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Old 11-27-2011, 10:40 PM
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Armed and Dangerous (Castle♥Beckett) #14: Because they LITERALLY can't run away from each other now

Welcome to the 14th Thread dedicated to the relationship of
Richard Castle & Kate Beckett


1. BoneLady
2. ~Lisa~
3. Soleya
4. DanceWithLife
5. hann
6. Moon-River
7. cherrie-x
8. OTHFanatic05
9. AddisonBreathtakinglyBeautiful
10. aquadosor
11. CrashandBurn9
12. hlgreenie
13. BlackHalo
14. alysummers
15. Couch Tomato
16. Jessie09
17. MelBelle2
18. light me up
19. White Witch
20. fall like stars
21. ~lipstick
22. SaraSidleStokes
23. JamieChoate
24. KalliopePL
25. krissyc20
26. Nessylink
27. Vivian Rush
28. Nillie85
29. spikespiegel26
30. Krissie678
31. pokadotshoes
32. ..Mysha..
33. TheMusicLives
34. iVIXEN
35. susied23
36. Puck's Girl
37. Blue_Nintsu
38. Gio Gio
39. Pasadora
40. Nymph Marty
41. hjlutherbsw
42. Unicorn / Garden
43. caliles213
44. Titch22
45. electricfeel57
46. AI_lover
47. Hannah ere *mwah*
48. P&B4ever
49. lisagslack14
50. Latiatia2a
51. MaddisonLove
52. TheFrenchGeekette
53. - Nina -
54. Amazingchi
55. SaraHoo!
56. Deiaa
57. Pan
58. DUHsoTK
59. Melanie Garcia
60. Yellow Mustang Girl
61. Wildfire Girl
62. cw72
63. blue_butterflies
64. ssbailey
65. Josie2288
66. Lost in Translation
67. unfaithfully
68. sethamgal
69. WhatTheHeartWants
70. Tina
71. Talkative One
72. Rabbit Heart
73. hungry4chocolate
74. only dreaming
75. ღmaybe this time
76. Tears of an Angel
77. BearDogg-X
78. agne
79. alxndrjosephine
80. azzro
81. Lostcandy
82. Jemistry
83. fozzy81
84. Dreamscape12
85. Fleur!
86. kerbear28
87. °Nanamilo°
88. JacksG13
89. witch123
90. southrnbygrace
91. dreamywriter19
92. magicmerlin
93. Piper~
94. bluestar_Nater
95. SBristow
96. Kmil
97. glo
98. Queen C
99. xBeccax
100. Queen of Babble
101. Plucky Sidekick
102. *Nora*
103. JaSam4Life
104. ghostlovescore
105. Xomaaa
106. ~AussieJunkie~
107. JLarah
108. meen
109. little_earthquake
110. Black_Betty
111. Talula78
112. LeytonForEver!
113. chezdeni
114. Sara Caffrey

But We're Crossing It Tonight

Honorary/Honorific Shippers

1. Stana Katic (Has to be Nº1 because she is our strongest representative inside!)
2. Javier Esposito (Always attent and calling them to attention! Don't you just love his smile whenever he sees them together?;P)
3. Lanie Parish (Betting on them & for them from the start!)
4. Martha Rodgers (Hoping from the start to see them date and kiss XD)
5. Kevin Ryan (He just wants his "mom" and "dad" together XD)
6. Agent Jordan Shaw (Straight to the point, the first one that told Beckett about Castle’s feelings)
7. Alexis Castle (She wants someone to take care of her dad when she won’t be around and Beckett is perfect)
8. DHS Agent Mark Fallon (He thought them together on first sight)
9. Captain Roy Montgomery (Because fear is not a reason not to say what they really feel)
10. Madison Queller (because she knows Beckett is hot for Castle, wants to make little Castle babies and should be honest XD)
11. Mike Royce (Because he saw, and spoke clearly, even from the dead, to Beckett "It’s clear that you and Castle have something real. And you’re fighting it. The last thing you want is to look back on your life and wonder if only." Now it's her move!)
12. Jim Beckett - (Because he went to see Castle (instead of her boyfriend) to ask him to talk to Kate about walking away from the investgation.)

  1. Because he thinks the way her eyebrow furrows is cute
  2. Because he thinks she has beautiful eyes
  3. Because he threw the poker game for her
  4. Because he's helping with her mothers case
  5. Because she likes him pulling her pigtails
  6. Because he bought her a dress
  7. Because she's the reason he's writing again
  8. Because he got angry when the suspect insulted her
  9. Because watching her try and control him is more fun then Shark week
  10. Because he got her an advanced copy of 'Heat Wave'
  11. Because he knows her well enough to predict her moods, behaviour and dreams
  12. Because she needed to know he would be back in the fall
  13. Because she's his muse
  14. Because he brings her coffee and bear claws every morning
  15. Because it's not about the books anymore
  16. Because she told him about her investigation but she didn't tell Josh
  17. Because everyone notices their chemistry
  18. Because he's fun and she needs fun
  19. Because they banter
  20. Because she likes having him around
  21. Because he was speechless when he saw her in the pink dress and again in the blue
  22. Because he thinks she's extraodinary
  23. Because he invited her to the Hamptons with him
  24. Because she gets along with his family
  25. Because Alexis goes to her for advice
  26. Because Demming asked for Castles permission to ask her out
  27. Because he was so checking out her ass
  28. Because he wanted to protect her
  29. Because she's jealous of the women in his life
  30. Because he made her pancakes
  31. Because he let her stay at his home after hers was blown up
  32. Because he rushed to warn her about the bomb then broke down the door to get to her
  33. Because she borrowed his jacket
  34. Because she made him breakfast
  35. Because he asked her out but was intrigued when she said no
  36. Because he has no idea how amazing it would have been
  37. Because he dreams about her
  38. Because she broke up with Demming for him
  39. Because she 'looks good'
  40. Because she was hurt he didn't call
  41. Because he was willing to buy her a pony, build a door or find a ladder
  42. Because his books helped her through the death of her mom
  43. Because she waited an hour just to see him
  44. Because he signed a book for her as a gift
  45. Because she knows his safe word
  46. Because they are comfortable with each other
  47. Because he brings out her fun and playful side
  48. Because he slammed Demming in his book because he was jealous
  49. Because 'he's all yours'
  50. Because she would break him out of prison and that's a sign of true love
  51. Because he already proposed and said 'I love you'
  52. Because she dressed all sexy just for him
  53. Because he's not ready to walk away from Nikki Heat. Not the one of the on the page or the one in the hot dress
  54. Because Paula assumed that they were sleeping together
  55. Because she would take care of Alexis if anything happened to him
  56. Because she listens to his theories no matter how crazy
  57. Because the mark was not a hickey but he wishes that it was
  58. Because they are Mulder and Scully
  59. Because he was willing to turn down James Bond for her
  60. Because the kiss wasn't just a ruse, it was also real
  61. Because 'that was amazing'
  62. Because he's saved her life on at least 4 different occasions
  63. Because they flirt
  64. Because her talking comics was the hottest thing he ever heard her say
  65. Because he searched for at the party
  66. Because he imagined her as a ****ty nurse
  67. Because he thinks the way she works is adorable
  68. Because they bought each other flowers
  69. Because he helped to put together a scholarship in her mothers name
  70. Because he figured out what she would do with a lottery win
  71. Because they have a safe word......."APPLES!"
  72. Because "might want to pop one more button."
  73. Because he wants to see her tattoo
  74. Because she's good to Castle's mom
  75. Because she thanked him for always being there
  76. Because she smells like cherries
  77. Because they finish each other's sentences
  78. Because she's his work wife
  79. Because she killed her mother's killer to save his life
  80. Because he makes her hard job, well, fun
  81. Because "You're hot for Castle" and "You want to make little Castle babies!"
  82. Because he'd do anything to make it up to her
  83. Because she's a tease to him
  84. Because they danced together
  85. Because he can't stay out of her personal life
  86. Because he let her drive his car
  87. Because they went clubbing and he couldn't keep his eyes off her butt
  88. Because he'd be happy to rub lotion all over her
  89. Because they missed each other
  90. Because she joined his fansite
  91. Because they could always cuddle
  92. Because she's a very good teacher
  93. Because....kitten!
  94. Because he really wants to see her in a bikini
  95. Because she'd break him out of prison
  96. Because they held hands
  97. Because "you were so cute back then."
  98. Because he wishes it was a hickey
  99. Because ear grabbing is hot when it's Castle and Beckett
  100. Because he knew her story


Credit Addison Breathtakingly Beautiful


| | |

Credit Addison Breathtakingly Beautiful

Quote of the moment

Castle: Would you do it? Would you get the implants?
Beckett: I don't think I need them, huh?

Animation of the moment

credit to tumblr
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Old 11-28-2011, 12:44 AM
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TEAM GREENBONE!!!!!!!TEAM OPTIMISTIC!!!!! Team Caskett!!!!!TEAM CANTHONY!!!!!! and finally, TEAM CARRIE!!!!!
Carrie Underwood, Ashley Greene, Stana Katic, & Emily Deschanel- Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious!!
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Old 11-28-2011, 02:25 AM
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Oh pretty OP
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Old 11-28-2011, 02:53 AM
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Love the OP
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Old 11-28-2011, 08:46 AM
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You're welcome.
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Old 11-28-2011, 11:44 AM
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yayyyy new thread!

Can I be added btw ?
a love story

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Old 11-28-2011, 12:19 PM
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Nathan Fillion x Zachary Levi
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Old 11-28-2011, 12:41 PM
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Thanks for the new thread!

Such a pretty OP

Welcome CJG18

I miss Caskett, it's been too long.
I have no idea how I'll survive the winter hiatus.
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Old 11-28-2011, 12:49 PM
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We won't! :O
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The pain is too much.
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Old 11-28-2011, 02:19 PM
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TFTNT I Love the OP
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I think I'm dying...

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Hair flipping
Nathan Fillion x Zachary Levi
The pain is too much.
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I know I LOVE it so much


I think I'm dying...

No, no you're not. I won't let you

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Last edited by ~Khaleesi~; 11-28-2011 at 04:13 PM
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I've just watched the hair flipping episode! What a coincidence! That episode is amazing. She is so jealous at Castle having a date with one of the eligible bachelorettes that she asks Lanie to set her up.

OMG those gifs Ju!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just want you.
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