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winter soldier 05-31-2015 04:58 PM

Role Playing Facts Thread - FAQ, Away List, Role Playing Promotions, Introductions #6
Welcome to the Role Playing Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Thread

Do you want to know something about the RP board? Like how to join and RP or what those pesky acronyms mean, here is where you can find the answers to all those questions you may have.

• What is Role Playing, and how do we go about doing it on this Board?
Role Playing is a type of creative writing in which many different writers control one or more characters that interact with other characters controlled by different writers. This helps create a large taste, style of writing and originality in our Role Plays here at Fan Forum. If you are new to Role Playing, it's best to observe others and learn. Though, Role Playing is not fully a spectator sport. So, here are a few specific questions and answers to help you get started in the wonderful world of Role Playing.

• How do I start a Role Play?
Like any other form of written and visual entertainment, role playing consists of a couple of essential elements: namely a plot and characters. To start a role play, it is best to have a plot already devised and stated clearly in the introduction of the role play. Some plots are more complex than others, and may involve a detailed description of the events that lead up to the events that will be written out in the game. Other plots are more general and can be conveyed with one or two paragraphs. The person who starts the role play is responsible for including a set of rules for the game (such as b/g or post restrictions), as well as managing all the characters that are submitted to the game. A role play can be posted via the "Post New Topic" button at the top right of the main Role Playing page.

There is no restriction to the amount of role plays you can post at any given amount of time, but please keep in mind that each game, to succeed, requires a certain amount of devotion. Don't write up and post any more role playing games than you can handle. The different types of role playing games that exist on this board can be found in the list of terms below.

Examples of well written, descriptive intro post and first “setting” post: MYOC and PYOC

• How do I join a Role Play?
You can join any new Role Play that you'd like. If you want to join a Role Play that is already full, you should simply PM the Role Play starter and ask them if it's O.K. to join their Role Play. Some Role Plays are very easy to join. For example, if you want to join a PYOC Based on Roswell, all you have to do is post the name(s) of the character(s) you want, and wait until all the spots are taken for it to begin. Others, such as MYOCs, require you to first say that you'd like to join the Role Play, and then fill out a profile(s) for your character(s). Please pay attention to if the Role Play starter says the Role Play is full or not, and it's best to ask if you can't tell; Role Plays cannot take too many characters, and it could become a problem if they do so.

• When not to start an thread.
In order to avoid cluttering up the board, threads should only be started when starting a new RP. Questions like, “Who’s interested in a One Tree Hill Rp?’ and ‘What do I do if…’ should be posted in this thread, the Off Topic Thread, or PMed to one of the mods.

• Who do I contact if I have a problem with a poster(s)?
Please contact us, your Role Playing Moderators, if you have a problem with any poster(s), and we will be sure to assist you in this matter. If you happen to have a problem with one of us, please contact one of the Moderating Managers.

You can reach us via PM winter soldier or degausser

• What does the 'Boy/Girl Rule' mean?
The 'Boy/Girl Rule' is used by Role Play starters to signify that they want you to take both a boy character and a girl character if you so choose to join that particular Role Play. This Rule is used a lot in our Role Plays in order to create a balance between the genders of the characters in action. Sometimes you can do special 'trades' with other posters if you do not want to play a certain gender.

• What if I can’t/don’t want to post in an RP anymore?
PM the thread starter and explain why. It is never a good idea to hope you will be replaced if you stop posting. This can cause a hold up in the storyline, and is unfair to someone who may want your spot.

• Can I play a real life celebrity as my character?
Generally, the answer is no. We here at Fan Forum want posters to respect real life celebrities and of course people, so not to cause a fuss and to not have to close an RP, posters aren't allowed to play real life celebrities. Ex. No-one can play Emily Deschanel in an RP as herself. As a different character is the only way to go.

• Role Playing Terms •

A list of a few Role Playing terms and meanings that are used all the time here at the board:

MYOC/MYO - Make Your Own Character/Make Your Own
PYOC/PYO - Pick Your Own Character/Pick Your Own
UC - Unconventional Couple
CC - Conventional Couple
AU - Alternate Universe
PSL - Private storyline; a game restricted to participation only to identified players, usually only two, not join-able by general populace
Invite Only - Similar to a private storyline but encompassing a group rather than individuals, not join-able by the general populace
Pan-Fandom - A game that allows characters from other media as playable characters in a game;usually takes from tv, film, or text
OOC - Out of Character
IC - In Character
B/G Rule - You are required to make both a female and male character to join the game
Godmodding/God Mode - Making assumptions about other characters history or play without speaking to them first, moving characters without permission
Player/Mun - Any person who is writing a character in story
Metagamming - The assumption that a player is their character or that out of character conversations give another character complete knowledge of anothers back story
RP/RPG - Role Play
RPer/RPGer - Role Player
Mary Sue/Gary Stu - A character, either male or female, that has no obvious flaws, is overpowered, or is otherwise perfect, not a viable characterization
No./# - Number (used when showing what number of thread an RP is on)
CI - Check In
TB - Taken By
PB - Played By
TBA - To Be Announced
TBD - To Be Determined
ASAP - As Soon as Possible
MIA - Missing in Action
LI - Love Interest

Roleplaying Resources:

Below are a couple of links that can be used for reference when getting your games and your characters started.
Photobucket - An online "photo bucket" that you can upload your pictures to indefinitely. This comes in handy when you find a picture that is large and needs to be cropped for a game, or when you find a picture on a site that doesn't allow outside linking.
Tinypic - If you'd prefer to upload something quickly and not have it hosted in your own album, then Tinypic is probably more convinient. You also don't need to register to upload anything.
Most Beautiful Man- A great online resource to some familiar and less familiar men for the use of male played bys. A large hosting community for websites that feature male celebrities, female celebrities, and musicians.
Superiorpics - A large website that hosts pictures of male and female celebrities, which can also be used to discover new PBs, or to expand your collection on old favorites.
Ford Models- Looking for someone a little more obscure? Ford Models is a great resource for young models that are relatively unknown. Just a little side note, however, because of their obscurity, you may discover that there are only a few usable pictures.

One last word from your mods here on the role playing board:
We are a community, and that entails a lot of different people from different backgrounds with different opinions. It's important that these differences are respected. When new members join this community, it's everyone's responsibility to make sure they feel welcome and comfortable, and to familiarize them with the ways of this board.

I'd like to remind everyone that OOC (out of character) drama needs to be kept outside of the games. If you have a problem with a fellow poster, take it to PMs. That's what they're there for. Also, please try to keep each game relatively clean and easy to navigate: this means if you'd like to devise intricate relationships before the game starts, it's advised that you do so outside of the game unless the person who started the role play says otherwise. This is to ensure that the game can be started as quickly as possible and that profiles can be easily accessed by other players.

If you have any other questions please feel free to PM your lovely mods.

winter soldier (Emily) & degausser (Letty)

Starfield_Scribe 05-31-2015 04:59 PM

Should 'plotting' be added to the title maybe? So people know to come here for that if that's going to happen here? It's a thought...

winter soldier 05-31-2015 05:01 PM

I think the title is bulky enough as is. :lol:

Starfield_Scribe 05-31-2015 05:02 PM

Well then maybe it needs to be its own thread, because I sure wouldn't have known this thread would be for that just going off the title :P

winter soldier 05-31-2015 05:03 PM

That's really what we've been using this thread for, though. Roleplaying Promotions - plotting for new games. :shrug:

Starfield_Scribe 05-31-2015 05:14 PM

Okay, then why can't it say plotting instead of promotions, which sounds more like 'hey, I've got a game, we need players' than 'I'm working out details for a game.' Could be helpful :nod:

winter soldier 05-31-2015 05:23 PM

I just don't see a need to change it. :shrug: It's the way it's always been, and nobody's ever had any trouble with it. Promotion can include current game promotions, or promoting new ideas. It's an umbrella term.

Starfield_Scribe 05-31-2015 05:30 PM

Change isn't a bad thing :P And the thing with umbrellas is they can keep you from seeing what's underneath ;) Just trying to point out that if it could be unclear to one, it could be unclear to others *shrug*

winter soldier 05-31-2015 05:31 PM

Like I said, there's never been a problem. It's fine the way it is. :look:

Starfield_Scribe 05-31-2015 05:35 PM

Maybe it's just no one's ever brought it up... But hey, it's all good.

winter soldier 05-31-2015 05:37 PM

Alrighty then. :cat:

degausser 05-31-2015 05:45 PM

Plotting is kind of implied in the "promotions" I would think. :)

Honestly, I never really even look past the "Role Playing Facts Thread" portion of the title anyway.

Back to what we were discussing earlier: is there a general interest in a potential game based on The 100?

Like I said before, season 1 is on Netflix so if people want to watch a couple of episodes to get acclimated with the world, they can, but I think the premise is simple enough that people don't need to have seen the show to join. :nod:

It covers some of the board's interest in sci-fi/fantasy/adventure elements but also has the potential to be soapy if people want to go that route as well. :D

winter soldier 05-31-2015 05:50 PM

I'm up for anything sci-fi, of course. :nod: And adventure!

Captivating 05-31-2015 06:04 PM

I'm 100% in (pun intended)! :lol:

AtomicEmpress 06-06-2015 04:51 PM

Totally up for it.

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