repay the favor, he'll be at the Rammer Jammer later
036. Because she knows where to find him
037. Becasue she was just looking for some gum in the condom jar
038. Because her time has come!
039. Because she thinks he knows what to get her
040. Because she winked at him and he thought she got a contact lens situation
041. Because his place, 11:30... he'll be there
042. Because she asked Shelly to tell Wade she'll be a few minutes late
043. Because she has somewhere better to be, too, okay, Brickeroosky!
044. Because Oct 24 2011 11:30pm "Leaving work now. See ya soon"
045. Because she got someplace to be
046. Because it looks like the heat wave broke but that doesn't mean she can't come inside
047. Because actually it does; she guesses she is just not that kind of girl
048. Because he caught her skinny dipping
026. Because he thinks her blowing the power is some kind of mating call.
027. Because "you are a certified crazy person, you know that? and traditionally I'd find that hot, but in your case, I think I'm cured!"
028. Because "so you didn't wake me up for sex?"
029. Because his services haven't even been used.
030. Because he didn't expect to meet Zoe's mother so soon in their relationship.
031. Because traditionally in a yes-no situation, the argument goes to the guy with the hatchet.
032. Because he stayed over, and he rescued her.
033. Because it musta been a ghost that smacked her butt.
034. Because.. raincheck?
035. Because she knows what his favorite pickles are.
036. Because they've had some tension, and they had a moment at Christmas.
037. Because if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then the doctor of the duck is bangin' Zoe Hart.
038. Because "you know all that fighting we do? that's foreplay".
039. Because "an emergency? this means war!"
040. Because "you and I have some chemistry... why don't you just admit it... you like me."
041. Because she “finally understand what R. Kelly's been singing about all these years”
042. Because "there's more to him than I thought"
043. Because "last night, you and I connected"
044. Because "last night, something happened between us"
045. Because "you're a walking country song, doctor hart."
046. Because “I don't like you”… “Yeah, see, I don't really care”
047. Because “stop talking!”
048. Because “you’re hooked”
049. Because “she needs some marshmallows”
050. Because "Wade drives me crazy."
051. Because "Who doesn't want to be happy?"
052. Because he's plenty happy with her!
053. Because she looked sexy wearing his shirt
054. Because he was tied up...literally
055. Because he was the reason she was so tired
056. Because he's laying off the girls these days to be with her
057. Because they needed to make sure that the camera worked
058. Because he wanted her to be the Bond girl to his James Bond at Halloween
059. Because he doesn't have a problem if people put them together
060. Because he turned down a sexy genie AND a ****ty nurse to remain monogamous with her
061. Because he helps her even when it isn't in his best interest
062. Because there are rules and he enforced them
063. Because she is involved with someone that she has feelings for
064. Because she doesn’t want Wade to have sex with anyone else
065. Because she liiiiikes him!
066. Because he talks! Blah, blah, blah, Zoe.. blah, blah, blah, Zoe.. Blah, blah, blah, Zoe, Zoe
067. Because it was her choice to go to bed with him and something about this choice makes her happy.
068. Because they both want to be monogamous
069. Because ever since they became monogamous, they have been sleeping less than ever!
070. Because she said she wanted romance and he listened
071. Because he’s got this friend.. and he wants to do something romantic for this girl he's been hanging out with, something to show her he appreciates her
072. Because he baked black and white cookies (Zoe’s favorite things in the whole world)
073. Because he wants to evolve with her!
074. Because someday Crazy Earl and the Mom may be in laws
075. Because they’re totally in love
076. Because she got scared so she pushed him away; but she misses him!
077. Because she wanted to apologize for their date at the picnic
078. Because maybe there’s a chance they could be happy together
079. Because she wants him consider to be her for real, out in public, everyone knows about, actual boyfriend
080. Because “come here”
081. Because it’s Christmas Eve doc and crazier things have happened on this night than a doctor and a bartender
082. Because they’re kind of busy in here
083. Because she is just so happy!
084. Because driving each other crazy is what brought them together in the first place
085. Because as shocking as it sounds, she is actually really happy with Wade!
086. Because she just passed a vaccine exception to the quarantine so that he could...
087. Because she'd kiss her boyfriend three times a day if she knew where the hell he was
088. Because she left him all those messages not because she was worried about crazy Lily Anne but because she missed him
089. Because they're supposed to be there for each other all of the time
090. Because If he’s having a concert, she should be there. She is with the band!
091. Because if he’s sick, he should call his girlfriend who also happens to be a doctor
092. Because now that he has her, he’s supposed to let her take care of him. That's how he takes care of himself
093. Because it's how this works, right? She takes care of him, he takes care of her
094. Because he can feed her intravenously if he has to. He watched a YouTube video. He can get it done!
095. Because for the record, he’s getting a little tired of having to appreciate her by himself
096. Because tonight, she is all his!
097. Because he planned a romantic dinner for her
098. Because he's who she shares her wine with
099. Because he planned a romantic weekend for her at his friend Bo’s hunting cabin
100. Because he found a doctor to cover for her for the weekend
101. Because he's just trying to spend some quality time with her
102. Because he showed her his plans for his bar
103. Because he thinks she amazing and that he's lucky to have her
104. Because he thinks it would be kind of romantic to walk down the aisle together
105. Because he would do anything to make it up to her
106. Because she's glad he's back.
107. Because she has to say as his girlfriend, guitarist in the back of a truck, totally sexy!
108. Because “Come here beautiful”
109. Because she's Mind Face groupie
110. Because she feels like she’s cheating on her boyfriend with a super hot musician that looks just like him
111. Because what he wants is a girlfriend who's supportive of him
112. Because she bought him a sign for his bar
113. Because she needs him to know that she supports him for him. Reaching for his dream
114. Because she knows that he will win tonight. 'Cause she believes in him
115. Because “This is too important”
116. Because it's not just about the bar. He could lose...everything
117. Because how is she supposed to feel better when everywhere she looks holds a memory?
118. Because Wade got under her skin
119. Because she’ll do anything not to be sad after their break up
120. Because she toasted to the death of her brain cells. Especially the ones that remind her of..
121. Because she burned Wade's stuff to get over her break up blues
122. Because Wade, like alcohol, makes you feel better and then he makes you feel worse
123. Because he gets that he lost the only girl that ever meant anything to him and he'll never get her back, and he has to live with that
124. Because losing the best girl he ever had is the most glorious screw-up of his already gloriously screwed up life
125. Because even she doesn't like him right now she doesn’t hate him, and she just thought he should know that.
126. Because he wanted to know why they couldn't just tell Tucker what was going on between them.
127. Because he has zero interest, no interest at all, into entering any cookie negotiations.
128. Because he wanted to talk about a couple of things.
129. Because she wanted to forget their interesting days together.

● ● ●

s e a s o n 1 ;

● ● ●

the soundtrack.


● ● ●

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"Working with her is awesome. She's just a really cool down to earth girl." ~ Wilson about Rachel
"We have a lot of fun & we share a similar sense of humor. I count her as a friend." ~ Wilson about Rachel
"In the long term, it’s all Wade, baby!" ~Wilson Bethel
"W is confronted with the possibility of having to grow up a bit & Z is kind of bringing that out in him." ~WB
"You know, it’s not like I never thought about having sex with you."
"I can see through your shirt when you do that." "Shut up.. oh! Does it help?
"You were freaking out. I thought I'd snap you out of it with my generic beer breath!" ~Wade
"I saw what you did for you dad. I thought it was kind of heroic." ~Zoe
"So you didn’t wake me up for sex?" ~Wade
"It's gonna be just you and me left to repopulate the earth." ~Wade
Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight. Just a touch of the fire burning so bright.
I've never opened up to anyone so hard to hold back when I'm holding you in my arms.
She finally understood what R. Kelly's been singing about all these years.
"You're a walking country song, Doctor Hart." - Wade
"Wade drives me crazy." ~Zoe
[Wade is] "Someone who talks to his father about me." ~Zoe
"You spend an awful lot of time at my house without a shirt." ~Zoe
"Who paints half dressed? Would you cover up? " ~Zoe
"I keep waking up to paint fumes courtesy of a shirtless and slightly off key bartender." ~Zoe
"You were more excited about your war with Wade. Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know?" -Judson
"I think we were really surprised how easy it was to write the two of them together; how much fun it was."
"I think the fans are all really responding to them."
“It’s sad because they’ve been building these two characters up for a season-and-a-half.” - Rachel Bilson
“It’s like a real breakup.” - Rachel Bilson
“it felt so weird when we read the script [for this episode] out loud. Wilson took it really hard. There was just a hush at the table read, like ‘Oh man, that’s not good.’ " - Cress Williams
I should've proudly claimed that oh my head's to blame, for all my heart's mistakes.
For his southern charm and her kookiness, the pair has instantly become a fan favorite.
We've got a lot to learn; god knows we're worth it. No, I won't give up.
I'm gonna find my way, back to your side.
No words are coming now; and I can't find my breath, can we just say the rest with no sound.
"People can change. And apparently they can be forgiven." -Zoe

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We are looking to spice up the OP for our 150th thread as part of a little celebration.

Things that are needed:
-- Testimonals. (Why you like, love, adore ZW?)
-- Arts
-- 150th Icons
-- Links to videos, fanfic..
-- and anything you can think of..

Deadline is anytime before the 147th thread.

PM Tracie or Juliana

OP credit; AlwaysCB {Juliana}

You come to l o v e not by finding the perfect person,
but by seeing an i m p e r f e c t person perfectly. --Sam Keen

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Thanks for the new thread Tracie
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Tftnt Love that song.
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Don't like this song.
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I love this song
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Awww sorry Kate. I love this song. I actually started a fanvid to it, but I haven't gotten far because I'm not in the mood for sad scenes.
You come to l o v e not by finding the perfect person,
but by seeing an i m p e r f e c t person perfectly. --Sam Keen
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It's okay. I like this lyric. (Heard the song so many times that it turned me off to it)
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
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Thanks for the new thread
visit 9-1-1
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he makes me feel good
all the time.
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Wish we had ZW-wise to be looking forward to on Tuesday
Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
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Originally Posted by BlueDog9 (View Post)
Wish we had ZW-wise to be looking forward to on Tuesday
I'm talking myself into remaining optimistic for anything otherwise I won't even bother watching.
You come to l o v e not by finding the perfect person,
but by seeing an i m p e r f e c t person perfectly. --Sam Keen
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I love this song. I'm working on a video with it.
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Originally Posted by Laurène (View Post)

I love this song. I'm working on a video with it.
It is the perfect song. I started one but only put in a few scenes before taking a really long break. I just don't have the heart to do sad scenes after weeks of watching sad videos and sad episodes.
You come to l o v e not by finding the perfect person,
but by seeing an i m p e r f e c t person perfectly. --Sam Keen
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Good idea Tracie
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