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PhoenixRising 03-15-2018 05:27 PM

The Person Below Me #36: TPBM loves re-watching The Borgias!

Originally Posted by golden tattoo (Post 93345161)
I do

TPBM uses reuseable bags at their supermarket?

No, I don't think mine have them.

Hi, Cynergy! :wave:

TPBM hates prank phone calls?

BlondieLeigh 03-16-2018 01:22 PM


TPBM watches the news?

BL.Arinna_1982 03-16-2018 02:47 PM


TPBM is at home.

PhoenixRising 03-16-2018 04:17 PM

I am. :nod:

TPBM likes exercising?

BlondieLeigh 03-17-2018 01:46 PM


TPBM is listening to music?

BL.Arinna_1982 03-17-2018 02:46 PM

Not right now.

TPBM reads novel.

PhoenixRising 03-17-2018 04:46 PM

Not much anymore.

TPBM has been to a costume party?

BlondieLeigh 03-18-2018 01:55 PM

Not recently.

TPBM has a pet?

BL.Arinna_1982 03-18-2018 02:28 PM


TPBM has a personal library.

PhoenixRising 03-18-2018 03:09 PM


TPBM has a diary?

BlondieLeigh 03-19-2018 01:28 PM


TPBM likes to dance?

BL.Arinna_1982 03-19-2018 03:45 PM


TPBM likes to go out.

PhoenixRising 03-19-2018 04:43 PM

If I have someone to go out with. :nod:

TPBM likes tennis?

BlondieLeigh 03-20-2018 11:05 AM


TPBM is bored?

BL.Arinna_1982 03-20-2018 03:27 PM


TPBM is watching a movie.

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