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Lauren Helen Graham 10-10-2014 10:54 AM

He is! :lmao: But still... Such an art about that moment between Cara and Kahlan?! :thud: It must have been one of their most tense ones ever.

Pickle-weasel! 10-22-2014 10:44 PM


Originally Posted by Lauren Helen Graham (Post 77919898)
I knew it! :D That's the girl you were in contact with as well, right? At least I recall that you used to tweet each other regularly.

This is over a month old but I think you're thinking of Jolene, the girl who did fyeahcraighorner tumblr and such.

And that art is hilarious, I've never seen that before.

Lauren Helen Graham 10-24-2014 10:52 AM

No, I think it wasn't Jolene... :look: But I don't recall her name anymore. I have to have a look if I'm still following her. When I read the name I right away know who I was talking about.

Cara/Kahlan... Now B really is in a show that she is a lesbian and all the Cara/Kahlan fans have always waited for that to happen in LotS. :lol:

Pickle-weasel! 10-24-2014 11:00 PM

Hmm....yeah I can't think of who it would be then. :lol:

I know right? They could have gotten their wish now.

Heda_Khaleesi 10-26-2014 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by Lauren Helen Graham (Post 78585539)

Cara/Kahlan... Now B really is in a show that she is a lesbian and all the Cara/Kahlan fans have always waited for that to happen in LotS. :lol:

i was exactly thinking the same :lol:

Lauren Helen Graham 10-26-2014 12:17 PM

:lol: It's so funny! I'm wondering if those fans or at least part of it are watching Jane the Virgin now. :D

Pickle-weasel! 10-29-2014 10:50 PM

if they're B fans, I bet they are.

Lauren Helen Graham 11-01-2014 11:56 AM

Me, too! :D Now Tab needs a role in the show as well and to play B's love interest... Everything would be perfect for them then :P

Heda_Khaleesi 11-02-2014 07:53 AM

i'm happy about how B and Tab's friendship developed :)

Lauren Helen Graham 11-02-2014 10:47 AM

Me, too. Especially since I didn't see that coming because we never really got anything about the two of them being so close in private. :) But they were and that's even better now to know.

Pickle-weasel! 11-02-2014 07:05 PM

Omg that would be perfect Kris!

You're right, it really wasn't until after the show ended that we learned how close they were. But it makes sense with them being the only two main women on the show really.

Casandra 01-03-2015 10:48 AM

I admit, I started shipping Cara and Kahlan, but long after the show was over. I can't even remember how it happened actually, because I was all about the Richard/Kahlan when it was airing. Oh well, the rewatch was fun then lol

Lauren Helen Graham 01-04-2015 10:27 AM

Great idea, right? Can you imagine Tab and B together in one show again... :D Would be stunning!

Casandra, pretty cool to get to know when exactly you started shipping these two :D After the show? During the re-watch or before? :) I'm really curious.

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