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Against_all_odds 07-10-2011 10:22 AM

We come in peace: An AU V rpg
Obviously since this is AU,it's not continuing from the finale of V. The following things are different:
  • Diana is the same Diana from the original
  • Eli Cohen and various factions of the 5th column are alive and well
  • Erica doesn't kill Malik
  • Diana did a lot more during her time than she let on
  • baby Elizabeth from the original is an adult character
  • Season 2 hasn't happened yet, but Anna is communicating with Diana

Lisa is still going to be "attacked", but the Eli Cohen stuff and Peace Ambassador murders are following Lisa's attack.

Summary: This is an MYOC game for the most part. It's focusing more on V's that have been here for awhile, Peace Ambassadors, the 5th column we don't know about and all that good stuff.

Roles for the canon characters are available, but aside from Erica, Anna and possibly Jack, the others are background characters. Hobbes and Ryan can work with Eli, but they're not as central. The following minor characters now have roles:
  • Eli Cohen
  • Sarita Malik
  • Sid
  • Veena Rai
  • Joe Evans
  • Diana

Standard rules apply-B/G, no god-moding,etc... This isn't as focused on L/I's as the action and drama, but since the peace ambassadors are younger, the rules apply for this as well.



This game will be having skips the way most games do.

Name: Caroline Decker
Gender: Female
Orientation: straight
Race: Human
Age: 17

Caroline is an old friend of Tyler's. They were childhood sweethearts growing up, but she moved when she was 8 years old. She moved away with her biological parents, but she kept in touch with Tyler. Her mother didn't want her having any connections to her old life, but Caroline secretly wrote to Tyler, chatted with him online and called whenever she had the chance. She recently came back to town and began attending Columbia with a friend. She had another friend who began attending last year, but her main reason was to be closer to Tyler.

Caroline is extremely loyal to Tyler and hates Lisa for breaking his heart and whatever other things Tyler confessed to her. She dislikes her for other reasons as well, but she's always civil for Tyler's sake. It was Tyler's idea to have Caroline join the peace ambassadors, as she's opinionated about both sides and gave them an excuse to spend time together.

If you don't know anything about the original, there's a Wiki for V:

V - V Wiki - ABC, V Episode Guide, Elizabeth Mitchell

Nikki K 07-18-2011 10:37 AM

Is Anna or Diana still available to play?

Against_all_odds 07-18-2011 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by Nikki K (Post 57108377)
Is Anna or Diana still available to play?

Not only are they, I insist you take them. :D

If we get a Tyler, I think we can start. Lisa would be helpful, but whoever plays Tyler can't play Lisa. If no one else takes Lisa I'll do her, but we so need a Tyler.

Canadarox 07-21-2011 06:21 PM

I'll take Tyler if ya still need someone to take him. What of Elizabeth? Do you need someone for her? She was my favourite lol. I will make my own male or female maybe both. LOL. Depends on what you all need.

Against_all_odds 07-21-2011 07:59 PM


Originally Posted by Canadarox (Post 57187687)
I'll take Tyler if ya still need someone to take him. What of Elizabeth? Do you need someone for her? She was my favourite lol. I will make my own male or female maybe both. LOL. Depends on what you all need.


Not only can you play Elizabeth, I'll play her kid as a thank you. This isn't just a combo of the original and the new, a few of the characters have kids. :)

Also, I feel like we can start. I advertised this game on the V comm at LJ and if they'll let me, I'll advertise it on the V forum.

Against_all_odds 07-21-2011 08:13 PM

Name: Robin Wilhelmina Maxwell
Gender: female
Orientation: bisexual
Race: hybrid like her mother
Age: 19

Chase is her mother's daughter. She grew up hearing about how things went down and has hated Anna's arrival from the get-go. She's not stupid enough to advertise that she's 5th column, but her friends all know she hates Anna and thinks Peace Ambassadors is lame.

Chase went to school with the others and was the most popular girl in school. She went to her senior prom with Lex, since he'd look good on her arm. She's a sophomore in college, as she took as many AP and community college classes as she could for fun.

Chase is a savant who has a strange way of looking at the world. She sees things in quantum physics and math equations, which gives her the ability to predict winning lotto numbers, become a skilled gambler and even predict the future. She mainly judges based on the odds of it happening, but she's usually one step ahead of people, which is why she's called Chase.

Against_all_odds 07-21-2011 08:20 PM

We're starting at the peace ambassador center or at least, on the way there.


"Remind me again why we're doing this?" I said, even if I knew the answer. I couldn't say no to Tyler and spending time together was harder than both of us thought. I didn't see why he couldn't hang out with me and Chase at Columbia, but it didn't matter. So long as Lisa didn't have the nerve to speak to Tyler and mess with his head, it could be fun.


I looked at my watch and rolled my eyes; they were late. I wasn't surprised Caroline was dragging her feet, but Tyler loved being a peace ambassador. Lisa breaking up with him didn't mean he didn't have to give visitors a chance. "Can we start already?" I asked, looking at everyone.


"That would be my cue to leave," I said, rolling my eyes. I'd offered to give Caroline a ride as well, but god forbid she and Tyler not be joined at the hip. He wasn't a kid anymore and could take care of himself. If he was still emo over Lisa, I'd die laughing. She wasn't worth it, there were other chicks out there and Peace Ambassadors was boring. Unless my parents made me, I wasn't joining.

Canadarox 07-22-2011 04:46 AM

ooc: haha I was just gonna ask about a kid for her! lol. I couldn't really find an adult pic of Jennifer Cooke so I changed her . ( since she is like supposed to be like 40ish LOL ) I will post Tyler's profile and post reply after work! :)

Elizabeth Maxwell Bates ("Star Child")
Gender: female
Orientation: straight
Race: Hybrid
Age: Early 40's
Bio/History: A cell resistance leader , ( 5th Column )still trying to keep the peace . When a V however doesn't want to make the peace , she know's how to kick serious ass. Doesn't even need to break a sweat, but she rather get the exercise! Adrenalian keeps the body going , though there are times where she'll just use her mind. Still ever so smart . How can one not be with an eidetic memory?

Even after over 20 years , Kyle still very over protective- even if she can take care of him more so in a battle. ( Though again she rather keep the Peace). Ham arms her with the smallest yet most powerful weapons' , yes even though he knows she doesn't really need them that much. And yes it's his way to say he cares. He's like the father she never had . ( Even if Brian had not died , by the hand of her mother, he still would not have been much of one ). He really hates having to put her out there or let her . Him and Kyle actually see eye to eye on that one. After all she's their biggest weapon( that's the reason Ham would give ) and heart all at the same time. Still do anything to protect her at all cost . It's still hard to convince them that she's not a kid anymore and doesn't need it. Yet loves the fact they care so much.

Chase was named after her mother , she reminds them of her most times. Her spunk , her fight and sometimes yes even the attitude. There's a lot of Elizabeth in her too, mother like daughter. Not just because she inheritated some powers of her own , as a person too. Though she rather see her daughter trying to keep the peace, loves her fight too. And would stop at nothing to keep her safe . Her family come above all else.
TB: Canadarox
PB: Charlize Theron

Tyler Evans
Just a typical American teen who's parents divorced when he was 14. Tyler at first put blame on his mom and the older he got the more trouble he became. Then the V's came and he was fascinated with them. Thinking it 's the best thing that ever happened since sliced bread. He and his buddy Brandon were so taken with the Visitor's that they joined the Peace Ambassador's.

Did he forget to mention that their leader was some hot? Well for an old chic. The apple does not fall far from the tree.... Lisa. Lisa, a walking Aphrodite among them. And he had his chance but blew it.... she ripped his heart out , but that's getting into a whole new book let alone chapter. It was a good thing Caroline was back in his life , or else he'd barely be standing. His best friend .... his first 'girlfriend' , his first kiss if a cheek counted. Or a tiny peck , the day she moved.... the worst day of his life he swore. That was until his parents divorce and if not for Caroline he wouldn't have gotten through that either. (Though he's still not fully over it but does one ever , when their dad 'abandon's' them)? Now she was here - in the flesh! His rock .
TB: Canadarox
PB:Logan Huffman

Canadarox 07-22-2011 06:21 PM

The bluest of blue eyes looked at his best friend. The Peace Ambassador's pretty much took up most of his spare time . Caroline had a full schedule too, it seemed the best thing was for her to join the Ambassador's ! He get's to hang with his bestest and do what he feels is right at the same time. How could one hate it?
" Because it's right and you get to hang with the coolest guy ever . I believe his name is Tyler "
He actually cracks a smile and a half chuckle. He then looks at Chase.
" Suit yerself , but you're missing out "
He hated being late, but believe it or not there was a split second where it was him who was contemplating on not going and actually hanging out at the girls dorm at Columbia. Then remembered something Caroline had told him . He shouldn't let the break up keep him from life. And to him one of the most important was the Peace Ambassador's . Just because he and Lisa weren't together didn't mean he had to gvie that up too. And he didn't want to. Caroline was right.
When they walked in he gave Lex an apologetic look and he and Caroline took their places.

Against_all_odds 07-22-2011 08:35 PM

OOC: Until someone offers to be Lisa, I'm temporarily posting as her, just to get the meeting started.


"It's nice to see everyone. The meeting started a few minutes ago, but you aren't very far behind," she said with a smile as she scanned the room. There was a girl with bizarre hair and messy clothes sitting next to Tyler, which pissed Lisa off. Just because she had left him didn't mean he needed to start dating some strange girl who was obviously insane. "I don't recognize some of you. Can you please introduce yourself and explain why you're here?" she asked, forming a plastic smile. The stupid girl wasn't even paying attention, she was talking to the boys.


"Oh honey, if you're talking about me, you could have just said so," Caroline said, rolling her eyes as she got up. Lisa was such a :censored: and shouldn't have beat around the bush. "My name's Caroline and I'm here so I can spend more time with Tyler. That and talking policy and public opinion does get a bit pedantic after awhile, don't you think? If you don't vote, don't complain. Seeing as how none of us are old enough to vote, we may as well have our say," she said, shrugging as I sat back down.


Lex placed his face in my palms, unable to believe she'd actually done it. He knew Caroline wanted to kick Lisa's butt and didn't approve of a lot of Anna's actions and decisions, but she was asking for it. She could have gone about it better, Lisa was an important political figure and I could only smooth things over by so much.

"She's just joking....our Caroline has always been quite opinionated. She's actually eager to learn about your culture and has several ideas on how to spread them to humans and exchange cultures more efficiently," he said, laughing uncomfortably. He didn't feel like being caught in the middle, but she was being stupid. Lex and his twin sister had been friends with Tyler and Caroline since childhood, but he refused to pick him over my queen. Tyler had never been good enough for Lisa, Lex simply chose to support her.

Against_all_odds 07-22-2011 08:46 PM


"Yeah...on second thought, I think I'll stay," Chase said as she sat down with her friends. All she needed was popcorn; this was awesome. She couldn't stand the visitors and wished they'd go away. At least Diana had the decency to seduce everyone with power. All this faux p.c. b.s. was annoying, but Chase was entertained now. Lisa looked at her and she made a face as she got up.

"Call me Robin, since you're not cool enough to call me Chase. I've decided to attend this meeting because I think it will prove to be...enlightening," Chase said, attempting to contain her amusement. This was hilarious and she fully intended to call her mother afterwards.

Canadarox 07-22-2011 08:51 PM

He swallowed the lump forming in his throat. It was still awkard to see Lisa, still hurt like hell. It was good to have Caroline's support , to hold his hand so to speak. He tugged on the bottom of her shirt to get her to speed that intro up a bit and to tone it down. He sensed the tension and he didn't want her saying something she really shouldn't. Those blue eyes glanced though in Lisa's direction as she had mentioned spending more time with him. Hoping there'd be at least a hint of jealousy , a hint of regret? Something, anything to give him hope. Well , crap he's only seen her for not even five minutes and he's getting like that? Did it show? He hoped not. Tyler was supposed to be moving on , or at least not holding on to something non existant.
" Could have been a little less cheeky , Care Bear "
He whispered when she finally was seated back down. He just shrugged at Lex and looked uncomfortable again as those blue eyes went back to focus on Lisa.

Canadarox 07-22-2011 08:55 PM

Tyler's jaw just about dropped. He didn't expect Chase to stay and now both girls who were with him.... Not being at all polite or trying to be peaceful was bound to get him into a hellava lot of trouble. More then he wanted. He already felt miserable , and if the Peace Abassador's were taken from him -again. He doesnt' think he could handle that.
" Chase"
He almost begged the hidden warning. This meant a lot to him. Did she really want to get him in trouble.

Canadarox 07-22-2011 08:57 PM

(( OOC: sorry didn't see the chase one just tossed out an add on ))

Against_all_odds 07-22-2011 10:21 PM

OOC: Meh, I wound up having to add it b/c I edited too much.


"It's quite alright, Alexander. If Tyler can bring someone who's so enthusiastic about spreading our culture, by all means, let her speak," Lisa said through gritted teeth. She wasn't amused and wanted to slap the little :censored: for rubbing it in. The fact that Tyler whispered into her ear pissed Lisa off even more. The other girl pissed her off even more; it was obvious sarcasm. Caroline did seem rather intelligent, so if she made herself useful, Lisa would let it go.


"She could have been less passive-aggresive, Ty-Dye," Caroline whispered. She was trying not to smile, but Tyler hadn't called her "Care Bear" in years. Not since their fifth birthday and subsequent first kiss. "Frankly, I don't think this program is living up to its name. For all the universal friendship, we never see anything in the press about the program or what it stands for, nor do we ever hear about activities. Why? As a youth leader, you of all people should be eager to set the stage for an intercultural dialogue of sorts. Why does explaining your culture have to be limited to this room? People like active voices, not passive ones. Aren't you curious about why people of earth are so different? Live aboard and this program is all well and good, but at the end of the day, it's all talk and no action," Caroline said, crossing her arms. if she was going to be in the program, she expected a challenge.


"Like mother, like daughter," Chase muttered. She decided to play nice for Lex's sake, but Tyler was being a pansy. He didn't owe Lisa anything and should have asked more questions. "Why aren't you explaining stuff? Hell, why are we the only two women in this room aside from you? If you want people to trust you, you need to offer those nifty healing centers to low-income families or people who have no insurance, period. Being cutting-edge isn't enough and neither is showering us with gifts," Chase pointed out.


Lex sighed with relief; someone had made them listen. "I'm sure Lisa wouldn't mind if women joined and would look forward to having female friends, but her beauty and regal composure made it impossible for men everywhere to resist her charms," he joked. "If we did have an event, we should make it about education and public awareness," he suggested. Lex's head hurt and he couldn't fathom why the girls hadn't just stated their opinions instead of one being blindly loyal and the other choosing to snark. Hew knew they would have rather had fun being pretentious college kids, but Chase needed to be around her own kind.

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