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Sandy0401 05-27-2019 12:36 PM

They are :sigh:

hfce 05-27-2019 05:08 PM

She colored her hair again.

Sandy0401 05-27-2019 06:58 PM

^Yep :)

fragileღheart 05-27-2019 07:54 PM

she looks good with it colored :)

Sandy0401 05-28-2019 07:37 AM

I don't care for it but if she likes it than that's what matters :) I'm just not a fan of half of it :P she should've did it underneath or just the tips or highlites but I will say she's not afraid to be her and I love that about her :D

**Anja** 05-28-2019 11:46 AM

I like it..:)

Sandy0401 05-28-2019 01:30 PM

Her eyes match her hair in the second photo.

fragileღheart 05-29-2019 10:09 AM

i think a lot of people do it that way or don’t? idk i see people with their hair styles likes that. :lol:

they do, didn’t notice

Sandy0401 05-29-2019 10:31 AM

^Some might, I usually see the full head, highlites or it just being underneath lol

fragileღheart 05-29-2019 12:26 PM

lol i know i’ve seen them that way too

Sandy0401 05-29-2019 12:39 PM


fragileღheart 05-30-2019 10:52 AM

post something :P

Sandy0401 05-31-2019 05:45 AM

^I LOVE your new icon :sigh:



Morning commute



Alex and Vlad are pouring delicious soft serve now in Batumi. Today is their grand opening. Поздравление! Go see them in Europe Square. #батуми



I’m beginning to feel like the monks in Georgia had a competition to see who could build monasteries in the most absurd places. This is the Katskhi Pillar, a 40m stone monolith with a small monastery on top that was built in the 13th century.


Nothing like a hot Corn Cup on a sunny day.

fragileღheart 05-31-2019 11:07 AM

thanks! went through older icons i have and found it lol

love his new posts esp the ice cream one

Sandy0401 05-31-2019 05:06 PM

^I do that sometime :lol:

I do too

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