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winter soldier 08-30-2015 06:13 AM

TPBM #8: Most cringeworthy RP memory?
Probably some of the games I wrote. One was based on a weird dream. One was a Mary Sue version of the Matrix, one was a Mary Sue version of the Labyrinth. One was about a bunch of girls meeting their favorite Johnny Depp character. SO AWFUL. But... really fun. :look:

What was the weirdest game TPBM really remembers participating in? What was the plot?

degausser 08-30-2015 08:03 PM

(That Johnny Depp character game sounds fab ;) )

Sors Immanis was pretty strange ... it was a sci-fi plot with ... human looking robots, space mercs, space police ... I'm not doing the plot any justice. It was like a cross between Mass Effect and ... Ex-Machina? :goof: Cool game. I miss it. (Hint, Hint). :P

TPMB, what inspired your user name?

DingosAteYurBaby 08-30-2015 09:01 PM

Two of my favorite shows growing up: The name of Oz's band in BTVS and one of the funniest scenes in Seinfeld when Elaine says "Maybe the dingo ate your baby" hahaha

Who is TPBM's favorite RP character NOT played by them?

Shiri S 08-30-2015 09:26 PM

Jason Morgan always and forever.

Same question!

winter soldier 08-30-2015 09:38 PM

SORS WASN'T WEIRD. Not compared to Night of the Living Johnnys. :lmao:

Uhhh. Gosh. Probably Joe from all the Helmsley reincarnations played by Mandy. :D Or Jace, from Tarot, played by Mandy. Thems my boys.

What is a character of someone else's that TPBM didn't expect to love as much as they do?

AtomicEmpress 08-30-2015 11:39 PM

Silas Snow. SO MUCH LOVE.

What's your favorite PB for other's to use for you?

winter soldier 08-31-2015 01:28 AM

My sig makes it obvious. :look:

Same question.

degausser 08-31-2015 02:17 PM

( Thanks for all the Silas :love: Pammie :hug: He loves you too :D )

Henry Cavill. And the Hemsworth brothers. :drool:

Who is TPBM's current favorite PB to use?

winter soldier 08-31-2015 06:55 PM

Sebastian Stan (M) and Olivia Thirlby (F). The former because he can fill just about any aesthetic for any character (and also I love his stupid face) and the latter because she has something of an unconventional prettiness about her and also I'm ridiculously picky about female PBs.

Good question. Same to you, TPBM.

degausser 08-31-2015 07:23 PM

I've become very obsessed with Alicia Vikander as of late, which I think is obvious. I really like Liam Hemsworth for a male PB. I just need to find a game/character that sticks for him.

Who did TPBM used to really like using as a PB, but now avoids?

winter soldier 08-31-2015 07:26 PM

Hmmm. I'M NOT SURE. Maybe any of the SPN boys? I've just been so turned off by the fandom I can't even bring myself to use them as PBs. :goof: Though I do still have Misha characters that I love.

What PB does TPBM think is probably overused?

Captivating 08-31-2015 07:47 PM

Jennifer Lawrence (love her, but yeah).

What's TPBM's favorite RP triangle they've been involved in?

winter soldier 08-31-2015 07:53 PM

Probably George - Joe - Finn.

What is a RP pairing TPBM wanted to happen but never happened?

Captivating 08-31-2015 08:05 PM

Blake/Spencer in The Cape. :look:

TPBM, same question!

degausser 08-31-2015 08:09 PM

(I loved George - Joe - Finn too :evil: )

Maegor and Rosamund. :P

TPBM, same question. ;)

Captivating 08-31-2015 08:16 PM

Oh, oh! I've got another. lol. My Rachel Weisz character and the Jude Law character in Helmsley. I forget their names. :lmao:

TPBM, same question again. :D ;)

winter soldier 08-31-2015 08:17 PM

Awww, Libbs. I had no idea you even cared about them. :lmao: :lmao:

UGH, SO MANY. :bawl:

Um. Uhhh.

BRAITH/MEREK. :cry: :lmao:

GoT is basically a game about couples that never happen. So pretty much all of those.

What game would TPBM resurrect because it never really got going?

Captivating 08-31-2015 08:20 PM

Jude and Rachel? Hello, hotness! Plus, they had a lovechild. I wanted to play it out. :bawl:

True dat about GOT! Torren/Cassanda 2.0 anyone? Sarah and I were so close. Le sigh.

Hmm. There was a Mad Men game Sarah started once that died quickly. I was sad about that.

TPBM, same question. I'm a copy cat tonight. ;)

winter soldier 08-31-2015 08:23 PM

Letty bringing up Sors makes me want it again. BASILIKA. The first Penny Dreadful. Young and Beautiful. So mannnnyyy.

SAME QUESTION AGAIN. Originality abounds.

degausser 08-31-2015 08:31 PM

SORS. :evil:

And Basilika. Modern day GOT. Could have been so epic. :sigh:

Does TPBM have any new games brewing in the future? ;)

winter soldier 08-31-2015 08:32 PM

SSSSSSSSSSSSORS. And yeah, Basilika had so much potential... and I loved my characters. :bawl:


degausser 08-31-2015 08:36 PM

Either Daughters of Salem or that Hotel California game I was talking about. Leaning toward the former on account of it already being written. ;)

Who was TPBM's favorite romantic pairing to write out?

Captivating 08-31-2015 08:37 PM

Oh, picking a favorite child. I was really into Patrick/Angela from The Cape and Hearst/Jorie in Daughters of Salem.

What is a storyline TPBM never got to start/finish that they wish they would have?

winter soldier 08-31-2015 08:38 PM


Lazy way out EVERY TIME. :lmao:

I don't know if I ever really wrote a 'romantic' line, with the couple having been together. Most games end before my characters even get to first base. :blank: But I liked Daniel and Hannah in their many reincarnations, and Vaughn and Crina. Both from Blood & Magic.

As for Libby's question... so many GoT lines. So many. Probably following Daena's story, first with Maegor and then with Domeric.

Back to you, TPBM.

degausser 08-31-2015 08:40 PM

I was really looking forward to writing Daena's slow descent into madness. I may still do it on my own.

Does TPBM have any specific storyline idea they want to play out in the future?

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