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Old 08-20-2011, 09:53 PM
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Caught in the Middle - a PY/MYOC RPG.

I don't know if anyone will be into this RP since people go for Fantasy/Sci-Fi etc now but I thought I would bring this old one back anyway....


Peter Philips is a budding advertising executive, who has the world at his feet. He has just scored a promotion, a raise and he’s getting married to his college sweetheart Lauren Whitman. After an amazing whirlwind romance, Peter asked Lauren to marry him just a few months ago. With the wedding only two weeks away, Lauren is in disarray. There’s trouble with the caterer, the dress. Everything that could go wrong at a wedding does. However, with Peter, it’s a different story. He went on a business trip to Seattle to pitch an idea to a client over there. After his pitch, which was successful, he went out to celebrate at a bar; albeit by himself. While there, he met a woman, who called herself Jaime. Peter and Jaime hit it off straight away, making no mention of his impending nuptials. One thing led to another all of a sudden and they ended up taking their conversation to her apartment where they slept together. Because Peter thought he wouldn’t see her again, he just went back home a few days later acting like nothing happened. However, Lauren informed him that her sister is in town for the wedding. She had spoken of her sister in the past, but she didn’t really divulge too much; just that she left town when she was Eighteen and they didn’t keep in contact all that much. But, upon meeting her, he discovered it was Jaime, the girl he slept with in Seattle. He tries to avoid her, but he can’t since they’ll be under the same roof for the next two weeks. Along with his wedding to Lauren, he has sexual urges to fight for Jaime. Just who will he choose? Will he go through with the wedding?

Cast of Characters.

Peter Philips.
At Twenty-Nine, Peter has gotten the job of his dreams and the girl of his dreams. However, after sleeping with his fiancée Lauren’s sister, he’s starting to rethink everything. He’s a great guy, but sometimes his naïveté can get in the way of what he wants to be and who he wants to be with.

Lauren Whitman.
She’s a year younger than Peter, but they were in the same year at Berkeley. She adores Peter and would do anything for him. She doesn’t know about Peter’s affair with her sister, but then again, she’s been too busy preparing for the wedding which is in shambles at this point. She just wants the perfect day with her perfect man. She’s high maintenance and a bit of an ice queen, but only when she wants to get things done

Jaime Whitman
TB: ღThetis
PB: Amanda Seyfried
She’s Twenty – Three and the black sheep in the family; the wild card if you will. She’s always in her perfect sister’s shadow and she hates it. Her parents have always asked “why can’t you be more like Lauren?” That’s what caused her to leave home at Eighteen and never come back. When she slept with Peter, she had no idea he was engaged, let alone to her sister. Now that Lauren is getting married, she wants to make amends. Now that seems impossible since she and her fiancé slept together. She regrets what happened, but now she finds herself falling for the one person she knows she can’t have – Peter.

Ryan Lewis
Ryan is the same age as Peter and he grew up with Lauren and later Jaime. He’s close to both sisters and for a time, he did have a crush on Jaime but never acted on his feelings. She left before he could tell her, despite the fact that he was a few years older, he had intense feelings for her. Now that he’s also let Peter into their intricate circle, he finds out about the affair Jaime had. He wants to be loyal to the two sisters and Peter, but now that Jaime’s back, his old feelings for her have resurfaced. But, he tries swinging for both teams. If Peter ends up with Jaime, that’s fine, but if he marries Lauren, he will have Jaime all to himself. He doesn’t know what to do.

Other Characters (MYOC)

Those four are the main characters integral to the story. If you want to make the parents or friends etc, they will be classified as originals and those are what you must make a part from taking a pyoc. No profile forms for the pre-mades, just a PB and TB. However, here is the profile for the originals.


The main rules are to take a min of two characters (a pre-made and an original or two originals if the pre mades run out.) Also, no bashing of other players and have fun.
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